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Opening Prayer (Bill): Beloved friends: this is Daniel.  Let us pray together.

In the name of the Great First Source and Center who gives us life, the
very being of our existence, I invoke Your presence within each of us to
unite us  in one great flame of pure love, so that our lives may be refined
of all the dross of the lower nature, petty concerns, and idols who contend
with the true Lord of the Universe.  May our hearts be a throne room to
serve Your divine Majesty.  Even so, may Your will be done in all of our
undertakings and each of our personal decisions.  Amen.

Minearsia (Bill): My dear friends, I am with you again.  This is Minearsia.
 Thank you for your presence this evening in our classroom, for it is
gratifying for us who are assembled here, to give you our courage and
assistance in your mortal endeavors.   Your discussion of progress was very
gratifying to us, for you are becoming more and more aware of the
familiarity and comfort that you experience in the presence of beings whose
form and substance you cannot see, at least most of the time, but whose
personalities transmit their fidelity to your souls, so that you know that
your encounter is with love and not with subtle deception.  I am here this
evening in my role as instructor in residence to announce that very soon we
will be beginning part 2, which I promised you earlier, on relationships.
However, before that series begins we need to conclude our discussion of
service.  Both Daniel and I will hold forth now on this topic.  I will

I wish help you to understand that worship and service are actually two
sides of one coin.  They are not really linear, but are folded together in
the embrace of love.  We have noted that worship without resultant service
is stagnant, and service without the motivation of worship grows cold and
dies.  That is because these two are indeed one.  Their oneness is the
fullest expression of the nature of love, for love is both the receiving
experience and the giving experience.

So how do you serve one another?  Some folks acquaint service with
philanthropy, with the extravagant and generous, scene-catching, high
profile performance which commands the attention of the media and other
humans.  In Jesus' day the Pharisees blew trumpets to announce their
alms-giving so that all would see and offer them the proper thanks.  My
friends, this is not the service that God desires, for its reward is
ego-based.  It has no lasting value.  The service of giving, the
philanthropy of wonderment, was the gift of the poor widow who gave all she
had in the small copper coin.  No trumpets were blown when she offered her
mite, but Jesus saw it, and indeed her gift was recorded on high as being
of far more value than all the ostentatious giving of the wealthy,
self-righteous, ego-based philanthropists.

We have discussed the nature of service as of the essence of giving love
and as a unity with worship.  Let me elaborate further.  In worship one is
lifted out of self to adore the wonder of the Creator of all, to receive
that great love personally.  Ego is not there.  Self-interest is totally
gone.  When self-interest and ego are gone, then can love flow through your
personalities to meet the needs of other persons, your brothers and
sisters, whoever surrounds you in your life.  He who is greatest of all is
servant of all, said our Lord Jesus, and so he demonstrated.  Worship lifts
you out of yourselves so that the love of God can move through your
personality, free of the restraints of pride and self-reference, and then
can you truly be a servant to one another.  Daniel will continue our
commentary.  Thank you for your attention.  One moment, please.

Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel.  Friends, what a pleasure it is for us to see
your eager faces, to feel your souls swelling with love toward us, toward
God and toward each other.  Indeed, has Minearsia spoken words of great
weight and substance, and it has been given to me to explicate and suggest
possible applications of these words of wisdom.

The first thing I wish to say is that before any service can be done, the
conditions that have been discussed by Minearsia have to be in place.
Service that is given begrudgingly or out of a sense of duty is not true
service, for then the person is captured by self-interest.  

The second thing I would  say about service is, when the conditions are
right it is easy.  It is simple.  It is not hard.  It is spontaneous.  It
does not require studious effort; and because it is easy, it is enjoyable,
for the ego-effort is gone and the flow has its own force and momentum
which comes out.  When one is in the servant mode the opportunities will
present themselves.  Your eyes will be open to see what you can do for one

The attention you give another individual is an act of service.  The
listening, the looking at that person, the smile, the question, "How are
you?", whatever it is that comes through your mouth, is a gift of service.
Even little children blossom when someone notices them and considers them
worthwhile enough to engage in conversation.  A child will naturally reach
out to an adult because they haven't been so battered by the hard rains of
life on this planet.  You can give and serve the little ones with your

As you become more sensitive to service, your become more aware of what
other people need, and how you can supply that need, yes, in attention, in
a smile, as I said, but then sometimes in more sophisticated ways.  You
see, I cannot tell you how to do it, for if I did that it would become
mechanical.  You have within you the ability and the gift of your
Indwelling Spirit-Guide.  The major thing about service is the desire to do
it, not out of duty, not out of obligation, but out of pure joyous
pleasure, because you want to.

Finally, it is true that in the act of service you, the giver, will
receive.  "For the joy that was set before him, Jesus endured the cross,
despising the shame."  That was a service, that he was willing to endure
the cross, so that he could show that the greatest love possible was the
willingness of one person to die for another, This is not an atonement
doctrine, my friends, but service manifested in overwhelming love.  I hope
that these words from me and Minearsia have provided you with some more
food for spiritual growth.  I will entertain any comments or questions.
The floor is yours.

Virginia: Daniel, I was trying to equate service with a sermon I heard a
long time ago called "The Grateful Give".    I am trying to equate
gratitude and worship.  Is gratitude worship? That's my question.

Daniel (Bill): You know that you know.  [Laughter.]  And you are correct.
Gratitude is the reaction to true worship, overwhelming gratitude, so that
the giving is impossible to restrain.  That's why it isn't forced or
duty-bound or mechanical.  Very well put.  Thank you.

While worship and service are two sides of a coin; initially it does start
with worship, but then it is self-perpetuating.  True worship leads to
service.  Uplifting service leads to further worship, and on and on.  Do
you see?  We have begun with stillness in this teaching mission.  That is
the start, but my friends, we are now into service.  Continue, therefor, to
maintain that dual unity.  You all do very well.  Another question or comment?

Virginia: Daniel, I had a red flag when that statement was made about
philanthropists who maybe are doing it just for ego.  And what came into my
mind is a woman I know in her 70s, who is wearing the same wool coat that
her mother wore many, many years ago.  She has given millions of dollars to
ISU, graced children with awards, bought grand pianos, and she does it in
such a humble way that I believe there are some people out there with loads
of money who that are giving with a grateful heart.

Daniel (Bill): Then your red flag was a misunderstanding of my statement.
I was not chiding all philanthropy or philanthropists.  I merely was
talking about the type of philanthropy that is done primarily for ego.
Isaac knows the women you were speaking of and he is in concurrence with
you that her motive is true service.  So if the word philanthropist has
been sullied by my use of it in your mind, please allow that tarnish to be

Virginia: Thank you.  I just think I needed to say that for my own respect
of her, and all the other good people.

Daniel (Bill): She is not one who would call herself a philanthropist.

Virginia: Probably not.

Minearsia (Bill): This is Minearsia.  My friends, you are a contemplative
group tonight, and my perception of you is that the light of your soul is
burning brightly.  You are eager to serve.  Be aware of your guidance, my
friends.  Think about your Indwelling Spirit.  Talk with that Presence
within you, not only in formal prayer times, but throughout the day.
Develop that companionship, and indeed you will become more effective
servants of your brothers and sisters.  And remember what Jesus said that
the cup of cold water you give to another is really given to him as well,
because the universe is a unity.  You do nothing in secret.  Nothing.
Everything you do is a part of the whole.  With those comments, friends, we
will conclude our presentation this evening.  Please stand and join hands
once again.

Prayer by Minearsia (Bob S): My children, open your eyes to tomorrow, for
it is here today.  In the words of one of your presidents, "Ask not what
your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  Take
that idea to the next level.  

We pray for all these, our younger brothers and sisters, who are so eager,
yet so young.  We pray their eyes will be opened, their courage
strengthened, their purpose made clear, their foundation make perfect, and
their love inflated, not with their own sense of value, but with the
purpose of the First Source and Center, made clear in their minds.

Know that when you go away from this place you are not alone.  Many beings
go with you. Some you are aware of, others you are not..  Open your hearts
to them for they will fill you up, and once filled you will over-flow to
those around you in ways you cannot today even dream of.  My children, your
future glows with promise.  Your future is here today.  Amen.

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