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October  12, 2001

Opening prayer by Machiventa (Bob S): This is Machiventa.  My children, let
us be in prayer.

To those whose children we all are; to those who have created this world
and all of the others, we extend our welcome this evening, opening our
hearts and minds to the wisdom which you would have us teach and learn on
this occasion, to the end that we all may grow and learn and mature and
benefit from the wisdom of the ages.  These words we pray under the
auspices of Christ Michael and his consort Nebadonia.  Amen.

Daniel (Bob S): My students, this is Daniel, your teacher and guide and
friend and most willing partner in these teaching sessions.  How fortunate
we all are to be on this planet at this time, for while most of you cannot
yet see or feel the growth events of the last month have espoused, you soon
will see the ramification of the opportunities which crises like this
create; for as you have been told, with every problem comes its other side,
the positive opportunity to grow and learn.  Many of you have been grieving
for your brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones in these tragic
events.  We, too, have had our moments of difficulty.  Therefor we fully
understand what you are going through.  Please be aware that we sympathize,
no empathize, with your feelings because it was not too many years ago when
we were mortals ourselves, and we remember what our emotional structure led
us to do and feel and think in times of tragedy.  Hence you have very
sympathetic listeners and teachers in each of your environments.  If you
have not availed yourselves of the opportunity to use these beings who are
here to help each of you, I am reminding you they remain at your beckon call.

The words I have for you, my students, tonight center on the foundation
which was laid by me and others prior to September the 11th.  During this
time we endeavored to raise your foundation to the point where you could
more effectively deal with the tragic events which we were mindful of and
did come to fruition on that date.  Your faith has now been tested, and I
am delighted to say all of you came through rather well.  Some are still
struggling and we recognize your situation.  If you wish to available
yourselves of the help which is provided each of you, now and over the next
few days would be an appropriate time to access the help your teachers can
make available to each of you.  

Grieving is highly individualized matter, and difficult to generalize and
speak about in general terms.  Your society is now reasonably well educated
in the stages typical grieving processes take.  Many of you in this group
are familiar with these stages, and can provide assistance to your brothers
and sisters if you wish and they so request.  [Editor: Daniel is referring
the  research of Elizabeth Kubler Ross, which is recognized and used
worldwide.]  I would add these words.  

Each of you has been changed because of the events of September 11th, and
it appears most of your brothers and sisters on this planet have also been
effected.  Whether these changes will prove to be positive or negative over
the course of the next few years we must wait to see.  It can go either way
for individuals or groups or countries, even your world, may grow or be set
back by these events.  Most of this remains in the hands of individuals
like yourselves.  

Most of you in this room have already recognized the positive
opportunities.  Those whose faith is strong, whose foundation is solid,
whose background is such that they are sensitive to the still small voices
that cry out with positive ideas in a world full of negativity will, like
yourselves, be fine.  Regrettably you are but a small minority.  However
this world is now in position to take every advantage of every opportunity
it is given, through the teaching corps; through the circuitry which has
now been connected; through the foundation which has now been established
by the midwayers and others; this planet is now ready to step forward.
Whether it will or not remains problematical.  

We of course are optimistic.  Most of your in this room are optimistic.  We
pray, ten or twenty years from now, we will all look back on this time say,
‘why did we have doubts?'  But that is the nature of free will existence.
Human beings are, in the final course of events, the ultimate determiner of
what they will do, and as such, we cannot predict with any degree of
certainty which way things will go.  

This concludes my remarks for this evening.  I now open the meeting to
questions.  If any of you here tonight wish to pursue any of these ideas or
others that are on your mind the floor is now open.

LaReen: Daniel, teacher and friend, when you said you're available for the
next couple of days, how did you mean that?  Through our journaling?  Will
you be calling us through our journaling; is that how you meant that?

Daniel (Bob S): LaReen, my dear, when I made that statement to which you
referred, I was referring not just to my availability, but to the teachers
assigned to each of you in this room, and similarly to all of your brothers
and sisters around this planet who also have teachers assigned.  As to the
means of contact, those means can be whatever you and your teacher are
accustomed to using, or you may wish to strike out into a new way and try
some other way of communicating with assigned helpers.  Does this answer
your question?

LoRene: Yes, thank you.  One more, are my personal teachers here tonight?

Daniel (Bob S): Yes, your group is here tonight as they usually are.
[Laughter and comments.]

Ken: Thank you, Daniel, for those comments, and I think we all here join
you in hoping and praying for the best, for the positive aspects of this
tragedy to surface and to be made real.  Thank you.

Daniel (Bob S):  Kenneth, my stellar pupil, your observations and comments
are, as usual, quite germane.  To the rest of you I would add that your
teachers are helping you whether you are aware of it or not, for we have at
our call a variety of techniques which we have been taught to assist you in
dealing with your current difficulties associated with spiritual growth.
While one-on-one communication is beneficial, without it you are not
without help.  We have our tricks [laughter] which we are allowed to use to
assist you.  I would encourage each of you, however, to continue to open a
communication channel to your teachers, because, as you can see from those
who have reported on their experiences, it is a most propitious and heart
warming activity.  The love which you will feel when you first communicate
with your teachers is, in almost all cases, a growth producing event in
itself, and has many ramifications for each of you beyond your obvious
conclusions from the words themselves.  Well, I hope this provides some of
you listening to my words tonight to open your hearts and minds to those of
us who have come such a long way to assist you.  We love you greatly and it
would be most heart warming for us to be able to communicate more directly
with each of you.  Are there other questions which I can endeavor to answer
this evening?   (Pause.)  There is one other teacher who wishes to greet
you tonight.  One moment please.

Larenzo (Bob S): This is Larenzo.  Greetings, Kenneth and all.  I knocked
on Kenneth's door, but he was not home!  [Laughter and comments.]  Friends,
this is a great opportunity for me to greet each of you on behalf of all of
your teachers.  I greet you this evening with words of comfort and love and
regard.  As you have been told we are assigned according to guidelines
which select personality traits which align themselves between us and our
mortal charge.  Hence we are in many ways very much like each of you.
[Comments and laughter.]  Well, I choose not to get into that.  [More
laughter.]  I truly delight in working with you Ken, and can say on behalf
of the other teachers that they too revel in the experience and long for
the time when one-on-one communication is available.  I have no other
comment to make this evening, so I will bid you all adieu, and turn the
time back to Daniel.

Ken: Thanks for stopping by.

Larenzo (Bob S): You are most welcome, Ken.

Ken: Considering Daniel's talk about the connection and some thoughts that
I had had in the last week or so, I will now reverse my decisions, Lorenzo.
 Thank you and thank Daniel.

Larenzo (Bob S): This is Larenzo.  Thank you, Ken, for your comment.  I am
delighted with your change of heart.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel.  Are there other questions or comments
members of the group wish to bring up at this time?

LaReen: Daniel, is it possible for me to hear from my teacher at this time?

Daniel (Bob S): One moment please.  This is Daniel.  We have discussed your
request and regret that will not be possible tonight.  You must take our
negative response with trust and not be sad or frustrated by this turn of
events.  We ordinarily grant such requests and encourage you to make your
request at another time if you feel the need for it at that time.  Are
there other pressing events?   [Pause.]  We have one other speaker in the
wings.  One moment please.

Magisterial Son (Bob S): My children, doubt not the words you hear from
older brothers and sisters for they come with a pure heart and noble
intentions.  All of us who are part of this Correcting Time stand together
shoulder to shoulder with you during this time of tragedy and grief, of
anger and love, of frustration and tenderness.  We feel your pain.  How we
wish we could put our arms around and protect you, but this we cannot do,
nor should we do it, for you must deal with your life in manner and custom
according to your wishes.  While we would protect your from stubbing your
toe, we know that experience will one day prove positive in your spiritual

My children, your faith is being tested.  Your brothers and sisters are
being tested.  Open your eyes to this new world, this opportunity which now
exists and with our guidance step through this door whose threshold is
high, but once the other side lies a world in waiting.  I have not given
you my name, but I shall attempt to give it.  (Pause.)   The TR struggles.
We will try again another time.  Until I am in your midst again, my
children, be at peace.  Good evening.

Daniel (Bob S): Are there any final questions before we close tonight's
meeting?   Hearing none, will you stand and let us pray.

Oh Holy Trinity whose universe we are now entering, support us, your
children, as we each take these small steps toward our rendezvous with you.
 Support us when we need support.  Guide us when we need guidance.
Encourage us when we are down.  Open us when we are closed.  Be our true
parents in ways which enable us reach out to you more fully each day of our
existence, and when we stumble, help us up with a faith that transcends the
distance between us that we can not only understand, but feel.  Amen.

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