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Tue Jun 26 20:00:57 PDT 2001

June 22, 2001

Prayer by Alana (Bill): Be at peace, my friends.  This is Alana.  All is
well with your souls.  Do not worry about your bodies.  Lift your hearts
and minds now, and join me in prayer.

Dear Father, dear Mother, we, your children, are grateful this evening that
we understand who our parents are.  We are not orphans, but we are the
children of the Creator of the Universes.  Be with these, my friends, who
have gathered here tonight that our fellowship may indeed be enlightening
to all who attend, and each one may find their needs met in that perfect
source of living water, even so Christ Michael.  Amen.

Daniel (Bill): Greetings, my friends.  It is I, Daniel, your teacher, your
guide, your comforter, and your friend.  The ups and downs of life continue
to come to all of you with the regularity of the waves of the ocean.  You
cannot predict as the wave moves from the horizon to the beach whether it
will be a large one or a small one, but as it nears the shore its power is
evident.  The future that unfolds before you comes to you in similar
manner.  You do not know ahead of time the impact of the waves, or
circumstances, or reactions on your part due to the variations of your
electro-chemical mechanism.  Life is truly a matter of faith.

There are two ways to deal with life: the way of self-assertion and
self-will, and the way of faith and spirit guidance.  With self-assertion
you do everything in your power to anticipate all unexpected exigencies,
all unexpected and unplanned events.  Taken to the extreme the
preoccupation with attempting to control the environment and the
vicissitudes of life will drive people to the point of insanity.
[Reactions and laughter.]  Is it not crazy to sit in your home unwilling to
venture forth in the fear that some uncontrollable event will encompass
you: a safe will fall our of an upstairs window; an airplane will crash and
burn at your feet; a car will come out of nowhere and run over you; or that
the whole city will be blasted with a nuclear explosion?  But, you protest,
those things happen to people, and I reply, yes, they do. But to worry
about them is not healthy.  I believe, my friends, that you are more than
aware of the ramifications of the life of one who attempts to control his
destiny.  The insanity of these attempts becomes clearly manifest when its
extremes are portrayed as I have done just now.

My topic this evening, however, is the topic of life as a faith-walk in
full confidence of the over-care of a loving Heavenly Parent.  One of the
most unique aspects of the life that Joshua Ben Joseph lived on Urantia was
his total confidence and unperturbed trust in the over-care of his Heavenly
Father.  He gave no thought to the worries of this hypothetical prison that
we have just discussed.  He did not face the morning with a knot of dread
in his stomach, with worry upon his brow.  No, he greeted each morning as a
gift from heaven.  His confidence in the over-care of his Father, the
Universal Father of all personalities, was such that he feared no man, nor
did he need the opinion of other people to sustain his self-confidence.
Even before he understood who he was, as a child he experienced that
profound faith, so that he could challenge the very guts of the Jewish
religion as a twelve year old, and affirm that the Heavenly Father could
not be less loving than his own earthly father, Joseph.  His wisdom, coming
from this profound spiritual understanding, confronted and confounded the
elders of his day.  He simply overwhelmed them with his logic and his
trusting conclusions: that their treatment of women was contrary to God's
law; that their sacrifices were an abomination and a betrayal of the nature
of God, totally in contrast to His true being.

As he grew into manhood his profound trust continued to develop so that he
illustrated this most easily as an adult with the parables.  He challenged
his disciples and others both to have the easy, relaxed relationship that
he experienced, to God and to life.  Worrying does not add any height to
one's stature, doesn't increase the hair on one's head for they are all
numbered, and known to a God of Infinite Wisdom and Love.  He pointed out
that the natural world, of animals, birds, flowers and plants, do not
worry, and yet their needs are met, and then he concluded his comparison
with these words: ‘If God so clothed the grass that is today here and gone
tomorrow, will he not much more clothe you, oh you of little faith?'

The walk of faith in the goodness of the over-care of God is the only sane
way to live, my friends.  The other is a continuing of insanity from very
mild to very severe; insanity because it is contrary to reality.  To live
in the posture of needing to control everything implies the nonexistence of
a Loving God.  It flies in the face of God's over-care.  It is the cry of
the orphan. " No one loves me.  No one is my father or mother.  I have to
take care of myself!"  But the child of God, the son and daughter of God,
knows very differently!

You are all so busy, but you have learned a considerable measure of truth
with respect to my topic this evening.  You are in the process of learning
to walk the walk of faith in the over-care of a Loving God.  Your
conditioning as a result of the years that you have lived prior to this
faith-knowledge is  like heavy, muddy clothing, slowing down your pace of
movement, your walking or running, as it may be.  But your don't need to
stay in those dirty, sodden, heavy clothes.  You can stop everyday and
strip off another unnecessary weight, throw it away, and move forward with
more ease and more grace.

As the summer is bringing you the heat that encourages you to reduce your
clothing in order to be comfortable, I encourage you to reduce the drag
from your cultural conditioning and your animalistic tendencies by the
daily exercise of showering and changing your clothes; by which I refer to
your time of stillness, prayer and worship.

Well you say, the same old Daniel giving us the same old advice.  Indeed, I
admit that is correct.   I give you this advice as it is contrary to your
cultural training, and because you continually need to be reminded.  In the
midst of all the busy-ness that engages your attention, without the
connection to your spiritual source, your energies will be depleted.  Take
and establish again and again this necessary intake process, the showering
of the Divine Love that will wash away the worries, the anxieties, the
guilt, the depression, the discouragement and the over-dependence on the
opinions of other people, and leave you feeling clean, refreshed, centered
and aware of who you truly are, a son or daughter of the Author of the
Universe Himself.  Summer has come, my friends.  Don the clothing that will
make you comfortable, not just physically, but spiritually.  I have
concluded my comments.  Alana, who is with me, will be our comments and
questions hostess.  One moment, please.

Alana (Bill): Hello, my dear friends.  This is Alana.  Indeed I am so happy
to be with Daniel and you people for this association which we are
conducting together. Note that you will also be hearing from me shortly in
the conference in the beautiful mountains near Salt Lake where the teachers
are gathering energy and enthusiasm of a measure unbounded and unbelievable
in its magnitude.  You are not the only children of God on planet earth,
but each of you is loved as if you were the only child of the Universe
Creator.  Now, my friends, do you have any comments or questions to ask
tonight?  [Pause.]  It is not required that you do this, but we did not
desire to conclude the service of our sharing without your interaction.
How are you doing?  Are you all too hot from too many dirty clothes, laden
with the dust of the grime-of-life?  Are you ready for a summer shower and
a change into lighter garments?

Ken: Yes!

Alana (Bill): Very well, my friends.  We will let you meditate on these
things, and if it is appropriate for you next time you gather together,
share with each other what this gentle reminder has meant to you.  And now
let us again be lead in prayer.  Daniel wishes to use another voice for he
will lead us.

Prayer by Daniel (Bob S): Let us be at prayer.  My children, you know
someone is always with you.  How fortunate you are to have this knowledge.
Think of those just among your friends who are not aware of this, and how
lost one can be without this information.

Hear now these words as we depart from one another, as we pray together: To
the Source and Center who created all that is; to the Triple God who
oversees the administration of the Universe of Universes
; to the Creator Son and Mother Spirit that bring that gift to each of us,
we spread our thankful hearts before you asking only that you will receive
us as we are opening our hearts and minds to the future where we can become
that person we were created to be.  We ask only that you open our eyes to
the possibilities which are daily put before us so that we may grow, that
we may share, that we may worship you as we serve you.  In the Master's
name we ask.  Amen.

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