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S.E. Idaho TeaM


TR: Bill K.

Sing praises to God,
Glory to His name.
He that is highest, 
and always the same.

Our great fearless Leader 
in the motions of time,
Glory to Him 
and honor to His name.

My friends, let your hearts sing with joy, for, indeed, is this placed
filled with your angels, teachers, Melchizedeks. All the hosts of heaven
can view this channel to see the glory that you, by your spiritual
participation, create.  I am Daniel.  Please be seated and we will continue.

My fondest greetings to one and all.  I am Daniel, your teacher, your
friend, your guide, and your brother.

Ken: Thank you, Daniel.

Indeed, were the words of our Instructor in Residence a striking, powerful
lesson on the reflexive response of gratitude to true reality.   [Ed. Note:
Our procedure now is to read last week's lesson before the TR session.
Daniel is referring to Minearisa's lesson on gratitude.]   Minearisa has
not been teaching that often lately, but he has obviously not lost his
touch!  I am grateful to be associated with such a wise Melchizedek
brother, as I am, also,  pleased to be your teacher, now, these many years.  

I agree with you, Ken, that the lesson last week was more than gratitude.
It also was flavored, by the way, with humor.  Indeed, are the two traits
brother and sister, for it is only a truly grateful heart that can be
humorous in a positive sense.  A sarcastic and cynical humor is possible
for the one whose heart is empty.

Tonight's lesson has to do with sharing creatorship with God.  It is, in
fact, an aspect of your involvement with God, the Supreme.  When you stop
to think about it, we are in existence in this universe because it is the
will of God that it should be created.  The eternal universe of Havona,
circling around Paradise, fully expresses the nature of God in beauty, in
wisdom, in exquisite variety, and infinite perfection.  But the Trinity
decided that They wanted to expand Their creatorship prerogatives; They
wanted to share them with Their own Sons and Daughters so that They could
build a new kind of universe, one in which creatorship is shared all the
way down the line.  This new universe is the one that you and I live in.
It is the evolving Grand Universe, the arena of the evolving Supreme.    

Have you ever thought about the generosity of the Gods, that They are
willing to share Their creator prerogatives with other personal beings,
even including us mortals, the lowest order of origin?  

All your gifts of creativity are inherent in your personality, as all
personalities are creative.  This is the link between your creativity and
that of the First, Second, and Third Sources and Centers.  We are all
personal beings, and therefore, inherently creative.  "But", you may
protest, "I am not an artist; I can't do what some of my talented friends
do.  I am not a musician.  I cannot do what my talented friends do.  I am
not a writer.  I cannot compose novels, poetry, etc."  Perhaps you do not
have these particular gifts, but you are still a creator.  

Think of this, my friends.  Because of your free will you choose how to
structure your days.  You create the milieu of your lives by your choices
day by day, yes, moment by moment.  You are creating yourselves,
momentarily, even as you are creating your life's opportunities.  All of
you parents have biologically created your children, and if you are good
parents, you are creating a growing and healthy environment. To be aligned
with God, to be doing His will always involves creativity.  To be in
opposition to God's will is to be aligned with destruction rather than

You may be wondering why I am talking about creativity.  I have chosen this
topic because I wish to broaden the base of your understanding.  I wish to
enliven your minds so that you will be more grateful for your existence,
for now you can understand your inherent connection with our true Parents,
in that you are their children, and have commonality of personality status.
 We do not relate to an abstract Force.  We do not worship a chemical
formula.  We are the children of a personal Father and Mother, in one
Parent combined, and we are cells in the body of God the Supreme.

The prerogatives of creativity are inherent in  personality as they are
expressed through free will.  The reality of belonging to the Supreme
limits the free will arena in some measure so that one's choices do not
handicap or harm other person's choices.  Again, using the body as an
illustration: the liver functions in harmony with the kidneys, not in
opposition; the bones and muscles cooperate for movement to be possible,
they do not act in opposition.  In like manner, your creativity is blended
and limited by your being a part of the whole, not just the whole of
planetary life on Urantia, but the Whole of the Superuniverse of Orvonton,
of the Grand Universe which is in the process of completion.  

Now we come to the great mystery, the barrier of the next universe age.  We
believe that we shall be involved in the organization and administration of
the next level of the universe expansion into the first, second, third, and
fourth outer space levels, already in process of formation.  In order for
us to be involved with the life that will be developed, the entire universe
career ahead of us argues for a purpose greater than our perfection
attainment alone.  Our creativity will go beyond ourselves.  Indeed, the
Supreme will be part of the completion of the Ultimate in that next
universe age which awaits the Paradise Finaliters.

These are no "small potatoes", my friends!  Your lives are of immense
significance.  We are part of the grandest experiment that can be
conceived! You and I are not mere animals in our origin.  We are human and
divine in our potential personality fusion and when you reach the status of
someone like myself, this fusion will occur, if not before.  But it is
really just the beginning of the immense creativity of all who are part of
the Supreme, as they are creating together in their interlocking
relationships.  It is awesome, truly, what God has decided to share with
you and me in this universe age of the development and completion of the
Almighty Supreme.

I realize that this topic may have stretched your minds a bit, but then,
that's the purpose of meeting with us: to stretch your minds, to open your
hearts, to free your hands from the routine things you do so that they may
be available to do the work of God in the world.  My friends, I have
completed my thoughts.  Do you have questions or comments?
(Long pause)

Daniel: Are you all just tired or have I left you baffled and confused?  Is
there another reason for your silence?

Virginia: I'm not sure, Daniel, that I understand all the pre-absolutes and
the absolutes and I even forget the other words.  But the new thought that
you gave me I haven't seen as clearly.  That is, if we do not do God's will
we are destructive.  That was a new thought to me.  We usually want to do
God's will.  But I suppose that every time that we don't do that which we
know is truth, beauty, and goodness, then we are destructive. I don't like
that...(laughter)....I would rather be creative.  So that's a new negative,
maybe, to take a look at. So, thank you. 
Daniel: You're welcome, Letah, but don't dwell on the negative.  Look at
the creative as your inherent personality function, and your great joy.
You are an example of someone who is constantly expanding their horizons.
In your teaching you were a master teacher because you did not rest on your
laurels, but you created new teaching methods and materials.  Even in your
retirement you have potential for continued creativity.  So, don't worry
about the destructive aspect.  It is not your problem.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.  I know you know me.

Daniel: Indeed.

Virginia: But, you're generous.  Thank you.

Daniel: I am truthful.  

Ken: I guess I would say that I do not have a question, but I would say,
thank you for that outlook on the purpose of our creation from the Trinity.
 That gives us even more insight into being grateful for this time and
space that we occupy.

Daniel: Very good, Ken.  Indeed, this understanding of one's purpose as a
co-creator is a source of great gratitude for us on the morontial level,
and to some of you on the mortal level as well.  So, I appreciate the fact
that this has broadened your perspective.  Are there other comments?

(Long pause)

Then let me just tell you that I think you are wise to be re-reading the
lessons, for they are providing you with a connection point which manifests
to us as a more serious participation in this Melchizedek classroom.  It is
a joy to us because you are reviewing again and sharing your insights with
each other.  It is always well to be grateful for the understanding that
you have in private, in your quiet times and stillness, but it is also good
to share these insights with others; for then the interaction is a creative

If there are no other questions we will have a short session this evening.
I look forward to our next gathering.  Let us stand and be about the
business of prayer.  Klarixiska desires to lead us.

Klarixiska: I am Klarixiska.  Let us pray.

To you, First Source and Center, who dwells within each of us, we give our
heart's allegiance.  We thank you for the gift of personality, free will
choice, and the result that we can co-create our part in the Supreme.  We
thank you for every experience that comes to us in all the lives that we
shall live on our ascension to Paradise.  We thank you for the joy that we
have as we learn and then share with other people.  Bless these, my
friends, my little brothers and sisters, that they may enjoy this
playground and learn how to share their toys effectively and fairly with
each other.  Amen.

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