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2001 Snowbird TeaM Conference--Down To Earth Spiritual Reality
July 8, 2001--Sunday Morning--5th Session--2nd message
TR: Rick Giles

Greetings to one and all. I come to you at the request of my faithful
student, Isaac. I am DANIEL. I greet you with love. One moment while
Jonathan adjusts to the image I present him. I must let the ricochets of
implications settle. Follow with me as I present to you a lesson on faith,
belief, truth and experience. That ought to be enough.

Let us describe reality as a ground--the ground of reality. As I unfold this
presentation you may at any time substitute God for this ground of reality,
for you know at the center of all things absolute materiality and absolute
spirituality are one and the same. Resting upon this ground of reality is
the platform of faith. You, an experiential being, stand upon this platform.

Reality is not flat; it is very contoured and complex. Your faith platform
rests upon points in reality. These are your contact points of truth. This
platform is not rigid, as a board, though initially when faith is weak, it
is stiff. Beneath this platform are the gaps where you have not truthfully
contacted reality. The personality will fill in the gaps with beliefs in
order to stabilize faith to keep in from rocking.

Living faith is really pliable. As you advance your faith becomes more like
a blanket that rests upon this contour of reality. It takes on shape, but as
this blanket rests upon these shapes of reality it too does not fully
conform. It does not wholly present God or reality to you. You must still
fill in the gaps with belief. Your contact points of truth are greater. Your
experience is becoming more real.

Faith becomes increasingly pliable, but it also must move, for there is a
horizon line of discernment beyond which you are unable to perceive reality,
and faith ever urges you to broaden your horizon, therefore your platform
will travel. As it moves over reality your belief becomes a lubricant that
allows you to roll smoothly. Over the course of your ascension you will
encounter new lubricants. You will leave behind belief lubricants that
served you in your travel at one time.

As you ascend initially, depending largely upon belief, traveling with faith
you will arrive wholly in the presence of truth. Faith will grow thinner.
This may seem odd as you seek to strengthen and embolden your faith. It will
become more like saran wrap or it will more accurately conform to the
contours of reality, revealing ever more precisely God. The truth contacts
will increase. The belief gaps will disappear.

Upon attaining Paradise citizenship you will conform to the reality of
Paradise and the personality of the Father. You will become fully this child
of God, a representative of His perfection in the universe, as will the
multitudes about you, spread abroad throughout the universe who have been
with the Father, who have stood at His home.

The expansion of experience is the increased discernment of truth contact
and the falling away of the filler of belief. I thank Jonathan for bearing
with me and I thank you all for your earnest attention. Our wonderful Mother
is in your presence. She seeks circuitry contact with her precious daughter,
Nina. Before she embraces you again, I will turn you over to AARON

Hello friends, how are you? I have a pop quiz. Setting aside some of this
effort to attain planetary citizenship, I ask you now what does it take?
Tell me the milestones required to become a Jerusem citizen? Ideas? My
second question will be on methods you have. I ask for a milestone. (The
seven mansion worlds. Transform the animal nature. Fusion.) Supreme decision
perhaps? Other ideas? (Choosing the Father's will. Service?) You have
answered my second question. How about the psychic circles? Let us move into
our second question. Tell me the methods whereby you maintain these
milestones? You have mention tolerance, service, prayer, self-mastery, love,
worship, self-love, forgiveness. Excellent. I think you're going to pass.

Now that we're warmed up--what do you think are the milestones required to
qualify this planet in Light and Life? (All of the above, Planetary Prince,
unity, inner connection) Wonderful, and now what are the activities you may
undertake to aid in attaining these milestones? (Faith, serve each other,
(inaudible) casting off the old baggage.)

My friends, you are abundant with ideas. We must relate this all to our
fellows around the world. The methods for attaining citizenship on Jerusem
are quite similar to the methods of bringing this planet to Light and Life.
(Inaudible). Thank you for participating with me. I love you all. Take one
moment to center yourself, to prepare yourself for reception of Mother's

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