[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 10/7/01

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Thu Oct 11 08:34:37 PDT 2001

North Idaho Teaching Mission group
Topics: Growth, Effectiveness, Questions
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona, Corlatia

October 7, 2001

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you all, this is Elyon.  I welcome you
once again to another time of fellowship, of exchange and counsel.  It is
rewarding to witness your discussion, to perceive how well you are incorporating
your comprehension of spiritual matters into the complex situations of your
and your planet's condition.
	I have a thought to share regarding growth.  I wish to break it down into
two parts.  First growth as an expansion and growth as an extension.
	Expansive growth is of the nature that a single entity enlarges through
some form of accumulation and adoption and activation.  This you know from your
own efforts in soul expansion.  This experience is rewarding, as you find that
your onetime mustard seed sized faith has enlarged to become a recognizable
mighty force in your life, has become the dominant driving force, not merely a
small speck midst your turmoil.
	During times of crisis situations can appear to create circumstances of
which you have no apparent influence or power to control.  This is when the
growth you have undergone may seem once again small and insignificant.  But you
must recall the saying of the master, that you are in a family of God's
Though you may be one individual, you are a whole family, and this is my second
point of growth through extension.  Every effort to reveal your spiritual
to demonstrate your cosmic comprehension, to express yourself in loving service,
extends into the life of another the growth you have already undergone.   Doing
unto others as you would have them do unto you is the process of growth
extension.  Soon all enter into a mutual pattern of growth.
	Growth through extension fosters growth in expansion.  There is then
witnessed a broad inter-contributing exchange of enlightenment, of comprehension
and understanding, of love and trust.  When you feel at an impasse in a stage of
growth, when you feel you cannot grasp a greater truth for lack of one
or another, seek to receive your growth as it comes from another; take their
deposit on your behalf.  Let their nutrients bring you the energy and the
insights that you may undergo the expansion you seek, the enlargement which will
help you to embody the truth you seek to grasp.
	I know there are questions that you wish to ask.  I will hold my lesson
short.  There are other teachers here who are willing to address you today as

	Patricia:  Sometimes I imagine I am protecting someone from another with
energy or shielding myself.  If my intentions are the highest, any words on
*	Elyon:  You are doing well to project this awareness that you speak of, to
not only send forth a prayer for assistance, but to be a conduit for the
injection of the energies needed that would be the answer to that prayer.
	Patricia:  I could put out the intent and spiritual friends could help with
the appropriate energy?
*	Elyon:  There are highly skilled entities who are able to translate
intention into action who can adjust a misunderstanding for higher purpose, who
can perceive the goodwill of your wishes.  Be not concerned if your
is fully developed, as your intention will qualify your hope and your
desire, and
rectify any error of perception just as one who attempts to speak a language
is not learned as a child can be understood by another who is proficient,
regardless of the errors of speaking.

	Patricia:  A friend has chosen to walk in darkness.  Is it ever futile to
attempt to -- I hate  to say "save" -- guide someone towards the light?  I've
been advised there is nothing I can do because this soul has chosen to walk that
*	Elyon:  Your friend may be making the mistake of eternity, but then again,
being a finite creature, may only temporarily be walking through the dark shadow
only to emerge on the other side enriched through the error and more advanced as
a result.  However, it is a risky process and can lead to perils which the soul
may not withstand.  Your best method of ministry is the demonstration of light
that you contain to stand in contrast.  In a sense it is the turning of the
to allow the view of another way.  Until the desire is kindled within the heart
of this individual, only your demonstration can feed the initialization of this
desire.  Standing for who you are and what you believe in independently, without
a coercing effect upon this person will allow the room for this soul to
reach out
and leave behind this chosen path.  To attempt, as you put it, to save this may
cause hardening and withdrawal.  But if you exemplify for yourself what you hold
to be beautiful and true, it will tempt this person to seek to understand the
peace and the confidence that you have.
	Does this help?
	Patricia:  Very much.  Concerning the terrorists, I wondering if this was
an arrangement of powerful families to take away civil liberties.  Was this
something that truly surprised the bankers?
*	Elyon:  Humankind is greatly confused.  Many who are in positions of
material power hold narrow perspectives regarding what the planet is meant to be
and to be done with.  This viewpoint creates blind spots that contribute to
events you are grappling with at this time.  Urantia is a disordered world. 
Though you pride yourselves with skills of organization, as yet this world has
not seen a truly organized state of affairs.  Much of what has taken place
is the
result of activities of organizations who are not considering the organizational
efforts of others.  This chasm between the efforts is the pit that mankind falls
into periodically and engages in conflict and battle.
	The only conspiracy is one of a cosmic nature, and that is whatsoever
mankind does to himself, the ministers of light will do everything within their
power to uplift the world each time to a new level of planetary integration and
cosmic understanding.  We do not seek the painful experiences of the human
but we will do what we can to uplift of any one or any corporate entity that
seeks to comprehend the significance and the solutions to what transpires of a
negative nature.
	Once your world gains a perspective of the whole, decisions by various
organizations will be altered, will take on a tone of consideration, and this
consideration will alleviate much of your world problems.

	Tom:  I would like to ask Jessona something of a personal nature.
	According to a recent  transmission, with the lifting of the quarantine on
our planet there is limited contact with the deceased.  My father who will soon
turn 90 is in the hospital.  I sense his apprehension about transiting.  Is it
permitted that perhaps his mom could communicate some message to uplift him and
perhaps open a dialogue between us about the Teaching Mission?
*	Jessona:  Jessona speaking.  Here is my answer to your question.
	You know quite well that the individual must be willing to receive before
reception may take place.  Your question involved having your dad receive
and your question involved how to begin discussion about the nature of our
mission. I suggest that you ask your dad if he has wondered if ever, if it would
be possible that he would meet his mother following his death, if the reality of
survival after death were true, would he desire to make contact with her.
If the
reality of life beyond the physical form were true, would she be aware of the
nearness of his visit?  Would he like her to make contact ahead of time to
him of the safety and the surety of his continued existence? This would
offer him
the opportunity to reach out and by which he could receive contact.  And your
attempt by engaging with him in this supposed scenario would create the
conversation grounds wherein you may venture further in describing to him the
realities of life and life beyond the physical world as you have come to
understand it.
	Is this helpful?
	Tom:  Yes.  If he says he is interested in pursuing that?
*	Jessona:  I suggest you get up and leave the room quickly, because you will
be in deep!  Actually, it would be an answer to your prayers, an opportunity
of a
lifetime.  Are you willing to be the voice for this contact?  If not, then you
must approach the subject of stillness and internal listening such that your
father may make this contact within.  It may require some education and training
on how to become receptive.  There may be a great hurdle blocking the flow of
faith that you may need to discover and minister to before a transfer would even
be recognized.
	Do you have more?
	Tom:  No, I think that gives me plenty to work with.  Thank you.

	Patricia:  In a psychedelic experience I "saw" the energy matrix.  I would
like validation of cleansing physical things of energy.  Does it matter who I
call on for assistance to clear the dross of negative thinking?
*	Elyon:  This is Elyon addressing you again.  I have shared with this group
in years past a picture of an electric train where the contacts reach the wires
above and the wheels run on the tracks below.  You speak of a circuitry, and the
circuitry is where you draw your power.  This interconnected network feeds you
and you can feed it.  It has been loosely called good and bad vibes, and you can
alter energies.  One method of great use is to pause for a moment and simply
visualize your connection to this framework, like the train and its
connection to
the wires.  The negativity that has built up can be discharged with just the
moment's thought.  Should you be feeling  weakened you will be revitalized
by the
aiding energies of the many who are incircuited with you.
	Patricia:  Do I ask or is it supplied automatically?
*	Elyon:  It is helpful for you to understand what you need.  But assistance
will be there, and you will be supported.  But your moment's pause to
this encircuitment is itself the asking.
	Patricia:  The co-creative part?
*	Elyon:  Yes.
*	Corlatia (Ginny):  Hello, this is Corlatia.  I have a brief statement
concerning the desire you all have to be helpful to yourselves and to others.
	One of the great barriers to being effective on your level is to not be
attached to the result, that you employ some faith, some humility, some
graciousness, should I say? in trusting that we will do what we can without
interfering with the desires of the individual who is receiving your help.  Your
vision and understanding is limited, as I am sure you realize.  We can pick up
the slack, so to speak, but you must be detached from the outcome and trust that
everything will be done that can be done.
	Continue using whatever method helps.  Some prefer visualization; some
prefer movement; some prefer sound, whatever works to enhance your
abilities.  We
are very adaptable over here.  We can use whatever you throw our way.  Trust
Thank you for your goodwill.
	Patricia:  How is sound used to create something?  By the sound vibration
or the intent of my heart?
*	Corlatia:  As you know, sound is vibration.  All information on your plane
is received and delivered by vibration of some kind.  So, your voice, if we are
speaking of that, is included in this delivery, and it falls on hearts and ears
that may be open to that particular kind of vibration.
	Patricia:  If you put intent into your voice there is a kind of magic to
pluck the hearts of people.
*	Corlatia:  My dear, it is not magic.  It is on a plane beyond your physical
	Patricia:  How does it work?  We can't hear it with our physical ears?
*	Corlatia:  You cannot experience it with your degree of physicality at this
point.  But your mind and your heart and your intention put you closer to that
level and a good deal of trust and faith.
	Jonathan:  You are implying that it's natural.  It appears magical because
it is beyond us?
*	Corlatia:  Yes, indeed.  Anything beyond your awareness seems magical to
you.  But at some point it will be very real and very perceptible and very
	Patricia:  Would guidance help if you wanted to, say, sing a song, and to
make a certain impact you sing put your intent in your voice?
*	Corlatia:  Yes, indeed.  Trust us.
	Jonathan:  Corlatia, I'm floored you are here.  I was reading about
archangels, and I thought about you and Coronas.  I wondered if you would
us again.  If I TRed your visit immediately I would doubt the interaction. 
Visiting us through Ginny just blows me away.
*	Corlatia:  Ginny was floored too!  We are here especially at this time to
assist you in your decisions about the present crisis in your hearts as well as
in your country.  We will assist you.
	Patricia:  We don't know what to ask, how to help ourselves.
*	Corlatia:  You again will know more if you learn to listen and to still
yourselves each day with no input from your own mind.  Stillness time -- and I
mean stillness, being still, being quiet -- is the time when we can reach
you the
best.  Some can maintain stillness during activity, and that is good too, but
most need to remove themselves from their daily routines and sit or walk but to
be still in your mind so that we can speak.
	Patricia:  How do two people anywhere get along?  How do you make peace? 
Is there anywhere a science like mediation for bringing two people to a middle
place where they find peace and resolution?
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  I will take your question.
	When the Creator Son visited this world he did so to fulfill the
requirements of a ruler of a local universe.  This universe, however, was
in bringing peace to a rebellion in one of its sectors.  There were and
still are
great divisions between the beings in this sector.  This Michael Son fulfilled
his personal requirements, and in the form of a human being he faced the
adversary and offered love and forgiveness.
	There was a third purpose in his mind while here, and that was to bring an
understanding of the common ancestry of all beings in the divine Parent in order
for two who are at odds.  To grow into mutual understanding, love, and tolerance
no matter where in the universe they hail, it requires the knowledge of this
common source of origin.  But as has been demonstrated through the system
rebellion, there may be ages upon ages of mercy offering tolerance before
forgiveness can be received.  All one can do is to give, to love, and to hope
that the other party will receive and likewise express these spiritual values. 
There need not be agreement, mutually accepted opinion, for this loving
understanding to come about.
	It is the hope of this Teaching Mission to infuse upon this world a deeper
understanding of cosmic origins and spiritual processes that many of the
conflicts and disagreements experienced today will cease to occur, for this
fundamental, foundational understanding will alleviate a great many of them.
	Patricia:  If one of the parties does not acknowledge this ancestry, saying
he evolved from a cell...?
*	Elyon:  This is similar to the complications that Michael faced with the
Lucifer Rebellion.  All you can do is stand for the light and be a demonstration
and to know when your work is finished, when you might need to pass the ball to
another team player to allow the opportunity wherein the individual may awaken. 
The Father of all freely and willingly created everything and in so doing has
given all creatures the freedom to be engaged in His creation or to step out and
withdraw.  This is your right as an individual to choose.  Deity longs for the
association, but it ultimately is your responsibility to choose life in an
eternal sense or to withdraw into the potentials.
	Patricia:  Going back in history, I understand that Abraham was a warrior. 
The kaaba, is it a crystal or carved out inside?  What does it have to do with
Abraham?  What does he have to do with the three religions and the forms they
take today?
*	Elyon:  There is much to be understood about the intricacies of these three
great religions, much that cannot be addressed at this time.  It is important to
note, however, that each one of these religions is monotheistic, and this is of
great value in the development of world peace and spiritual enlightenment.  This
rock symbolizes this singleness of origin as does a temple, as does a
Each religion that we speak of values so highly a single point for focus that
much of the trouble today is over that very issue.  
	Patricia:  The physical rock, did it grow there, was it placed there?  What
is it?
*	Elyon:  This rock is a result of a great many centuries of value, and I
cannot speak to its import at this time.  It is entwined in a great legend of
human weaving.  My desire is to express that what it represents, or the
temple or the Vatican, is the need for each of these religions to rise to one
more level higher and perceive the greater single source of all.
	Patricia:  That would be an avenue for peace, if only outwardly.
*	Elyon:  The avenue of peace will arrive when the symbols are understood as
symbols and that the true source is transcendent.
	The hour grows long.  I will bring closure to our meeting today.  I honor
the presence of the great God within each of you.  I cheer you on in your
to be of spirit value to those in your everyday lives.  I pledge for all beyond
your vision our assistance and sustenance.  Farewell.

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