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March 23, 2001

Prayer by Alana (Bill): I am Alana. Greetings my dear friends. As you
hold hands you enjoy the intimacy of love for your physical contact is one
of the most powerful ways to connect with another brother or sister. Let
us adore Michael and Nebadonia.

Dear Father and Mother: I join with these children in lifting up our
hearts, our heart rooms, to your glorious presence. I thank you that the
spirit of both of you is our companion filling our minds even as the Father
in Paradise is present tonight. May light shine down and fill each of
these precious ones with your incredible presence, and may they leave this
lovely place refreshed, emboldened, and empowered. So be it, dear parents.

Daniel (Bill): This is your teacher, Daniel, your guide, your friend and
your stalwart companion. Yes, my friends, your conversation takes on more
and more interest to us for it is evident that you are beginning to see
through the veil, that you are sensing more and more the realities which
you can't be sure of from the physical side, but attain assurance from the
spiritual side. The importance of these things is not in the realm of
psychic phenomenon.

This is not significant because you have gained paranormal sensory
experiences. It is important because it teaches you that your aren't
alone; that the universe is not a cosmic accident, but rather it is the
friendly neighborhood of all God's children, of which mortals are the
lowest form of intelligence. [Laughter.] I, too, am a mortal ascendant,
so that I say these words not to shame you but rather to remind you of the
extent of the greatness of God's love that reaches from the heights of
Paradise to the depths of evolutionary animal existence so that you may in
the return home experience all of the diversity and distance between that
which is perfect and that which begins in complete imperfection. You are
learning with the text as your first introduction, that contrary to your
isolation beliefs, the universe is full of loving intelligences, various
orders of created beings, who among other things are your brothers and
sisters in the Spirit, and that the ascension career is a major objective
of the universe which is evolving into Supremacy completion. Gain from
these unusual experiences the confidence that you are loved, looked after,
cared for, assisted, and so greatly cherished.

Yes, it is possible for you to experience in altered states of
consciousness, e.g. sleep and dreaming, contact with experiences which you
have never had before. You must be careful not to assume that every
unusual urge or leading is from the spiritual world, for you also have to
remember that you have a mind with both unconscious and superconscious
levels. Evaluate the value of any paranormal experience, like an unusual
dream or vision, from the perspective of the guidelines in your text. Does
this experience bring you closer to God? Does this experience increase
your desire to serve another human being, a brother or sister? Does this
experience increase your humility instead of inflating your ego? Does this
experience increase your faith? This evaluation can help you decide
whether you are subject to the electro-chemical fluctuations of your
physical nature only, or whether you possibly have had an unusual, but
valid spiritual experience.

We have told you many times of the myriads of spiritual and morontial
beings that surround you now that the flood gates of the planet have been
opened in Michael's Correcting Time mission, and it will only be a few
short years before you will all know this firsthand as ascendant beings.
In the meantime, my friends, we have such needful work to do. Your mortal
careers are more important than you believe. I insist on telling you this.
They are so important! Everyday is a precious gift, my dears. Everyday
the sun rises upon you to greet you just as it does the wealthiest person
on this planet. Everyday God's love shines down as faithful as the sun on
all of you. Everyday the opportunity to smile, to greet another person in
a friendly manner, to do a kind act, to turn away angry thoughts, these
opportunities are there for you. When you rise in the morning let the Son
of righteousness rise in your mind. Let the spirit of Jesus, Christ
Michael, flood you with the same joy that he experienced when he trod upon
this planet. His joy, his meat, was to do the will of God because he knew
the Father, because to do the will of the Father was to make the finest,
most perfect, most wonderful choice that he could, and therefor that you
and I can make.

The spring is coming to your lovely cities. The earth is beginning to
yield to the caress of the sun and the warmth of the air, and the
vegetation, the flowers and the trees are all about to bring forth their
annual glorious banquet of color, smell and visual beauty; but I tell you,
my dears, everyday is spring in the universe. Everyday is as gorgeous and
new as this springtime is for you. Know that what I tell you is true. I
have completed my extemporaneous remarks. We can discuss anything that you
desire. The floor is open.

Ken: Daniel, once the evolving Supreme of the universe is complete, does
the universe continue to expand? Will it continue to have evolutionary

Daniel Bill): Kenneth, my good friend: you are asking a question which I
feel somewhat a novice to answer for that kind of discussion is generally
more the fare of the universe philosophers, and is taught in regular
discussion in its fullest extent on Paradise.

However it is believed, and I have been taught, that upon the completion
of the Supreme, that this perfected universe will be the platform for the
next stage of universe development, the next universe age, the Age of the
Absonite, as contrasted with the finite. And it is believed and we are
taught that we, having achieved perfection as Finaliters and the Supreme
Being perfected in the almighty power of God the Supreme, that we will be
involved in the administration of the next universe level of reality which
involves the master universe moving toward its maturity in transcendental
completion. We do think about your question because we will be involved,
at least this is the belief that I have been given. Does this give you
some help with your question?

Ken: Just some food to chew on. Thank you much, Daniel.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, my friend. I appreciate your willingness to ask some
tough questions at times for it does provide a stimulus not only to us here
in the role of teachers, but also of interest to your brothers and sisters.

I would make one divergent comment. I used the term ‘administrator' which
in some people's minds is synonymous with clowning and inept functioning.
Do not allow your Urantia-based experience to forever darken a good
concept, e.g. the need for administration, for indeed it is one of the
functions of God, the First Source and Center, to administer his universe.
He of course does it with perfection. The administrator role that we shall
be given will be based upon our faithfulness in learning experiences
necessary to do a good job, just as is done in the course of everyday life
in your experience. Our administrators do not create paperwork or other
unnecessary procedures for the purpose of passing the time of day.
[Laughter.] They are grappling with the problems inherent in the
evolutionary development of this evolving universe. Another question or

Bob S: I think my question follows right along with what you are saying,
Daniel, regarding your earlier comment about the importance of physical
existence. When you say how it is extremely important that we understand
the importance of our physical existence, then why don't we know that? Why
isn't that part of our understanding, if what you say is true? ( And I have
no doubt that it is.) Why is that kept from us? Why are we not told that?
Why isn't that the eleventh commandment, or something like that?

Daniel (Bill): Your question is enormous [Laugher.] in its ramifications,
my friend. There are many reasons, one of which I will start with, and
that is this: this planet, as you know, has been under quarantine. It has
not had the normal channels and lines of communications available to it as
other planets have. At the same time it has not been bereft of care for it
has in fact been given the one in ten millionth opportunity resulting from
the Creator Son's own bestowal mission. Your lack of an Adam and Eve and
of an efficient worldwide government, that would have been established by
now had the default not occurred, has limited this information greatly.

The second reason is that in the history of Urantia there has been a great
struggle over the meaning of life, with those who have seen human beings as
just the smartest of the primates, an animal with no inherent value, on one
side of the spectrum, while on the other side there have been those who
have over emphasized the value of humanity, and by contrast de-emphasized
the rest of the world so that human beings are given the lordship of the
planet to use as they wish rather than the stewardship of the planet to
care for as God desires. Between the two points of view there are all
sorts of middle grounds.

Another factor has been the fact that many religions have embraced the
idea of original sin, human debasement and human depravity. This
debasement and depravity of man leads many to conclude that life in the
flesh is at best a trial, and to get on with the next life is far more

Those are only three out of probably thirty reasons that come to mind. I
will touch on one more. Another one is the prevalent intellectual laziness
of most people. To ask this hard question and ask it in a thorough manner
is difficult, and few people want to make the effort. They would rather
watch a sitcom [laughter] or take a good meal in a restaurant or read a
good book, one that is not too heavy nor thought provoking. So there [are]
four reasons that I hope will assist you in your thinking. Perhaps you
have some ideas, my friend, to contribute to the theater of conversation?

Bob S: I did have one thought: that in the darkness of the history of this
planet, if a person can figure that out, how important [physical] life is
and treat it as such, that person has certainly learned something that
gives them a leg-up or perhaps insight into other avenues that would
encourage them to get more serious with their spiritual development, and
might motivate them to open the next door when it comes along.

Daniel (Bill): Indeed, this enlightenment is a process, as you describe it,
the opening of one door and walking down the path to the next, and so forth.

You see, one of the things that your Christian culture is woefully
ignorant of is the value of other cultures and religions. Your Christian
culture has assumed that it has, if not all the answers a large majority,
that it knows more and is in better favor with God than the rest of the
planet. This is totally erroneous. It is true that Christianity embodies
more of the teaching of Michael, Jesus of Nazareth, than other religions,
but there is so much value in other religions which is only now being
understood, for example the [earth] stewardship concept which Native
Americans have understood for centuries. This time of enlightenment is
seeing the bringing together of truth from throughout Urantia, and your
technology, the Internet, the possibility for travel worldwide, for some at
least, these things are having a significant, positive effect.

The biggest problem that your American culture faces is preoccupation with
the trivial, with an inversion of values, so that the least important is
often exalted as the most important. You people, who know better, are salt
to preserve that which is good. You are leaven to infect the loaf with the
yeast of life so that the culture of this United States, where you live,
can expand and grow. You are also the light to show the way, to lighten up
the dark corners, to focus on that which is important. You know all this.
I don't say these things because you are ignorant. I say them because your
are beginning to really believe this.

Thank you, brothers Ken and Bob, for your questions. Are there any other
concerns? (Pause.) My dears, I have once again poured out my soul to you.
I have made my impassioned pleas. I have loved you. I have put my arms
around you and given you each a hug, and your personal teachers are doing
the same.
Let us stand and once again extend our arms around the person on each side
as we conclude this meeting. Klarixiska desires to offer the final prayer.

Klarixiska (Virginia): Father, First Source and Center, may the arms that
are extended around one another here be a symbol of the arms that cannot be
seen by these mortals, but that go with them in their work place, in their
homes, in their play times, in their difficult times, in their happy times.
May the arms of the First Source and Center be realized in their lives,
that they indeed might know that this life is most important. They have
all the support needed to help them to be the expression of your truth,
your beauty, your goodness. Help them not to falter, but continue to do
the good, the leaven that is needed. Help them to know that the salt may
not be what someone would want, but it is the salt needed for flavor and
for growth. We thank you, the unseen teachers, for the opportunity we have
to serve you and to serve our brothers and sisters. Help us to be alert,
to be in their minds at the right time, to encourage them, for your love to
be expressed in their lives. Amen.

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