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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Personality, Creativity, Communication with the Dead
Teachers:  Solonia

October 14, 2001

*	Solonia (Jonathan TR):  I bring you greetings, I make my presence known. 
It has been some time since I have engaged with you in this way.  I am Solonia. 
It is good to be in your midst to share your thoughts, to experience your
your hopes and ideals.  It is to ones like yourselves that I come to bring
courage, to offer support, to expedite our shared ideals of a better world
and of
personality improvement.
	You know from your studies that personality never changes.  Though my life
span is centuries upon centuries long -- even more so -- I am still the one who
tended the Garden those many years back.  Yet I too have undergone
development as
an angel.  I find myself in better standing than even in those days.
improvement is not the effort to improve, to fix or better, to change, to
recondition, to decorate your personality.  It is rather the alteration of the
techniques whereby personality learns and expresses.  Though personality
ever is,
it continually discovers greater methods, clearer methods, of manifestation and
of divine reach.
	When we were engaged in the Garden project it was a primary teaching that
the human soul could correlate the events of the material life with the Adamic
teachings of the ideals of the spiritual life by realizing that not all that
transpires in human events is impacted upon the individual from the external
world, that deep within the mind belonging to personality is a creative force
that initiates, that wills, that can alter events independent of those
impinging upon one.  In a way, if I may use the word, it is a "pre-sense" a
presence.  Taking time to foster the relationship with God in stillness is the
means whereby we may stimulate creative action prior to the sensory input of the
world around you.
	Humankind is progressing in the development of art, and this is reckoned a
beneficial progressive activity by those who hover over your world, for this
is a
field for the germination and sustenance of creative output.  Imaginative
expression gives birth to the new.  You have also an institution of athletics,
sports.  This engagement of human beings; while it demonstrates prowess,
endurance, agility, and the like; it is interactive and reactive to external
conditions, the playing field.  The two go hand-in-hand, art and athletics.  One
springs forth from the creative well; the other is interactive with the many
beings surrounding one.  You do not need to be an athlete or an artist to apply
the abilities of both to your life.
	When Michael stood before his accusers he maintained a silence.  Even the
midwayers stood in awe of this manner of Jesus, for many who observed those
trying events were charged with the sense of true justice and were appalled by
the ignorance and the willing ignoring of true justice by the human beings
engaged in the events of that hour.  Michael had presence; he drew from his
source, the divine Father's presence, for his orientation, for his validation. 
The origin of his actions was from within; they were not conditioned by
manipulations of any around him or the well-meant, beneficent desires of those
around him such as his apostles.  This was his artistic, creative approach.  He
could have been athletic, as he was many times before the multitudes and the
skeptic questioners.  He was adept, agile of mind in wrestling with what was
tossed before him in an attempt to snare him in theological quandary.  He could
have been athletic but he chose not, for at that time it was important to
demonstrate the solitude of relying singly upon the reality of the Father
and His
acceptance of Michael's mission and His acceptance of his teachings.  No
was necessary by any around him for Jesus to draw strength in faith.
	Gathering as you do in fellowship is an extremely beneficial contribution
to each individual through the strengthening of bonds and the realization of
mutual struggle, of similar realizations, of tandem experiential growth.  These
specialized social events of a spiritually thematic nature contribute
likewise to
creativity, as does your practice of being alone with the Father.  And would it
not? For have not the teachings of the gospel coupled the Fatherhood of God with
the brotherhood of mankind?  You cannot have one without the other.  All the
activities of the Garden incorporated the social element of teamwork through
focus.  But it was coupled strongly to the teaching that the child and the great
God must spend personal time in communion.
	The hectic, busy lives of the humans who dwell upon this world today would
do well to develop the inner foundation, that strength of being able to stand
strong while the winds of change swirl around, to develop the strength of
character, that spiritual endurance, to drive forward to your goal in spite of
hardship, to continue even when things are running smoothly and tempt you to
a slower stride.  I say these things to confirm your continual efforts in this
regard.  It is not a reprimand to you for lack of effort.  I acknowledge your
devotion, your sensitivity, and your dedication.
	I am happy to be here today with you, and I would take your questions.

	Jada:  Concerning contact with the dead, our book is so adamant that this
does not occur, and there are those saying it does.  Can you shed some light on
*	Solonia:  In general practice this does not occur.  It is unique to the
Correcting Time that some experimentation has taken place, especially on this
decimal world.  It is greatly monitored by many of high origin who oversee the
value and the impact.  It is risky to undertake this means of contact due to the
relative ignorance of mankind regarding celestial populations upon the
world.  We
hold in our goals a desire that the people on Urantia realize that there are
populations of beings throughout the system, and they are not human in origin. 
It is far more important to us that you discover through contact angelic and
midwayer personalities than to re-contact your loved ones of biologic origins.
	These experiments, while communicative, are not visitations.  They have
been transfers of contact from afar involving an extensive cooperation with
midwayers and morontia counselors.  Do not expect them to be regular, for,
as you
will realize subsequent to your resurrection, that the engagements with morontia
life are so profound and attractive that, though hope continues to linger in
soul for your nativity world, you have much to do and to learn, and the first
life has become a fond memory.  What we seek is for you to engage with those of
us who are assigned to the world you are now on who are here to minister to
Many do leave this world every day never to return, but many, many arrive
here to
be of service.  They are the ones you benefit from the most in reaching toward.
	As the circuits extend themselves throughout the system, greater
communication will ensue.  The human races will receive communication transfers
not only from the higher spheres of morontia nature but eventually from the
lateral spheres of evolutionary worlds.
	Does this contribute thought?

	Jada:  Yes.  How may we communicate better with the angelic realms?
*	Solonia:  Some of what I would give as answer is embodied in my address to
you today, that of the inner work, inner contact, and the interactive contact
around you.  Not all personalities that you consider cosmic, supernal, or
celestial are interested in this form of communication.  Personalities run in
types, and some are more interested in your activities and offering guidance in
the real time unfoldment of events.  Just as some humans find difficulty in
extracting and compiling communication, likewise do some from my side of the
fence find it difficult to express in this manner to the human mind.  While
are those of special assignment in this Teaching Mission, there are many who are
assigned in a non-teaching manner yet still involved in the Correcting Time.  By
deepening your intunement with the divine gift within, projecting your truth
realization on your daily events, you can be assured of the associative input of
your attending angels, of your assigned teachers, and of the midwayers.
	Things become complicated for those who have room in their midst, for not
only do we care greatly for your beneficial developments, but we are also acting
on behalf of the planetary administration and the administration of the system
under many guidelines and restrictions.  Your best approach is to be the
initiator, the promoter, of goodness and beauty and truth.  We will be available
to react to your efforts.
	Today I speak to you in a situation that is receptive and passive, but what
will transform this world is the engaged and active efforts of any one of you. 
Therefore, to follow Jesus' favorite phrase, to be about the Father's business,
is the best technique available.
	Friends, I express to you my love in the best way that I can.  I stand here
in your presence.  I draw in the radiance of your souls, and I radiate from my
angelic nature to you in return, acknowledging our divine Source of absolute
brilliance and spiritual luminosity that we have yet to drink deeply to behold
greatly.  The time draws closer, though the ages are long, wherein each one
of us
will stand in the presence of the Greatest of All, to drink deeply of that
unfathomable mystery of the origin of reality, to acknowledge the absolute
intelligence that could manifest all things, to initiate being outside of
and to draw all personalities back to the divine source while yet ever remaining
discreet and individual associated with, as well as intimately a part of, the
First Source and Center.
	I leave you now with but a small comment.  When I was assigned to the
Material Sons and Daughters on your world we drew the interested to the Garden,
trained them, and sent them forth.  All throughout the universe are being drawn
to Paradise in training to be sent forth.  This is the grand scheme of time and
space.  You may not have been in the Garden project, but there is an immense
garden project throughout all seven superuniverses that you are today
engaged in.
	I leave you with this to ponder.  

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