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Sun Aug 26 13:06:43 PDT 2001

Saturday night, August 18, 2001

*	Aaron (Daniel):  Greetings, dear friends, Aaron here.
	In the process of experiential growth there is a time of acquiring
knowledge, a time of coordinating the knowledge into understanding, a
time of recognition of the truth contained within the knowledge which
leads to a higher belief system.  You each have experienced those
moments of "aha" wherein your accumulated knowledge has become a
personal realization.  At this point it is not uncommon to recognize
that, were this realization known to the world, it would change it for
the better, and, too, it is not unusual for you to want to share this
realization with everyone that you know.  Often in conversation it is
quite natural to say, "this is what we all need to do" in order for
things to get better.  At some point in time when you finally realize
that it will be next to impossible to convince everyone else to do this
with you, you come to the realization that this is what I must do
because I see it, I feel the truth of it.  This is the circle of
bringing knowledge into belief, into faith, into enactment.  Your
greatest accomplishment is discovering what you as an individual are
being led to do  and doing that because it feels right with your soul
and it feels right with God.  Each time you find yourself thinking,
"here is what we should all do", recognize the path of growth you have
taken to get to this point and then realize this is what I need to do. 
This is a process of personal participation in experiential growth.
	When these ideas, these tweaks, as you call them, become a part of
your life experience, you then become reflective of the goodness which
you perceived the world needed.  Then you are truly that goodness, and
others feel the love from that goodness.  It is your way of changing the
world from the inside, within out.  When you become what you desire, you
positively affect all you come in contact with.  Your energy and your
spirit spread beyond you and have a positive effect on far more
individuals than you can possibly imagine.  Each smile, each loving act,
each expression from the soul ripples outward in an unending wave.  Your
experiences and acts of truth, beauty, goodness, and love will precede
you even into the universe.  You change the whole world by changing
	Good night, dear friends, and I will open the floor to others.

*	Malvantra (Mark):  Malvantra here, and I would offer a few simple
	First and foremost it is pure, simple joy to witness a celebration
such as this in which all the hearts and minds are turned in celebration
and in love of their Father, their Creator.  It is truly touching to
witness the children in loving affection towards their parents.  It
stirs and moves all facets of beings to witness this passionate love
connection existing between the children and the parents.  One can just
step back and marvel at this relationship that exists between each of
you and your divine parents.  It is your heritage; it is your destiny. 
It is the very essence of what you are to grow up to be.  The very
nature of your spiritual journey is to grow to be more like your divine
parents.  That is as it should be.
	Beings of my order are well aware of the many constraints,
restrictions, and limitations of the mandate under which we function in
our interactions with you.  We are keenly aware that it is not within
our prerogative to interfere in any way with your sacred freewill
choice, and this we will never do.  However, there is a loophole, and
that is that we are not restricted in any fashion from encouraging you
and promoting every attempt you make at exercising this freewill choice
in the movement of spiritual growth.  We will unhesitatingly be your
cheering section as you exercise this, your prerogative in life as part
of your lineage from your divine parents.  You were created in the image
of the Creator, and it is within your composition to act as co-creative
beings, creating in your realm a reality which is patterned off  divine
reality.  This is done simply by your acts, your choices put into
action.  What will you do today?  What will you do tomorrow?  How will
you view the world now?  How will you see it later?  These are the
lenses which will dictate for you your orientation to true spirit
	So, I will prompt; I will suggest; I will go so far as to even
nudge you occasionally to be in action.  It does not concern me or
anyone on my side precisely what your action may be at any given time. 
What does concern me and those on my side who have attached ourselves to
you is that you are in motion, that you be engaged in the process, that
this motion be initiated on your part, and then it is a simple matter to
redirect and refocus the movement into appropriate and positive
channels.  So, I will suggest, prompt, that you act spiritually, that
you reach out and do, even if you are uncertain as to the direction you
should take; that may be modified over the course of time.  The
important aspect is that you are in motion, you are progressing even if
you are not aware of this.
	Those are my words for now.  Thank you for allowing me.

*	Timothy  (Ginny):  Good evening, this is Timothy.  You may want to
ask yourself this evening what it means to be spiritual.  Why do we talk
in this way?  What is it about you that is spiritual?  What does this
word "spirit" mean to you?  It will be a different meaning for each
individual, but most of us come to a time when we want to know more
about that spirit, and we long to understand that part of ourselves
which responds maybe in very different ways to everyday situations 
where many of our responses today do not seem to be too spiritual.
	So what is it that breathes into us this life that is beyond
certainly your physical frame, beyond the parameters of your planet and
your universe?  Who is it that calls to us and brings us into a state
where we desire deeply to know more about our spiritual selves?  In
these times when we feel that we have within us the workings of a self
beyond the one that we see, this is because you and I are both called to
participate in the light that has been given to us a very long time ago.
	So, it might be important for you and me to spend time with this
prompting of the spirit and to investigate more and to participate and
to welcome more these times of inner reflection.  I encourage all of you
to spend this time in whatever form it takes to become more familiar
with this part of yourself which is truly your destiny and mine also.
	Thank you for hearing me, and I bid you a good evening.

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