[tmtranscripts] Olfana on "The Power of Your Prayers"

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Olfana on "The Power of Your Prayers"   10/19/01

This is Olfana who speaks to you. I have a lesson that I wish to present to
all those who are seeking some longer, greater, perspective concerning the
events which now seem to rain down upon your lives. There is, indeed, this
sense of the torrential rains--a monsoon, if you will--of pain and
suffering, to so many that live now upon the planet. Children have lost
their parents.  Loved ones have been torn from each other's arms.
Remarkable buildings have been destroyed in the great cities of New York and
Washington D.C, and much is now also destroyed in Afghanistan that has taken
many years and much effort to build and erect.  Now, your country, and many
others, are awash in fears of bio-terrorism and hidden bombs, and other
heartless acts of destruction, and doom.  Such a deluge of pain!  So much
suffering among the innocents!  When will these wicked rains end?  When will
the sun shine down its golden light upon this world, warming it, and
offering hope for bright tomorrows?

I encourage you to understand that you, yourselves, are part of the process
which helps the sun arise in the heavens.  You, through your prayers and
petitions to the Father, are a means of engaging this divine ministry with
your planet.  You can, my children, call forth the sunshine for your world!
You can, indeed, bid the sun to rise into the sky, and lighten the world
with its healing beams.  This is the sunshine of the Father's Love, Mercy,
Tenderness, and Support for this world.  This powerful Light of God can,
indeed, evaporate the rains of pain, of suffering, of fear, and of violent
retribution toward perceived injustice.  This is the Light which lit the
heavens during the first moments of creation, as God the Unqualified
Absolute extended into the Qualified Creation.  Do you recognize, then, the
Power of this Light?  Do you see the immense capacity for healing and
creative change that can now come to your world, if you will but solicit it?
Such is the Co-Creative Power of our God, my children, that He will extend
Himself in His Glory, and reach toward you as a partner in His Divine

Please hearken to my words now, my students, as you continue to see the dark
rains pouring down upon your world.  You can call forth the Sun of God!  In
so doing, you  invoke also the power of God's Dear Son, Christ Michael. In
His name, call forth this sunlight!  In His name, join with God to heal your
world!  In the name of Christ Michael, command the dark rains to cease, and
pray for the explosion of brilliant light of God's Power to bath your world
in glory!  Each of you has this co-creative potential to work with God, my
dear ones.  Each of you is truly this valuable in the Father's Eyes--this
important to His Plan of Perfection for the time and space universes that He
has created.

I offer this lesson as a token of my respect for how important you are in
the scheme of things, my dear ones.  As you listen to the sad or distressful
news reports which fill the hours of your days, do not give in to emotional
despair.  Do not give in to a sense of helplessness or hopelessness.  Your
prayers are a part of the solution, now, to all that troubles your world.
Your prayers combine themselves with the prayers of the angels, with the
prayers of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, with the prayers of the Melchizedek
Teachers, the Urantia Midwayers, and all other beings who now serve this
world.  Consider your prayers as a part of this symphony of prayers that
calls forth God's Golden Light to heal and redeem this world, now, out of
its dark past.  Along with your own prayers, offer encouragement to others
who pray.  Model this God-Conscious behavior to the children of the world
now.  Teach them the power of prayer, and you will help them to shape a
brighter destiny for their future.  Do all this with a confidence and trust
in the power of goodness, of truth, and of beauty, that you unleash in your
prayerful efforts, and I promise you, you will increase the pace at which
the Golden Sun of God will rise upon your world!  My prayers and my
blessings to all of you who hear my words.  Namaste.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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