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MINEARSIA: I am Minearsia, a Melchizedek. A visitor. Greetings. I have
no lesson in mind to offer. I am here as temporary host. I think you would
say we have sent the boys off to summer camp. It is a good time to come
calling and acknowledge your base of operations here and the efforts of those
of you who work and play on behalf of the greater reality in hopes of
extending your awareness of our universe into the hearts and minds of others.

This adventure in spiritual exploration is unlimited, and it is encouraging
to observe how many of you operate to fulfill your own capacities in service.
The perspective I bring is such that it is useless to you until you are able
to grow into the perceptions we offer. Hearing words, even feeling the
sensation of the Spirit of Truth, is ineffectual until your will commits
itself through your decisions to take hold of those concepts that we present
and make them your own in accordance with your own light of truth.

You who have been known to walk the second mile, who have developed stamina,
have been an inspiration to the many who can see how your energies affect
everything you touch. The story is told that when Machiventa materialized on
Urantia, he manifested himself to a mortal whose astonishment was so great he
was rendered speechless. He was indeed afraid. And some of you, who have
such power of the spirit at your command, are likewise frightening to those
whom you encounter, who are unaccustomed to such energy as you bring.

The Master had power also, but he was approachable. He did not submerge his
power or his energy, but he mastered it such that it did not overwhelm those
he met as he passed by. And yet everyone who met Jesus had occasion to be
permanently impressed by his wisdom, through his graciousness. This, too, is
a part of creativity, the creativity of a gracious Creator, who has, at his
command, all the tools in his box.

Your authority, your command, is that which you have been given. As you use
your materials to create your presentations of your Self in your destiny
path, you are able to stimulate and inspire others. It is this enthusiasm,
this creativity, that is appreciated and yet does not induce overt fear, but
rather, perhaps, respect. It's not remuneration for our creativity we seek,
but a place to show our offering, a place where our co-creation with divinity
can be upheld, displayed, revealed.

This is the gift of creativity. This is the drawing that you parents tape up
to your refrigerator that shows the scrawled drawing of the child – smoke
coming out of the chimney, trees, billowing clouds, indicating home and
family -- this is the precious gift of creation that Our Parents enjoy.

I will offer a platform for questions and answers if there is an opening, if
there is a need or if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. Have
you questions?

THOROAH: I have a note of appreciation for you, and Dolores presented the
lighter side of God, if you will. We have a tendency to take God very
seriously, very solemnly, even in our joy, to the extent that we make fun of
seekers who are having fun, as if they're into some kind of frivolity, and I
appreciate the reminder to enjoy ourselves because Our Father does more than
just smile.

MINEARSIA: Part of your dilemma here is that you truly do take the work very
seriously. In taking the work seriously, you have a tendency to also take
yourselves seriously. It would be hard not to. If a surgeon is not paying
attention to what he is doing, taking his work seriously, he could mis-step
and lose a life. And this work he performs is truly creative. It's possible
for a surgeon to listen to rock and roll music or grand opera while
performing surgery, as a reflection of the creative aspects of the work.
Thus, the performance of performing surgery in a life and death situation,
can also be portrayed as an extension of the grander senses because the
surgeon's mastery over his toolbox has afforded him the luxury of the
dimension of the creative artistry of what he does, even while what he does
is important. What God does is very important, but it is also full of
beauty, full of light.

The creative nature is worth embracing as a counter-part to the expression of
loyalty and devotion to duty, as committed soldiers of the circles. The
light-heartedness of youth is to be enhanced and solidified by substance but
the seriousness of study and discipline also does well to be amenable to a
light-hearted approach. More balance, you see. But today, the weight of the
scale is tipping toward beauty and joy and play.

Thank you for opening your hearts, minds and souls to our in-put, our
association and our inspiration. Farewell.

BAKIM: Bakim here. Greetings. I am a celestial artisan. I would like to
leave you with a short piece.

A day in Spring such as today
I often give my heart away
I cannot hold inside my mind
A grasp on others of my kind
And those like you who also say
I'd like to take some time today
To pay attention to my world
And see the wonders now unfurled
Of warmth and beauty Springtime brings
To boys and girls and queens and kings,
To bees and rodents, cats and mice,
Birds and bees, and bugs and lice.
All the creatures great and small
Are testimony to it All.

A great and wondrous God we've got
Our world is gold inside the pot
Of life and love at rainbow's end
And so I wish for you, my friend,
A day with butterflies and sun,
A spot of shade and lots of fun,
A friend whose countenance is glad
And times like these that can be had
Because the dark and cold have gone
And Summer is soon coming on.

Enjoy your Saturday, my friend,
And in our hearts ‘twill never end.
We'll always hold within our soul,
A sense of how our lives are whole
Because of God and me and you
And family as such as likened to
A universe of life and light
From God to tiny flicker's mite.

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