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North Idaho Teacher Group
Topics: Many Circles, Training and Testing, As You pass By.
Teachers: Elyon, Aaron, Timothy

March 11, 2001

*	Elyon (Mark TR):  I bring you my greetings, this is your friend and
associate Elyon, pleased to be with you again today to interject some thoughts
around the subject of circles.
	It is helpful to perspectives at times to gaze from your vantage point out
and attempt to perceive how many different circles you are a part of in your
existence.  As we share this moment together we are a circle of friends.  As you
go out from this place today you pass through many different scenarios in which
you are a part of a circle of individuals who all share some factor in common. 
You all are part of many circles, from circles of gender to circles of physical
location.  You belong to circles of your neighborhood, a circle of your
state, of
your country, even of your planet.  You belong to the circle who comprise the
driving population.  You belong to many circles which contain a vast cross
section of the individuals on your world.  If you take a moment to analyze some
of these circles you will see that, while at times you may feel isolated in your
experience, you share aspects of your experience with an ever widening circle of
humanity.  There are few experiences to be had on your world which are truly
singular.  Most experiences available in this classroom are available to all and
are shared by others.  Therefore, when you feel isolated, secluded from the
mainstream or from the reality you think that others are experiencing, it is
helpful to remember that you are a part of their circle in some ways and a part
of other circles in other ways.  You may overlap and share aspects of many
different circles comprising your total experience.
	You will grow to manifest discernment in the promotion of some circles of
your exposure over other circles you deem less significant.  You may choose to
spend your time immersed in circles promoting your spiritual growth as you
determine what these circles are and prioritize your time available.  Viewing
yourself as part of these many circles which overlap you provides you with a
concrete avenue to claim valid the experiences within the circle, to add
these to
your personal experiences, your personal sphere of influence.
	Now I would offer that we take a different perspective and, rather than
seeing these circles as overlapping you and providing you with necessary
experience, let us view you as a powerful, colorful influence.  When your
presence is exerted into these differing circles it may actually add color,
spice.  It may elevate the entire circle by your very presence and
orientation to
the experience.  So, not only do these many avenues, these many circles,
encompass you, you are adding flavor and color to these circles as well.  Your
presence is significant within these circles, as it makes a real difference when
an individual acts in faith and assurance within these circles.
	Enough playing with circles.  There are others who would welcome this
avenue of communication, and I gladly step aside to make room.  Thank you.

*	Aaron (Jonathan):  Hello to you all, this is Aaron.  I greet you as an old
friend as well as one who is recently re-engaged with you.  I have a few
words to
	You are involved in a twofold process that will be continued through your
morontia experience and through your spirit level and Havona level adventures. 
Two words best describe this process: training and testing.
	You have read in the text about your morontia training.  Training is not
obedience school where you are disciplined by another entity to perform in an
expected manner.  Training is rather the practice of the development of skills
you choose to acquire.  In the course of acquiring these skills there will be
efforts made that are apparent failures, though in reality they are building
blocks toward skill accomplishment.  This is the inflow aspect of this twofold
process, where you accumulate within your soul experiences derived from learning
to interface with reality at your level of spiritual maturity at any given point
in your ascension.  It is the teaching of oneself, albeit you are always engaged
in relationship with many others, some more advanced, some seeking your
Everyone in association contributes to one another's training.  On Urantia you
are training yourself in the exercise of faith and trust and love.
	The second aspect of this process, testing, is where you apply, express,
your accumulated training.  Here is where you discover the appropriateness of
your chosen path, its immediate application, or discern a longer range
perspective that will encourage you to continue training over the long haul such
that you will reach the goal.  Testing is how you determine your mark along the
path.  Testing is not like your educational programs wherein you are queried and
graded as "pass" or "fail".  It is your own method for determining how well you
are doing.  It is more like an experiment where you can discern the relative
level of completeness in your skill development.
	It will not be until the rest of Paradise has transpired that this training
and testing will truly be put to work.  This is why we counsel you to be joyful
and lighthearted in your ascension because all that you do now, important as it
is in your foundation toward preparing to stand before the Father of all,
everything is meant as an interim step to reach your goal.
	The strict guideline, to be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect, has
allowed great breadth for free will to experiment and to give the Father the
experience of many creatures adapting universe reality and discovering a new
personal reality unique in its relationship to the totality of all things.  Your
training is a method of discovery.  Your testing is the means whereby you may
express.  Some of these intervals will no longer serve you as the ages unfold,
but I hope that you can imagine that when we all embark upon the great phase of
ultimate experience, how assured we all will feel at having undergone this great
period of training and testing.
	No one stands over you judging the degree of your success.  Everyone stands
with you encouraging and aiding.  Always be ready to approach your fellows as a
resource for you to become more developed, more skilled in applying yourself
spiritually to the universe around you.
	Thank you for having me in attendance today.

	Gloria:  Am I doing okay with the reflective healing work?  Is there
anything else I could do to become more acquainted with it?
*	Aaron:  I offer the advice that your desire to become more acquainted will
result from continued practice to maintain your enthusiasm.  Deeper
will grow from you endeavor to be engaged in this manner, for there is no real
source of literature wherein you may glean the insights of others.  You are a
pioneer.  This form of spiritual development is much needed on this world, would
have been a natural part of the constitution of humankind had the planet
progressed as it was intended.
	There are three elements: yourself, the receiver of healing, and the
presence of the Father.  This circuitry is your fundamental and most powerful
platform.  Know always that in times of insecurity the Almighty is involved, the
Great Orchestrator who can compensate for a deficiency, that even the
receiver of
the energy flow will be guided and aided by the Father's tender care.
	Gloria:  I think I am finally catching on.  I'm not having to do so much
work.  I love it.  I gather that it is all from within in the receiving of the
ministration.  I haven't heard of anyone else doing it.
*	Aaron:  Your insights indicate your development.  Even the term
"reflective" holds the secret of the process, as you have said that you are the
reflector of the energy received and passed.  It does lift the burden from the
feeling that one must be the work horse when in reality it is the Father's work
force that bounces off your willing conductivity node and lodges itself in the
energy field of the receiving party.  Your willingness is held in high regard by
those who are working with you.
	Gloria:  The last couple years of work on the electrical/magnetic circuitry
within me is the reason for the opening up of spiritual electricity.
*	Aaron:  Yes, we have upgraded you from aluminum to copper wiring and are
working on gold circuitry.
	Gloria:  That's what if feels like.  Thank you so much.
	Mark:  I hope we are all accessing wiring upgrades to make us more
receptive, more open to direction.
*	Aaron:  And we appreciate your willingness to brush off the tarnish to make
connections stronger that the amperage can be withstood.

	Mark:  The more spiritual I get, the more prominent is the feeling of
isolation from my fellows.  I can share my innermost side with fewer people. 
That's why I feel good coming to a circle like this where we talk in the spirit.
*	Aaron:  This is a natural process that you are experiencing and carries
over into other circles than spiritual advancement.  A musician recognizes, as
does a dancer or even an orator, that a degree of skill has been acquired
that is
not readily shared equally by another using the same medium.  One does rise up
the pyramid of the host of beings making efforts to excel, and there are
fewer at
your level.  But this is only true in the realm of the realm of the visible and
the tangible as it is in regard to your current condition as a physically
human being, for, expanding this pyramidal view to encompass the entire
everyone of us - and I include myself -- are at the bottom of a huge circle of
	One of the reasons we emphasize stillness is so you begin to draw
confidence from the inner realm and to receive assurance likewise, for you may
not receive this feedback in your environment.
	The apostle of old encouraged all to join in congregation and to share in
fellowship, and it is sad to note that this has become a rule that you ought to
go to church.  But the truth underlying the statement is that you do benefit
the association of like folk.  That particular circle is sustaining and
encouraging.  This is why we teachers join with you joyfully and willingly each
time you seek to include us in your fellowship.
	Mark: I have the selfish desire to go off to the corner of the playground
and pal with you teachers and not play with the other kids.  It's attractive to
be in the spirit with you and the friends who will be there with me and less
attractive to go play other games.
*	Aaron:  This is understandable, but I must admonish you to take my lesson
of testing to heart, for it is with the other kids on the playground that you
have the opportunity to test your abilities.  Even the original apostles were
thrilled at the discovery of abilities in themselves they knew not of until they
went about preaching the gospel as the master had instructed them to do.
	Cherish the fellowship and look with a skillful eye towards methods and
means wherein you may touch another spiritually and do so incrementally.  It
is a
wise teacher who knows how much information or knowledge or insight to impart,
withholding a far grander, broader, viewpoint so the student may assimilate a
small point, even at the risk of confusion, deferring to another date when the
broader understanding may be acquired.
	Mark:  Thank you very much.  I will play with the other kids, too.

*	Timothy (Ginnie):  I have a few words to add.
	Your ministry comprises more than words, more than lofty thoughts, more
than elevated conversation.  There is a lot you can do as you pass by that will
make a great influence on the ones that come near you.  There is always time for
a smile, a touch, a greeting, many more opportunities for those small acts of
kindness than for you to stand on your soapbox.  Be aware of the small
opportunities to be influential to those you pass by.  You tend to elicit a
tendency to value only those extraordinary times when the spirit touches you and
you expound. but also  the small moments of personal contact t have a great
influence on those with whom you associate.  Those moments are around you
all the
time.   The universe abounds with opportunities to perform the small act, small
in one sense and very large in another.
	This is Timothy.  I greet you all today and am pleased to be with you
again.  Thank you.

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