[tmtranscripts] The Midwayers' celebration of Jesus' birth

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This is a transcript we received Monday evening from our midwayer
associates that we thought you might appreciate.

> SARAH: I wanted to tell you a bit about our "birthday party" plans that we
> have in store for those of us who are able to put aside our assignments
> enough to participate. We almost always are able to come together in some
> form or another, much as your local regions come together in acknowledgment
> of his birth. We spend a while, as do you, in greeting and in catching up,
> in discussing our various assignments, and sometimes we are able to catch a
> glimpse of the result of our earlier labors. These we enthuse over and
> commend ourselves and our comrades for the opportunity to help make it
> happen.
> We begin then to delve into those matters which are of grave concern, for
> this is the stuff which weigh heavy on our minds and which we will bring our
> greatest efforts to bear. This process is in-depth, and while it may appear
> to some to be a sad affair or an unhappy occasion, it is in honor of the man
> Jesus and his efforts in his life to be of service to everyone he came in
> contact with. Whether it was his family, his private ministry, his public
> ministry, or his poignant moments alone, we seek to honor him by carrying on
> the work he began, and he was always mindful of those who suffered.
> We establish then a certain protocol which we will use in addressing our
> concerns to our supervisors in hopes of receiving their good counsel and
> commendation as to how we may proceed if at all in what we regard as service
> work in our realm. I will be telling them about my work with you and about
> the difficulties that we have had to overcome because of your conditioning,
> each of you different, and how some of these deep-seated prejudices and
> conceits are being slowly revealed and eradicated because of your
> willingness
> to work within the parameters of truth, beauty and goodness to do the work
> which you have assigned yourself to do.
> And then we offer ourselves in totality to the Most Highs so that they will
> administer according to our desires and our planetary needs as we perceive
> them. And then we generally allow ourselves a period of reversion and
> diversion including music and entertainment and laughter and love. We
> remember friends and tell stories. We allow ourselves to dream and
> speculate. We engage in what you might call creative work.
> And when we have sobered from our play, and the spirit impels us, we return
> to our place of worship – not a literal place, but a soul place, as you
> would
> understand it – and allow ourselves to be embraced by the spirit. It is
> recognized by you from the text that we are not Father indwelt as you are,
> but even so it is not as if we were without spirit. We are cognizant of
> spirit in ways which you cannot be because of your agondonter nature, and
> when I say we allow ourselves to be embraced by the spirit, this is quite
> literal. It's as if a hologram of love were to wrap itself around us like
> the petals wrap around the center of the rose.
> Herein we recall the Master when he was with us. We individually treasure
> those mere moments, but memorable moments indeed, when we watched him in his
> mortal raiment, engaging himself tenderly and joyously with others as he
> grew
> and became more aware of who he truly was and then watched as he prepared to
> bring back the values of my parents and grandparents. The pattern was
> apparent. The values were true. We knew he was a Great Friend by the way he
> cherished what was most dear to us. Knowing he wanted for all his children
> what we had lost was the leaven which created in our hearts a desire to
> follow him and learn of his ways, where-upon we clamored all over one
> another
> in hope of hearing him or witnessing his interaction as he passed by. And in
> this sanctuary of appreciation of his sojourn here on our world, it is our
> joy to recall those impressions and share them among ourselves as you would
> tell family stories in your way.
> In the end, in satisfaction of our communion with this Father figure, we
> lift
> our hearts in thanks to God for our honored spot on the annals of Urantia
> history, and then we all go off alone in order to savor the sense of
> satisfaction that this acknowledgment of our Creator brings, ready then and
> renewed, in order to return to our busy agenda of bringing forth spirit
> reality on Urantia which is our and Jesus' home. Conjoin with us as we
> conjoin with you in this tremendous celebration of our Master Son's seventh
> and final bestowal and his ascent to perfection.

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