[tmtranscripts] Snowbird Conf. 7/6/01 Friday night, room 606

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Mon Aug 27 07:59:32 PDT 2001

Snowbird Conference
July 5-9, 2001
Friday night, room 606

*	Tomas  (Gerdean):  I am Tomas, the opportunist.  Welcome to all of you
enthusiasts.  It seems we have the ingredients for a festive occasion.  I'm glad
to be able to take part in your celebrations of fellowship.  We are, in our
realm, also celebrating; our libations are even parallel with yours, and I have
no shame in admitting our revelry is in the spirit of fraternity and
progress, as
it is in your minds and in your midst.
	I am glad to have an opportunity to be a part of your gathering, as it is
apparent you have as a group acceded to come to ours where even Lester is in
attendance.  When Michael gives a party, everyone comes.  How we take advantage
of our occasions to enjoy the accomplishments of our efforts!
	In our association with you it is a part of our intent in assigning to you
our students those lessons and experiences which will bring you cause to reflect
deeply on matters of eternal import and, knowing that the animal mind rebels
against such efforts, it is an ongoing striving on your part to be a good
student, a fellow among fellows, and a student of the melchizedek university
wherein these subjects are taught, wherein you learn how to be all that you can
be in order for you to return the favor by teaching and serving others.  Your
efforts and your accomplishments are the cause now of our celebrations.  We take
great pride in the spiritual integrity of you each, as Michael has encouraged us
to understand his tremendous faith in you.  We are seeing his testimony being
revealed in the souls of you who respond to his touch.  The light that glows
within you is a testimony to your efforts and Michael's faith in you, and thus,
in the long run, even our own efforts are acknowledged in the advancing reality
that we are all privileged to share because of the relationship we experience,
not only as teachers and students, but as sons and daughters of our Universal
Father in Paradise.  So, we take off our robes and pass the wine and rejoice in
the work and in the fruit of the vine, his vineyard.
	I am going to leave.  There are many here, many who want to share, so I am

*	Elisha (Jim Cleveland):  Good evening sweet ones.  May I be light with you. 
I am Elisha, and I am an artist stationed upon this exciting world.  I am here
with you with my joyous and highly amused artisan colleagues.  We are overjoyed
to be you.
	I want to ask you to be aware of our work in the days and hours ahead, as
truly you already have, for you looked upon this amazing landscape and you have
seen the splendors of the sky.  [A spectacular brief torrential downpour
earlier]  As you look evermore and ever more deeply we would show you more, and
we will be pleased to offer artistic expressions to you and with you through the
course of this conference.  We of course look upon artists in a somewhat
different way, as you often see your artists utilizing tools in the creation of
something beautiful, something inspiring and something constructive to your
quest.  We accept a broader aura of artfulness in recognizing this as a day of
daily balance in your lives.
	Artistic expression will come in the hours and days ahead in the form of
fortuitous experiences and connections, the right word, the right smile, the
right bliss, the right hug, the right face to see, and to revel in that face as
one whom you deeply love and are joyous to be with.  I would urge you to be
artists in this way:  Be artists in the way you live, in the total fusion of
in the building of soul.  As you do these things you will be happy, and you will
create happiness for others.  Be artists.  Be joyous artists and find your
expression in the beautiful connection you have made.
	It is truly inspiring to all of us to see a group this large in this small
place choosing at this time with one another to collectively reach upward to the
Holy Spirit.  Is this not a profound decision?  Is this not a collective journey
which will bring fabulous fruit?  Are you not connected for the remainder of
sojourn with spiritual friends who will bring you happiness in each day?  Truly
you within you in your heart yearning desire to willingness the dedication, the
perseverance, and the hard work required to bring happiness through love to all
around you.  I know you must go back to more mundane lives, but you will all be
blessed for taking this step in coming here in faith to celebrate with us.  You
will be greatly rewarded.
	So, I hope you will enjoy some of our efforts ... I hope you will be joyous
little artists, and I hope you will continue to love one another and reach
forward ... in the spirit, for great growth can be yours as you make this
connection.  You no longer have to rely on your own resources alone.  The
universe works with you.  The universe feels connected to you as you feel
connected to us.  We are all part of this together, your teachers, melchizedeks,
the many brothers and sisters who are rising up to rejoice in the spirit all
across this world in many and varied ways, all in giving service and giving
reality to the Father's plan.
	Finally I want you to know that we are having a great time here, ourselves. 
You sometimes think of us as somewhat somber, speaking ... in a dark room....  I
assure you this is your doing, not ours, for we are joyous to degrees you cannot
imagine now, but you will experience in your glorious ascension path.  We will
one day welcome you as closer and deeper and more personal artistic friends of
the realm, for we are making friends with many of you whom we admire and will
follow with empathy in your journey ahead.
	Thank you for listening.  We are so pleased to be with you, and we feel the
spirit of Michael and the glorious power and creative force of Nebadonia here
with you.  The energy is together.  The energy is here, and we are creating it
together.  What more could we ask?  Have a good time.  Thank you.

*	Solonia  (Daniel):  You are some of the first in a long time who actually
know that they are partying with us.  This is enjoyable for us.  It is your
sister Solonia.  It is always a pleasure to come to these gatherings.  They are
times of great spiritual energy and light emanating.  We all come to revel in a
love fest originating on Urantia.  You are bringing love back with an
understanding of what it means in the highest sense: the sharing of Father's
with others and the experiencing of Father's love from others.  This is what
changes people around you and makes them want more.  When they experience God's
love through you they are given the gift of knowing God on a personal level.
can give no one on this torn world a greater gift.  The need for love on this
world is great.  There is not one who could not benefit from more.  There are so
very many who would greatly benefit from even the smallest taste.  You all give
this to people, and we are so very proud of you and honored that we have been a
part of your growth.  You are truly exceptional students, and, though few of you
will admit it, you are exceptional teachers, as well.  We live and we grow with
you, and we love with you.  We are about you and await only your recognition of
this fact.
	Party on, my dear friends.  There are others who are itching to address

*	Sharmon (Jonathan):  Sharmon here.  I greet you.  I am feeling felicity
over this occasion, and your levity is a pleasure that I am incorporating in the
celebrations that we midwayers are engaged in.
	I note that this particular country that you are in has celebrated a
birthday that is thematically undertaken in the name of freedom and liberty.  As
one who has been on this world for quite a long time, as one who has the
of knowing Solonia, we have watched your governmental structures undergo change
and, I must say, improvement.  It is worthwhile for you to celebrate the
establishment of policies that allow God's children to function more freely,
widely.  This human freedom does foster improvement in the spiritual dimension.
	Although from my perspective many governmental systems have come and gone,
I realize that even this one may pass.  But you who have done your homework know
that the progress we aim for on this world is one which models the great
who attend this world, the melchizedeks.  True liberty is the accomplishment of
self mastery and the ability to do more than just break the rules.
	It was a deep and great struggle of my clan to sort out the confusion that
took place even before I existed with the planetary staff.  The turmoil that has
occurred among the human races does not describe the turmoil that we midwayers
underwent.  You, rather, I should say your ancestral brethren, were blessed with
short life spans.  You could be free of the difficulties and move on to spheres
great in stability and opportunity and radiance.  We have been picking up the
trash.  We have been pursuing our independence from the oppression.  We likewise
celebrate the new liberty and freedom that has resulted from our Michael coming
	It is transferred to us from other worlds that our kin, those other
midwayers, are equally as happy over the new-found freedom they have.
	We deeply celebrate the joy of being personally visited by our Michael, to
witness firsthand his splendor coupled with his mercy, to see that even though
our one-time Planetary Prince could not receive the gift that Michael offered,
each one of us who struggled with all of the complexities of his sophistry were
able to grasp and receive that same mercy.  We are liberated; we are free.
	You likewise share in this new dispensation.  This planet is ours; this
planet is yours.  Together we can create a new sculpture.  No damage is too
that we cannot find within it beauty to resurrect.  The diversity of the human
races brings an opportunity for a display of love that cannot be had if you were
all alike.  Your country is progressing well in accepting this.  Count us
midwayers among you, another race, another equal brother.  Let us share in the
independence of Urantia.
	The rebellion is over.  We can look ahead.  We can establish our cities,
our industries.  We no longer need to battle against darkness.  We are free.  It
is our Michael who brought us this freedom.  We all cherish how much he
cares for
us personally, but let us collectively cherish how much he cares for us as a
	My dime has run out.

*	  Norson (Simeon):  This is Norson.  Greetings, friends.  I am here this
evening to share in fellowship with you.  The melchizedeks salute your
studiousness and your ability to alternate between seriousness and
lightheartedness and your spiritual endeavors.
	While this planet certainly has its problems on the material level, rest
assured that Michael's mission has taken hold and the roots run deep.  The
eventual transcendence from material mindedness to spiritual enlightenment is
assured.  Yet we do ask of you to ponder most deeply what you can do in your
sphere of influence to further the... [long pause]
	I will take another route.
	Look at what you can do to bring the assurance, the knowledge that you have
to those surrounding you in your lives, not simply those of spiritual like mind,
but also in the contacts you make.  Take this with a sense of purpose and live
purposefully with the knowledge and the comfort that you feel when you are here
amongst those of like mind and spiritual drive.  We are not asking for the
buildup of another system that has its formalities.  While this may happen
due to
the natural inclinations of humans to find ritual and symbol, my purpose tonight
is to have you see the mission, the real mission, that we have initiated with
you, that you have shared with others who also have come.  Be willing to share
more of yourself and your findings in ways that may influence without
necessarily...[long pause]  instituting, trying to bring about an institution.
	I recognize the difficulty at this time transferring completely what I
intend to convey.  So I will simply allow for continuance with the hope to
up, so to speak.  Thank you for your dutifulness.  Good evening.

*	Lester  (Daniel):  I partied hardy looking for love.  You love heartily and
a party evolves.  Hi, guys.  This is Lester.
	It is a treat to watch how you guys do it.  It is what I always was really
searching for but didn't find.  I was looking in the wrong place.  It is very
good for me to be able to teach and learn on this world, Michael's world.  It is
an honor that I never expected, and yet his love is so great for each of his
children that he gave even such as me exactly what I needed.  Parties here are a
sharing of love and excitement over discovering it anew each time with old
friends and new ones.  That is what I have now learned to seek in my partying,
and I have learned that from you all.  Thank you.  As the master said, be of
cheer.  Take him literally.  Love you guys.  Later.

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