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N. Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Light and Lampshades, Enduring Light, Seek Divine Counsel,
Inspiration, Cleverness and Character
Teachers: Elyon, Tomas, Michael, Lester

May 30, 2001

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):   Elyon here, I greet you again.  I am happy to see
many here today in this classroom enjoying yourselves so thoroughly, letting the
radiance of your fellowship overlay one another and  nourish one another.  It
brings confirmation to each soul, this commonality of family tie, that being the
recognition of that deep relationship with the Father.  Seeing it in
another, and
having it recognized in yourself by another is supportive to the personality
the dry times of difficulty and the distracting times of common day living take
hold.  There are many with me today, so I will make a brief presentation, and
that is on "presentation".
	You have been warned by our master not to hide your light.  I would like to
describe you all as various forms of lampshades.  Each one of you is illuminated
by the presence of our Father.  He is that light within you that radiates
you.  The lampshade that you are is not to be thought of as that which is
to suppress this radiance but which is designed to present the Father in a
light, to diffuse that perfect brilliance in a Supreme manner, one that will
allow the Father to experience this dimension of limitation in time and space.
	All creatures, when faced with an opportunity to be of service, experience
certain pangs of unpreparedness, wishing that the time that led up to the
opportunity had been more greatly invested in being prepared.  Yet, often
following an episode of service, it is realized that you were all ready, and
you lacked the Father provided.  This realization emboldens one to proceed
and to
be on the lookout for a new opportunity.  The presence of the Father is all that
you need to be prepared.  You have acquired the best of anything when you
received His divine gift.  True, experience may limit your ability to reveal
presence, and that is where you as a personality become the lampshade maker.
are able to redesign your shade to present the light in a manner that will be
receivable to those who seek that light and require you to present it.
	As I canvas this room I notice that each one of you is a beautiful lamp
that does radiate this indwelling light, and I do not see an off switch.
This is
wonderful to discern the faith that you have such that you do not have a light
switch; you do not desire to turn off your light.  You may perhaps at times feel
that you are a three-way lamp, sometimes dim and sometimes bright, but the power
within you is ever present, perfect in nature, omniscient in origin.  This
is the
foundation for your trust, your faith, and for your ability to serve.
	I will now give time to my associates in your company.

*	Tomas (Gerdean):  I am Tomas, good afternoon.  I am going to follow up on
my talk yesterday in the neighboring base having to do with enduring peace and
draw upon the illustration of my associate Elyon and talk about the quality of
light that endures, even on dim, that is enduring, that shines even in the
	The fact that the light of peace remains in your heart and in your
immediate environment is associating yourself with the illumination of the lamp
such that when you see conflict, struggle, disharmony, you may perceive it as
shadow and try to focus yourself into the shadow such that the light, the
spiritual luminosity, is able to encroach upon the shadow in a way that
re-presents peace.  Is that not how enlightenment arrives when you put light
the darkness, when you bring your fears to the surface and your thoughts and
ideas into the public forum?  This allows illumination to reveal the truths of
substance and lasting reality.  The application of investing light appropriately
into your environment, -- and I say appropriately because each lampshade has its
own design and capacity -- shining your light into the shadows of the unknown is
how we bring new truth to play with, to try on, to experiment with, to party
with, to know such that it is an enduring experience.  It is not one that we
quickly tire of but rather one we have invested in in such a way as to allow it
to become a permanent part of the atmosphere.  Application to enlargement of
spiritual luminosity requires such steadfastness of purpose that you are able
even to light your way through your own darkness, because you have refused to
allow your light to be extinguished through your faith connection to that which
is the source of light itself.
	Indeed you are bright lights, each of you, and the effects of your
congregation here, your developmental moment in time, is going to have a long
range effect like a beacon.  You reveal the light of your community, ideals, and
purposes such that you draw men unto yourself for an understanding of how you
sustain your flavor of peace.
	Who else is here to address our class today?

*	Michael (Mark):  This is your brother; this is your father.  I bring you my
usual well wishes and greetings as well as my approval and affirmations that
of you here has fully decided to pick up the cup of this new correcting time and
to drink it with me.  I and my emissaries have invested energy and each one of
you has invested energy in the development of the spiritual base that we have
assembled throughout our lessons together.  As it was with my apostles, I desire
to be forthcoming in asking for your increased participation in this process, as
the years of study we have devoted to this Teaching Mission have been fruitful
and have provided us with many of the necessary ingredients to move forward with
the mandate of the Correcting Time.  I desire that each of you spend time with
the Father, spend time with me, in internal discussion of preparedness for
to come and for clarification of the mandate through stillness and communication
with the Father.  We all have our parts to play in the upcoming dramas about to
unfold, and we each must seek our counsel so as to be prepared and to have the
wisdom to proceed forward boldly.
	I call to your attention that fact that among your brethren on this world
there exists great spiritual ties between individuals, parents and children, or
loved ones in which distance, physical proximity, is irrelevant to the sense of
connection experienced by two individuals, both engaged in this sharing
Two such individuals can be aware of distress or of great joy from a
distance, as
many are familiar with.  Today I would ask that you extend this personal,
spiritual sense to the Father and to me so that we may overcome the apparent
hurdle of distance and be side by side, as it were, as you may feel yourself
isolated from time to time.  I would have you visualize me as standing
beside you
with my hand on your shoulder providing you with a sense of connection, a sense
of spiritual unity, which I desire that we share.  Think of me and think of the
Father as you would a cherished loved one who you may be separated from.  That
sense of spiritual connection exists, can be fostered, and can grow with
expression and experience.  I offer you my commitment that I will as well be
working to maintain and increase this connection we all share.
	The peace I would leave with you today is the peace of the knowledge that I
am with you always, that it is but for you to embrace my presence, establish
link, and lean on my strength in times of uncertainty, in times of weakness, to
share your joy in the good times.  This link is a two-way communication
portal in
which we may share our thoughts.  You are my children in whom I am well
Imagine my compassion as I witness you go through your lives, have your
experiences, even stumble and fall.  Please know that my compassion knows no
bounds and that I extend myself to your very presence, in fact, I even envelop
you with my presence that you may breathe me in, that you may feel me.
	We have many new wonderful horizons to traverse together, and I have great
joy at the anticipation I feel for our journey.  Thank you for hearing me.  I
leave you my peace.

*	Lester (Jonathan):  As one who feels like the young lad hovering on the
sidelines in the presence of the master, I, Lester, great you.  It is a
thing to be inspired, to be filled with spirit, to well up, to recognize
presence.  This inspiration leads to respiration, that reciprocal giving
back and
forth between our Creator and ourselves, to reach up as spirit reaches down. 
Over time relationship is built strong, and you begin to perspire, and by that I
mean that your personality and spirit have come into a working arrangement.  So,
you must then expire, and I do not mean that you must pass beyond this realm.  I
mean that you must learn to express spirit, that you transpire, that you
translate spirit into terms and experiences receivable by others.  Now, none of
this happens in a linear fashion; it all happens as one event broken down into
many subsections.  It is the spirit that is the central, pivotal, reality to all
of these individual episodes.  Michael has this day again taken you into his
and requested your mutual embrace.  You are indeed truly filled with spirit.
	Well, that was no sweat.  I think I will back away.

	Gerdean:  I have noticed both you and Elyon have been very clever, which I
admire and am a little jealous of how readily you rely on your cleverness
and how
cleverly you portray your messages.  My reluctance to be clever comes from my
conditioning growing up and the mota about cleverness being no substitute for
true character.  How do you rationalize and justify how clever you are?  How
that compare with your character?  Can you tell us a little about your
*	Lester:  Firstly, I would like to say that I see Elyon as clever and myself
more as a cleaver, more of a cut-up.  If I were to select an alternate TR, I
would be perhaps a little more humorous, and that addresses a certain limitation
present in each TR, the degree to which I, who am now considered a celestial
personality, have freedom and expression and boundaries through which to
These are not boundaries we regret.  They are rather enticing, for they offer us
medium wherein we may attempt to convey message and then subsequently take such
delight in observing its outworking.
	On the note of character, each teacher who visits you has the desire
personally to be a friend but is also pledged to represent the best of what they
have learned in the training schools of the melchizedeks.  This pledge is a
pledge to a high standard, one that attempts to portray the character of our
sovereign.  I feel like a private in this battalion, one who barely holds rank. 
When I stand in company of teachers in this mission of the caliber of those who
have visited you today, I am always looking for a means whereby I may spoil the
message with some earthly commonality that makes it less over from the other
side, from your perspective, and more common place to your usual activities. 
That is why I seek to be so lighthearted, to yeast the dough to cause a rise.
	You who have functioned for many years as a receiver of contact know well
the inner handshake of teacher to transmitter/receiver, those personalities who
are easy to receive and those who create quite a lot of turmoil and anxiety. 
This is perhaps the best exposure to personality type than is the message
for the message once expressed is also woven with your personality attributes. 
The character of the teacher is best discerned through that sense of presence.
	I am not one to discourse at length, and I hope I have not wandered afar
from your question.
	Gerdean:  You haven't wandered.  I have gathered that, garnering from
today's theme, character may be the quality of light that is given off from the
lamp.  Our cleverness or personality expression is the style of our lampshade.
*	Lester:  Well put, sister.  I enjoyed that.  If I could play some more, it
could be that cleverness is involved when a teacher radiates red light and your
personality is filtering blue light.  What appears as clever is the purple that
emerges in the mixture.
	Gerdean:  Unless it's a bruise.
*	Lester:  Having just been one-upped, I think I will take my leave.   

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