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March 9, 2001

Prayer by Daniel (Bill): We are grateful, Our Father, for all your gifts:
the gift of human friendship; the gift of brotherhood and sisterhood; the
gift of ascension potential; the gift of diversity that manifests itself
throughout our creation. Tonight we treasure our time with these, our
younger brothers and sisters, and ask that we be guided in our instruction
and our thinking together, as well as enjoy the mutual upliftment of our
common spiritual rejoicing. We ask this in the name of Michael, our
Sovereign. Amen.

Daniel (Bill): Dear friends: I am eagerly present with you this evening on
the edge, as it is, of excitement, for your joyous comments indicate to me
that your souls are ready to absorb more energy from our common Source. I
have been waiting until we had a larger company to continue my series on
self-esteem, and tonight I cannot be restrained any longer. [Laughter.]
So we shall proceed, my friends.

With God the Supreme the important thing is to do. With God the Father
the important thing is to be a son or a daughter. We have spent long
discussion on your inherent status, both by virtue of your physical
creation, mindal endowment and spiritual indwelling, all of which regards
your status as children of the eternal God. This is the origin of your
self-respect. It is a reflection of your reality as God's child.

Tonight, I wish to switch gears and talk about self-respect, self-esteem as
it related to doing the work. It is well known on your planet that
meaningful work is essential to maintaining self-esteem however that work
my be defined and in whatever context that work may be done. The most
severe punishment that can be meted out, the cruelest thing that can be
imagined, is for an able bodied, mentally alert individual to be deprived
of meaningful activities, meaningful service opportunity, meaningful
employment of time. It is erroneous to ignore this, and to affirm that all
inherent value is in beingness. There is also inherent value in work.

What do I mean by work? Our Master said, ‘My Father works, and I work
also.' Work is creation. It is bringing into actuality that which is only
latent and potential. It is a divine attribute. To labor is God-like,
because it is God's will that all that is potential shall become actual.
Therefor does it become of the highest value to cooperate in that
co-creation from potential to actual. The work that you do on this planet,
as it is usually understood, is but a pale reflection of the higher concept
of work that I am talking about now. It is, however, of value, and
necessary for this planetary society to function.

Your compassion for the handicapped has provided much sustenance and
compensation for the accidents of time and the arbitrariness of nature to
these unfortunate ones, although it has been at times abused so that
dependency has been created. And the result is a great lack and lowering
of self-respect for those individuals who have found themselves entrapped
in that dependency cycle.

On planets that have reached the beginning stages of Light and Life,
idleness is virtually nonexistent. There, the understanding of work has
been transformed beyond the mere maintenance activity required for income,
beyond even the more advanced activity which is the expression of
preference, doing what one likes to do. At the level of entry to Light and
Life the work is essential service to other people. The work that one does
to maintain their standard of living is very brief in contrast to your
hours of labor. Two-hours a day in some cases are sufficient to provide
those material needs, while the rest of one's time can be spent in
spiritual enhancement for oneself and service to other brothers and sisters.

Work is not something that will be dispensed with once the mortal life is
completed. Oh no, work will be transformed to a higher and higher level.
And here is the inherent self-worth, my friends, to work as a partner with
God. To work in co-creation, in its spiritual upliftment, is to be in
partnership with the Divine.

Now, you have in your society the "unemployed." What they need while they
wait for means of earning a living is to fill their time with other kinds
of work. This applies also to those who are "retired." [Snickering from
retired group members.] You all need to be working in the higher sense:
bringing the potential to the actual; serving yourself and your brothers
and sisters where the real needs are; allowing God's love to move through
you and, in the process of moving through you, enhancing you, as your allow
it then to reach out to others.

Remember that our Lord did many kinds of work for which he was paid in
order for him to support his family. He was a carpenter, a boat-builder, a
fisherman, a caravan leader, a teacher, a philosopher, but always were his
"vocations" under-pinned by his real work which was to do the will of God.
His work in doing the will of God was to serve his brothers and sisters,
and to reveal, in that service, the same God and Father of us all.

Our work is to be co-creators with God of our own souls, of our own
destinies, and to be craftsmen and crafts-women with others, with their
cooperation and their consent.

I believe that I have presented the basic concept here, and I will now
stop and allow you therefor to ask questions or make comments. Interact as
you wish. The floor is yours.

Virginia: Maybe just a comment, Daniel, in that you had said that one of
the most horrible punishments was to not be able to help someone. And it
immediately came to mind Dickens' Christmas Carroll in which the partner
was chained and not able to help the children that he saw. And also
Abraham's bosom where he says go back and tell. I think it would be awful
to see someone hungry and not be able to share. That was a very vivid
picture for me.

Daniel (Bill): But fortunately, Virginia, Dickens' imagination of the
after-life is incorrect.

Virginia: Yes, I'm glad too. [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Yes, because those things that have not been completed in
this life are not forever unavailable. With some few exceptions, all
deficiencies can be addressed and made up. When I referred to not being
able to work as a punishment, that was perhaps an unfortunate choice of
words for there is no punisher responsible for such a condition. What I
mean was for a person to not have discovered what creative thing they can
do, whether or not they earn money from it, is to deprive them of a major
portion of their human experience—to be co-creator with God with some
worthy enterprise, if nothing more than their own soul. And yet there are
so many who are in this prison of unbelief, not knowing that the universe
is purposeful and loving, and eternal in its destinies. They languish in
the presence of the bread of life and the water thereof, and how we
teachers grieve and desire to help this planet, these people who are so
lost in darkness, find meaning and purpose, but we can't do it directly.
Only you mortals can do this. We will do our best to encourage you.

Lori: Well, Daniel, I'll talk. As an artist, and I think a lot of artists
feel this way, I have always felt that my pieces are co-created. I'm very
confident in that, and they embody the spirit. But lately I feel I am
being led to feel the separation that a studio artist has from people,
meaning that the time it takes by yourself to create pieces may compromise
what you can do service-wise, that maybe personally I might need more
balance. Is this going on? Am I being gently prodded into branching out a
bit more to be with people, which as you know, I really like to be alone
and create? It almost feels like a compromise to have to go into the world
a lot of times.

Daniel (Bill): Lori, my dear, I am not authorized to directly answer your
question. [Laughter and comments.] But I would like to address it. These
are my words. You have good contact with your divine Indweller, your
Thought Adjuster. You are committed to doing the will of God. You are
more and more aware of your human propensities, your natural tendencies,
and therefor you are capable of discerning the answer to this question you
pose. In your query to me I think I feel the implied answer that is, "You
know that you know". Jesus, while not the template, is still the
inspiration. Recall that he moved from one pole to the other, the pole of
being by himself to the pole of being with other people. Also recall that
he got tired of people and desired rest, and had difficulty getting away at
times. In order for him to be successful in his retreat, he had to
literally disappear into the hills, where often his friends went looking
for him. What this suggests is...there is no easy answer. Even in the
life of our Master Son, this was an area of challenge for him. Therefor,
if you feel that you are being led in the direction of more involvement,
bring that to your stillness and you will be given conformation. I have no
doubt that you will be successful. These are my words.

Lori: Thank you. I knew you "knew I knew". [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Remember, Lori, that the work of making jewelry is really
akin to the work of boat building in a sense, or the work that many do.
You, as an artist, have a more discretely defined area of artistic endeavor
than some others; but truly what I was trying to explain to you all, was
that all of your work can have artistic dimensions in that you are
co-creating. This is art, and your work is not limited to that which your
culture defines as work. Certainly parenting is the most important work
that you do, those of you who have your own children; and parenting other
people's children probably the second most important thing which you can
do. The third most important thing would be service to other adults.
However, also, taking care of your own needs is right in there in the mix.
Has this assisted you at all?

Lori: Yes, for me I see that we all have a job, or jobs, and to do our best
is God's work, and to take the opportunities that the job provides to do
more of God's work, all works in synchronicity into one big, beautiful
picture. It's on a multi-level: do the job, the job will do the work, you
do the work. It's a great thing.

Daniel (Bill): Thank you. That was very well stated.

Now I would like to conclude this lesson with one final paragraph as it
were. This is the big picture. The work that we do is like concentric
circles. It begins with the work that we do on our own soul. It spreads
to those immediately around us, our family and our friends. It spreads to
the society we are part of. It spreads to the planet that we are domiciled
on. It spreads to the larger universe, but ultimately reaches the level of
the total, the emergence of the Almighty Supreme, the finite God of Time
and Space. All of our creation, co-creation, is part of that emerging
deity. That's the big picture. You will understand it somewhat better
when you are on the other side of the curtain, but even we are only dimly
aware of what it means to be a part of the Supreme. But when supremacy is
complete, and when God the Supreme manifests in his fullness, we all, who
are connected to parts of that emerging Deity, will know. We will share
that consciousness at that moment of completion. This is incomprehensible.
Nevertheless, this is what we are taught. All diversity, all the beauty,
the texture of creation, will be manifest in its completion. The art that
you do with your hands, that you sing with your voice, that you create with
your mind is just a tiny shadow of this incredible reality. Our minds are
too small at this point to understand, and so our work is a joy, is a
privilege. It is a divine gift. Enough said.

If there are no further comments, then I would ask you all to stand so
that we can close our meeting. I would ask you to place your arms around
the waist of your neighbor. Klarixiska desires to lead us in prayer.

Prayer by Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Father of all creation, we first of all would thank you that each of these
mortals have been created by you for your joy, for their fulfillment in
you. We would ask that, as they go their separate ways, they will be more
aware of the opportunity to share your truth, your beauty, and your
goodness not as an evangel shouting from a mountain or a box or a trumpet
in their hands, but rather in the still small voice that people will listen
to and hear. May their creative hearts and minds be at work this week
because they know the love that indwells them. We thank you for this
planet, for our Sovereign Michael, and for the love that you give us moment
by moment. Amen.
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