[tmtranscripts] Garden Session - Aaron 7-17-01

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Mon Jul 23 22:48:30 PDT 2001

a "Garden Session" Exerpt from an Aaron Lesson  
July 17, 2001

AARON:  	Yes, now you understand what it is like for us coming to 
teach all of you who will listen.  We learn from each of you, new 
things which garnish our own experiences. Yet we do not come to find 
something new to follow, for we have already discovered Who it is 
that we follow and that is the Father.  Once you have attained that 
personal level of understanding and knowingness, there is no longer a 
reason to look for your answers anywhere else.  You are led to 
interactions so that you may have an opportunity to serve and also to 
learn a new way in which to serve.  When you have become totally 
service-minded... then you have reached the highest level of 
existence on your world.  You have come to be living your lives as 
the Master lived his.  You cannot go higher than that on this sphere. 
 And yet, there is ever so much yet to learn; refinement to acquire; 
purpose to discover.  You will not be bored because you have attained 
such a level, I assure you.  Rather you will find how very much more 
there is to accomplish.  But you will accomplish it as teachers who 
are also students, for this side of Paradise, indeed, all are 

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