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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Bestowal Spirit, Harmonic Convergence, Dwell on your Status as a Son
of God, Guilt
Teachers: Michael, Jessona, Timothy, Elyon

August 25, 2001

*	Michael (Jonathan):  Friends, I today rise to recognition through this
medium of transfer to again emphasize that I am always with you.  In every
episode in your daily undertakings you have my associative presence.
	I know from my life on this same planet how quickly the human mind can be
distracted by worldly cares and lose a hold upon the connection through faith of
the powerful presence of our Father and my bestowal spirit.  It is not, as I
witnessed, that you erase or obliterate this divine encircuitment; it is only
that the mind of human tendency is naturally distracted, overwhelmed in the
juggling act of cares and concerns, of hopes and aspirations.  You know my
bestowal spirit personally; we have made contact through this extension of
to you.  You honor me in the observance of my petition that you seek truth and
that you live by truth, and this spirit I have given you is your
amplification of
your recognition of the reality of truth.  Always will you make great strides by
consciously recognizing our intermingling as you seek for greater insight into
the realities of the Father's kingdom.
	Today I desire to re-emphasize another important element of my spirit gift
to you.  My spirit is also a comforter.  To a soul of such youth as each of you
possess, it is hard to grasp the nearness of our Father, for He is extremely
profound in all angles of description.  He even surpasses description
itself.  My
comforting spirit connects you to me, and through me to the Father.  This
is as you would expect: the feelings of assurance, of care, of beneficence.  But
likewise it brings a form of comfort in knowing that you will always be
stimulated, encouraged, and challenged to move forward, to ascend, to make the
effort to grow and go beyond attained levels of transient satisfaction.  The
comfort of the faith knowledge that you will never cease growing is a comfort
that transcends any sense of ease and pleasure.
	The Father who dwells at the core of your being knows you within and
without.  I, who have been given through your willingness the reception to
indwell you, know your from without to within.  I, the son of the Father, work
with my Father to bring you into a threefold association: Father, Son, and child
of God, all working to establish and to develop another evolutionary revelation
of creation and Creator, of beauty, of attained goodness, and of bestowed truth.
	I watched my first twelve apostles struggle through great cares over the
unfoldment of my mission, its implications, the ideals, and the transactions
occurred as we made efforts to bring the news of the reality of the Father's
to those who dwelt with us on this planet.  I addressed their concerns,
sought to
adjust their focus, and assure you today and guarantee you that I will do
likewise for you.
	The degree of faith registered in the records of Nebadon concerning each
one of you is at a level of attainment that you can trust my guidance and
support, even though you may not think to ask, for you have made the strides
necessary to have locked in permanence your status before God.  Your willingness
now transcends time.  But mistake not, you dwell on a world of flesh and blood. 
The currents of time will still buffet you about.  You will need to continue the
exertion of will in working toward the unfoldment of your personality
through the
growth of your soul and the upliftment of this world.  But in times when you are
distraught, my comforting spirit is there to assure you that your willingness is
accepted and guarded by myself and our Father forevermore.  As surely as you
trust the gravity forces that hold you to this sphere, you can trust the gravity
presences of our Father, our Eternal Son, and Divine Spirit to hold you to those
reality bodies that these great personalities are.  Never will the gravity
release; ever will you be within these powerful grasping influences.
	I extend to you my spirit presence with and in association of my divine
consort tuned to a frequency more closely contactable by yourselves, that
you may
realize the stupendous, incredible power of the Paradise circuits.  Trouble me
with your problems, make known your concerns, though I do know the depth of your
soul and can search the recesses of your mind, it is your outreach -- perhaps
more accurately, your inreach -- that activates the steps that will need to be
taken to resolve your conflicts.  I have said that I am with you always; draw
close to my presence.  When it is turbulent times, assure yourself that you are
in my presence.  Do not entertain the doubt that you have lost me.  That I will
not allow.  Settle forevermore that you are in the hands of the divine.  You
never be dropped or abandoned.  When the feelings arise that you have, quickly
note that it is only due to the current conditions of the world you are on and
the vehicles you inhabit that contribute to this transient and apparent
	Do not be confused in any attempt to discern distinctly which spirit
encircuitment is ministering to you at any moment, for all ride upon the great
wave of love that emanates from our First Source and Divine Center.  Discern any
angle of the divine downreach as love.  All becomes simple in this light.
	Though I close this avenue of expression, I never leave your presence.

*	Jessona:  I am Jessona.  Greetings.  I will step forward this moment to
provide the opportunity for you to make inquiries, as I and the other teachers
here today observe elements of curiosity on your part.  So, I have elected to
make this question-and-answer event occur.  I assure you that I am not the only
one here in your presence.  You may petition others; you may be their voice, as

	Mark:  I wonder if the mood shift experienced this last week was in part
due to harmonic or other convergence, spiritual or otherwise.

*	Jessona:  There is a form of collective consciousness on Urantia.  It is
not so much a distinctly discreet conscious entity; it is rather a synergetic
form of the collection of the awareness and mood of all.  Associated with this
conscious collectivity is a collective psychology, and this implies a collective
mood.  You note in your own individual psychological climate weather patterns,
underlying seasonal types of feelings.  You may feel seasonally depressed,
the overall climate is your happiness as a child of God.  The momentary weather
pattern may actually be laughter during the season of depression.  This I intend
illustrates the complexity of psychology and emotionality in one individual.
observers of this planet who convey these observations as reports to the
administrators and ministers on this world must likewise assess a complex
psychological environment that is the totality of beings resident on this
Currently Urantia has turned the tide.  The climate is being redefined, as a new
season is being entered into.  But this is a transitional time, and I observe
that you all have been upon this world long enough to note that some of your
transitional seasons are quite variable from day to day in weather pattern.  So,
as this world enters into a season of increased light and an upliftment of all
life, there are thunderstorms continentally and in political and geographic
situations.  As beautiful as this world is, it is strikingly peppered in light
and darkness.  An ideal soul as yourself is not immune to the crosscurrents of
the actions of others.
	The convergence we take note of has nothing to do with the juxtaposition of
planetary orbs in the neighborhood of your planet but is rather focused upon the
orientations of the billions of minds that are functioning with each personality
on this world.  Some are benefiting from the full exposure to the spiritual
sunlight.  Others are eclipsed by worldly concerns.  Your mood is only a shadow
in the brilliance of the spirit presence.  Even today a physical demonstration,
you witness how rapidly a shadow will move.
	When a group of individuals has orchestrated an event, as you have this
past week, you are flooded with celestial personalities who attend, who seek to
magnify the infusion of spirit presence so that you may be strengthened that you
may, in a positive sense, contaminate those around you who are drawn or are
drawing others down.  This positive convergence of willing personalities can be
overpowered by the dissociative convergence of personalities who do not seek
spirit orientation.  These all contribute to the psychological makeup of the
entire world.  But I address you personally and assure you that the shadow will
pass, that the burden and the drain that you have felt, though difficult for you
individually, is only a small hardship in your recognized contribution to the
upstepping of this world through the spiritual encouragement of your friends.
	Does this address your question?

	Mark:  Yes, it does.  I rely on you and others with your spiritual
perspective to understand these swings are not reflecting our hearts' desire to
be of service.  Doubts are followed by guilt for having these
disappointments and
doubts.  None of you holds our temporary sidetracks against us.

*	Timothy (Ginny):   Hello, this is Timothy.
	You can be assured that we do not hold anything against you.  It is so
inspiring to us to see you struggle to separate what is spirit reality and what
is simply a part of your physical existence.  We would truly wish that you
Urantians could be a little easier on yourselves as you struggle daily with your
sometimes annoying responsibilities and duties.  We admire greatly your efforts
to plod on, to continue busily even with all this baggage.  We look at your
efforts; we look at your intentions and we know .... that all the practical
circumstances surrounding even a spiritual event are many and sometimes
	We truly wish that you would dwell more frequently on your status as a son
of God so that these nitty-gritty things do not make you think that you are less
than so.  Your efforts have been admirable.  All of you have shown us that you
are willing to take that step, to do the extra mile, and all physical
circumstances surrounding that are simply things that have to be dealt with. 
Your companions are certainly willing to help you, if you but put forth your
	Once again, we are absolutely satisfied and happy to see all of your
efforts being used to further the spirit of the kingdom and to provide times for
spirit fellowship.  You can ease this responsibility a little, in fact, quite a
bit if you would spend a little more time with our Father who indeed can
help you
deal with these circumstances, even though they seem so mundane.
	Guilt on Urantia is a big deterrent to spirit progress.  It is non-existent
for us with you.  So, we ask that you dwell on your gifts and your efforts
than dwelling on the outcome.  We are well pleased with you all.  We marvel at
your ability to find ways of (...?) the kingdom with such sometimes monumental
obstacles.  We wish you a light heart and continuance of your efforts and
remembering to take respite after your efforts.
	It is a pleasure for me to be among you as your teacher, and I wish you
good day.
	Ginny:  Guilt is a heavy burden for us.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  This is Elyon, and I assure you your statement is true.
	I would like to draw from Timothy's comments that you focus upon your gifts
and your efforts rather than  your guilt and errors; or, as I am always wont to
say, your errors and your guilt are indications of your opportunities to grow,
not marks of your failures.  If you did not have these gifts, if you did not
these efforts, you could not stumble, and you could not feel bad about them, and
you could not recognize the better approaches and the greater blessings that are
ahead.  I know -- I was mortal -- that's hard to do, but with time and diligence
you can take these episodes and transform them into energy giving power.
	The time draws on.  I will not be one to detain you.

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