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April 27, 2001

Prayer by Klarixiska (Virginia):  This is Klarixiska.  Father we come to
you with joyful hearts.  We thank you for humor that not only causes the
seen to laugh, but also the unseen, that are present that are here tonight.
 We thank you that we all can laugh at our selves knowing that you have
given us humor in order to not only feel better about ourselves, but accept
the mistakes that we make.  Help us to learn to laugh more, to take life
seriously, but with a bit of humor that will make us all attractive to
others that we might be able to say to others "God loves you as you are,
mistakes and all."  We pray you would open up the minds of these mortals
that they might go away with new insight, and even the epiphany of life
change.  For we do pray in the name of your son, Michael, he who was the
perfect human being and perfect Divine Son.  Amen.

Abigail (Bill): Good evening, dear friends.  You have not become acquainted
with me.  I am a personal teacher who has been given the privilege of
addressing you and meeting you.  My name is Abigail.  I am an ascendant
mortal from another system in the universe of Nebadon.  I have been
accepted in the emergency mission of Michael, known to you as the
Correcting Time, and I have been assigned to a mortal member of this group
to begin my work, under Daniel's tutelage, as well as Minearsia and Aaron.
 I will be in contact with my charge.

I am not going to present a lesson this evening.  My purpose in opening
this meeting was merely to make your acquaintance as a group and announce
my presence as an addition to this Pocatello, American Falls, and Idaho
Falls teacher base.  Thank you for opening your hearts to all of us who
come to share that which we have learned of the great love which underlies
all reality.  Until we speak again, good evening.

Daniel (Bill): Hello, my friends, this is your teacher, Daniel, your
friend, your guide, your counselor, and your proud mentor.  I am pleased to
welcome Abigail to our teaching team here, and to remind you that for
everyone who desires a personal teacher the reserves of the universe have
been tapped and there is available an individual suited to your needs,
compatible with your personality, and eager to assist.  Thank you for once
again coming to our Melchizedek classroom in order to enact the role of
students and teachers, for you are both, as you share with each other your
wisdom and listen to each other's point of view.  

I did not allow any time last meeting on the topic of sharing, so I will at
this time open the floor for any questions you may have made mental note of
to bring to our forum.  Do we have such questions tonight regarding our
discussion of sharing?

Virginia: Daniel, I am not sure it's a question, but I did have a thought.
Last Friday night, I think I have already shared it, and you probably are
already aware of it, but I do believe that when we share from our abundance
it helps our self-esteem.  And is that the reason that you maybe went into
sharing as a particular lesson in this self-esteem content?

Daniel (Bill): You are wise, Virginia, for you are taught by your Divine
Monitor.  The reason that sharing adds to self-esteem is because sharing is
a divine act, and practicing divinity is an affirmation of self-worth.  To
allow God's love to flow through you, to share with another person, makes
you another expression of the God of Time and Space in his emerging,
multifaceted reality.  You are not thereby becoming God the existential
First Source and Center, but you are an expression of God the Supreme in
one, tiny way.  Therefor, in that sense, you are enhancing your divinity in
that you share with all others who are part of the great, emerging Supreme.
 To feel the energy of love flow through you cannot be anything but
enhancement.  It can never be diminishment; but refusing to share, the
restricting of that flow, does lower self-esteem.  That's why people who
are selfish are inwardly directed, and do not truly have the self-esteem
that we have been talking about.  Does this help you?

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.  It certainly does.  It confirms my feelings
and my belief system.

Daniel (Bill): You are welcome.
And yes, Ken, I will reply to your question.

Ken: I knew you would.

Daniel (Bill): For it is of interest to me.  I wish to dwell not so much on
the exact words of rewiring versus neuronal synapse build up or whatever
choice of words you wish to see, but rather on the idea that one could by a
simple means of rewiring correct a problem perfectly as you would do with a
machine.  The growth of the soul is so different from the rewiring of a
machine that the two are really difficult of comparison.  You see what we
are talking about here is not some more or less perfectly functioning
object that goes bad, and needs a new wiring to restore it to its original
functioning, as you would with a computer for example.  But rather we are
talking about growth of the soul, from animal mind origins, through the
repeated choices of the mind until that soul attains morontial value, e.g.
it is beyond mortal status.  It is destined to go beyond the limited time
of mortal existence and ever does the soul grow, not as does a computer, or
not as does a piece of stereo equipment [Ed: by adding new components], but
ever does the soul grow like the growth of a gorgeous flowering plant from
the tinniest seed through the growth of the root system, the stems, the
leaves, the blossoming flowers eventually, larger and larger and more
luxurious and beautiful.  The journey of perfectedness is not a restoration
of perfectedness.  It is a continuous, ongoing growth process.  The
correction of mistakes is more like the trimming of a tree, the pruning of
a plant, removing that which doesn't work so that the remainder may grow
more efficiently.  That would have been and hopefully now has been more
enlightening.  Does this help you, my friend?

Ken. Yes, Daniel.  Thank you for your infusing the soul concept into that.
I had not considered that when I read that lesson.  And the pruning, I've
got a lot of pruning to do.  [Laughter.]  Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel (Bill): You see St. Paul in the Bible talks about morontial life
without using that word, and he says words to the effect that now we see
like in a mirror, just a mere reflection, darkly, imperfectly,
incompletely, but then [on morontial worlds] we shall see face to face; in
other words, without the mirror, but directly.  And then he goes on to say
that we don't know what it will be like, it does not appear what it shall
be, but we know that when he does come, we will be like him.  This was
Paul's understanding of what it would be like to pass beyond mortality into
the presence of Christ; and while Paul also was given a vision of the
mansion worlds his understanding was also somewhat limited.  

What you people are now beginning to understand is beyond the thoughts of
almost all human beings.  It is that you, when you are perfectly fused with
that piece of God, that Thought Adjuster, that Mind Monitor, you have
become one.  That Monitor becomes you, gains personality though you.  You,
the mortal you, combined with the immortal Thought Adjuster becomes a new
kind of being, the Paradise Finaliter in potential, a true universe
personality.  I, because I am past the mortal existence, and because I have
fused with my Thought Adjuster in my morontial experience, have a far
greater understanding of this than I can express to you, but I am only a
morontial ascender.  I am a long ways from the perfectedness of spirit.
But I tell you my friends, the step by step willingness to do the will of
God will lead to the complete transformation of your animal nature from
whence you came into this new creation, this universe ascender, this
Paradise Finaliter in potential.

I have been striving to break you free from the muck which envelopes your
feet, that you can lift them more freely, to go forward in the walk that
you take with God within.  That's why we dwelt and have gone into great
detail in some of the errors which have been perpetuated on this planet.
For those of you who were not brought up to believe that you were sinners,
fortunate are you, indeed, for then your have less mud to kick off your
feet.  Do not feel bad that your feet are not as muddy [laughter], but be
glad that you have been spared this legacy of error.

I wish to talk tonight about the great gift of free will choice, which is
yours because you are persons, and you are in the personality circuit +of
the First Great Source and Center, the Universal Father.  This free will
gift is also an aspect of your self-worth.  It is incontrovertible evidence
of your status before the universe as persons, not merely things.
Personality is a gift of the Father.  All personality comes from the
Father.  It is the way in which man is made in the image of God.  The image
of God is personality, and essential to personality is the ability, within
limits, to make free choices.  The Father respects the grandeur of
personality in each personal creature.  He respects his own reflection so
much that he allows each person to choose his or her own destiny.  It is up
to each one of us to decide whether we will choose to go in the direction
that the God of the Universes desires for us, or choose to go in a
different direction, in our own direction, whatever that may be.  God loves
us enough that he allows us the choice to reject him, if that is what we
wish to do.  God loves us enough that he allows us the freedom to make
mistakes, but more than that, to continue to make mistakes even though we
know they are the wrong way to go.  If he did not do that we would be
robots.  We would have no choices, and this would indeed demean our status
from person to thing.

I tell you this not because I am scolding or warning anyone here.  I tell
you this so that you will pause and be amazed at the great respect that the
Father of Personalities grants to each of his personal sons and daughters.
Michael, known as Jesus of Nazareth, in his humanity always chose, to the
best of his knowledge, to do that which he understood God desired.  He did
that because he knew God as a perfectly loving, completely good
personality, as the most fatherly of fathers, the most motherly of mothers,
the most perfect parent.  He knew from childhood that even as his own
parents loved and cared for him, so his Heavenly Father loved him and all
His children even more profoundly.  His trust in God was replete.  It never
wavered.  He never doubted that his Father would always care for him and do
what was best.  Even in the worst of his times, the hour of his trial and
crucifixion, he never doubted that the over-care of God was absolute.
Because of his perfect trust in God there never entered into his heart or
mind the desire to do other than that which would please his father.

You Urantia mortals having lived through bad times with your Planetary
Prince rebelling and Adam and Eve defaulting prematurely.  You have not
had, until this time, an adequate understanding of God.  Jesus gave it, but
it fell on deaf ears among many of his hearers.  Now the world is going to
hear again the Good News that he once proclaimed.  The world is now
receiving this new understanding of God as a loving Father, not a critical
and angry judge or king.  The world is also going to hear that all people
are God's children, not the children of the devil, not in need of ransom or
atonement, but only in need of rebirth, spiritually, of forgiveness from
themselves and others, and the reception of unconditional love.  This is
our mission, starting with each of you, and going to the ends of the earth.

When you share you feel better.  You feel a sense of the divinity of the
Supreme, the God of Time and Space.  When you tell the truth, that we are
all God's children, and there is one family of God, everyone feels better.
Therefor, my friends, I say to you continue to walk, step by step, with the
light of faith taking the dark crevices and shadows away from the obstacles
which could cause you to stumble, and instead moving forward on your
journey to Paradise.  At this time I open the floor for comments or questions.

Virginia: I was out raking this week.  I was contemplating the fact that at
one time I believed that a person died and when perfectly, as a spirit, to
heaven.  And when I was contemplating this, I thought there's no room for
free will if God makes me perfect overnight, because my choices on this
earth have not made me a perfect being.  And I have been working at it for
a long time. [Laughter.]  I realized  the very thing you are talking about,
what a gift it is to have free will, and therefor I cannot die and go as a
perfect being to heaven because that would be taking away my free will

Daniel (Bill): Well said, Letah; and also it would eliminate all the
benefits of experience, for it is in fact the result of choice that one
develops learning from experience.  If you were perfected, or if anyone was
perfected instantly upon death, then all the learning of eons and eons that
occurs between mortal life and residence on Paradise would not happen.  The
whole plan of mortal ascension to Paradise would be totally short
circuited.  There would be no administrators trained for use in the future.
 There would be no experiences of meeting different beings.  There would be
incredibly numerous experiences completely eliminated.

You see, the beings on Havona were created perfect, and they are like
sponges, trying to soak all the knowledge and experience that the Havona
pilgrims, coming from evolving Superuniverses, bring to them.  All the
experiences from animal origin up to spirit status are something that they
have not experienced before.  That is not to say that their design is
faulty, but it is merely to say that your point is well taken, very well
taken.  Thank you for your contribution.

Daniel (Bill): Perhaps it is thinking along the same line, that when heaven
is conceived of, it is pictured as a place where people sit on clouds
playing harps.  [Laughter.]  You notice in some of your comic characters
the dwellers on the clouds are eagerly watching what is happening on earth
to give them some excitement in there otherwise boring lives.  [Laughter.]
You see the reason that heaven has been portrayed as instant perfection has
been the desire of people to be rid of the misery of minimal survival human
existence, with its terrible stress, fear, and hunger, a life that you
truly do not understand nor do I.  From such a traumatic stage you could
see why people would desire the very opposite, the satisfaction of all
their imaginings and needs in a perfected condition.

As I said earlier until now you have not known much about the morontial
life.  Paul was given some inklings, and other members of other religions
have also in the past been given flashes of insight.  Because the default
and rebellion have been completely adjudicated now it is time for this
planet to be reconnected with the rest of the universe and begin to get a
different perspective.  It is a slow process.  It cannot happen overnight.
But even in your sciences there is an opening to the concept that there may
be many, many planets with life on them, not from a theological
perspective, but from a purely random chance perspective.  Even so, this
changes the world view of people, so that they can begin to accept the real
truth which is being portrayed now, initially through the Urantia Book as
an up-grade of all world religions, and now through the Correcting Time as
I wish to welcome Chris to our meeting this evening.  My dear, I have been
with you on occasion.  Perhaps you were aware of a presence that you did
not understand, and if this was the case, perhaps it was me.  It also could
have been your Guardian Angels or it could have been your Personal Teacher,
or any of several other possibilities as well.  Your willingness to be open
to new truth from whatever source tells me that you are a true
truth-seeker.  I look forward to seeing you again with our group and I
desire to let you know that you are greatly loved.

Chris: Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): Are there other comments or questions?

Ken: Yes, Daniel.  Personality, thank you for that clarification.  Being
created through the image of God which is personally assigned, very
helpful.  Thank you, again.

Daniel (Bill): You are welcome, Ken.

Ken: Personality and Lucifer, did he reject the personality?  Was that part
of his problem?  Or was it ego?

Daniel (Bill): We often have discussed Lucifer's downfall in as much as it
effects all of the universe of Nebadon even though some of us are not from
the system of Satania where he was in residence; and there appears to be no
outside causal connection to his original errors.  That is to say, no other
influence outside of himself can account for his thinking.

Ken: No, I am saying, did he reject the personality that God gave him or
his own self- aggrandizement?

Daniel (Bill); I was prefacing my remarks, Ken, by letting you know that
many of us speculate on these things.   Our consensus is that Lucifer
rejected the personality of the First Source and Center, the very existence
of the First Source and Center in fact.  He also demeaned personality and
implied that the universe was mechanistic and automatic.  He accused his
Creator Father, Michael, of duplicity, along with the other Creator Sons,
of manufacturing the idea of an Omnipotent God in the center of everything
in order that they could rule in the authority and name of this higher God.
 He accused the Creator Sons of creating a phony plan of ascension which
was purposeless, and these ideas so distorted his mind that his personality
began to disintegrate towards the end.  He had in fact committed cosmic
insanity, cosmic suicide.  He chose to continue in those errant beliefs
until there was not found in him any truth at all, and at that point his
existence as a personality ceased, and he became as if he never was.  Does
this answer you question?

Ken: Yes, thank you.  Yes, you did answer my question.

Bob S: Daniel, I have a question.  It is a little different.  Sometime ago
you indicated that of all the things that the teacher corps has taught us,
of all of those ideas, the concept of quiet time was the most important.
Would you care to rank number two?  {Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Yes, I will.  Quiet time is worship and prayer.  Number two
is service [mumbles and a gasp] to other people, which includes service to
self, for you cannot serve others if you don't love yourself, a fact that
you yourself commented on earlier this evening.  Would you explicate what
your gasp means?

Bob S: It's clear I've got a long way to go.  I would never have guessed
that answer ever, probably.  I see where you are coming from and I accept
your wisdom.

Daniel (Bill): Sometime, not this evening, I will discourse, or one of the
other teachers will discourse, on the concept of service.  We may be able
to give you some broadening perspectives as to what this may mean.  But
that is a good question.

Bob S: That discourse on service is probably a good idea, because we don't
have a good feeling about service.  Maybe it's from the military.  I'm not
sure, but the whole idea of being in service generally, in our society I
think, doesn't have a good name, and anything that you could say that would
help us rise above those negative feelings that we have developed about the
concept would be helpful.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, I will follow through on this.   But now, my friends,
the time has come to close off our meeting.  I have enjoyed being with you
again.  I have the sense always of us being on the beach with a campfire in
the center, and Michael in our midst as we are the new apostles and this
was the experience of the original 12, and then 11.  So now let us once
again join our hands and conclude this meeting with prayer.  Andronason
desires to lead us in prayer.

Andronason (Bill): Father Michael, Mother Nebadonia: we, your children, are
proud to say that the ways you have taught us are ways we choose to walk
in, and we know that you walk in the ways of your parents, even the
Paradise Trinity.  I am pleased to be honored to have the job of serving
these, my mortal brothers and sisters, as they eagerly sit among us, and
hear the great stories of the Source of all things and the meaning of all
existence.  Send them home with minds that are lifted up with hope, with
joy, with expectation.  Take away the weariness of guilt, of fear, of
doubt, and replace it with your perfect peace.  Even so, may it be.  Amen.

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