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Prayer by unidentified celestial (Bob S): Hear these words from your elder
brother: My children, let us pray.  We reach out to those who are our
superiors in loyalty and faith, in patience, in trust, knowing you know
what is best for us, for we are young and you are mature.  I implore all
who are gathered here, those seen and unseen, to open their hearts and
minds to the wisdom of those who have been sent to teach us.  May we now
sit and listen to the wisdom of the ages.

Minearsia (Bill): Greetings friends, this is Minearsia, your instructor in
residence.   I have fatherly feelings toward you all for I regard you as
childlike in your eagerness to listen to those of us who are here as
teachers.  You are not childish, but you are childlike, for you trust the
wisdom and the words that are given to you.  Indeed you do sense the
sincerity, genuineness and truthfulness of our messages and of our
proclamation of Good News, just as the sincerity, wisdom, gentleness,
meekness and above all the love which our Master Son displayed as Joshua
Ben Joseph impressed his hearers.  He spoke with authority and not as
merely one trained in the wisdom of the world.

I am going to begin our second round of sessions on the subject of
relationships between persons of divine-will status.  This embraces not
only mortals of the realms, but all beings who are in the
personality-circuit of the great First Source and Center, and will focus on
your relationship as a person to these other persons.  I begin my
exposition of relationships by addressing the perspective from its origins,
rather than with beginning with where you are as mortal individuals.  For
you see, my friends, relationship is an aspect of Deity.  

There never was a time when God dwelt in solitary isolation, although we
have been instructed to portray the nature of the Trinity in a
time-sequence fashion in our presentations.  Your text [Urantia Book] does
the same thing, but there is a full explanation that such a portraiture is
a condescension to the limited human viewpoint.  Let me repeat: there never
was a time when God dwelt in solitary isolation.  Always has Deity
manifested itself as three personalities who have been eternally related
and function in all the complexities of interaction that are possible with
three persons.  Therefor relationships are not a secondary matter, my
friends.  They are of the essence of reality.  

When your writers sense that ‘no man is an island,' they touch upon a
fundamental reality which is not confined to mortal experience, but
describes the universe as a whole.  All persons are in relationship to
others.  To try to exist in solitary isolation is tantamount to cosmic
suicide.  It is a violation of the nature of personhood.  You experience,
as mortals, this fundamental reality when you are deprived of contact with
other people.  You sense that life has no fulfillment or joyous meaning
when you are lonely.  This sense of loneliness is testimony to your real
nature, and reinforces that fact for all to see, that people need other
people to be truly fully functioning persons.  

In the past years we have introduced you to, and facilitated you in, your
contact with the inner fragment of God, your Thought Adjuster.  We have
stressed the importance of building this relationship, for without a
conscious connection with your Indwelling Spirit your lives are not capable
of your maximum potential as a mortal creature.  It is true, of course,
that the Thought Adjuster's work is not negated by a lack of conscious
communication.  However, it is also true that the Divine Monitor desires
always an increased awareness of its presence as the guide post, as the
pilot, as the way-shower for your life's pattern and design.
We feel very good about the progress that has been made amongst this
teaching mission along the lines of the relationship that each one has with
their own Indwelling Spirit.  This is your first and primary
relationship-sonship or daughtership.  This relationship is most important
to you because it  regards your origin, i.e., your relationship to your
Creator whom your have discovered is truly loving person of
fatherly/motherly character.

Secondly, in addition to developing a relationship to God Within, and
perhaps prior to a relationship development in that area, you have
discovered that you have those of us who are unseen to your mortal eyes,
but are known to your souls by our ministry in your midst.  You are
developing relationships with us celestial beings, and you're a making
differentiations between types of celestials, e.g. teachers who are
ascendant mortals and teachers who are Melchizedeks.  You are discovering
the universe to be a place of great support and comfort peopled with
teeming numbers of helpers, ministers, teachers, and companions, all of
whom minister in the name of the Infinite Spirit, the mercy Minister.  You
have discovered the God of Action, as well as the First Source and Center,
as He represents Himself in His ministering activities.

Now we get to where we live in the ‘nitty gritty,' as you put it, where
‘the rubber meets the road,' viz a viz, your relationships with other
mortal brothers and sisters.  You do not come to these relationships in
ignorance any longer, my friends; you come with knowledge that many do not
have.  You know that you are one vast family of God.  You know that you are
a son or daughter of God.  You know that the other person is a brother or a
sister, however wayward their path may be as you observe it.  You know that
it not optional to relate to other people in the family of God, any more
than it would be optional not to relate to each other in a blood family.
(Oh yes, some human families have rejected each other, but this is not a
normal familial arrangement.)  Therefor you strive to enhance your
relationship to other people in a way that you did not attempt before the
days you were enlightened.

I have gone on at some length in order to frame this whole concept of
relationships in its fullest context: that it is not a small part of
reality, that it is in the essence of reality; that Deity manifests itself
as Triune, and as interrelated; that you have discovered the greatest
relationship that you have is to your Creator which puts you in a
sonship/daughtership mode; and now you are working on manifesting that
knowledge in your relations with other people.

By no means does this discussion, this presentation, exhaust the subject.
No, it is more like a preface.  We will in the future continue to elaborate
upon the umbrella, understanding many subtleties of expression and
understanding, but for tonight, my friends, I will conclude with this
prelude.  Are there questions or comments from you at this time?
      (Long pause.)

Daniel (Bill): Good evening, my friends, I am Daniel.  Thank you,
Minearsia, for your introductory lecture on relationships.  Your wisdom was
expressed in a way which impresses me with your appropriate designation as
"instructor in residence".  I will not comment further on relationships, as
this will not be my role, but rather I will be in the role of facilitating
the application of this information amongst all of us, including myself.  

There were no questions from you, my friends, and therefor, I will now move
sideways with this and allow other questions or concerns to be addressed.
If you were holding your tongue for any reason and changed your mind and
wish to ask Minearsia a question or make a comment on what he said, you may
do so.  Otherwise, we can discourse on other topics so that I feel that you
have had a fair chance to participate.  Again you have the opportunity now
to interact.

Ken: Daniel, our elder brother, Minearsia, if I understood it correctly,
said that this phase two on relationships is related to the universe of
universes, whereas phase one was personal relationships with each other.
And now we will be looking at the relationships as they exist with Deity in
the Triune fashion, and how we can apply them to our relationships today
with our brothers and sisters here.  Is that correct?

Daniel (Bill): Yes, Ken.  We, and I speak here of the staff of the teaching
mission, began where you were initially with your inter-relationships with
each other.  Now after some time has passed and your understanding is
broader, we are following the direction that the Urantia Book takes and
starting at the source and center of it all, and then moving back from that
context to the narrower context of your ‘rubber meets the road' context
with other people.  This presentation to you was for the purpose of
changing direction, from looking outward from yourselves, to looking from
Paradise direction toward yourselves.  And it simply is always helpful to
change direction when you look at any situation, any topic of knowledge,
anything, for a different perspective gives new information.  Are you, my
friend, comfortable with this new perspective?

Ken: Absolutely!

Daniel (Bill): And I note enthusiasm in your response.  (Laughter.)

Ken: I am willing to accept change, my friend.  It will be great.

Daniel (Bill): Or you would not be here.  (More laughter.)

Ken: You got that right.  (Still more laughter.)

Daniel (Bill): Are there other comments or

Ken: Yes, Daniel, I have one more.  Little bit different topic here.  A
question has been raised about a Paradise Commission and the seven
personalities involved in this.  Can you tell me a little about this
Paradise Commission since I don't find them in the Urantia Book, their

Daniel (Bill): No, I am not permitted to, and I do not fully understand for
it is not in the realm of my responsibilities.  However, I would remind you
that there is a mention of a Paradise Commission in the Urantia Book which
is associated with the resurrection of Christ Michael.  There was a
Paradise Commission that was involved in the Morontia resurrection.
Paradise Commissions, as I understand it, are specific to certain tasks,
and they are

Ken: So there would be different commissions for different situations, as
they arise?  They would not be  permanent commissions per se.

Daniel (Bill): Yes.  That is my understanding.

Ken: OK. That helps.

Daniel (Bill): However, I have not been apprized of, and I am not
interested in, actually knowing the details of that event.   Other
questions or comments?   (Pause.)  Very well friends, as springtime grows
stronger and the colors change to the greens of summer, remember you are
like spring flowers.  Continued sun and water and good fertilizer keeps
your growth in progress.  Do what you can do to maintain your growth.  Do
not let the excitement of the changes, that come upon you in your lives,
throw you out of balance.  At the same time, do not let the discouragements
and troubles, that come to you, sink your ship of hope.  Keep up your good
work.  I am proud to be your teacher.  Minearsia feels the same way.  We
send you our love.  Good evening.

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