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2001 Snowbird TeaM Conference--Down To Earth Spiritual Reality
July 6, 2001 Friday Evening--2nd Session--1st message
TR: Rebecca

Greetings, my children. I am HAM and I wish to welcome you all once more to
change. Your lives have all been through many...(lost microphone) Yes, as I
was saying, it is important that you should be open to change. Your lives
have been through much change, much evidence of growth is around you.
Indeed, you are not the same as when we began this journey. Welcome again to
further change.

There have been indeed disillusionment, loss, sorrow, times when you indeed
traveled the valleys of doubt and despair, but always were you accompanied,
always was there a hand on your shoulder and a loving voice in your ear
beckoning, "this is the way." Indeed, the Master's Spirit is much more
forcefully, personally and experientially present for His children since the
opening of the circuits.

Before as you saw through a glass darkly. In the future that glass shall be
as crystal and 'you will know that you know,' for the Master has spoken to
your hearts and beckoned and you have followed. His children know His voice.
You know when you hear Him, when you feel Him. You know that He is becoming
a palpable part of your lives. Doubt not that this mighty change has
occurred. Doubt not that you know as you know.

Receive His calling, turn not away from His smiling face. Allow His comfort
and share His evidence upon your lives with others. "You shall know them by
their fruits," He said so long ago and so it is. It is now time for you to
bear the fruits of His Spirit, His vine. It is you who He trusts to be His
representatives. To be, yeah, His apostles, even so must you walk in true
humility and increasing grace with the Father and the Spirit.

Accept the gifts He is giving you, yes, the gifts of your growing being, the
gifts of His fruits, the gifts of being truly of service. The Master is
infinitely patient. He loves each one of you even as the infinite and
eternal Father spreads His love out as a blanket to warm you, to cover you,
to comfort and protect you. Turn not away. Stay with him. Follow His
guidance as you know His truth to be unparalleled in your hearts. There is
nothing that should dissuade you from this love, the truth and beauty and
goodness together.

He who has seen the Son has seen the Father. You who love the Son must love
the Father. This is the way that Michael has created for you to walk. He is
the living way. His Spirit leads only to the Father. His Spirit is true and
good and beautiful. Accept yourselves as you are accepted by this good
Spirit. Throw down the artificial barriers, the years of accumulated debris
in your minds and hearts, and embrace the Master for His arms are
outstretched to embrace each one.

When the Spirit of Truth came to the apostles His presence was forceful,
real, and beckoning. So much so that they each one, separately, laid down
their lives for the man and the Spirit, and now that Spirit is once again
coming in force, beckoning each one to a higher calling than you could have
ever imagined. Not to death but to life everlasting.

These word I speak are true and sanctioned by Michael of Nebadon. My love is
also upon each one of you. I, a humble teacher, have been given this great
gift to serve the Sovereign of our universe and I call you therefore to His
service. You will all be about the Father's business in your owns ways, in
your own times, and as you go upon this road know also that there are
teachers and angels and midwayers along the way guiding, helping,

Know that once you are truly, irrevocably committed to the life of
apostleship, yes, you will not be allowed to stumble. You may falter, you
may walk a little off the road here and there but your faith will bring you
back. This is Michael's promise. Go in peace then, my children, my friends.
It is an honor and a privilege to serve you and to witness your growing and
becoming. Others will speak. My love goes with you. Farewell.

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