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July 20, 2001

Prayer by unknown being (Bill): Humor is the gift of the Gods to lighten
the load of life. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, my friends, for we are
all the sons and daughters of the living God. Amen.

Alana (Bill): Greetings, dear ones. I am Alana once again with you. You
are delightful to watch when your are light and cheerful, when you are
celebrating each other's dignity status, when you are not taking yourselves
so seriously. Indeed, is this a night of celebrations and new beginnings
for every day is a unique piece of eternity. Everyday allows for the
unfolding of the possibilities which are latent in it. Personally,
speaking for the teacher corps, we congratulate you, Lori, for reaching
40-years in your eternal career. You will indeed find the short span of
time to be infinitesimal when you begin to approach our ages, yet at your
time and span, this is a great achievement to have survived intact
[laughter] and with grace abounding your 40-years of life on this planet
with its manifold difficulties. You are surrounded by your friends and
family, and you have everything to rejoice in. So we also add our
congratulations to your milestone in your ascension career.

Lori: Thank you.

Alana (Bill): As you know I have been temporarily assigned to this teacher
corps group to assist Daniel in his work as well as Minearsia and others
who are involved. I am particularly delighted to see so many of my gender
in this meeting for indeed has the role of women in this world, on this
planet, been a dismal one. I need not rehearse these facts for you, but I
do tell you that there has been marked improvement in the more civilized
sectors of Urantia. Your dignity status has moved from that of
burden-barer, quasi-slave, second class citizen, to equality of value with
the male gender; and indeed are some men amazed at what you women are doing
these days in terms of all the shattering of the stereotypes including not
only the ability to love and nurture, but also equal intelligence, and even
approaching physical strength on a par with that of men. But the most
important thing for you women is to know that you are daughters of the
Highest Source and Center and central Personality responsible for this
entire universe of universes. Your daughtership is every bit equal to the
sonship of the males. You are different from them, but you're are
perfectly equal in the generous duality which is the essence of time space
creations. Now I have covered these concepts before, so I will not take
any more time with them. All that I really want to tell you tonight is its
fine, it's wonderful to free yourself and rejoice in your femininity, your
humanity and your divinity status.

Now to you men I say welcome to you as well, and I rejoice to see you here
in good numbers for religion should not be a "woman thing". Faith should
not be assigned the default status of femininity. Faith should be equally
the characteristic of robust masculinity as well, for faith is really
beyond gender. It is the essential characteristic of humanity which seeks
God-consciousness. Faith, after all, is a manifestation of deep trust in
the goodness and the love of the very essence and core of the universe.
Faith is like that of a child who trusts that their parents do care for
them, love them, and are doing what is right for them. Faith is the soul's
response to the indwelling presence of God, and in that trust, the complete
willingness to follow that divine parental guidance.

Summer has been characterized as a time of vacation, a time of partying, a
time of rest and reversion, and so it is tonight a celebration of your
humanity and your progress in this mortal life. My thanks to you for
listening to my ramblings off the top of my head, as it were, and I now
give you your beloved teacher, Daniel. One moment, please.

Daniel (Nancy/PamElla): Greetings, my friends, my faithful students. It is
with joy that I avail myself of PamElla's partial willingness to allow me
access. Our unstated until now deal is that my statements through her will
be very brief. I wish only to state what a joy I personally experience in
the love that swells from each of you in the bonding and experience of
family. I wish to also use this moment to address Lora Lee. It is such a
pleasure to have you among us! I am very knowledgeable about you and your
most generous and overflowing heart. It is truly my privilege to have this
opportunity to thank you for your willingness in being among us tonight.
And now I will release PamElla from this duty that the celebration may

Minearsia (Bob S): I am Minearsia. I wish to thank those mortals who made
the effort today to come listen to your elder brothers and sisters who have
made a trip of considerable distance to be with you. We wish to open your
hearts and minds to the myriad of opportunities which lie before each of
you in the course of your physical existence. While we cannot address them
individually or specifically, you who are open are aware of what I am
referring to.

To those who are relative new to this format, I welcome you on behalf of
the myriad of ascendant beings and others who have gathered on this planet
and the others of recent rebellion status to assist the wayward mortals on
each of these planets to hasten their spiritual maturity.

All of you in this room are blessed in more ways than you can possibility
understand at your own individual level of spirit progress. You must rely
upon those of us who have broader vision to apprize you of your situation.
Soon, very soon, all of you will have the opportunity to make major strides
in your spiritual status, and I will say no more regarding this tonight.

Ken: You're going to leave me out there on a limb aren't you? [Laughter.]

Minearsia (Bob S): Ah, Kenneth. I should have expected such a quip from
you. Ladies and gentleman, you are on the verge of momentous progress for
which you have only to open your eyes and nod your head to be part of this
marvelous time on Urantia. I am not allowed to say much more. You know we
have alluded to this time of magnificence which is about to evolve on this
planet. Those of you who are so inclined will be asked to take a role, a
position in this time of wonderment. Each of you will be apprized in
detail when the time arrives. Until that moment I urge you to prepare
yourselves for these opportunities and be ready to engage in whatever
decision making is required in relationship to your mortal
responsibilities. My friends, this is a time of great opportunity for each
of you and your brothers and sisters on this planet for the new
dispensation is at hand. The time is here for those who are willing to
move forward in haste. It will be a time for rapid growth and development,
not just the slow preparatory periods which we have been participating in
over the last ten years, because when major opportunities are presented,
they are accompanied by opportunities for giant spiritual strides. So I
urge you all to prepare yourselves for what is about to transpire. It will
be a time of major enlightenment. Well I trust I have whetted the
appetites of those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines, and to
those who are already well into their preparation I know you are as
excited, perhaps not quite as excited, but potentially as excited as we,
your older brothers and sisters, are. That concludes my presentation this
evening. If we have time there are others who wish to greet you tonight.

Ken: We have time.

Altern (Bill): I am Altern. Greetings to you all, and especially to my
dearest friend, Lori.

Life is sometimes like a long distance swim in one of your large lakes
where you move through the waves of change, the ups and downs of the
vicissitudes of life and grow weary only to find that your toes touch a
sand bar, and then you can stand and rest. You look back at the distance
that you have swum and realize what a tremendous achievement it is, but
your have not arrived at your destination. As you rest on the sand bar you
are given a respite, a perspective stance, which allows you both to enjoy
your achievement and get ready for the next swim. Indeed, in your culture
there is much ado about reaching the magic number forty for indeed it is
roughly half of normal life span, although now many people are living
beyond that number. Certainly it is poor humor to call the number forty
the hilltop so that you are sliding downhill as you move on to higher
numbers. Such a distortion, although it is usually done in humor, is due
to the limited time frame that many people operate under, that is, the
belief that this life is all there is. As you enjoy this milestone Lori
and the rest of you friends and family, think of it more like the first 220
yards in a long marathon, perhaps even the first 100 yards. That is to
say, far from being "over the hill", you are strong enough to get off to a
good start on the race to Paradise having achieved this 40-years of the
lessons that life gives you on the theatre of operation which we call

Of course in a literal sense you are not in a race to get to Paradise, at
least in a race in which you compete with any other individual. A race is
a poor analogy. Even a swim is too tiring a picture. Rather you are on a
great adventure! The future holds for you unbelievable pleasures,
opportunities, service, and experiences. It holds for you meetings with
other sons and daughters of God who do not share you planetary culture
background let alone your national or ethnic background. Beyond the
imagination of human kind is the great adventure to the very source that
started the whole gigantic, colossal, tremendous experience we call life in
the universe.

You also will have opportunity to mentor others, even as I have been given
this opportunity of serving you. Indeed it is true that everything that
you learn you will be teaching others for the universe is one vast school
and you are part of the evolution of the God of Time and Space, the
Almighty Supreme.

Words are inadequate to express reality though they are necessary, but the
faith that was spoken of earlier is your ship for bringing you safely to
the shores of Paradise. Your pilot resides within you. You are the
captain who decides the course. Continue, my dear, to so wisely choose
your course through the advice of your indwelling Pilot that your course
will avoid the rocks of despair, doubt, guilt, shame and fear, and move
confidently on the serene waters of joy, peace, and contentedness, so that
your ship will reach its destination at the end of the wondrous journey.

You will also not be alone on your ship for it is impossible to be a child
of God without being in relationship with your siblings. Your siblings are
not just this group with you here tonight. They are certainly not just
your family of origin. Your siblings are spread through a vast universe,
for all intelligent will creatures created in the image and residing in the
personality circuit of the Universal Father, are indeed brother and sister
to you. It's a great adventure, this life. Once again congratulations on
this milestone!

Lori: Thank you.

Altern (Bill): Daniel will speak again. One moment, please.

Daniel (Bill): This is your teacher, Daniel. I have the feeling that I
would like to allow others to make comments so that all of you are
included. Please at this time make your comments or statements or raise
questions as you wish.

Nancy/PamElla: I had a question for Alana. I was a little surprised by the
emphasis on the equality of the genders, because it seems to me that all of
us present would have no doubt about that. And I was even a little
reactive to your description about men with the word ‘but' rather than
‘and,' something about women. So I guess my question is what was the
purpose of that discussion of the equality of the genders?

Alana (Bill): This is Alana. PamElla, I have been on a diatribe about this
topic for some months, because I come from a group that resides in a part
of the world [Costa Rica] that women do not have the equality status that
you enjoy here. I have discussed this in much greater length at other
times, and my purpose tonight was to highlight the very equality fact that
you allude to. I am wondering why you are somewhat offended by my
commentary? Do you feel that perhaps I shorted the male gender in my

Nancy: No, I didn't feel you shorted the male gender. I just feel that to
make a point out of the equality of women was to suggest the inequality of
women, that it was such a fact that it didn't need to be addressed at all.
I know I look around this room and I don't see anyone that I would expect
needed a lesson on the equality of the genders.

Ken: Oh, I did. [Laughter.]

Nancy: But I haven't been keeping up with all the transcripts and I haven't
been here lately so I wasn't aware that you were working in a part of the
planet where the women are really severely downtrodden still. And so that
explains to me why you would be on a diatribe on it, because I certainly
have been on the same diatribe before [laughter] in other situations. So I
thought it was strange. I was wondering why we would have to be assured of
reality, like preaching God is loving to a group of people who know a
loving God.

Alana (Bill): Keep in mind, my dear, this group present in this room is not
the sole recipient of these transcripts. Indeed, the group in Costa Rica
also looks to the guidance of other groups for its material. Yes, I would
agree that this group doesn't need any lectures on the equality of women,
and we have not referred to this for the your benefit, but I felt Lori was
an outstanding example of someone who has always believed and is living
that equality out in her life.

Nancy: I agree with that. [Laughter.]

Alana (Bill): Have I mollified your feelings?

Nancy: Yes, and thank you for your patience. I know I was asking a
controversial question and I appreciate your patience and your response.

Alana (Bill): Another reason, my dear, is that I am temporarily assigned
with Daniel because this group has not had a designated feminine teacher as
co-teacher in the past, and it was felt that it would be necessary to do
the new curriculum on relationships with the modeling of the two genders,
the duality that is characteristic of the time/space universes. If you
have not read the transcripts you are not aware of this background, perhaps.

Nancy: So true, and thank you for your patience.

Alana (Bill): It isn't a small issue, you see, for across the world women
are not regarded everywhere as equal humans. You yourself know this very
well. It is very true in Latin America and various other places, and I
won't get more specific; but I rejoice in the recognition of your status.
Never forget we must hold forth this equality so that the legacy of Adam
and Eve which was lost can be reinstated for the rest of the world. Thank
you for your question, for you are obviously one whose mind is not idle.

Nancy: Thank you, Alana.

Lori: Well, teachers, I would just like to say thank you so much for the
attention [laughter] and the acknowledgment. It's the best birthday
present I could ever have hoped for! Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel. We are delighted and we feel privileged to
be a part of this night of honor for you, and I am glad that it gives you
satisfaction and joy for us to pay attention to your individuality, and
indeed, we do love you all. The rest of you don't feel slighted that Lori
is the center of attention tonight. It is only appropriate.

Ken: I would like to comment to Minearsia. When I told him I felt that I
was left out on a limb, I am out on this limb in the breeze and like
everybody else here, we are in the wind and it is the wind that creates
change. I enjoy it; and I accept the change and I will continue to accept
the challenge. Thank you very much, Minearsia, for your elaboration.

Minearsia (Bob S): Ah Kenneth. Your comments are always anticipated and
looked forward to. This is the clearest way I can characterize our
attitude toward your questions. Those of you who have questions and are
reticent to raise them are reminded that you have only to go into the
silence and your resident helpers will be most happy to address your
personal concerns as you raise them. Most of you are aware of this, but I
thought that perhaps I would remind you, and especially the new comers, of
this fact. Everyone in this room has a corps of assistants readily
available to them which they may access at anytime. Thank you, Kenneth,
for raising this question and allowing me to elaborate in this manner. The
time before us all is a time of great expectation. I trust I have helped
all here tonight to prepare themselves for what is coming over the horizon
as we speak. Are there other questions or comments we teachers may help
you with this evening?

Pat: Minearsia, you talked about being prepared. I am sure you will
probably say stillness is one, but are there other steps that that you
would outline for us in our preparation?

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel. A bicycle has two wheels. The front wheel
steers as well as moves forward, and the back wheel trails behind. When a
person is in motion on a bicycle both wheels are equally important. The
front wheel is worship, stillness, prayer—one idea, one concept. The back
wheel is service. Service follows from worship, but the two cannot be
separate. The front wheel guides you so that you express love through
service. This is the same concept that I presented as two sides of a coin.
You cannot separate the two. I presented this because Minearsia nudged me
and said, "You have explained it before, Daniel. Try it again".

The question of service of course is not as concrete and simple as
stillness, and does require that front wheel leading in order for service
to follow effectively. As to how you serve, who you serve, and in what
manner you serve, this is the result of your connection with God. Has this
answered your question?

Pat: Very clearly. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel (Bill): You are welcome. Are there any other comments or questions:
[Pause.] If not I would have you stand again and hold hands with your
thumbs to the left [laughter] in honor of our mother to be. [Ed: Nancy is
pregnant.] Let us worship God.

Great and wonderful Parent, deepest and dearest Friend, majestic and
wonderful King of creation: we bow our hearts in humility, joy, and
thankfulness for all the wonders of personal relationships with You and
with the universe of brothers and sisters. We thank You for the zest of
adventure; for the winds of change that blow away the dust of the past and
give us fresh perspectives; for the rain of love that washes away fear and
guilt and shame, and allows us to lift our faces wet with the rainfall of
love to You, and to look at each other and see past our appearances to that
true person that dwells within. I thank you for all who are present here
tonight, seen and unseen, and for this occasion of celebration. May we all
persist in our journey toward You. until we stand before Your luminous
presence one day in perfection and gaze fully into Your wonderful face.
Send these, my brothers and sisters, to the joy of their future lives, even
as Christ Michael walked in the foot steps of humanity. So be it. Amen.
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