[tmtranscripts] "A Prayer to Develop Our Faith"

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Sun Apr 1 21:30:36 PDT 2001

"A Prayer to Develop Our Faith" by Olfana

Father, We ask you to help us develop our faith,

In the dark hours of the night

When quavering fears crowd our thoughts.

In those tense moments

When we worry we will "miss the mark"

In all we aspire to accomplish.

Let faith fill our hearts and minds

In all these moments, Father,

As a golden, healing balm

Which soothes all fears,

Enlightens all ponderings,

Relaxes all tensions and erases all worries.

This faith, Dear Father, is the bond we forge

Between our hearts and Your Merciful Love,

Which You send out to us

In all the moments of our lives.

Let our faith help us to feel Your Love.

Help us to trust in Your Protection and Care.

Help us to abide in our path back to You,

And help us to sense joy in the possibilities

Of our eternal tomorrows.

May our faith build and grow

In each moment that we seek to discover it. Amen.

10/29/2000 Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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