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May 11, 2001

Opening Prayer by Ken: Those of us present and those of us unseen: May we
open our hearts.  May we join with you.  Uplift our hearts into the oneness
with God.  May we join.  May we be. [Pause]  In your name, Michael, we
come.  Amen

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel, your guide, your friend, your loyal
companion.  In the times we have together we grow steadily more and more
close, as you, my students, mature spiritually.  At times those of you who
are more sensitive can feel the emotions which accompany such progress.  As
you grow toward Monontial status your senses are expanded to permit you to
feel something of the emotional expansion which Monontial beings have at
their disposal.  We cannot provide complete feelings to match these
advanced states, but you may gain something of the feeling which is
associated with these advancing conditions.

My words to you tonight have to do with service.  As I told you recently
service is the second most important aspect of spiritual maturity.  The
first, the most important, you will recall is to spend time in quiet.
Following that, the second most important thing to keep in mind is
service--how one uses the gifts, the talents, the opportunities he or she
has to assist their brothers and sisters.

While sharing appears to be an outward and interpersonal activity, it does
have a major effect on one's individual growth.  You have heard it said
that when one teaches a subject he or she becomes even more knowledgeable
in that domain.  To that effect as the individual spreads the Good News he
or she has been given, they themselves grow along with those whom they are
sharing that lesson with.  So I would encourage each of you to consider
service from both perspectives.  It will be good you and helpful to those
with whom you share.

You may recall I spoke sometime back about the role of sharing in one's
life.  I now add this new dimension for your consideration as you seek to
identify opportunities which come into your life from time to time while
you are also attempting to grow spiritually.  In this regard you can do
them both together.  It is as you say using a stone to hit two birds.
[Laughter.][Ed. Daniel meant to say ‘hitting two birds with one rock.']  (I
have that not quite right, I think.  Your idioms sometimes allude me, but I
take it from your response you get my gist.)

Friends, how I do enjoy our times together.  I feel you and I, all of you
and I, are fast b ecoming very close, not just brothers and sisters.  Much
more than teacher and student, but equals in pursuit of the common
experience, viz. to grow personally our souls as rapidly as we can, and yet
as fully as we can at the same time.  As you have been told all growth is
not a race.  The first one there doesn't get anymore advantage than the
last one there.  The race is what counts.  Your order of finish is
immaterial.  What is important is that you run the race, that you set your
mind to that as your objective, and seek to grow, seek to mature, seek to
live, seek to experience what you are given, and while you are growing
reach a hand out to a brother or sister who comes into your life and you
know you can provide them a hand.

Your future is at hand.  You have all been asked and have agreed to assume
responsibility in the new dispensation which is coming into being.  You and
we, your older brothers and sisters are here to assist you as personal
teachers we all have taken these vows, and now the time is at hand.  We do
not know the hour or the day, but we read the signs, and they are all go.
The lights are green.  We are waiting for Christ Michael to give us the
word and we shall be off on what is a most--I struggle to find the right
word to convey to you the wondrous future before us.  We morontial beings,
having somewhat better vision than you mortal friends, can see something of
what is about to transpire, and I can tell you it will be a most wondrous
time for each of you.  So, my friends, continue your time of preparation.
Continue getting your house in order.  Continue spending time in silence,
and when opportunities arise, assist your brothers and sisters who do not
have the background which you have been given.  But most of all keep your
eyes open for soon, very soon, the dawn of this new era will be manifested
to all who have ears and eyes open to this new message.

Well, perhaps this is enough from me at this time.  Shall we pause for
questions or comments or concerns which have to do with my message tonight,
or anything else on your mind on this beautiful day on Urantia.

Ken: Daniel, thank you very much.  It appears to me that your lessons are
getting more intense.  Had you given this same lesson years ago I would not
have understood it with the depth of understanding that I do today.  It was
a beautiful lesson and I thank you for it.  I have a question concerning
the lesson this evening.  You mention service, and you mention sharing, and
you alluded to the other lesson which you gave on sharing, as being divine,
that it is God's divine will that we share.  I see that as the First Source
and Center, and I see service as coming from the Second Source and Center.
Can you enlighten me, or give me some words, on how the Third Source and
Center fits into that equation?

Daniel (Bob S): Ah, Kenneth, my son, you are most perceptive.  You get a
gold star.  [Much laughter.]  You correctly perceive the source of all love
is the Universal Father.  The Second Source and Center is the primary
motivation under service.  Now, the role of the Third Source and Center is
to assist the Son in accomplishing what he sets out to accomplish.  Have I
clarified that in sufficient detail?

Ken: Yes.  That's the action of that; from the thought to the word to the

Daniel (Bob S): Very well said, my son.  You correctly perceive, and I
actually like what you said better than what I said.  [Laughter.]   Two
gold stars!  [Much laughter and comments.]

Ken:  Well, I borrowed that from another book.

Daniel (Bob S): You have correctly understood the theory and its
application.  Do you wish to continue this conversation further?

Ken: I will settle for two gold stars.  [Laugher.]  Thank you very much,

Daniel (Bob S): And I thank you for, as usual my son, your understanding is
complete.  I compliment you on your diligence, your hard work, and your
willingness to share what you have learned with others.  Does anyone else
have a question or comment?

LaReen: Daniel, I wanted to say thank you for this lesson, and Ken's words
describe it perfectly.  It's beautiful, and how I enjoy your teachings.  It
makes my heart sing.  I am just glad to be here.  I am glad to be a part of
this group.  Thank you.

Daniel (Bob S): We thank you, all of you, for were it not for your
receptivity, our efforts would fall flat.  So give each of yourselves a pat
on the back, for it takes a diligent, receptive, open student to make his
or her teacher look good.

Ken: And I thank my teachers for that.  [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bob S): Well, I hope you see where I am coming from on that.  We
can do nothing without your permission.  Your free-will gift supercedes all
else, therefor we are limited by your willingness to take a chance, to open
yourselves to something new, to something different, and as you well know,
human beings do not do that well.  It is part of your animal nature and it
is part of your learned environment coming out of the debacle of Adam and
Eve and the rebellion which took a great toll on your planet.  So I think
you see what I am trying to say.  We applaud your studentness—if you get my
definition there.  (I think that is a new word I have defined there.)  Yes,
your language is very limiting.  When you awaken on Morantial World #1 and
are exposed for the first time to the beauty and the breadth of the
language of the universe, you will begin to understand what I am saying.
Are there other questions or comments you wish to raise at this time, my
friends?  [Pause.]

Because of the smallness of the group, I feel no need to go further into my
lesson tonight than I have already gone into, so I will close tonight's
meeting and ask all of you to stand while Andronason leads us in prayer.

Andronason (Bob S): This is Andronason.  My children, let us be in prayer.
To those who created all that exists: we, your children, acknowledge our
roles in your universe, and thank you for the love which you have bestowed
upon all of your spirit-creatures. To these, my younger brothers and
sisters, who know so little, yet have grown so much, I thank you for
allowing us to assist them to grow, to love, to nurture not only
themselves, but those related beings who come into their lives and go out
knowing more than they knew before.  Your universe is beautiful.  Your
words are true.  Our lives seek to be beautiful, and in so doing, we each
become the individual you created us to be.  Until we each meet again,
shalom.  Amen.

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