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Date Posted: November 5, 2001
From: Roxanne <jrandrews at earthlink.net
Group: Loveland, CO
Transmission date: October 28, 2001
Subjects: Answers to group's questions
Teacher: Rayson (T/R Daniel)

Good afternoon, I am Rayson. It is good to be here once again with my
friends in Northern Colorado. Well, as you can see, the group has begun to
settle down, settle into its formation, into its membership that will
constitute it into the future. We see this group as being viable, being
effective, and being capable of much more in the future. You have made a
good beginning; we have made a good beginning. But the reliance is mostly
upon you. We are always here. We bless you and we congratulate you on your
awareness. You are the mainstays for this activity, and it is for your
benefit that we are here, so your presence, your discernment, your
dedication to this activity is the most important part, as is your
sincerity. From this point, it will grow. We do not know the time duration
that it will require to grow, but we do know that it will grow. That much we

We have followed this group, its members as it was constituted in the
reading group, and now some of you are here. We know that your interests are
true, pure and long standing. And it is this that we are particularly
interested in, in this group. You know of other groups throughout the nation
that have come together, and after two years of training and education and
lesson giving, and learning how to TR, the group disbands for one reason or
another. Many groups have come this way and gone this way. But this group we
foresee will be long standing; it will be here for a long duration. It is
not that we project this for you, for we do not have an agenda for you, but
it is what we see in the members and activities and the concerns that will
come to you over the coming years.

You will see this group as one of your anchors, one of your places where you
will feel sure, confident, and worthwhile, in a world that is unsure,
uncaring and lacking confidence. Just as in centuries past, churches of
various religions have provided places of haven, places of security. This
will provide the same for you, but you also will carry it with you during
the week, the weeks between meeting. You will have not necessarily an
assurance, but you will feel that you are cared for. You will know that
there are answers for you where others have none. You will know that there
is a source to which you can go and ask to find those answers. And yes,
sometimes those answers will come forth quickly to you, as words upon the
lips of the speaker. At other times it will come through your own mind
quietly. And at other times, you will live out the answer; you will see the
answer lived out before you. But if you ask, the answers will be given, as
the time and situation requires and is necessitated by your needs.

Student: I have a question. What might be the most effective way to answer
those who are very skeptical about the Teaching Mission because they were
told years ago that the Urantia Book was not produced through channeling and
that channeling is suspect? And, therefore, they have come to believe that
the matter of transmission/receiving is self delusional, or group

Rayson: Then they should look to the individual lives of the members of the
group to see if they are living out a delusional life. Look to the group to
see how it conducts itself, if it is delusional in its content. The people
you are speaking of are not so much concerned about discerning the truth,
but what they feel is comfortable to believe to avoid being in fear. There
is much fear in their minds about this activity and it is due to prior
occasions, prior incidents, prior history of the mystical, of the Mesmer
Movement at the turn of the century and before, of the mediums that occurred
during that era and afterwards, where this activity got a bad name. And
appropriately so, for it was misguided in many instances and the contact was
with beings, that had no interest in the welfare of those that it came
through, or concerned themselves to that, therefore or
thereof.something.[Daniel laughing]. "This is Daniel, I am having a little
brief conversation .I'll just give it to you...he says, 'A case in point, if
you are able to laugh at yourself as has been done in the immediate few
seconds preceding this comment, you will see that the seriousness is not
delusional." Delusional thinking comes from the seriousness of an individual
who takes themselves too seriously, a group that takes themselves too
seriously. Laughter is a good remedy for this; laughing at your foibles is
an excellent remedy for this.'"

As for answering your question, Dear J___, there is not much I can say or
give to you that will convince these people. But go on your way; use this
medium for your information as you would use television or cable and weigh
it, discern the truth and see whether it strikes a true chord or not. These
others are perhaps unwilling to look that far, to make that way, to weigh
those decisions, to discern the truth, to discern when one is more
meaningful; when one is less. We have no formula for convincing those who do
not believe or who do not want to believe, or those who are in fear. Yet for
those who are hungry, those who are willing to risk, those who are willing
to laugh at themselves, in the face that "this may not be real," they come
forward and ask questions and they listen, as you have. Listen and discern
and see if there is truth. See if the lessons that have been provided
through the various dozens upon dozens of groups throughout the United
States, and foreign countries during the last ten or twelve years are true.
Is there an effort to persuade mortals into wrong doing, to have
unproductive lives, lives which are dysfunctional, destructive; or lives
that are constructive, lives that contribute to their society, to the lives
of the individuals, to the growth of their souls, and to their
survivability? Discern the material at hand, your hosts of today have vast
stocks of material to look through, as you do at your own home to discern
truth or not. It is not for you to try to convince these people, or to
dissuade them from their disbelief, for that would be a waste of your time.
Your time would be better invested in your own growth, learning the lessons
and serving others. I hope this is not hard upon your ears, for it is not
meant to be that way, but it is meant to give you a guide for dealing with
this answer. (Thank you) You're welcome.

Student: Thank you, Rayson. That clarifies some questions that I had. (Thank

Rayson: In any movement that has ever developed, it is because individuals
go forward to that because they want to believe it. They hear part of a
message and want to hear more. They are intrigued with that; it strikes a
chord within them. And what would that chord be? It would be the chord of
the Spirit of Truth. In this case particularly, the Spirit of Truth. This is
not a dissenting group; this is an assenting group. Assenting to the words
and teachings of Michael, both as He lived His life as Jesus and in the
words, in the documents of the Urantia Book, and through the documents and
transmissions that you have now received through the various groups. You
assent to a higher cause, you know that there is more to life than fear.
There is more to life than being always cautious. Sometimes the greater
reward is from risking and seeing if you are a fool or not. I would estimate
that each one of you thinks you are not a fool for being here today. So you
are walking towards the light, you are seeking more; you are seeking truths
that ring in your life. You are seeking information that pulls your life
together, makes sense of all the fragments that you see around you, a
guiding philosophy, a belief system into which you can pull your life, and
you will get a result that is positive.

Student: I have a question about the Disclosure Project. It has so much
potential.(inaudible).. Do you have any comments on the truth of

Rayson: I am sorry G____ that your questions are so general that I am not
able to provide a succinct answer. Could you be more specific and provide a
sequence of questions for me please?
Student: [Explains the Disclosure Project in detail, giving history of UFOs
since the 1950's, the secrecy of classified information, reverse engineering
of UFO crafts, potential of information to solve earth problems of energy
production, desalinization, etc. Suggests the need for congressional
hearing, but does not ask any direct questions.] (Note: most of this long
discourse is inaudible on tape.)

Another student: Has the industrial complex reverse-engineered UFOs and
their propulsion systems?

Rayson: We decline an answer on that. There seems to be a great deal of
discussion on this topic that is almost taken for granted by ourselves and
yourselves that it exists. I do not know what the question is.

Student: Are there UFO's or visitations on this planet from other cultures?

Rayson: Certainly.

Student: Have we recovered their aircraft and built models of their
propulsion systems?

Rayson: We decline that answer.

Student: (Tape inaudible).Paraphrased: I take it that we must keep our
questions to a spiritual nature. Does any of this concern our spiritual

Rayson: That is correct. We are not here to validate whether your government
has or has not used these materials to its own advantage technologically.
What I am at liberty to say is that the answers you seek will be forthcoming
in the developments as they occur and unfold on your planet in the next
decade. I say decade and you say, "Oh my, ten years! Everything will become
clear in ten years!" Yet I use the tern decade in rather global terms, so do
not hold that to my feet as fire. But rather think in terms that the
ballpark figure or era of these developments will probably occur in that
era. Your planet is undergoing a transformation of which you do not fully
comprehend at this time. You speculate in the project that you mentioned,
G____, that there may come assistance from other cultures to assist this
planet. And that may very well occur, though I would not give answer to that
either. It may well not occur as well.

Yet your planet is precious in the eyes of the Nebadonian Administration of
Michael. So you can be sure that though the population of this planet may
undergo a tremendous shrinking, your planet will not be lost, and it will
not go into decadence and to the dark era of ignorance and lack of education
and intelligence. All that has been gained will not be lost.

I say these things not as fear mongering, or to scare you, or to make you
feel like infants in a grown-up's world. Yet the reality of your world and
the planets that were in rebellion, is that you are all quite backwards. You
live in fear, you do not know what the future may be, and all that you can
see is that it may well become darker before it can become lighter. To this,
I would say you have pretty good observation, that times on your planet may
become very tough.

And so, you will see if you look at not specifically the global perspective,
but the sector perspective of Nebadon, that this area is in need of
upliftment. Your people have made decisions that we cannot turn back. Yet
there are many opportunities in the future which are unaccounted for by your
people, your leaders, and by individuals such as yourselves. The scenarios
that can occur on your planet in the next 10-25 years, are events with or
without assistance from the outside, either as mortal beings or as
celestial, angelic beings of Michael's Realm. If you take this larger
perspective, you will be able to manage your acceptance and abhorrence of
the events that will occur in the future.

The question of why does not God help you in these times of dire need will
be asked millions of times over. "Where is Jesus now?" will be asked many
times, and there will be much cursing of God as well, and of all that is
holy for the difficulties that are going on. Yet in no case, my dear
friends, have any of the decisions made prior and hereto occurred on the
part of anyone of Michael's staff. Yes, many of the events which are
occurring during this century and last century and all through the dark era
that you have witnessed the last two millennium were set in stage by the
defaults of earlier managers and material sons, who either did not complete
their missions or defaulted in favor of their own ego, their power and their
self-aggrandizement. So in that case, we can qualify that yes, these
individuals were a part of Michael's staff at one time.

But in no case during this last decade, during this last century have those
evil individuals been operant on your planet to change the course of
individuals' decisions against the good of Michael's order. And now that the
adjudication is final, and these individuals are no more, there is no cause
or no place to blame but the individuals who make decisions concerning this
planet, even at the individual level. You, children, are wholly responsible
for your conduct, for the affairs of your planet for the outcome that is now
underway. Yet, I leave you not without hope, as Michael would not leave you
without hope, and surely, you are not helpless, for you are not. There is
much you can do, much good you can do, and of course, because of that, you
are here, for yourselves, for your children, for your community and for your
planet. You do make a difference.

Do you grasp this, how this project you are thinking about, cataclysms that
have occurred on your planet, the mass destructions and those evil events,
which are occurring on your planet now, will all come together in the
future? This is truly a planet and an era made for television in its worse
sense. No one, few could even write scenarios, documentaries, fiction, or
horror stories to the degree that your planet is undergoing, has undergone,
and will undergo. I do not say these things to shock you; I do not say these
things because we want to frighten you, but to wake you up to reality of
where you live. There are evil people among you, on your planet, who would
injure you for reasons, which are beyond your comprehension and ours. I am
sure now, after this monologue of some duration, that you have questions.

Student: I have a question on something I have been pondering. I receive a
lot of emails from people in the Fellowship, directed to those who are
officers of the Societies. There have been many back and forth kind of
messages about the relationship between the Fellowship and the Foundation.
And as you are well aware, there has been a good deal of conflict. Some
people have been saying that it would be better for the Fellowship to just
get a divorce and go on its way. But it seems to me that this is not the
higher way and even though the Fellowship feels that it's been injured by
autocratic and suppressive measures on the part of the Foundation, I believe
that we should leave the door open. I was impressed by my reading of
something in the Center Within about discrimination is never justified. And
that somehow speaks to me and leads me to seek for reconciliation. Like two
brothers that have been in conflict, there should be and hopefully can be, a
way of reconciliation and more fruitful working together. Can you comment on

Rayson: Certainly. Was Michael ever exclusionary? Deliberately, willfully
exclusionary? You needn't answer that now, but think about that. (Student:
He said whoever will, let him come.) Exactly. And who are the Foundation and
the Fellowship to judge each other? They are not. This is a political
struggle again, and it interests us not. There are many opportunities, many
avenues for moving forward. The situation of the brothers is very well taken
and is an excellent example. You will always be in relationship and you must
look to your Father, to Michael. You are brothers whether you are the
Fellowship or the Foundation. You will move ahead, you will grow
individually. Somewhere these two organizations will meet. And that
somewhere is inclusiveness. Just as the poor will never leave you on this
planet or your nation, therefore you must address it somewhere, for the poor
and the disadvantaged will arrive with you in the future anyhow. And so the
Fellowship and the Foundation will arrive in the future anyway. And will
they be antagonists on the Mansion Worlds? Think of that! Incredulous, isn't
it? I cannot think of that! Brothers of the same faith, opposed to each
other in Michael's realm so immediately! It's ludicrous!

It is so tiring to see your petty political differences taken to this level.
These issues are truly political-have nothing to do with spirit. Nothing to
do with spiritual growth, nothing to do with addressing the needs of the
individuals-Colorado or Michigan or Afghanistan! Where ever there might be a
Urantia Book, someone's going to be there saying, "Join the Fellowship,"
"No, stay with the Foundation." You will never see us do that. We address
you ALL; we invite you ALL; Michael loves you ALL and wants you ALL with Him
on the Mansion World without division. Yet, you will see individuals in each
one of these respective groups who will take vows to remain adamantly
opposed to the opposition. Within a lifetime, things will change
tremendously. Leaders will die, pass on; new ones will come to the fore. How
will they address this? Hopefully, unselfishly, without ego, without
dominance, and subjugation on their minds; one of control rather than being
controlled. But it should be one of equity, equal in acceptance.

What are the virtues we are talking about? Look to your lessons from Ham and
Abraham on tolerance, forgiveness, and think to the Melchizedeks and their
work on planning, joint planning, moving ahead. If you are the leader of a
great nation, do you not go forward to send emissaries to your enemies? For
doing so reduces the risk to your own homelands. And so you must do this
also, each one of your groups go forward to the next, with best intentions,
sincere intentions, to go forward to resolve these issues. If you cannot
resolve these issues within context of Michael's work as it is expressed in
the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission, and these two organizations, how
else is your planet going to come to peace? Yet these are small differences
indeed, compared to those issues your nation is addressing in the world
today. We could say, "Get over it!" and "Be tough!" But you would not learn
the lesson and there are many lessons involved here.

You are developmental, evolutionary, social creatures who have egos. Your
Thought Adjusters who came here with something to do and so this is the
'grist' of your 'something to do,' this is the mill that grinds the grist,
into a fine flour. And so when you break bread on Sundays, would you break
it with your fellows of the Foundation, or would you exclude them? Let's
leave that for a rhetorical question. It is a sad situation to see this
occur. It is not of our making, it is not of Michael's making, it is man
made. And so the solutions to you must be man made; though with options,
opportunities given to you, provided to you, demonstrated to you through
Michael's missions. You are not left without recourse, but you must ask
questions, you must be open to flexibility, to opportunity, to other ways of
doing business. Thank you for your question. (Thank you for your comments.)

G____ and J___, were your concerns regarding this Project answered? (No.) Do
you think there is opportunity for me to answer them, given the restraints
that I am under? (Well, I can understand it, but.)

Student: I very strongly have the feeling it's not time yet, and so I'll
accept that as one of three answers to every question: "Yes," "No," or "It's
not time yet." (Thank you for being so politically correct.) I can see that
the Foundation/Brotherhood thing has organizational.(inaudible)..

Rayson: Yes, now that they are on equal footing, equal basis with the
underlying reference of the Urantia Book, they must now give equal accord to
each other, don't you think? (It will be interesting to see how the appeal
comes out.) Other thoughts, other questions, concerns?

Student: I have a question, Rayson. I am not sure whether this came across
in reading transcripts of the Teaching Mission, or from something I read
elsewhere, but I am interested in the area of "the Children of Light" or the
"children of the Blue Light," as perhaps being an upstepping of our
biological inheritance that we missed from the Adamic Default. Is there
anything you can tell us about that topic?

Rayson: Yes, definitely. Upstepping is occurring on an individual basis. It
is not on a race basis, it is not on a cultural basis, or a national basis.
It is on an individual basis. Even now, you who sit here have been upstepped
in your circuits, your mindal circuits, the circuits that interpose or rub
against the Morontial circuits. Your own upstepment will continue as you are
able to receive it and as you free yourself and so your upstepment is on
many levels. Yes, upstepment is occurring, on a biologic, genetic basis on
the factors that affect inheritance that is inheritable, these are

This is being done through the most gentle, least invasive processes, one
which we use with the angels who aid in using the affinity of one individual
for another. You are seeing new children come into the world and children
who are.((This is Daniel.what I am seeing is at the time of conception, or
shortly thereafter of a cytoblast (blastula.) At this stage these cells are
being affected by this upstepping process.)) This is Rayson. Daniel has a
fairly good picture of this. It occurs very, very soon after conception at
the first splitting of the cells. This is the time at which cells are
replicated and as you know that as this cytoblast develops, the fetus is
really a globe of what is now known as stem cells which can become any part
of the body.

And so this upstepment is invested in every cell, gene and chromosome of the
body, and this is passed along. This is...(pause)...I do not have the
vocabulary to explain to you what occurs, it is energetic but it is also
genetic, affecting the gene structure. It is not mechanically done. I hope
you will accept this minimal explanation for what is occurring. I do affirm
that this process is occurring, it occurs very early in the development of
the individual and carried forward. We bring together individuals with the
aid of angels, and with the intent of bringing together like-minded,
like-spirited, like-energetic, individuals who already have the
prerequisites of forming a new being. Always and evermore, the decision of
individuals to procreate is individual and is never forced on them or in any
way obligatory or developed in any way as may be conceived as being without
choice. It is always with the choice of individuals. Even some very
wonderful couples have not formed unions, which would have been to the
advantage of your race. You will find in generations to come where each one
of you will live long enough to see this occur several times in the decades
ahead where individuals of enlightened nature come together and procreate
children of even greater enlightenment. Individuals who procreate provide
the resources of these next generations, which will become individuals who
will uplift your planet.

Student: Is this upliftment being applied in our recently developed science,
where we now have people who are skilled and can counsel couples regarding
genetics? The ones I've known have also seemed wise in that they don't tell
people what to do, but they try to provide the information and encourage
them to make their own choice.

Rayson: Yes, you are on the right track. There are many social policies
which are being carried out which have not been formulated by government,
but by non-profit organizations and conscientious doctors and philosophers.
The conscientious individuals who know that they have inherited strains of
debilitating diseases, opt or are counseled not to procreate any further,
and so they diminish the pool of those individuals who could provide
degenerative individuals in the future. Further, your laboratories are now
counseling individuals who are carrying fetuses which are injured about
those situations and the mothers and fathers can chose whether to carry
these children forward. If you knew that your offspring would have multiple
sclerosis, would you carry them forward? If they were going to be
debilitated, would not contribute to themselves, to society, nor to their
own maintenance, would you carry them forward? These are questions, which
must be answered by each individual, and unfortunately, the burden is mostly
upon the women who carry these children. The best scenario is where
individuals know of these debilitations beforehand, and opt to become
sterilized before they have children with similar disabilities.

Further, there are developments in your laboratories, which are now
undergoing a process of correcting genetic faults in vitro, so that when the
individual is born they are without the defects of their parents. And so
they are truly their parents' child, but without the defective genes. There
are many things, which are being developed, and there are more on the
horizon. As your society accepts more options for living, your scientists,
though they are technical in the extreme most of the time, are also
pragmatic about the affects of living with defects, raising children with
these horrendous defects, and the burden upon the individuals of the family
as they live around individuals such as this. There are more options being
given, more options being taken and used. Does this answer your question?
(Yes, Thank you.)

Student: I have one Rayson. Is there anything being done at this time toward
the planet blending the races, or will that occur after the population has

Rayson: This is at least a two-sided answer. One is that there is a mingling
of the races already. There is also a separating of the races, not so much
by race, but by where people live. There will continue to be further
epidemic problems as you are seeing. Aids is one of them that is
trans-cultural and affects those individuals who live in those life styles
and have chosen those behaviors. It is unfortunate when it affects those who
are innocent, however. So there is not a deliberate program for genetic
upliftment on the racial basis at this time.

paragraph, the tape clearly used the terms "separating of races" and "It is
timely to have racial separation.." Is this correct, or did Rayson intend to
use the term "blending" of the races?]
[NOTE FROM TRANSMITOR: The remainder of the transmission came through me in
a faltering manner and did not have the crisp clarity of the earlier text.
My stamina was fading rapidly. So, please read the remainder of the
transmission with a critical eye.]

Your planet is undergoing major racial shifts solely due to technology and
commerce and transportation. There are too many variables now to dictate a
program or a policy that would have this outcome. In any case, your planet
is an experimental planet and it has had the defaults and the rebellions of
the past, which make all this almost academic to answer. We are not being
involved in an overt way to affect the separating of races. We are not
muddling through; we are working on this. I apologize for the political
nature of that answer.it sounds like I am diverting attention, but truly
this is a centuries and millennial issue, rather than a decade issue.
(Student: another "Not time yet.") It is timely to have racial separation
truly, but not timely for intervention. And in fact.(pause)... that's a
difficult phrase, one that comes up in the vocabulary of your people as a
matter of fact, when it is not so. It is most difficult to answer your
question, as there is not, as there are so many difficulties on your planet
to even possibly sort this problem out at this time. To give you a more
clear answer on that, you would need to address your question to a higher

Student: In terms of the Correcting Time and the cleansing of the planet,
how is it possible to cleanse the ocean?

Rayson: Cleansing of the planet. Could you be clearer about that and where
that phrase came from?

Student: I thought it was from a Teaching Mission transcript, but I could be
in error. about the fact that we have polluted our planet, the air, the
water and the land and that in order to continue supporting populations we
would need to reverse that.

Rayson: Do you think your technologies are capable of reversing that?

Student: No, it is my understanding that our celestial friends would be
helping us discover the technology that we need.

Rayson: And this is truly going on at this time. There are many
scientific/technological advances being made and breakthroughs being
publicized, which will affect all of these areas in the future.

Student: I wonder if this isn't somewhat connected to the spiritual
awakening, because it seems to me that some of the spiritual leaders, at
least one that I have been reading, who connects ecological understanding
and appreciation along with the awe and wonder of the universe in which we
live. And so it seems as people are becoming more interested and concerned
with their spiritual growth, they are becoming more concerned about the
health of our planet.

Rayson: As it should be. I am sorry to cut this off at this time, but my
host is tiring and you may have seen that he has already been fading. I'd
like to bring this to a close. I apologize for shortening any answers, which
were in the process. Is there any last thing any one would like to say?
(Thank you, teacher.) You are welcome. You will have much to contemplate and
think about in the days and weeks ahead. Many things were said here to day
to give you pause and thought for your future. Many issues were alluded to,
many possibilities as well. Do not be frightened as you go forward in the
days and weeks ahead. Be ever mindful that your creator, Michael, the Spirit
of Truth and His companion, Nebadonia, are here about, as well as millions
upon millions of celestial teachers, Melchizedeks and others who are guiding
your planet into the days of Light and Life. We rely upon on your assistance
individually to participate in bringing this into fruition. For it will not
occur without your participation.

And know that we would never lead you into fear, but always lead you into
light and openness, awareness, knowledge, and love. Be at peace during the
days and weeks ahead as your world is rocked by new revelations of violence
and difficulty. Know that you are cared for in the individual bosom of our
creator, Michael, and that you are surrounded and loved and your very feet
are placed where they will be safe until next time. You have only to release
yourself to this care and love to enjoy these benefits, the sureness of
living in the eternal knowledge that you are loved and cared for in truth,
as you are now, on this planet, and forevermore. Good night.

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