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Tue Sep 25 20:46:13 PDT 2001

September 21, 2001

Opening prayer by Bill: Our Father who indwells each of us, Christ Michael
who indwells each of us, Mother Spirit who indwells each of us: to you we
open our minds, our hearts, and offer them in service to our brothers and
sisters.  Help us to remember that all acts of service to other people are
really acts of service to Deity.  Tonight we are eager to listen to the
words of our friends; and we thank you for the comfortable exchange of
plans, ideas and thoughts that has occurred.  So now we sit back to listen,
and we desire to do your will.  Even so, amen.

Daniel (Bob S): I will go first tonight, my friends.  This is Daniel.  We
have been debating how best to proceed with Isaac's ultimatum, [laughter]
which of course we did not take as an ultimatum.  We thought he would enjoy
that.   So let us proceed.  Even though there are few mortals here tonight
the room is filled with beings who are eager to participate in this round
robin, suggested format.  So I shall begin.  

We always take special note of your discussions which prelude this time on
our Friday evening get-togethers.  We enjoy your banter, whether it be
serious or humorous, whether it be primarily spiritual or have other
subject matters.  So please be aware that we take great interest in the
words which you exchange prior to the more formal activities, and often
wish to lift up some of these discussion topics.  There may be some of that
tonight, but I am not going to be one of those subject matter oriented
persons, at least initially.  So with that introduction let us proceed in
whatever manner seems to take place with you mortals gathered here this

Minearisa(Bill): Greetings my friends, my students.  This is Minearisa,
your teacher, your instructor in residence.  I wish to encourage you to
pursue the outreach endeavors which you have discussed in terms of
presenting the Fifth Epochal Revelation to a larger audience.  The purpose
in forming study groups is not an end in itself.  Our intentions which
accompany this revelation to Urantia, were designed for the purpose of
preparing those who could be, in fact, in the role of teachers to their
brothers and sisters.  So it is entirely appropriate for there to be the
emphasis and  the movement in the direction of spreading the greater
revelation which this book contains.  

At the same time we caution you not to present the book as another Bible,
Upanishads, Koran, Vedas, etc.   This book was never intended to be a "holy
book", but rather it is an up-dated presentation of truth to this planet at
this time.  If you present its truths in a manner which contacts with
present day reality, as you have discussed, we suspect that you will
generate considerable interest so that another outpost of spiritual light
may be obtained in a land where spiritual darkness has prevailed for so
long.  And, of course as you know, this is an upgrade for all truth:
philosophic, religious, personal, moral, ethical, and even to some degree
scientific.  The history of the human race which is presented in the
Urantia Book is not put there as a speculative enterprise, but is presented
in sufficient detail that this can enable your scientists to gain an
understanding of your origins which they will never be able to piece
together from the archeological evidence.  In a university setting there
are many truth-seekers, despite the fact that the majority of students have
lesser motivations.  You should find the fields white to harvest, and this
is, in our opinion, a worthy project.

The other thing that I would like to address is your concern for responding
to the tragedy of your nation.  You have truly understood the Master's
teaching in regards to the futility of violence as a method of solving
human conflict.  At the same time recall that he emphasized the positive
nature of response to evil when it is done to you, and did not endorse a
doormat approach to this dilemma.  The times are indeed difficult and the
best thing that you can do, for you are a democracy, is to communicate your
feelings and thoughts to your representatives as well as in any public
forum that is suitable for this sharing of ideas.  In addition, prayers for
your leadership, that they may be enlightened, that they may be freed of
hatred as a motivator, are always effective and are encouraged.  Remember
that our Father values every mortal, every sentient being, with the same
degree of dignity and uniqueness.  He is no respecter of persons.  This
translates in the reality that each human being on this planet, as well as
the myriad on other planets in the universe of universes, is his son or
daughter, loved as much as if they were the only one in all creation.
Therefor, as you pray, be aware of the community of spiritual reality which
embraces every normal-minded human.  Pray for your enemies because you are
of one nature.  Anyone is capable of evil acts, of sin, and therefor cannot
bring others into judgement in their minds with any authenticity or

My friends, also be aware that we are not losing the battle with evil, sin,
and iniquity, with the forces of darkness which are at this point in men's
minds and thought patterns, but rather we are gaining.  We are on the way
to the ultimate triumph on this planet in thought fruition which awaits it
in times of Light and Life.

Thank you for listening.  Thank you for thinking about important issues.
Thank you for tolerating the smallness of mind of many people's thinking,
but at the same time don't lose sight of the fact that at sometime you were
at their level of maturity.  Higher levels of maturity are not platforms
for pride.  They are the achievements of soul growth and intellectual
effort, and at the highest level they are the result of your willingness to
allow your will to embrace the will of our Father.  I have concluded my
comments.  One moment please.

Ambrosia (Bill): This is the voice of Ambrosia. This TR is uncertain as to
my being and nature.  He is too much in his head and not enough in his
intuitive mind.  I am female.  I am of seraphic nature.  I am a Guardian.
I wish to speak a few words to you.  

Your media shows photographs of things that your eyes can see, the horror
of the destruction, people stained with blood, burned badly.  It also shows
pictures of your heroes, public servants, firemen, policemen, and your
volunteers risking their lives in this awful tragedy.  But you have not
seen the whole, for if you were of Morontia status, many, many more were in
attendance quickly taking the souls of the dead to the Morontia
destination.  Many spoke directly to their charges as they moved from
consciousness into the sleep of death.  Great comfort occurred, and what
can only appear horrific to your mortal eyes was a welcome-home-coming to
thousands of souls.  Yet survivors, the families, the friends, mourn.  We
are doing our best for them as well promoting the consciousness of hope,
the awareness of love at the universe level, and a peace that transcends
even their grief. 

So, as you have been counseled by your Melchizedek instructor, your prayers
for all survivors of this tragedy are important.  By all survivors I
include every mortal alive on this planet whose heart resonated in
compassion to this tragedy.  Indeed, is Urantia a survivor's planet once
again, in as much as this terrorist act was not expected and could not be
anticipated.  In a sense it is in your history to be survivors.  When your
Planetary Prince rebelled, the first great war on the this planet occurred.
  In like manner this tragedy has a Luciferian aspect to it in that the
dignity of human free will was disregarded.  So my friends, take a lesson
from all this that you should be careful not to relate to other people in
any way that reflects a dishonoring of their dignity status.  The act of
terrorism is the extreme form of this dishonoring of dignity status, but
the concept of manipulation, of control, is very much a part of a way of
life on this planet.  One of the positive consequences we are hoping for in
all of this is an understanding of how profound an error it is to tread
upon the freedom of another individual, his God-given right to make his own
choices.  I have concluded my comments, and I thank you for listening.
Another wishes to address you.  One moment please.

Aaron (Bob D): Greetings, this is Aaron.  Tonight I am present to share
with you about consistency and maintaining a sense of inner presence in
your interactions.  There are times when the human population at large is
shaken.  Being a cosmic citizen entails having the ability to transcend
your environment.  You know all of the spiritual power that rallies to your
aid.  When others around you seem shaken and unsure of the direction of
affairs on your planet show them  what direction is important to you.
Portray an individual who knows where real power lies.  In this you may
diminish the uncertainty and provide a recognition that there is, even in
seeming catastrophe, some sense of order, a higher sense of order, not only
on the world on which you live, but in the universe.  Your calm, thoughtful
sensitivity can speak volumes, and will provide a stability of thought
ourselves as spiritual beings would love to be able to provide if they
could perceive it.  You each do well and understand the importance of
spirit-led behavior during these times.  My call tonight is simply to
amplify your sense of purpose in providing an offering witness of
spirit-led behavior to those around you.  Thank you for having me this
evening.  It has been a pleasure to speak with you, as always.  I will step
back at this time.

Virginia: Teachers, is it possible to ask questions?

Teachers (Bill): Of course, proceed.

Virginia: One of the questions I was going to ask last week, but was not
given an opportunity to ask questions, and I think it is just as well
because the discussion prior to our teacher participation tonight was
somewhat along this same line.  I had been asked by one of our members to
ask this question last week, and she is not here again tonight, but the
question is how do we give our children  the socialization of a church
situation when we do not want them to hear those things that are contrary
to what we believe, what the Urantia Book teaches, that the universe is
good and God is love; that there is no Satan; that evil will not win.
There are just lots of issues that in the usual church situation have to be
contradicted at home.  Do the teachers have any ideas about this?

Minearisa(Bill): I will speak.  This is Minearisa.  At the present time
there are two choices.  One is the find the least offensive church in terms
of atmosphere and teachings, and supplement truth at home.  The other
option is to formalize home religious instruction as a home school aspect
of Sunday school, just as home schooling is popular in reference to public
school.  This planet is not unique, but it is not in the majority in terms
of its religious instruction normally being conducted in the setting of the
home, even as Jesus instructed his brothers and sisters.  If there should
develop a community-based setting where the teachings of higher truth can
reach the ears of children in the future, then perhaps there will be a
third option.  At least these are the possibilities that come to my mind.

Virginia: Thank you.  Were you about to say something else?

Minearsia (Bill): I merely wanted to know it you wanted to discuss it further.

Virginia: No, I appreciate those three options.  I thank you, and I
certainly would agree, but then to find the one that would be least
offensive might be good on one day, but not on another.  If the families
brought their children, the socialization might be there, but it might be
difficult.  Anyway I do thank you, and our member will read these options.
I appreciate very much this discussion.  

Aaron (Bob D): This is Aaron.  I would, based upon your needing a
suggestion for parents to bring their children for socialization, offer an
insight that the earliest group religious experiences really look to the
communities of common believers to provide nourishment and uplift to its
youth.  While you do not have a congregation, so to speak, you always do
have the possibility of more directly sponsoring youth activities as a
community trying to reach your youth.  Even the few that you have you can
provide some sort of religious instruction portraying moral behavior,
ethics and higher loyalties of spiritual realities to the children of your
community, all this within the acceptance of those parents who have
children.  Do you understand what I am saying?

Virginia: Yes, Aaron, I do, and when you mentioned that, certainly my mind
started jumping to possibilities, and I certainly will throw these out.  My
goodness, I can see a prior Friday nighttime for just children.  That was
my first thought!  Yes, we could go from the life of Jesus and how he dealt
with his parents, and how he dealt with his fears, moral issues and that
sort of thing.  So, yes, I can see all kinds of possibilities.  Thank you
very much.  The community is small for children, but who knows.  It could
possibly grow so that positive things are said to children.  I appreciate
very much that addition.

Aaron (Bob D): You're welcome.

Virginia: My other thought, Ambrosia, is related to your comments.  Perhaps
someone is reading my mind since you are here this evening.  I thank you
very much for your contribution tonight because one of the religious
readers of our country said that "many of those that died were ready."
That really bothered me because none of those people were ready for death.
God loves them all, and to hear your description of the Seraphic Corps,
that most of them were swept into action, is just really heart warming.
And I wish that  those that are grieving could see the picture that I had
in my mind as they were taken, and were comforted before they died..  I
thank you.  My question last week was... when people die in such violence,
in such a mass of humanity, what happens?  You certainly answered that very
well, and basically my question was God isn't seeing them, with a question
mark, and certainly all will hear the good news of a loving Father.  And I
think Ambrosia answered that for me tonight.  Thank you very much.

Ambrosia (Bill): My dear, this is Ambrosia, you are perceiving things
correctly.  The concept that people have only the mortal life in which to
decide on their destiny is a terrifying one when you consider the
limitations that are put on that decision.  (Comments in agreement.)
Honest Christians have always had the debate regarding those who have never
heard the gospel "according to Paul and Peter," and many decided that God
would be fair.  All would be judged upon the light that they had, and how
they responded to it. But God is even more fair than this appraisal, for
God is not giving snap quizzes and flunking the majority because they don't
have sufficient information..  God desires that every one that he has
created finally come into his personal presence and be embraced in
perfection attainment.  The Universal Father has no desire to narrow the
gate of salvation,  making it so difficult of opening that only a battering
ram can force it.  Rather does the Father's Spirit within respond to the
slightest flicker of faith with encouragement; so for all those who are
undecided and unsure, more light is given.  

The religions of fear, preached under the best of intentions, are not
sufficient to feed the hungry souls of men and women.  You know the truth
of the loving nature of God, and therefor as we have so often said, let
your light shine in whatever way you find to do it.  

I am going to conclude this meeting at this time, and I thank you all for
your attendance, and your willingness to TR as well as ask questions.  All
of you had a role to play in this evening's interaction.  And now my
friends, let us worship God.  Please take each other's hands.

Let us allow the Love which structures the universe to permeate our
conscious minds.  Let go of hatred; let go of anger; let go of retribution;
let go of resentment; let go of intolerance; let go of fear.  

We come to You, First Source and Center, and we acknowledge our connection
to You.  You are our Source: of our life, of our personality, of our
destiny, of our true joy and happiness.  You are the perfect giver of all,
and we worship You. We adore You, and we want to be like You.  We choose
today to move in Your direction, to become more like You, and to do Your
will more continually.  Bless these, my friends, here tonight that they may
join hands with their Guardians of Destiny and together we may  all ascend
to Paradise.  Therefore,  because it is Your desire, and ours, we are
coming to You.  Amen.

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