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North Idaho Teacher Group
Topics:Congregation, Service, Distasteful Experiences Can be Beneficial,
Teachers: Lantarnek, Malvantra, Lester, Elyon

March 25, 2001

*	Lantarnek (Jonathan TR):  I welcome you in congregation.  I am Lantarnek. 
You demonstrate clear intention, willfulness, and purpose in your gathering.
represent to many who have yet to lay their eyes upon you a common loyalty
to the
Father of us all, a sympathetic understanding of your individual progress and of
one another's particular course of ascension.
	The magnitude of God can be overwhelming in the scale of philosophical
development.  The descriptions extend in great length and become, on one hand, a
magnificent structure depicting the awe and wonder and complexity of our First
Source and Center.  On the other hand they limit potentially the innocence
of the
child of this great God in the discovery of personal relationship.  We
melchizedeks hail your ability to develop your comprehension of deity and retain
that childlike association with the Father and to grant your fellows freedom of
discovery.  The development of theology, while it clarifies to the mind and soul
what has been discovered through spiritual experience, when placed upon another
can limit their unfoldment, and this is often the result of an organized social
structure in a religion.  These congregations that you know as churches we do
look with favor upon, for they do create a seedbed for the germination of a
spiritual experience in individuals.  But when it comes to furthering the
of Michael on this world, often we must look beyond the borders of the
established into the frontiers and harness the creative and discover-hungry
energies of those who would ferret out deeper meaning and experience a
relationship perhaps undefined in a formal sense.
	You understand that the melchizedeks govern themselves individually, but we
are also a body, a congregation, and we coordinate with one another.  In order
for the plan of Michael throughout Nebadon to come to fruition the melchizedeks
have pledged to honor diversity, to allow all the children throughout this
universe to discover, to unfold.
	You are experiencing in your lives what is the same experience we have and
that is to be called by a Michael Son to bring the light and love of the Father
to others and yet simultaneously grant the liberty and breadth of personal,
unique, and individual discovery in all that we encounter.  It is as importantly
developmental to our own universe experience to weave these two purposes
into one
as it is important to enact the purposes so decreed.
	I come not alone to our meeting today.  I remain in your presence.  Others
are here to greet you.

*	Malvantra (Daniel):  Greetings, my beloved siblings.  This is your
melchizedek brother Malvantra, a pleasure to be among a group who have made the
conscious choice to be in service.  Many go about actively seeking and searching
for opportunities to serve and be in service, yet if you have truly devoted
yourself to being in service to Michael and to our Father that in itself is
assurance that you will be brought opportunities to do so.  You needn't
specifically go out to find a way to serve on your own, for just your desire
alone puts us in motion to provide those opportunities for you.  You need
only to
open your eyes where you are to discover these.  When you are focused singularly
upon the will of our universal Father each moment of relationship with another
sibling offers you this opportunity to serve, not so much in doing something for
another that you perceive needs to be done, as much as being there in loving
relationship with another as a friend.  Quite often the most opportune service
that you can provide for another is the service of being there to listen
nonjudgmentally and to speak your piece only in those moments where it is asked
for.  Recognizing the request of the soul of the moment is the way that our
master walked the earth.
	You conversed earlier of agenda and truly Jesus had an agenda.  It was to
walk in the will of the Father and to seek the will of the Father.  Those who
were blessed with the opportunity to be in his presence did not find one who was
telling them how to go about their life.  They saw a loving and caring companion
who knew the right things to say at the right times because he did not put
together his plans of what to say to them prior to their expressing their own
inner need.  To all who met our master they met a friend who was willing to
listen to stories and episodes of their life, and he came to each relationship
with respect for those things in their experience which brought them to seek out
love and understanding.  Always would Jesus have a word of encouragement and the
presentation of opportunities for them to speak what was in their heart and
Quite often would they reveal to him their deepest and innermost
perplexities and
also desires.  Because he was every moment in service he was open to recognize
these soul requests.  If you will remember in your text the story of the boy who
was afraid, the master said to him, "Because you have asked for my help in these
matters I cannot leave you without addressing them."  The boy came back, "But I
did not ask you for help."  Jesus said to him, "With your mouth, no.  But with
the longings that I perceived in your soul you did indeed ask for help."  Not
everyone that you will be called upon to serve will need this particular kind of
help.  Yet it behooves you to be aware in each moment for those
opportunities, as
well, for where one is willing to serve the Father knows another who is willing
to benefit by that service.
	You each do well in your efforts to serve our Father and our master.  You
each serve most often without even being aware that you have done so.  Be
not to judge yourselves too harshly that you are not doing enough just because
you have not consciously picked the service to perform.  I tell you you each
serve daily just in going about your lives in a loving and caring way.
	I too will step back now to allow the floor to another.

*	Lester (Jonathan):  Hi there.  By no means take my appearance third in line
here to be the headliner of the show.  I am Lester.  I have been listening
earnestly to our melchizedek teachers and have a sort of convoluted metaphor for
you perhaps to illustrate simply how even the distasteful experiences of
life are
beneficial or to show that even such subjects do provide fodder upon which to
feed spiritually.
	You know, as you have vehicles that can transport you at reasonably high
speeds, that you must roll up your windows on a dusty road when another is in
front of you.  If you are conscientious of those behind, you tend to slow down
and not make such a dust cloud behind you.  As we travel to Paradise we are
making lots of dust.  The faster you proceed the more spiritual dust you will
fling in the air and others will detect it.  This has been more poetically
referred to as the fruits of the spirit, spiritual fragrance, but nonetheless it
is your effect upon your surroundings due to your personal progress.  In a
spiritual sense, and I mean this in the context of moving forward, it is good to
get the grit in your teeth from the clouds of dust before you, for your fellows
are leaving their influence for you to absorb.  You have encountered a washboard
road, and this can be irritating to travel upon, but as a traveler in spirit it
can be assuring to know that many have gone before you  and know that the
road is
worth traveling to have brought so many washboards into existence.  Even deep
ruts can be assurance that the path you take is one well traveled, one proven to
be effective.  But if you encounter a road overgrown with brambles, you must
pause and ponder for a moment. Has this road lost its travelers due to its
worthlessness?  Has it lost its travelers due to neglect?  Are you the one to
reopen a direct route?  Or are you the one to wander off into a complex, perhaps
perilous, path?
	Those who are in physical form know the difficulties of transporting
yourself through and around and over geographical obstacles.  Sometimes the
well-worn path is one up the valley, around the ridge, and down the other valley
to reach a destination not very far away from a bird's eye view.  A prophet is
one who can see a new road, who can bore a new tunnel, who can create a more
expeditious path for others to travel.  A prophet leaves dust in the air for
others to take in.  I say all this to emphasize that your own personal pathway,
your own progress, your own relationship with the divine is your, let's call it,
"me factor" and it is highly important.  You have your destination, your
intention, but all along your path you will be kicking up dust and influencing
those around you.
	Last note:  You know that Jesus said, when you are in a village and you
have no open door for the ministry of the gospel, to kick the dust off your
and move on.  Dust of this nature is the experiences you have had and must wash
off to prepare yourself for the accumulation of greater experiences, new dust. 
It is not a judgment upon the worth of those in the village; it is a demarcation
of one form of experience to be had and the movement into a new experience, to
not hold onto those accumulations of your past which no longer give value.
	I have not learned as much as our mighty melchizedeks, but I have learned
one or two things.  One is to attempt to get your message through in due time,
for you are paving all your roads, and my message would have no application in
years to come.
	I thank you for hearing me out.

*	Elyon:  This is Elyon, your homeroom teacher.  I wish to draw you out and
receive from you feedback and comments at this time.

	Jada:  We think of ourselves as composed of body, mind, and spirit.  How do
emotions fit in to that?

*	Elyon:  Emotions are like words to thought, for thought can be clarified
through the construction of a string of phrases that bring meaning to light,
organize thought to bring understanding.  Emotions are the expression of a
form of thought, not thought that reveals itself in word but reveals itself
through feeling.  These emotions describe the source, the source/cause, of your
experience.  They are the effect.  Emotions, like phraseology, can become
confusing.  The simplest are often the most telling where the overly crafted can
lose the original point.  This is the expressive use of emotion.  But emotions
are likewise indicators, as are your senses, that bring information to you that
you may then work over in order to accommodate yourself better to a response
is approaching you, an experience that is approaching you in your environment. 
But just as words require musculature, a neural network, and hearing
apparatus to
be effective, so emotions are linked to your physical organism.
	You know your expression that says such a person "runs on at the mouth". 
Emotions can likewise run on.  Here is where one benefits from understanding the
cause and, more importantly, recognizing the importance, the value, of
thought or sensory triggered emotions that are now in a chemical outplay.
	An emotion is as great an assistance to the upward climb of the soul as is
an inspired thought when appropriately accommodated.
	My friends, I too wish the blessing upon you of peace of the master.  He
walks alongside you, factually dwells within you as your brother, as your guide,
as a luminous beacon of truth, a profoundly personal counselor, and a loving
parent.  Ever trust his overcare.  Be not hesitant to tug at his shirtsleeve and
draw his attention.  Michael may be a sovereign; he may rule a universe, but he
is capable of being in personal contact with each one of you always.  No one of
us is capable of such an expansive ministry.  We all can only minister one
on one
as he exemplified in his mortal life.  But do not ever feel you must wait your
turn to be with the master, or that your turn is taking away from an important
meeting with another.  All have equal value to the master.

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