[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 11/11/01

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Merit, Cause and Effect, Questions on War and Peace of Mind
Teachers: Elyon, Unidentified, Jessona, Bob.

November 11, 2001

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, friends.  Elyon speaking.  It’s good to be
back with you to share again in the effort to expand our beings, to reach
for the
next stage in our ascension, and what better way is there than to exchange
experiences, to trade knowledge and to invigorate one another with hope and
	Today I would like to spend a few moments dwelling upon the notion of
merit.  Naturally the greatest evaluation, the best form for evaluation of the
worth of any activity, is whether it has relationship to your best understanding
of the will of the Father.  The human tendency is to evaluation worth from the
standpoint of accomplishment, that is, how well did the effort end up? rather
than to appreciate how well the effort unfolded.  To the Father who inhabits all
of eternity the end result already is, and He is wholly fulfilled in totality. 
At this stage of universe unfoldment the Father’s delight is in the unfolding.
	As we undergo this time transformation from small newborns in the universes
of space to perfected beings of light who are home at the center of all things,
we will continually meet with what appear to be flaws that also appear in
need of
removal, and this is a reality that must be faced and courageously dealt with. 
It is not to be feared and ignored, for these flaws are the very clue to your
advancement.  But one can trick oneself into a distraction in observing, or
rather collecting, numerous flaws of a peripheral and unimportant nature and
focus on them that you may avoid the true flaw that could stand to be fixed and
your life transformed.  By example I would illustrate this way:  You look in the
mirror and see your image.  Rather than focusing upon your grooming you distract
with the smudge on the glass.  This flaw in the mirror is unimportant; it is the
flaw in the grooming that is your potential for improvement.
	It is your honesty and bravery that have advanced each of you to this point
in your unfoldment.  You have been willing to accept at face value those
deficiencies and have enthusiastically and tirelessly sought to compensate
and to
correct these errors you discern.  This message I speak to you, while
applying to
individual growth, holds likewise for your world as a whole.  The time is
ripe to
focus on the flaws that can be corrected for beneficial gain and not to confuse
nations with insignificant flaws, flaws like the spot on the mirror that have no
real detrimental effect upon the image being reflected.
	Your undertakings are valuable; they are worthwhile; they have merit in the
fact that you discover throughout your efforts improvement, and you discover
latent potentials within yourself.  These discoveries are precisely what the
Father seeks in the experiences of all his children.  Perfection in
accomplishment is not an all-encompassing attraction to the God who is perfect
already.  It is the unfoldment of that which was unknown, that which was not
experienced, the bringing into light that which was dormant that is the
to the Father through the Supreme throughout the universes and in your lives.
	Every stage in your ascension you will pass a grade, move onto another
level.  Every finished course will only be the doorway to new ground, uncharted
territory, and, at the beginning, unskilled effort.  So, I ask you to not be so
concerned as to how you accomplished an activity but how you are accomplishing
activities, to note your improveable areas.  The result in the end may give you
an indication of improvement, and that is good to see.  But be not concerned
about the result as a pass or fail.  The failure is only in the lack of
discernment not in the degree of accomplishment, for time stretches long
into the
future before you, and you have ample opportunity to fulfill your desire for a
more exact and accurate outworking of the goals you seek.
	I am in the company of some splendid associates, and I will relinquish this
point of contact to allow for the words of my friends.

*	unidentified (Gerdean):  The universe abounds with splendid associates,
Elyon, in the many, many realms of creation.  The scope of  association is
unending, catapulting and cartwheeling its way from the inception of life to
Paradise and beyond.  I am going to speak about cause and effect as a method of
weighing your appreciation of merit.  No, I know I have not given you a name; I
have not revealed my identity to the TR either.  She is very nervous about that,
but not to worry, we will proceed in good faith.
	As to cause and effect, that you understand in your frame of reference to
mean what you do you will feel the effects of in time.  The Eastern
philosophy is
one of karma and the scope of cause and effect big enough to incorporate all of
evolution.  That which is the primordial cause, the original cause, is that
will bring about the ultimate effect.  In this we know the Paradise pattern will
fulfill itself because it is ordained that the effects of the original cause
be forthcoming.  But en route there are myriad minor instances of cause and
effect which I will point to as examples of what your world is experiencing in
its evolution today.
	Earlier in your discourse you discussed the acknowledgment today being
Veterans’ Day, Armistice Day, day of peace acknowledging the progress of
civilization in the way they manage hostilities and expansion of boundaries and
powers.  You discussed the quality of your nature, your composition as humans,
your inheritance and its effects into the afterlife and beyond.  What of this
life will you take with you into the next?  Which is also cause and effect.
is how it is that everything has a sublime association; everything connects from
the beginning to the ending, the alpha and the Omega.  Look at your world which
is hardly completed.  Your earthquakes, tornadoes, tumultuous storms, rains,
floods give evidence of the relativity of, your degree of, maturity as a young
planet still, geologically speaking, still cooling, still stabilizing.  You have
war in your core; the belching and boiling of the elements bring about
destruction and violent outpourings that are inherent because of your
standing as
still immature, young.  The same is true for you as a race of people.  You have
not yet met the mandatory requirements for peace in your own hearts, in your own
souls, that would garner a sublime association with your fellow sojourners
whether they are near or far.  This overview is designed to help you
perceive the
cause and effect of a planet’s development.  The yearning for peace that you
celebrate, acknowledge, and pray for is essentially a plea for the divine
to fulfill itself, that God in His heaven rule, and so it is.  The propensity is
to point your fingers at each other and indicate the other’s responsibility in
the tumult and in the overall is all a matter of cause and effect.  Those of you
who seek to insure eternal peace are those who have insulated themselves against
	Growth itself involves conflict.  It need not be destructive, but it will
always bring about change, and change itself is a result of cause and
effect.  As
you advance and as this world itself advances, as it stabilizes and cools, as it
becomes manageable by its own degree of settledness, it will cause the effect of
peace to prevail just as springtime causes the trees to sprout new leaves.
is much in the universe that is beyond your control.  You can to some extent
master yourself and your responses.  But there is no escaping cause and effect. 
This is why it is that sometimes some people suffer at the hands of other
people’s decisions.  History is filled with these kinds of instances, and the
ramifications are long-lasting, even into eternity.  But in the overall it is
eternally true, the universe is a friendly place and orderly and an organized
organism of which we are all integral parts of the whole.  Rejoice in the
process!  Reflect upon the merits, as there are many.
	Value increases as you stabilize, as you in your world stabilize you
reflect that stability throughout your galaxy, your realm.  Thus you have grown
as a part of the whole of the universe.  Don’t deny your world its growth, its
dynamics, its struggles, its drama.  Rejoice in the unfolding of the divine plan
in the perspective of the farther view and in the short term.  Rejoice in your
work and in your play with each other, another vital effect from the cause of
seeking to do His will and live the gospel as you have discovered it.
	There are yet others on hand, and we have time for more and questions.

	Jonathan:  The causes make the effects worthwhile.  The clue to improvement
is to evaluate the micro causes along the way rather than be disappointed at the
*	unidentified:  It’s a simple matter of learning from the history of what
has gone before you.  It can’t go backwards; this is the great hope.  Evolution
advances.  Yes, the cause can be determined by the root or the source of the
movement, the action, the will.  As the world advances and stabilizes so do the
minds of men and women thereon.  You in the forefront of philosophic thought
offer guidance to those who fear destruction and doomsday.  Reinforce the truth
of faith in all its dynamics to countermand the backlash, the down pull of
darkness and fear.  This is the work we speak of when we speak of emergency,
these times of transition that need to go forward rather than fall back.  It
would seem sometimes that you must be weighty and ponderous to carry out this
effort, but may I remind you that many good works are done in naiveté and by
bumbling along ignorant of any motives, simply living in childlike faith and
allowing that reflection of reality to overcome the fear that surrounds you. 
Thus you present yourself as a honeybee dancing outside the hive inviting your
friends to partake by the nature of your joy in finding this great and original
First Source and Center of all things and beings and worlds.

	Jonathan:  Given the current war in Afghanistan, there’s discussion of
standing up for freedom, defending what your country stands for, and there is
also the pacific view that war is never acceptable for conflict resolution.  We
talk of trying to have a morontia perspective and not take a polarized stand. 
Could you comment on standing for individual and national rights while not
to the apparently ineffective ways to resolve differences?
*	unidentified:  We would be looking at the variables of cause and effect;
they each have a level of reality, but sometimes it would be like comparing
apples and oranges.  The subject is too broad to be generic except in the
universal sense as I outlined above.  But when you become specific to nations or
territories, to races, religions, leaders, instances, tribes, principles, you
have as many variables as there are individuals discoursing.  It is therefore
necessary to continue to return to the perspective of transcendence in order to
keep out of the emotional quagmire of intellectual and political differences
exist and will continue to exist for centuries because of the nature of growth,
including political growth.  En route to one world, one language, one
one religion, we will see many more battles of one sort or another.
	Look at the early forms of battle as compared to the more recent.  Of
course war is an unholy alliance, and yet as you advance as humans you become
more sophisticated in your methods.  Rather than the brutal clubbing of one
another to death you attain technological sophistication that allows for
thousands of people to be immediately eviscerated as is evidenced in the
Manhattan situation.  In time you will as a race evolve to a point of exchange
such that there need not be lives lost but to the victor go the spoils of goods
and services or philosophies.
	Even when a world attains advanced status of Light and Life there will
remain differences in ideological approaches that will be reminiscent of what
your world experienced when it was young, raw, and untamed.  These elements of
your awareness will continue with you throughout your career.  You will remember
in mansonia many of these realities, as they have worth; they have merit.  They
represent far more than bloodshed.  They represent valor, bravery, stamina,
loyalty, courage, ideals, and the like that have lasting value.  The good fight
of faith itself is sometimes a fight to the finish in which there are
But here I speak metaphorically to indicate that anything worth having, worth
knowing, worth striving for, worth believing in is worth intelligent effort to
support.  Am I to say that your battle for reality is any greater or lesser than
another’s battle for reality?  How can that be?  Each soul is its own
battlefield, its own arena wherein those choices take place, wherein the animal
nature and the divine nature dual for supremacy.  That is something that is
shared by every human being no matter what color, what language, what race,
nationality, religion, gender, whatever.  In the mind of man is where the
ultimate arena is which chooses to know the Prince of Peace or to wrestle with
the angel.
	Thus, when you engage in discourse with your fellows, ascertain their
levels of comprehension and attempt to conform to that which is in your eyes in
alignment with truth, beauty, and goodness and in hope of expanding and
a foundation of reality which will build a better world, build the thoughts, the
concepts that will bolster the ideals of advancing civilization.  In this way
humanity will be able to continue to play out its drama and reach for better
things.  In this way you will have served humanity and the gods themselves.
	Is this helpful?
	Jonathan:  Yes.  There’s much to contemplate.  Thank you.
*	unidentified:  Thank you for your ears.  Farewell.

	Harold:  One of the only ways we have to effect our environment toward
peace is our individual growth which involves finding peace of mind,
focusing the
mind long enough to reach peace.  What causes our minds to be so random, so
difficult to control?  Is it fear or just lack of input?
*	Jessona (Jonathan):  I will address you, this is Jessona.
	The mind is a bestowal gift of immeasurable value, for it is the pivot
point, the membrane between the purely spiritual and the wholly physical.  It is
your perceptual apparatus.  It is the one great sense that all personalities
regardless of any other sensory devices your physical bodies may have.  It
is the
cosmic collector, and it is your personality projector.
	You speak of peace of mind.  This is a noble accomplishment.  It is the
outworking of the human personality consciously training the mind to work
for the
self.  It is inherent in mind to be reaching, grasping, searching, generating,
and collecting.  Mind is dynamic.  This is designed by the Infinite Spirit as a
means for mind endowed beings to be able to experience and to recognize
experience.  However, the mind need not be undisciplined.  The mind need not
be a
stampede running chaotically into the distance with you scrambling to keep
up and
unable to change directions quickly enough as it races to and fro.  The
of mind which give you opportunities to discover can also be distractions in
concentration and focus.  This is where you become the rider of the mind
I could delve into analogy of saddle and reins to describe the philosophical and
psychological and spiritual disciplines that could be applied to mind training
for the benefit of the human self.  Though the mind inherently seeks truth, the
discipline of the mind is revelatory, revealing beauty.  A mind inherently
active, potentially distractive, is capable of profound tranquillity and of
insight with discipline.
	You have witnessed the gracefulness of a tree swaying in the wind.  You
have witnessed the stress of a tree being battered by profound velocities of
wind.  A mind that is poised in peace and tranquillity will still move as does a
tree’s leaves in a gentle wind.  But it is strong against turmoil and confusion
that may thrust itself upon you because of a disciplined approach to
thinking and
pursuing.  The mind is a tool not to be fought with but to be fine tuned, to be
adjusted.  Its design, its inherent qualities, are creator bestowed not to be
fixed by human personality but to be adapted to and subjugated to the volitional
center of personality.
	Does this help you?
	Harold:  Yes.  The discipline you speak of must be discovered individually?
*	Elyon:  Yes, for not only is mind variable in bestowal, not all minds are
alike.  Likewise personality differs from one to another.  No combination of
personality and mind is identical.  Therefore each individual must find methods
which work best for their combination, though I would not discourage anyone from
studying the disciplines of any other personality/mind combination to
discern the
successes and the means whereby peace of mind is attained.
	Harold:  Thank you, well said.

*	Bob (Gerdean): [Greetings, this is Bob and I wish to] ... talk about the
mind and how it is that humans function with it and interact with others.  I
would like to introduce the idea of each individual’s mind being in extension
their house.  They have arranged their minds as they have arranged their houses
with certain acceptable behaviors and patterns that they are comfortable with. 
When you come along with an idea that is foreign to them they may slam the door
on you and not let you into their house for fear that you may be destructive of
the order and the temperament that prevails within.  There are some who will
the doors and windows and let the breezes of other personalities waft, but most
people are self-contained in their minds and not revealing of themselves, not
opening their minds but looking out through the windows of their minds to
see who
is walking outside up and down the street in front of their house.  They may not
ever open the door to your contributions to their thoughts.
	The example of Jesus was to respect their minds, their personalities, and
not try to break the door down to get into their minds to move things around
wherein they might feel more spiritually attuned, for that would be damaging
their constructs, their mental configurations with which they had become
accustomed and dependent upon.  It makes for good neighbors to understand what
kind of mind you are looking at.  Is it open to visitation or is it closed to
your heartfelt desire to commune with them in mutual appreciation of what it is
like to have a mind arena of choice?  For many there is no choice.  They have
chosen their own shackles in which they feel comfortable.
	That is all.
	Harold:  That’s interesting.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  This is Elyon returning.  I would formally close our
meeting, call it a wrap.  I enjoy your investigations into our lessons and
encourage you all to be diligent and to be enthusiastic.  Farewell. 

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