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Eastern Idaho/POCATELLO TeaM

June 29, 2001

Prayer by Virginia: Father: we pray that you would help us to use those
things we hear to make us better people and to be able to serve and love
all of our brothers and sisters.  Amen.

Daniel (Bill/Isaac): Greetings, my friends: this is Daniel, your teacher,
your guide, your staunch supporter and great admirer.  We spoke last week
about a metaphor that I have used for years dealing with the waves, the
uncertainties and the vicissitudes of life; and I reminded you that you
cannot always second guess what the meaning of those events may be for you.
 The event, in itself, is not objective in meaning, but is totally
conditioned by the responses of the people involved in that event.  To one
person a rainy day is a calamity, spoiling the picnic planned; raining-out
the baseball game that their children were playing in.  But to another
person that rain is the welcome relief from the drought; is the opportunity
to stay inside and read a book instead of watering the lawn by hand.  To
yet another person, that is dependent upon rain for dry-farming,  rain is
not merely convenient and pleasant, but crucial.  This is, of course, a
very puerile illustration, not very profound, but it illustrates the point
that events in themselves have no meaning apart from those whom they effect.

I stress this because it is the habit of mortals, especially on a planet
like this one, to attribute to the event itself innate meanings.  Isaac is
allowing me to illustrate with a pet-peeve of his which is wind, for to
Isaac wind is annoying!  It disrupts the little bit of hair that remains on
his head.  [Laughter.]  It dries his skin.  It takes things out of his
hands when he is trying to do small work.  It roars in his ears adding to
his tinnitis, and represents a basic unpleasantness, at least it does so
when it is strong enough.  But, you see, the wind is essential for the
functioning of this planet, for if there were no wind the trees could not
reproduce themselves.  If there was not wind to assist in the evaporation
of water, then the cloud formations would be diminished.  If there was not
wind the birds could not fly as easily, and soar on the thermals and other
types of wind.  If there was not wind then the windmills would not turn and
produce power.  If there was not wind then the sailboats would malfunction
and be in a dead-calm, and so forth and so on.  

When you stub your toe on some object and curse the object, this is
indicative that you are giving that object meaning which it does not have.
It did not place itself in your way.  You simply were unobservant of its
presence.  Because all events only have the meanings that you ascribe to
them, then the means of handling the ups and downs of life, as we call it,
falls totally in your hands.  The secret to a life of balance and stability
does not consist  in having a bed of roses.  The secret is learning to
ascribe the proper meaning to the events that come your way.  

What we teachers have been doing with you people these nearly ten years
duration is helping you to enlarge the landscape device; to increase the
size of your painting space; to broaden the confines of your thinking.  It
is, however, impossible to get "out of the box".  This is erroneous.  What
needs to happen is for the walls of the box to be expanded.  You will never
get out of your box for you cannot suddenly divorce yourself from your
past, but you can indeed expand the boundaries of your perception and
interpretation.  In order to do this, though, you need to be disabused of
the notion that things carry meanings in themselves.  This is why I making
a special point of this tonight.  

If you are struggling with stress, this tells you that the source of your
problem is not in the events themselves, but in how your are interpreting
what they mean to you.

Now I understand that none of this is brand new information.  These ideas
have been discussed before by us in the Teaching Mission and even by some
of your wiser, learned men and women.  But these concepts are important
because they are the key to moving from a life full of stress, anxiety,
anger, depression, guilt, blame—the poisons of the spirit, to a life where
the fruits of the spirit are manifest.  Last week we talked about the sorts
of lives that can be lived, the life of self-direction and self-will, and
the life of faith in the over-care of God.  This is where these meanings
can move from one arena to another.  If you are living the life of
self-will you are saying basically ‘my will be done,' then you will
struggle with the events that come to you as it will be your intention to
gain control over everything, which can lead to the insanity that I
mentioned last week.  But if you choose rather to say ‘it is my will that
your will be done,' then the events that come to you, (and I include people
in the concept of events), then the events that come to you are not
challenges to control.  They are gifts for learning.  They are gifts for
giving and receiving love.

You are born 100% animal.  It is not until you have been under the
administration of the Adjutant Spirits that you are ready to make a moral
decision so that the invasion of Spirit can occur.  You will never lose
your animal nature until you complete the mortal career, and even then it
remains to be gradually transcended in the morontial existence for
morontial is a blend of material and spiritual.  However, you have begun
your morontial experience at the point of the birth of soul, which also
occurred simultaneously with the arrival of Spirit in your life, and so
your are mortal beings and morontial beings both. This is information that
many, many people do not know, and if they hear it unprepared, would reject

My words are not given to give you the impression that you can suddenly
move from the self-life to the Spirit lead life in one gigantic leap.  If
you were fully in the Spirit mode, you would all be translated!  On planets
in Light and Life where people live three to seven hundred years, there is
time sufficient in the mortal life span to actually achieve that commitment
which results in translation; but on this planet it is very rare, for your
days are short.  Therefor, be patient with yourselves.  

You are created animal beings.  This is not as the Greeks thought, the
doing of the demons.  Oh no.  This is the Paradise pattern reproduced in
time and space by none other than Joshua Ben Joseph, as you know him, your
Creator Son, in consort with Nebadonia, the Local Universe Mother Spirit.
You are good in your animal nature, but capable of mistakes.  You are good
in your divine nature and capable of achieving perfection.  When those two
are in cooperation, and upon fusion, you will be forever sealed to that

Now, this is going to sound so predictable.  How does one reframe the
meaning they give to events so they can let go of the stress and the Spirit
poisons, and cope—no, transform themselves in the process?  The answer is
again, inhale, exhale.  Inhale the stillness.  Exhale the service; and you
must do both.  Not just inhale and not just exhale, for only stillness
without service is stagnation.  Only service without stillness is depletion.

You are together tonight as free-will creatures.  Nobody has forced you to
come to this gathering.  You love to fraternize with each other, and you
love to fraternize with us who you feel with your spiritual antenna, but
seldom see with material eyes, viz., your older brothers and sisters
including me.  In this connection fellowship becomes both intake and
output, both inhale and exhale.  You fellowship with each other as you
fellowship with God in stillness.  You are experiencing the uplift, which
is of the same nature as occurs during your one-on-one time with God.  Yet
you serve each other in various ways: as you share your ideas; as you
discuss—argue perhaps.  You serve each other by your joyfulness, by your
pleasure with each other's company.

Last week I urged you to throw off the muddy clothing that is holding you
back, the cultural conditioning, the negativity of unbelief, of skepticism,
of ridicule towards the things of the Spirit, and take a good shower of
God's love, and put on lighter clothing.  I know that you all desire to do
this, and I know that you will all succeed.  I have concluded my comments.
Are there questions or comments?

Virginia: Daniel, I am assuming that the coming of the Thought Adjuster is
your reference to us identifying with Spirit.  I think that was your word,
and that also was the beginning of the soul, but I think the Spirit part is
so much later for us.  Am I correct or am I confused?

Daniel (Bill): The Spirit part that you may be referring to Virginia, is
the recognition of the presence of Spirit in your life.  Many people,
especially in Christianity, have been taugh, that the time of recognition
is the actual time of arrival; but the Thought Adjuster arrives upon
completion of the first moral decision of the growing child which does
average in the fifth year on this planet at this time.  Upon the arrival of
the Thought Adjuster, which is totally unconscious to the child, then the
soul begins to develop.  The awareness of the presence of Spirit, however,
is generally not found to occur before the arrival of early teenage years.
Does this answer your question?

Virginia: Yes, thank you.

Ken: Daniel, how are you this evening?

Daniel (Bill): I am very much at peace, my friend, and very excited to be
in the presence of you all who are such cherished companions.

Ken: Thank you.  It has been mentioned in our classes before that we are
becoming morontial.  Tonight you have talked of Spirit.  Is there a
morontial Spirit that comes to us as we progress towards Light and Life?

Daniel (Bill): Morontial is that term that is a mixture of material and
spiritual.  It is that reality dimension that intercedes or intervenes
between the purely spiritual and the purely physical existence.  It is not
a morontial Spirit because, as I said, it is a blend of spiritual and
material, but it begins with the birth of the soul. This begins for most
people in their fifth year of life..  The morontial experience is a
constant changing ratio of material to spiritual.  When you begin your
morontial career at five and a half years old you are 99.9%
animal/physical, and one tiny little fragment of the Thought Adjuster as it
relates to the composition of your soul.  But as you grow the ratio changes
so that the more there is that is spiritual the less there is that is
material, and vice versa.  By the time that you reach the Mansion Worlds
for those of you who are making great spiritual growth in the mortal life,
your ratio might be well past 50-50 with more spiritual than material.  And
at the end of your morontial career when your finally graduate from the
Local Universe and head on to the Superuniverse career, you are fully
Spirit, no longer morontial, for the ratio has come down to 99.9% spiritual
and 0.1% material, if you understand this meaning.

Ken: Yes.

Daniel (Bill):Then in the spiritual career from that point on to Paradise
you grow in Spirit, but it isn't the same thing as the ratio changing of
the morontial career.  This is the evolution of the soul, beginning with
the first moral decision; and that soul surviving mortal death brings you
then to the next life.  Consequently when the human mind and the Indwelling
Spirit have reached total commitment, perfect alignment, then there is
fusion.  From that point on there is never any doubt about the outcome of
that career.

Ken: The box just keeps getting bigger and bigger, infinitely bigger.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, the intellectual box has no limitations.  Even the
Paradise Finaliters have not reached their limits, but in fact stand on the
very door step of the most incredible adventure.  None of us is 100% sure
of the meaning of this, but those people whom I visit with from Paradise,
those Finaliters are even more enthusiastic and excited by far than I am;
and I am more enthusiastic and excited than you all are; and you are more
enthusiastic and excited than the majority of your associates.

Lori: Daniel, does fusion only occur, or most occur, after our mortal life

Daniel (Bill): On this planet, yes.  On planets that are more advanced
where people live longer lives, the ratio of fusion to natural death
changes.  In fact, on advanced planets up to half of the inhabitants do not
experience natural death.  My planet was quite advanced in Light and Life,
and about 37% of the inhabitants were fused before death.  They were
transferred directly to the Mansion Worlds.  I, however, did die the mortal
death, which is the rule of thumb here.  Part of the reason is that no one
lives long enough on this planet to get enough wisdom to achieve fusion.
There have been exceptions and they lived a long time ago, the ones that
are known to you in your records.  [Editor: He may be referring to the
accounts in the Bible of Enoch and Elijah.]  And there are people today who
are being fused, but I am not a liberty to discuss that.

Lori: Well, now I am trying to tie it all together with the box and service
and the gifts.  So as I understand it, if we can expand our box and lift
the values or importance we put on people and situations, that in my
personal case I usually drag up from the past, am I to understand that
there are gifts in each situation with each person, if I can only lift the
veil long enough to see them, and I can begin to lift the veil through
service and stillness?

Daniel (Bill): I admire your mind for you are attempting right now to
integrate everything that I said by way of illustration and by
synthesizing.  The answer to your question is essentially, yes.  The box
was a reference to enlarging your interpretation of the meaning of events.
Sometimes the personal meaning doesn't change.  The party which you were
planning to go to, which was relying upon sunny weather, will be canceled
by the rain.  Enlarging the box would be understanding that there are a lot
of other meanings that can be attributed to the rain besides your own
personal disappointment.  While it has been disparagingly referred to as
rationalizing, it is still helpful to remember that "one man's garbage is
another man's treasure",  that the rain does have very important value to
other people.  

Now as to receiving the gift, say from an unpleasant encounter with another
person, this becomes much more difficult, because it seems that inherent in
this conflict is nothing but negativity!  It is true that this was the
hardest thing that Jesus dealt with when he was trying to teach his
disciples how they should respond to events that appear to be inherently
negative.  Of course, you know what he taught.  He taught that you should
not respond to that event with a negative response.  He also taught that
you should not lay down and be walked upon by that evil situation, but
rather that you should do something positive, if nothing more that of your
own free-will offering to do what the other person was trying to force you
to do, in order to overcome the evil with good. In saying, "overcoming evil
with good", I am, of course, generalizing. You are receiving the gift of
soul growth, for that does result in the slight change in the balance of
the spiritual and the material.  

As to exactly what to do and how to do it, that is for each individual to
struggle and find out on their own, because it is in the struggling and the
deciding that you gain soul growth.  Doing what somebody else advises you
to do may, in fact, be a wise thing, but not if it is done without any
processing, thinking and understanding.  Then it is merely obedience.  You
may luck out and obey the better advice, but the best thing is to process
and make those decisions yourself.  Does this further muddy the water?

Lori: No, it's just as I've always said, "it's the process, not the
product".  And that is a pretty universal thing, as I am finding out.  It
is just that it's not that hard for me to make lemonade out of lemons, or
change my plans when it comes to nature.  It's usually, where I get hung
up, in expanding my box is with people, and the situations that occur over
and over with people you have negative history with.  And so you can try
really hard, but I guess it is important to know there is soul growth from

Daniel (Bill): We have discussed this before. It is also your choice to
decide when to stop interacting with people who are negative.  Even Jesus
did not bang his head against a wall.  He did not curry the favor of men or
women.  He was able to discern when there was the possibility of progress
in a relationship, and if he knew there was no possibility, he cut it off.
For example, there are several events in his life I could refer to, but I
am thinking of the temple discourse on Tuesday of Holy Week when he gave
his enemies one more chance to change their minds.  It was clear to him
after a few minutes of speaking that by the looks on their faces, their
motions and their mumblings, that they were not going to change their
minds, but they were going to pursue his death; at which point he shifted
gears to a straight forward statement of how it was, and referred to them
in pretty strong language: a nest of vipers, white-washed tombs, etc., etc.
 He did not say this because he suddenly hated those people.  He still
loved them; but he was calling attention to their hypocritical behavior,
you see.  In the final sentence of his address to them he said words to the
effect that he was leaving them desolate.  

Now we are not the Master, and our judgement is not as good as his.
Therefor I am not suggesting that we start making presumptive judgements
about the impossibility of making progress; but I am suggesting that this
is a choice that we all have, that at least for now I am making no progress
with this person.  Whatever I do is rejected, is misunderstood, causes
conflict.  I choose therefor to put it aside, and wait on the future.
Perhaps that person will change their mind, or perhaps I will change mine,
you see.

Lori: Yes, thank you for your patience.

Virginia: Daniel, is it then possible to say that the very positive
reaction is some situations is just to walk away?

Daniel (Bill): Yes, it is, for to stay there and continue to be abused and
become upset and angry is not positive.  I just caution you not to take my
words as an easy out, to not do the hard work that is necessary in
relationships.  Well, my friends, my TR has limitations tonight and is
requesting that we conclude.  I will honor one more burning question,
however, if there is one.

Virginia: Daniel, I do have one, and it has to do with relationships.
Frankly I both fear and hope that if relationships are not settled here on
this plane that there will be given amply opportunity to understand one
another and forgive one another on Mansion Worlds.  You know, I think of
the verse in the Bible that says "we will know even as we are known" and
that I guess that I just want you to say "Yeah, yeah, we will get another
chance" if we don't get things solved on this planet.

Daniel (Bill): You will be given more time beyond this life, as you know.
There is no guarantee that relationships that were difficult here are
automatically going to be corrected for it "takes two to tango" and many
more people decide against continuing the ascension career after mortal
death than before it.  I am not saying that large numbers dessert the
heavenly quest, but it has happened that some people cannot, will not, when
they find they have more time to progress, decide to continue.  So
therefor, it may be, that, if you have say a specific person that you have
not resolved things with, that in the next life you make the attempt again,
and they most likely, now given all this time and that there is no excuse
that can be put up to postpone it, will force them to confront this.  Do
you understand what I am saying?  There is not a guarantee that your
willingness to work things out will always be characteristic of the other

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.  That is certainly is a realistic opinion,

Daniel (Bill): There is no automatic fix, you see.  Free-will is always
involved.  The great majority do progress.

Virginia: I guess that I am thinking that if you survive the resurrection,
why in the heck don't you keep on going to working on what we need to work
on.  [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Because the work is more difficult.  There is no means of
procrastination., or making excuses.  There are no diversionary options.  

Virginia: There is no television.  [Laughter.]   Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel (Bill): As you say, ‘not to worry,' about the next life.  It will
take care of itself.  This one is the one that you are fully invested in
now.  Well, my friends, I have heard the ring.  [Laughter because a phone
rang.]   It signalizes the completion of our time together.  I would ask
you all to stand and hold hands.   Bob, will you TR, please.

Prayer by an unknown being (Bob S): Friends, let us be in the attitude of
prayer.  Oh most holy, wise and loving Trinity, who through Your wisdom has
created the universe for us, for our benefit, for our edification, for our
service to ourselves and to you: we humbly thank you for the opportunities
You provide us to grow and become the personality you want us to become.
We ask Your presence with us as we go our separate ways now into the lives
we have chosen and have been given, to be encouraged, to be enlightened, to
be enlivened, to be set afire ,or it is through enthusiasm that we grow and
become.  In the name of those who created us, we humbly thank you for all
that is.  Amen.

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