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DATE: May 19, 2001
T/R: Gerdean
TOMAS: On: "Enduring Peace"
Q & A: "Immune to Disappointment"
PAULO: Re: Architectural Spheres
AARON: ... to say hello.

TOMAS: Good afternoon, faithful flock, beloved students. My heart reaches
out to embrace you, to welcome you home to your friends in the realms of the

This is a continuation of a sort, in that, in my series of lessons on Fruits
of the Spirit, I neglected purposely, I neglected to discourse regarding
Enduring Peace, offering instead the fruit of Comforting Presence, as it
seemed a reasonable step in the direction of Enduring Peace which is a fruit
of the spirit we are still aspiring to see, even though each of you as
individuals and in Stillness are able to, by varying degrees, tap into the
peace which passes all understanding, thereby whetting your appetite for the
living water which is deep in the Well.

When you mean to, when you set out to carry your state of grace into your
arena and take with you the fruit of the spirit Enduring Peace, it is somehow
short-lived more than enduring as it is experienced in the social arena. It
is because, in part because you are still combative and competitive, but this
bellicose nature is being bridled by your awareness of your impact on others,
and this is qualified by how the Spirit of Truth is being interpreted in your
life as a result of your perceptions due to your mindal mechanics.

Enduring peace is the kind of peace that is with you even in a social state
of chaos, a confused environment, under confusing circumstances,
circumstances which are in a constant state of vacillation as a result of its
having no anchor, and so the fact that you have been born of the spirit is a
guarantee that in some measure it will hold true that you are enduring in
your reflection of peace. This is a reasonable facsimile of Comforting

But what this says, so far, attentive ones, is that while you may know peace
within and while you may walk with it into your arena, and abide therein with
poise, sooner or later in your involvement, in your experiential aspects,
your pacific predilections will run aground and you will find yourself
bumping your head against the wall, bucking horns with your adversaries,
convincing another of the rightness of your opinion or whatever variable
allows for the irritant to muzzle your expressions of fraternal harmony.

You therefore want to develop some skills in your attitudes and associations
with other, so that your stance of peace is not taken for disinterest and
your lack of confrontational tendencies misconstrued as vulnerable. Jesus
was called the Prince of Peace, but there was nothing wimpy about him. He
was a man among men; he was rugged. Having the fruit of the spirit Enduring
Peace affords you the opportunity to see your own destiny unfold before you,
for it is not subject to the countenance of others, and it does not put off
or alienate, but rather harbors affection for ones fellows.

"Enduring" is the qualifyer, and enduring is so far removed from your culture
of today which is so inundated with fast food, quick print, easy on, easy off
and disposable representations of reality. You have no frame of reference
for what is enduring. Enduring a five minute line at the bank is often more
than you can bear; how can you in good faith respect the quality of enduring
peace as a way of life? And yet, if it is not undertaken as a way of life,
by you first, and soon by many others, until most have complied by the new
standard, how else will we develop such an appreciation for world wide and
all pervasive enduring peace as a quality of reality throughout the universe?

The challenge for you then is to realize that you can retain the thrill of
existence even as you reside within the boundaries of peace, for then you
have all that quality time and space within which to develop meaningful
investigations into righteousness and reality levels heretofore unavailable
to you because you were perforce following the flirtations with your more
primitive nature and the lesser natures of your beloved brethren. You have
been admonished to "gird up the loins of your mind." When this is in effect,
it is easier to see how your self-mastery reveals itself; or, alternately,
how your lesser nature is in the practice of taking your higher nature for a
walk down Penny Lane.

The reward for fostering the value of enduring peace is the quality of
fraternity that results, the freedom to enjoy that which is portrayed by your
spiritual fragrance in the social fields wherein trade and commerce are an
active part of your community interactions and sense of satisfaction. You
begin to put peace into your quality lives on a daily basis, unyielding as to
allowing yourself to be toppled by the ebullient and immature enthusiasm of
others. I speak to you as apostles and teachers, as noble sons and daughters
of our Creators, as members of my family.

I wish for you peace.
Are there questions? I have my peers with me. I am not laying claim to the
entire session.

THOROAH: Thank you, Tomas. I appreciated the insight on peace. Earlier in
the week I got a post and signed off: "Peace," and I thought, "Now, that's an
interesting word." Peace - we usually think of it the world-wide sense and I
immediately saw how peace really has to be within each one of us in order for
it to ever be. It will invite reality, and so it was very timely.

I thought also that in the beginning you talked about confusion as being a
deterrent to enduring peace and "con fusion" seems to say it; it has the
opposite effect of "fusion" and it would seem that enduring peace and fusion
might have a lot in common.

TOMAS: It is like saying the branch has something in common with the vine.

THOROAH: We had a question; this also kind of fits in there, I think "What
does it mean to be immune to disappointment?"

TOMAS: I appreciate the question. The nature of the question provokes my
mind, challenges my creativity, stimulates my desire to convey truth, beauty
and goodness, but what indeed does it mean to be immune to disappointment?
It is very much, this question, like a child might ask, "What is it like to
live in France?" or what you might ask, Thoroah, "Paulo, what is it like to
live in an architectural sphere?" For truly, at this point in your growth,
you are in need of a disappointing experience every now and again, in order
for you to develop some true grit.

As if you were a sapling, a young tree, whose seed took root in the crevice
of a .rock, that grows now on the side of a cliff; having held on for so
long, so tenaciously, it is is essentially adhered to the rock so that it
cannot fall, cannot blow away. This is how it is when you are immune to
disappointment. You have your self so firmly entrenched in Reality, you are
not mindful of the gales that would rip you from your foundations. They blow
past you as meaningless as gnats or butterflies in the wind.

There is a lot to be said in favor of disappointments as a way of learning.
What child has not had the experience of feeling disappointed when they did
not get what they wanted? What child has not sulked because their parent
would not give in to the whims and demands of an ill-advised yen of youth?
And what child has not eventually come to realize the wisdom of the parental

The object lesson of experiencing disappointment is to help direct you into a
clear understanding of purposiveness. In time, it will be true that you will
not regret the direction your destiny is leading you, but you cannot see how
cared for you are; you see only that you are not getting your way, as you
perceive it, like the child who sulks, not yet mature enough to realize the
parent has the long-range interests of the child at heart.

And here's the rub: sometimes you will be granted your immature wishes; you
will be given something that will have to be taken away in order for you to
realize the disappointment because that experience then is the rudder that
moves the direction of your craft away from bigger shoals.
Trust the Father to steer you where you need to be, what you need to learn,
and in time you will trust Him so implicitly you will not even feel inclined
to experience disappointment, for your entire existence has now become one
supernal adventure of experiential faith.

Have I addressed your concern? I am available for counsel. I have my
psychiatrist's couch over there in the corner. I have my therapist's shingle
hanging on the front door. I have an appointment book that has no time slot
filled but awaits your visit. I accommodate all as I am given the
opportunity. I am here, but I am also with you, and can minister to you in
your berth where you are. We have no gasoline prices to pay, no hotel bills.

My friend Paulo would like to come in and play. Farewell.

THOROAH: Thank you, Tomas.

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