[tmtranscripts] "A Thanksgiving Prayer" by Olfana

Susan Kimsey hmbtm at home.com
Wed Nov 21 14:15:18 PST 2001

"A Thanksgiving Prayer" by Olfana

There is a thankfulness that settles over us now, as we contemplate the
blessings of our lives.  Take a moment, now, to see what rises up in you, as
you think of the blessings that have come to you in life.

This life is full of daily challenges that test our strength, our commitment
to our ideals and values, our love, our patience, and our sense of peace.
Each day tests our character, and opens up new wounds in our heart and soul.
What protects us from defeat is this process of living our lives on a
troubled world?  God sends us blessings, which nurture us and shield us from
defeat.  Blessings are the manna for our soul's hunger, and the cloak which
protects us from the harsh sting of the winds of misfortune.  Hear us now,
Dear Lord, as we offer our thankful prayers for the blessings we have

God has granted us insight as we face the difficulties of life.  The
blessing of insight has guided us through moments when we would have lost
our way.  The power of our insight is a great blessing, and we praise you,
Lord, for this gift.

God has granted us compassion as we see the suffering of others in this
world.  The blessing of compassion has softened our hearts, and stirred us
to efforts of salvation and service to those who need our help.  May this
blessing of compassion remain strong in us, and fill us with a sense of
purpose in our daily efforts to serve others in need.  We thank you, Dear
Creator, for this blessing of our compassionate hearts.

God has granted us mercy throughout the darkest moments in our lives.  The
blessing of mercy has given us a way out of the darkness, if we will follow
God's Light.  Mercy is the Comfort of God offering us salvation when we are
lost in the darkness.  Thank you, Dear Lord, for the mercy we have received,
and let it inspire us to offer mercy to others.

God has granted us love as His Treasure From On High.  The blessing of this
love is the unifying power which holds all creation together.  Love is the
bond which connects us to God, and love has the power to bond us together as
brothers and sisters in His Family. Thank you, Dear Parent, for the force of
this bond, and the power that it holds to create a universe.

God has granted us hope for a better day, and a better world.  This blessing
of hope ignites our hearts, and gives us the desire to rise each day with
renewed intention to lead a good and meaningful life.  The blessing of hope
energizes us, and gives us purpose in our daily efforts.  Most Dear
Father-Mother God, we offer thanksgiving for this gift of hope, out of which
will come our renewal, and the rejuvenation of our world.

May the blessings of insight, compassion, mercy, love, and hope be the
bounty that nourishes our souls on this day of thanksgiving.  May we all
thrive from this godly nourishment, and feel renewed in our desire to lead
our lives in ways that augment the healing of our planet and the life force
it supports.  May these blessings be our bounty for generations to come, and
may our world grow brighter from their power.    Amen

Half Moon Bay, Ca Teaching Mission Group

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