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GINNY: I'm reminded of Michael, his time on earth, how he handled all these
situations where people had doubts and questions, were acting – like, picture
Jesus smacking his head and saying "I could've had a V-8!" or being a little
frustrated about the density of the people, that they weren't getting it, so
I very often think about what he did and ... not what he said so much as how
he said it and what he did. They certainly had this immense truth to give to
those around him and a lot of them just weren't getting it. I can imagine
his frustration.

Well, maybe not! Maybe there was no frustration. Maybe there was just more
love. Thank frustration. So that's where I'm at.

AARON: The ability to perceive the capacities of the hearer as empty vessels
wanting to be filled or not open to whatever he might have to give, or
whatever you might have to give, is an advantage we might all aspire to
discern. That would certainly alleviate a lot of expended energy spinning
your wheels. The Master was always willing to stop and teach and minister in
his days of teaching the multitudes. He would get in his boat and push off
from shore to be able to see them and they him. He could feel the emptiness,
the hunger, the spiritual hunger of the people and the Father, through him,
fed the people.

If there were no empty vessels he could fill, he wiped the dust from his feet
and went on to the next town. If the people were not listening to him, as
they stood there, do you think he would have wasted his time teaching and
preaching to those who were busy, murmuring among themselves, making change,
selling pigeons, hustling women, negotiating politics, or whatever it is that
humanity occupies itself with in the main? He was able to perceive whether
or not he was feeding the hungry. How valuable that perspective would be!

THOROAH: We could use a lesson or three on developing that perception.

GINNY: How do we know if somebody is ready or not?

AARON: By your one-on-one ministry you develop the sensitivity that will
allow you to see with eyes to see and perceive with the Father's eye.

GINNY: I imagine a lot of that comes soul. Our souls.

AARON: A lot of it too will come with practice in the field, just as you have
come today having been in the field and having questions about how to be a
better teacher and preacher, a better righteousness recommender and a more
effective prayer. You don't know what you need to learn until you are faced
with those experiences which leave you feeling unfulfilled as a presenter of
that which you are entrusted with. Thus you open yourself to greater
capacity, greater willingness to be an instrument, a channel, a conduit.

GINNY: I can draw a very good analogy with my teaching children piano lessons.


GINNY: The natural reaction is I want to smack them upside the head some of
the times if they don't practice, but they don't understand that, but I also
know that I don't want to teach like that and they will not love learning
if I do that, so I need to practice all kinds of patience and even though I
know that they are trying to learn, takes a great deal of skill to figure out
how to Teach them without insulting them or without making them feel bad,
so it's a good analogy for me, what I want to do, what you need to do with

AARON: You need to also look to them for a picture, a reflection of what they
can give to the task based on their life circumstances and their inherent
limitations and their own yearning to please their own rebellious nature and
their own love of learning. These perspectives that are the basis of the
Ancients of Days perspective, offer a grand view of what has gone into who
they are and how they perform. Thus many times they are to be held
accountable for their actions and many times they are to be held blameless
for falling short of their potential. This too is part of loving others as
Jesus loves you.

GINNY: And as the Father loves us.
ARON: Amen.

Well, good then. Are you going to have another opportunity this week to be
in a position wherein you might have occasion to discuss theory and
philosophy to the extent that you would be able to invite the Spirit of Truth
to conjoin with you in your association with others such that Our Father
might be able to make His presence known as well?

GINNY: Well, I think every opportunity offers that.

AARON: I'll challenge you then to look at your encounters as you go about
your business this week and observe how to identify the empty vessels as
compared to those who are filled. Any questions?

THOROAH: I think it's been a very informational, enlightening session.

GINNY: Yes, it has. This is the constant dilemma for me, so I'm working on
how to be more effective without being arrogant and without putting anybody
down or acting superior.

AARON: Yes, for as you are superior, it will reflect in your character and
you won't have to make it known; it will simply be.

Thank you for your company. I've enjoyed myself this afternoon. I look
forward to our next get-together.

GROUP: Thank you, Aaron.
AARON: On behalf of all of us in attendance today, farewell.
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