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DATE:  March 10, 2001
LOCATION:  Spokane, Washington
T/R:  Gerdean

AARON:  Good afternoon, family.  I am Aaron.  I'm glad to be able to enter 
into your consciousness, into your domain, and make myself at home and know 
that I am a liaison, if you will, between your range of comprehension and the 
breadth/ range of perspective that flanks me here in the ethers of a less 
corporeal environment.  I've enjoyed associating with my peers and observing 
how you bring forth your enthusiasm and perspectives in full faith of their 
reality potential.  You are reflecting a face of divinity when you do that.  
I would like to bring in the face of divinity in our new friend, a female 
friend indeed, in partial response to our request not long ago for a feminine 
presence to help counter-balance the triumvirate of Tomas, Aaron and Paulo.  

DOLORES:  I am Dolores.

THOROAH:  Dolores.  Nice to meet you.

DOLORES:  Nice to meet you, too, my friend.  I'm not certain what I'm going 
to  do while in your midst because I'm not an official instructor.  You girls 
will understand when I say, "I'm just a woman."  I've come to offer my energy 
and presence and value, and perhaps I can introduce you to some of your 
siblings and open up your minds to the idea of the assistance of the angelic 
corp from another perspective.

The midwayers, of course, are within your grasp, as it were, inasmuch as they 
are regarded as material, being certainly quasi-material.  And so are 
cherubim and sanobim, in particular some specific orders and levels of 
operation of this branch of seraphim that are similar to the midwayers and 
provide a great deal of assistance and support in your work of the realm that 
has to do with the spirit.  Of course I must good-naturedly laugh here, for 
you have become so sophisocated in your recent enlightenment that you have 
nearly learned to take the spirit workers for granted.  

But the truth is, you have only taken for granted the concept, and not the 
reality of it at all.  This s will come  as you actualize your 
intellectualizations and creative imaginings in and through your  search for 
enhanced truth, beauty and goodness in your desire to know God better and all 
of His creation and, of course, your own individual relationship with any and 
all such beings.  If, as and whenever possible.  

Aaron indicates he is a liaison today in between the two realms of visible 
and invisible.  But let's launch our comprehension far beyond the physical 
and literal perception of "vision" to incorporate our mind's eye and that 
third eye which perceives without seeing.  Thus we have a far greater 
panorama of the possibilities of personality that portray the qualities of 
divinity in their lives, their order of being, their work in and with the 
other ministering spirits in the local universes of time and space, as 
helpers to the angelic corp and other realities.

Cherubim and sanobim are not much up from the level of midwayers, primary 
midwayers, and perhaps even more accessible.  Their influence is felt in the 
literal worlds, material worlds such as  Urantia.  It's another instance of 
how experience reaches back to clasp the hand of inexperience and draw it 
forward into a greater realization.  

The animal mind likes things nice and simple, and the more complicated life 
becomes, the more necessary it would seem for the mind to focus on that which 
can be understood.  The world is changing so fast and your perspectives are 
summer-saulting, constantly adjusting, as if there were no time left to lose. 
 But the sanctuary of Stillness, the convergence of your consciousness with 
something greater is something that restores the essential simplicy that will 
give you peace, the peace that passes all understanding.  In this way it is 
possible for you who live such busy lives to assimilate and process your 
experiences so that that which has value can be gleaned and that which has 
been mere packaging can be discarded.

THOROAH:  We are definitely a packaging-oriented culture.

DOLORES:  Indeed you are in more ways than one and I will let the fellows 
take up the subject of your packaging, if that is to be done.  I am fully 
aware of how much effort is involved in edifying you all of your own attempts 
to package yourself in such a way as to make yourself presentable by your 
personal teachers and spirit guides.  Some of your skills at packaging are so 
elemental as to be mechanical and unable to be reconditioned, but that which 
can be revealed to you as a conditioned response to life can be understood in 
your attempts to know yourself, and thus invest your best qualities in 
perfecting yourself while letting those lesser personality dependency traits 
fall along the wayside as if they were things from childhood to be set aside 
as you enter adulthood.

I would never, however, ask you to abuse or abandon those remnants of your 
childlike nature that give rise to secure satisfaction of living, memories 
from your early childhood development and family life, much like those 
trophies from high school sports, and stuffed animals such as teddy bears and 
rabbits and dolls, comfort little ones.  To know yourself is not to evolve 
away from yourself.  It is also to assimilate who you are and nurture who you 
are, even your humanness when it is satisfying, healthy, productive, plump 
and joyful.  

I guess perhaps this might be why I've been called in - because it's somehow 
appropriate for me to bring you around the nursery or to understand your 
"little" aspects as being worthy of cherishing rather than disciplining.  As 
if I am going to see you in your immaturity as if you were children who 
haven't learned, rather than as brats who ought to know better.  I believe 
both instances are very probable, but I prefer to reflect my perception of 
the Divine Minister, which will suffice for me at least until such time as I 
am taught otherwise.  And that, in fact, is my own endearing and childlike 
nature, my own innocence and my own childlike trust in goodness, even in your 
goodness, your true beauty, and your healthy truth.  

We are all a part of your extended family.  I am your relative.  You come to 
us in these meetings and you are in the family reunion of all time.  We have 
nothing but aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, cousins and kin who want 
to take an interest in your life and help direct you through our wisdom into 
those paths of enterprise and ambition that are your heart's desire and that 
will invigorate your courage and bring you into accomplishment.  A healthy 
family, all connected by and through our Father/Brother Michael and his 
counter-part, our Mother/Sister Nebadonia.

"But," I hear you object already, "she has not lived the mortal life!"  And I 
say to you that you are speaking as a material child when you deny her 
sisterhood, for under our Paradise Father we are all children of the Trinity, 
and so our origin, our playpen, our status in the over-all is such that we 
are all your elders, all looking to love you and see you raised up into the 
noble sons and daughters of divinity that you are destined to become, by and 
through our love for you which we know as a result of our Creator's love for 

All this is best understood in the quietude of your soul as you sit in 
Stillness and ponder the embrace of eternity, and feel the comforting 
presence of Deity, of which you are a part.  I am glad to be a part of your 
awareness, and glad that you are a part of my family.  Thank you, Aaron, and 
brothers/ uncles/ teachers for your graciousness.  Good afternoon.

THOROAH:  It's nice to have met you, Dolores.

AARON:  I'll field questions if you have any, or  am willing to play emcee if 
you have any discourses or dialogs you'd like to engage in.  

THOROAH:    Can we have a moment?

AARON:  Yes.  

            PART II :  Aaron

AARON:  I'm Aaron and I'm playing the host this afternoon.  I am, however, 
flanked by all who will and many who must, so … I and we have been immensely 
enjoying your speculations and your acknowledgement of your ignorance.  It's 
always an odd event in time and eternity to witness a mortal understand his 
appropriate sense of smallness.  This gives us great hope and great courage 
on our side also, in that it is very true that you will not proceed/ progress 
into Planetary Government by authority of your own intellect.

Indeed, it is going to have to come about as a result of a thorough-going 
liaison between the mortal intellect and the divine spirit, for your 
archtypes are spirit, and only by assimilating an awareness and a sensitivity 
to spirit guidance and an ear for  spirit counsel are you going to be able to 
proceed anything resembling planetary government in the ideal.  It will 
indeed eventually transpire and it is indeed a natural forthcoming that you 
should be at this point in your own social evolution as to begin to see the 
essential global/planetary need for a system that will be able to operate on 
the behalf of all humanity.  

And appropriately respecting the various organizations, nations, customs, 
cultures and on and on as are inclined to give diversity to the peoples.  But 
still provide them with leadership, the kind of leadership that will be 
forthcoming from your trial and error experiences in explorations of the 
ideals of government.  Socializing being the common denominator, inasmuch as  
relationship is the key, this will take some time, some eras, on your world, 
but if you are a "fast learner", if you are willing to benefit by mistakes 
made by you and others, you will willingly learn and that which you have 
learned, which meets the criteria of intelligent life in the universe, will 
be understood and appreciated by other intelligent life in the universe and 
you will have found fraternity.  In this mutual understanding of what will 
work and what won't.  

But this surely will not happen overnight.  Even so, it is enthralling to 
behold these early stirrings taking place.  Be open to the growth inherent in 
the situation.  And be respectful of your fellow players in the game of life, 
as you see it.  So that the brotherhood of man is enhanced as you advance and 
not set aside as interfering with getting things done.   

It would be a good time for you to begin to ask for administration to open 
your minds eye, if possible.  In suggesting administration, I mean Gabriel, 
and that branch of planetary government that oversees such things, and not 
lose sight in the process of the connection you have with Michael through the 
Melchizedeks.  In other words let us, your Teachers, continue to prepare you 
and walk with you as you proceed to learn how to live amicably among so many 
existing and differing points of view with the diplomacy and affection that 
will be required for you to  be effective in your ideals and goals.

Simply put, I guess it's seeking the Spirit of Truth in the other branch(es) 
of  government, for surely before it's all over and the morontia temple to 
the Father is installed, it will entail a well-balanced presentation of all 
that is a reflection of government on earth as it is in heaven.  

THOROAH:    We can file that under long-term goals.

AARON:  You can file it under long-term goals but you'll have to deal with it 
later today (yes) and tomorrow, ad infinitum.  

THOROAH:  A long term commitment.

AARON:  Of course.  

THOROAH:    We need that reminding every once in awhile.  I know at least I 
do, because I get excited and try to put things into my time frame.  And I'm 
learning - slowly - not to do that.  But the more we put it in the longer 
view, without it discouraging us from our commitment, I think the fewer 
disappoints that we will miss.

AARON:  There are those who would call this "living one day at a time" and 
putting everything you've got into today, as if it were the first day or the 
last day of your life, that eternal NOW kind of a  moment that doesn't have 
to be divorced from yesterday or tomorrow but that does provide satisfaction 
in living that brings all you have ever been, all you are, and all you hope 
to be to the moment.  In this way you, by your living, have added your energy 
to the mix to the perpetuity that is the evolving supreme, and that will be a 
part of immortality - even as you are en route up your alley as other avenues 
and thoroughfares also lead into distant paths for future service destiny.

Ever expansive, and far more than the linear approach as is evidenced in one 
life, even though that one life is a vital and essential and elemental 
important part of the immortality … of the Unqualified Absolute.  <g>

Well, I can see I'm going to monolog if I stay longer.

THOROAH:  We don't mind.

AARON:  It's not my style, however.

THOROAH:    You'd rather have a forum?  Perhaps more questions?  That type of 

AARON:  I'm happiest when you do all the work and I can sit back and listen.

THOROAH:    Well, you're invited to sit around and listen all you want.

AARON:  I and we do, actually, and we take what we get back to our own staff 
meetings, as you've heard, and the local politicians get hold of what's going 
on and they administer accordingly.  

THOROAH:    Well, thank you for the suggestion that we open or request an 
opening in our mind's eye of the administration, because it certainly does 
seem like we are being called to function, and we all know that we have to 
function within our own authority and all of that but at the same time there 
is a harmony and a synchronicity to it all  if we are tuned into what the 
universe broadcast is all about.

AARON:  I'm going to hold off on further remarks for the afternoon, lest I 
have too much to  say and overstep my bounds.  It's been an interesting 
afternoon and I want to thank Dolores for ocming to visit and for your 
investigations into what?  Local political scuttlebutt?  Yes, everybody wants 
to know.

THOROAH:  I have a question.  You don't have to bother with it this week, but 
it's something to consider.  Looking at the RNA/DNA situation with the idea 
that these encodements are being healed or reinstated, it almost seems that 
that is a natural place for this re-encircuitment that's going on comes home. 
 It has metaphysical and physiological affect through the DNA.  I'm wondering 
how much the DNA  replenishment has to do with with the re-encircuitment.

AARON:  Paulo is animated, and I can clearly discern his interest in the 
subject.  I will therefore let him talk about it but he asks to have a week 
to review his notes.

THOROAH:  Granted.  Thank you, Paulo.

AARON:  I've got him penciled in, scheduled for next Saturday then.  See you 

THOROAH:    Thank you.

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