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SE Idaho TeaM

August 10, 2001

Prayer by Daniel (Bob S): Here these words of your elder brother, Daniel.
Let us pray.  Oh Lord to whom we all open our hearts and minds, fill us
tonight with your love, your presence, your words, your plan, your
uplifting personality.  We know in our heart of hearts what role you are to
play in our lives.  Tonight let us draw near to the path you have set
before, us as we listen to the words of those who have gone before.  Amen.

Abraham (Bill): Greetings friends.  I am Abraham.  I will not dominate this
meeting, but I will begin with a few words and then take my leave.  I wish
to stress the importance of your celebration with your sister group from
Woods Cross.  I wish to underline the need to balance individual efforts
and time with time spent with others.  Throughout the universe career it is
true, as it is in mortal life, that your progress and grow in both of these
two poles, the individual and the group, and that you need to keep your
balance between the two.  These words are not meant to be a criticism of
those of you who have other plans so that you cannot attend, but they are
there for your consideration that all can be done to generate the
enthusiasm to continue the effort in coalescing the spiritual forces
resident in human minds and hearts on this planet toward the eventual
beginning of light and life.

I also wish to comment on pushing the edges of your comfort zones.
Remember my words of last week and previous lessons.  Do not take
responsibility for the outcome of seed planting.  Let that be.  Do not
worry about the judgements that others make of you.  The only judgements
that matter are those that are made by the UniverseRrulers whose judgements
are fair and complete. 

 I wish you to be brave.  I wish you to fill your hands with seed and throw
it, scatter it and sow it, and those hearts whose receptivity have been
cultivated by their Divine Monitors will be grateful.  I know that these
words are nothing more than a repeat of my previous emphasis, but my
friends the time has come to let this secret be known.

So I look forward to meeting you, those of you who will be there, at the
celebration of the incarnation of our Father/Brother Christ Michael.  Be of
good cheer.  Shalom.

Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your friends and your
advocate.  Hello my dear friends.  I am here, as I have been with Abraham
and others.  I have very much enjoyed my brother's presentations.  He has a
way of getting your attention, doesn't he?  [Comments in agreement.]  You
see, it takes a man of force to coalesce the loyalties of humans, as
Abraham was able to do as a mortal.  Those personality traits are not lost
in the ascension career.  They are enhanced.  So what ever you consider to
be your finer points will only become more exquisite.  What you are good at
now, you will be better at, and what you are not so good at, your deficits
and shortcomings, they will gradually disappear.  

I have no lesson as such this evening.  I felt that if we sit together we
could talk about those things which are on your minds which you might wish
to share, questions perhaps, but other things as appropriate.  Brother
Aaron is present but he is not threatening you with an embarrassing
exercise.  [Laughter.]  However he is available for questions or comments.
Minearsia is absent this evening.  He is in counsel with other Melchizedeks.  
Many things are in a state of imminent readiness.  We have great hope and
excitement for the future of this planet and indeed are the choices for the
proper path and improper path becoming more clear.  The ambiguity which has
retarded the progress of decision making on this planet is being clarified.
 With the over control of spiritual direction we know that, however long it
may take, the outcome of evolutionary progress mixed with the up-stepping
of correction will be effective and this planet will reach its destiny.  I
will now cease tossing out these little tidbits of interest for you to
savor so that we can have a forthright conversation.  I await your input.

Virginia: Daniel, LaReen made the statement here tonight that the circuits
had indeed been opened for everyone on this planet and with that my thought
is that would you be willing to comment on the Disclosure Project, and what
that could mean for our planet.

Daniel (Bill): I am not authorized to discuss that at the present moment.

Virginia: No tantalizingly imminent possibilities?  [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): However, I am authorized to tell you this much.  It is
required of you and indeed of all mortals, that every effort be made to
understand reality based on your normal means of acquiring knowledge and
skill.  Revelation is not given to supplant the hard work of intellectual
effort, and spiritual progress.  As far as the future of this planet,
always remember this is ultimately under the over control of our Universe
Sovereign.  All contact of whatever origin is always granted only by
permission.  There are no haphazard aspects with regard to the over control
of this planet.  Draw your own conclusions from these comments, my friends,
and know that is your job to search and use your minds to the fullest
abilities.  You are required to choose your interests and projects, subject
to the approval of God.  You are not automatons.  You are not robots who
simply receive orders.  Choosing to do the will of God is not choosing to
give up your own free will capacity, but rather to enhance it.  I am sorry
if this answer is not more specific, but it is the best I can offer you at
this time.  Do you have other commentary?

Virginia (Letah): Not really, Daniel, thank you.  I think that I was hoping
to use the teachers as a stamp of approval for this project which I so
believe is necessary in order to meet the energy needs and what appears to
me is happening to our planet as far as being destroyed by our present
energy sources.  So, thank you.

Daniel (Bill): Realize, Letah, that my answer does not disapprove of this
project.  My answer was I cannot comment on it, that you need to follow
your our guidance.  Certainly something that you feel passionately about
and have decided upon, after all the evidence that you have reviewed, is a
worthy project, possibly the answer to huge environmental issues, deserves
your greatest efforts.  My hesitation is because we teachers have been
strictly charged that we do nothing in anyway that interferes with or
influences free will choice.  Do you understand this?

Virginia: Of course.  Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel (Bill): Well, my friends, let us continue.  What is on your minds?

Bob S: Daniel, the US President has made his decision regarding stem cell
research, and it's an interesting decision.  I expect you and your brothers
and sisters are following that, but I suspect you can't comment on that,
but then again maybe you can.  On the one hand there are those who say any
tampering with any human life is unacceptable, and any progress that can be
obtained from that is an ill-gotten gain.  Any then there are the people on
the other side who say there is a chance here using stem cells to benefit
mankind through the reduction of disease and perhaps other benefits as yet
unknown.  And we human have to make a decision there; and I suspect we here
have all made the decision where we come down on this issue, but now the
President has made his decision.  It is the law of the land.  Have you any
comments you would like to share with us regarding our role with this.  Is
there a role to play in this whole question?   What words of wisdom have
you regarding this?

Daniel (Bill): I will not comment on the President's decision.  I will,
however, enlarge the perspective a bit by saying this.  The universes of
time and space are experimental as well as experiential.  The whole concept
of space/time creation is an experiment.  The life forms on Urantia are the
result of millions and millions of years of experimentation in the
laboratories of the Life Carriers.  Their designs are always subject to
improvement.  I have done a stint in their lab since, as a mortal doctor, I
had interest in the human body, mind and soul.  It is ignorance which
prompts people to say human beings have no business altering or attempting
to improve the physical functioning of the human body by whatever means
that might be done.  It is ignorance of the way the universe works, you
see, for in the minds of some God simply creates everything out of his
imagination, and he has no delegation of responsibility to any other
agencies.  But you know from your knowledge of reality as it is portrayed
in the Urantia Book and in your best thinking, that this is not the way God
works.  He has delegated all of himself that he can to others, for that is
his nature; and it is certainly appropriate for human beings to be involved
in their own betterment.  These are my words, my friend.  Do you wish to
react to them?

Bob S: Is this moral decision that we face fairly common among the
developing planets?  Is it a fairly typical dilemma we find ourselves in?
Do you find similar situations on other planets of similar evolutionary
levels, or are we somewhat different again in this regard?

Daniel (Bill): You are fairly similar to the people on planets of
rebellion, however there are not very many of these planets in existence.
Your moral dilemmas are far greater that would exist on planet on which
Adam and Eve would be in residence.  The conservative aspect of religion,
in particular, has greatly slowed down the progress of science on this
planet, The struggles have always been between these two sectors, in the
middle ages and even today.  The Angels of Progress and the Angels of the
Churches represent two legitimate dichotomies, and they are expressed in
planetary moral dilemmas.  But if this were a normal planet you would have
less confusion.  What do you think of these ideas, my friend?

Bob S: I'm overwhelmed.  I can see where you are coming from, but having
been born and raised on this planet I have no concept of what can happen on
other planets. [laughter]   It does appear that our view is rather short
sighted.  It is very difficult for us to see the big picture; to see
something until it hits us over the head.  As a society we don't seem to
get it until we've tripped over it, which is unfortunate.

Daniel (Bill): But Abraham said things are clarifying.  How do you
understand his assessment, my friend?

Bob S: Well, clearly you can see spiritual change.  Unfortunately it is not
in the White House or in the Congress or in the state legislatures that I
am aware of.  We seem to have lost our way politically.  Instead of
statesman, we have people who would not do anything that will cost them
votes, so politically we seem to be adrift.  Scientifically as well, as you
say, we seem to have lost our way as well, which would seen to suggest, and
maybe this is what you were alluding to, that the only way we are going to
get over this is through some sort of spiritual renaissance; that we're
going to have to somehow grow enough spiritually that we can overcome our
shortsightedness in other areas.

Daniel (Bill): In order to fix a broken vehicle an assessment of the
difficulties must be undertaken.  The effort at proper diagnosis is 95% of
the success of the corrective operation.  The problem with this planet, and
your society in particular, is a lack of accurate diagnosis.  Therefor the
mechanics who attempt to fix the broken vehicle are unsuccessful.  There
has not been a serious diagnosis of the problems of this planet since the
words of Jesus.  He put it clearly and his words are constantly dismissed:
‘Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things
shall be added to you.'  The underlying problem has been a lack of
understanding that man does not live by bread alone, but by the very words
which proceed from the mouth of God.  So, my friend, your analysis is
accurate.  It is the spiritual dimension which is lacking.  

The worship of materialism is a forfeit of your human rights.  Your human
dignity is demeaned when it is reduced merely to the material level.  Until
this values revolution occurs, until this change of mind occurs, the
problems will continue for the correct diagnosis has not been made.  I am
saying quite a bit here, and more than I often do.  What do you think of
these words, my friend?

Bob S: The diagnosis has been made.  The Master has been here.  The plan is
clear.  It didn't take [laughter and comments] for whatever reason.  We've
known those words of 2,000 years, and

Daniel (Bill): Dismissed them.

Bob S: Yes.  We've not taken them to heart.

Daniel (Bill): Correct, and that is your job.  You are the Master's
apostles, and you are doing it, I know.  This is what it all comes down to.
 We could sit here and philosophize about this for hours, but what matters
is what each one of us is willing to do to assist in this diagnosis being
understood.  It involves teaching the children.  It involves all
interactions that you have in your culture.  You live and breathe this
spiritual reality.  The current Correcting Time differs from the last 2,000
years in that this planet is now encircuited in Nebadon.  The Lucifer
Rebellion is completely ended.  The rebels are all gone, and that is the
news.  That is the new thing.  The circuits are fully open and we are here
by the millions.  So let's see what we can do.  Right?  

Bob S: It sounds easy when you say it.  [Laughter.]  Just do it!  [More

LaReen: Well, isn't it true that this is the last hold out?  Humans are
holding on to that last little bit before they give it up.  We really are
making progress toward Light and Life.

Daniel (Bill): I would certainly agree with Abraham, and he said words to
that effect: that the apparent upsurge in evil is partly an illusion, and
also partly a last ditch stand.  Yes, he did [say that], LoReen.  When I
was talking about the clarification between the good choice and the bad
choice that Abraham had discussed last week and mentioned further this
week, the idea was that sometimes it takes a really bad case of something
to illustrate what is wrong with it, you see, before people get it, before
they understand how serious it is.  Is this what you were suggesting?

LoReen: Yes.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, it is easy to equivocate and say ‘well, who knows
whether this or that is the right thing' as though you were devoid of moral
sense, and this malignant relativism has occupied intelligent people for
too many years, unwilling to take a stand on right and wrong because they
are beguiled by the sophistry that all right and wrong is nothing but a
relativity of human thinking.  This is of such an erroneous basis that it
brings forth passion in the souls of those of us who know the reality of
the universe.  It is rubbish!!  Yes, other or more discussion on this
subject or others concerns?


Aaron would like to greet you.  One moment, please.

Aaron (Bill): Good evening, my friends.  I am your buddy, Aaron.  [Laughter
and comments.]  My heart is broken, [more laughter] that you are so fearful
of my words.  [Continuing laughter.]   No, I am teasing you.  We will do an
exercise, but it will not be this evening; but yes, I have not given up my
agenda for I know the value of experiential training.   That is not all
that I do, you know.  I have other tricks in my bag.  I will be involved
with you after your summer is over, and I will have a part in the Phase II
curriculum.  Other than that I just wish to tell you that I do love you
all, and am amused with your feelings of reticence toward me.

Ken.  Ok, Aaron, we love you too.  [Laughter.]

Aaron (Bill): And now our instructor in residence also wishes to say a few
words.  One moment, please.

Minearsia (Bill): The meeting was most propitious and efficacious.  We have
solved some of our administrative problems, and they allowed me to return
here to greet you.  They are still in session, so I am only here for a
moment.  I am Minearsia, your instructor in residence, a Melchizedek of

The Correcting Time agenda is absolutely beyond your imagination to even
scratch at.  Be assured, my friends, that all of the concerns that arise in
your minds are well known to us, and are an important factor for our
consideration.  Unlike yourselves we do not desire to usurp free will
choice on the part of others in order to accomplish what we feel is the
good of the realm.  However, we understand this feeling [which is] to some
extend in some of you, especially some of you whose ideals are highest for
you glimpse the future as it will be or should be.  

I counsel patience.  I counsel acceptance, and I counsel serenity.  Let God
do his work in his way and in his time, and remember that he respects the
free will gift which is the essence of his personality bestowal on all his
creatures.  I know from reports I have that you are all having a productive
summer in some ways restful and in some ways very strenuous.  Keep your
priorities in order.  Never confuse #1 and #2.  Always place first things
first.  These are my words to you.  My love goes with you.  Good evening.

Daniel (Bill): And now friends, this is Daniel.  I am aware that the time
is running by, and I will now conclude the meeting with a prayer.  Will you
please stand and hold each other's hands.  Let us unite our hearts in
worship and prayer.

Almighty, invisible, God only wise, who dwells within each of us as he does
in the very skies.  Look down and look through these your beloved children,
these, my most beloved brothers and sisters, and see their true love, their
real devotion to you and to each other.  As you see this I know you rejoice
as I do, also.  

Help them to let go of anxiety, to relax away from fear into security and
the understanding of your overwhelming, wonderful care for each of them.
Instill in them a spirit of prayer that they may be able to turn over in
prayer those things that they are in the habit of carrying in their minds.
Bless all of us, visible and invisible, as we meet in the celebration of
Michael's birthday.  In the name of him whose birthday we celebrate, Christ
Michael and his consort, Nebadonia, I ask these things.  Amen.

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