[tmtranscripts] Olfana on "Healing Your Hurting Heart"

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Tue Nov 6 18:12:30 PST 2001

Hi everyone,

This is a lesson from Olfana that I received today for my daughter, Caitie,
who is 21, and attending the Univ. of Ca, at Santa Cruz.  Caitie is majoring
in Women's Studies, and busy learning some of the sad truths of the history
and plight of  so many women on our world.  Adding to this, she is caught
up, as we all are, with a sense of concern and trepidation for what lies
ahead for our country, and the world, after the tragedy of Sept. 11th.  She
has called me a number of times, over the past two months, and told me that
the only way to describe her emotions concerning all of this is that "her
heart hurts."  Naturally, as her mother, I felt concern for my young,
generally optimistic, and relatively innocent, daughter, when she says this.
What advice could I give Caitie, that might protect her from her hurting
heart?  I have thought about this a lot over the past two months, and today,
Olfana offered her perspective.  I hope Olfana's lesson helps, if your heart
is hurting, too.

Love, Susan

Olfana on "Healing Your Hurting Heart"

November, 6, 2001

Olfana: Greetings, my dear Caitlin Grace.  Yes, I sense your heart hurting.
There are many hearts hurting now on the planet.  What can be done for this
pain, for this sense of loss, for this sense of helplessness, to stem the
tide of darkness, pain, and evil, which threatens to flood this world?
Strengthen your heart, my dear child, by allowing the Force of God to flow
through you.  All hearts can heal in this manner.  We Teachers heal our
hearts in this very same way.  The Force of God, the Power of God, is a
healing power, which strengthens, caresses, and soothes, all pain and
suffering.  Remember, dear Caitie, the effort it took for you to climb the
trails in the Andes Mountains?  There were times when you felt such a
struggle and effort to climb those paths, carrying the weight of your heavy
backpack.  There was a physical pain you came up against in those moments,
that you were able to conquer, by breathing in the clear cold air, and
feeling your muscles rejuvenated by this process. In order to heal your
heart, my dear, breathe in God's Power and Love for you in this same manner.
Feel it flowing through you, Caitie, strengthening your heart, increasing
your resolve to live a kind and decent life, empowering your faith in the
greater purpose that God, indeed, has for this world.

This is the very way in which Christ Michael, as Jesus, healed his heart,
Caitie.  Jesus, too, saw the pain, the darkness, the unkind choices made by
so many in this world.  How it hurt the Master's heart to witness this!  And
yet, time and again, He recovered from this painful perception by drawing
into himself His Father's Power, His Father's Greater Perception of the
destiny of the created souls of this world, and the planet, itself.  Follow
the Master's lead, Caitie, just as we do.  There is no way to protect your
heart from the painful impact of living in this world.  But each time your
heart suffers, turn to God, Caitie.  There, in the Father's Love and Power,
is the healing balm, which will allow your heart to be freed from the pain.
And then, with renewed purpose--and intent upon your own desire to lead a
good, decent, kind, life--reach out and help the hurting hearts of others.
I remain your dear friend and teacher, who blesses you.  Namaste, my dear

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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