[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Teacher Group 03/04/01

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North Idaho Teaching Mission group
Topics: Faith, Mood, Laughter, Deep Mind
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

March 4, 2001

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  I welcome each of you here today and send greetings
to those who receive our teachings.  I send love and I acknowledge your love of
our Father and your affection for the ministering spirits who are working with
Michael and the melchizedek instructors to bring Urantia one more step closer to
its goal of Light and Life, of peace on earth and goodwill among men.  We
your playful spirit, your laughter and your joy and are inspired by your
insights, your curiosity.  Even your perplexities bring to us confirmation that
you acknowledge the limit of your understanding but do not falter in despair but
rather are stimulated to pursue answer.  It goes without saying that your
personal fellowship is a beautiful configuration that we behold.  I am Elyon. 
Today I would briefly speak on the topic of faith, one that we have returned to
many a time.
	Having done your homework, you are aware that faith is a mode of living; it
is action based.  Though it contains an element of hope, faith is not equivalent
to hope.  Faith not only addresses the future but applies itself to the
I would compare this mode of faith to mood because I observe that all too often
the human mood, that emotion that is playing dominant at any point in time,
is evaluated as a reflection of faith.  I have observed your expressions of
frustration in applying yourself to the practice of stillness and also have been
with you long enough to hear many stories where you recognized that you fell
short in some undertaking wherein you could have been a better representative of
the gospel.  Often, though it may be not as obvious to you, the cause of the
shortcoming has been mood.
	I am one who continually advocates that those apparent negativities that
you encounter are equally positive towards growth, that doubt is not a
shortcoming but an indicator of answers to be found.  To not feel like you are
the child of God that you are does not remove you from that standing before the
Father.  To feel unspiritual does not eliminate the basis of your faith.  Moods
apparently of a contrary fashion that appear to smother your faith are in
indications of where you may increase your skills in the application of faith.
	You know that Michael lived his life completely in faith.  That did not
prevent him from righteousness indignation.  He could weep, feel great sorrow. 
He could be observed to be as though beside himself.  The spectrum of human
emotions is like a pressure relief valve.  It is a form of venting, and I don't
mean this merely in the action of expressing anger or wrath.  But emotion itself
must move, for even your word "motion" is contained within "emotion". It's
dynamic, it must be expressed.  How often have you experienced that when
something strikes you funny it is virtually impossible to suppress laughter or a
smile?  This outpouring is a catalyst for the expression of faith transformed
into the mode of action.  It is also an indicator, a means whereby you may test
the application of your faith in living.
	This emotional fountain, like your sprinklers, can become clogged at one
orifice or another.  It does not mean, this obstruction, that your faith has
faltered, for the pressure of faith is still present.  But there is some
undertaking, some lesson, that you must perform or acquire that will
displace the
obstruction and allow the flow of faith into the actions of your life.
	Truly it is a pleasure to the soul to feel like loving your brothers and
sisters, but it is a revelation of the power of God when you discover the love
for another even when you don't feel like it.  Love is that personality
experience that transcends all conditions of life.  No one definition can
it in entirety, nor can a collection of descriptions describe love fully.  Faith
is love in you acting through you, and your emotions are your feedback
of how you are adapting to the current of love as it passes through your faith
	I will now release this podium for others to be at your service.

*	Jessona (Gerdean):  All right, I will take advantage of the opportunity.  I
am Jessona.  I wish you could see the arena of ministering spirits who honor
gathering.  Today I want you to know Olfana is here and has been indicating her
royal affection, but Gerdean was unwilling to reflect Olfana's presence, for, as
she said, "I don't have that much love in me."  As your friend and teacher,
Jessona, I tell you, yes, you do.  You just have not given yourself
permission to
release it for fear perhaps that you will look foolish.  Do you think that
is foolish in her manifestation of joy, in her radiance, in her smile, in her
embrace of those who fall in line of her purview?
	The essence of faith is such that there is no consideration for the trivial
pursuits of the human mind when the divine mind seeks to overpower you in
transforming that which is small about you into that which is great.  It has
promised you will become more than you are, yet how can you be more than you are
if you won't relinquish that which you are in order to become more than you
Such a fast hold you have on your own configuration.  You reveal a lack of faith
in yourself.  The control that you visit upon yourself is a control also over
that in you which would go beyond your little attempt at being in charge of your
moods, your thoughts, your social graces, your judgments, and so forth.  We
aren't buying it.  We know you better than you know yourselves.  We see your
souls clearly.  Your lights shine radiantly.  Give yourselves a break and have
half as much faith in yourself as you want to have in others and you will
because you will be moved by that which is bigger than your perception of
control.  Just let it go.  Breathe in that which is life itself and in the
exhalation of this breath of life, smile with the radiance of Olfana and embrace
your brethren in spite of themselves and in spite of yourself.  Embrace life
because it is life and for no other reason.
	Laughter is your assignment.  Laugh out loud.  Laugh in the belly.  Laugh
until your face hurts.  Mess up your makeup.  Giggle.  Let the thaw of winter
also thaw out your sense of control over life, that rigidity that keeps you from
bursting out all over with that delight of being.  That's why laughter is the
best medicine; it takes you out of the picture, enables you to laugh at yourself
and the human condition and the foibles and follies of existence.  
	I withdraw.
	Jonathan:  Thank you.  Before you go, in light of control, we get so
importance oriented that we don't savor our accomplishments before adding to our
list another thing to go out and accomplish.  We don't just have fun.  Like
Elyon's analogy of the sprinkler with an obstruction, how do you undo the
obstruction?  Back flow.  Laughter is a back flow, a chance to let off the
constant push and blow it out and start fresh.
*	Jessona:  I am willing to stick around for a compliment.  You are welcome.
	Well, it seems the pipes are thawed.  Are there questions?  Commentary?
	Jonathan:  We've discussed deep mind.  Sivad mentioned our common
connection with Mother Spirit and mind.  There's that deep mind, that deep pool
that is Mother Spirit.  Deep mind is more than my superconscious or
Is this the direction of deep mind?
*	Jessona:  It's a frequency, if you will.  Even the morontia mind which you
have some understanding of is in en route to the great river which is the divine
mind.  Divine mind does much more than think.  You think with this mind you have
been offered that its purpose is to think, yet there is so much more to mind
the thinking process.  Perhaps more accurately the process of thinking covers
greater fields, ranges, options, choices than the mental process that you
identify as thinking.
	When you say, "I don't know  yet.  I'm still thinking about it." it's a
ruminating process.  When you study in school you apply your mind.  You focus
your attention.  You concentrate.  You discipline your thoughts to stay focused
on the subject in order for the facets of realization that surround the concept
to become sufficiently realized as to go on in your brain as a light bulb and
explode as a concept, a reality, that has now engaged itself on a level of
realization in your thinking that has given a new dimension to your thought
capacity.  There are revelations of mind that are given to the mind without such
a struggle, assume a greater grasp, literally, when you let go of the mechanism
of the human brain to allow for that dimension which will spring forth from the
divine mind, that super mind, which transcends the mind on loan.
	In the melchizedek schools you are becoming familiar with morontia mind. 
Morontia mind is a degree of awareness and understanding, actual knowledge that
is an awareness that is fostered and developed but is not calculating.  The
that you go through to find morontia concepts is through the spirit more than
through the mental mechanism.  Indeed you put the mental mechanism to rest in
order for the divine mind to spring up in you and help you realize that supreme
knowledge that will help develop the supermind.  The phrase "deep mind"
enters in
here as if you were on the bottom of a pool looking up through a sheet of ice at
the light outside of the pool.  As if it were a reflection of another world, the
deep mind is only deep if you haven't learned to plummet to the depths of the
mind you have.  Once you have learned to navigate on the bottom of the pool then
it is possible for you to see reflected the greater universe outside that which
is greater mind, cosmic mind, divine mind.  I am afraid the illustration eludes
	Jonathan:  It gives me plenty to reflect upon in the transcript.
*	Jessona:  The illustration is taken from a Star Trek episode in which you,
in your Enterprise see yourself reflected and how do you know which is real?
know which is real by knowing what deep mind is, and then you can see what
mind is in understanding that they are not the same.
	Again I see an illustration of a sculpture called the Thinker.  The guy is
sitting there in a pose that indicates that he has great mental activity going
on.  He's focused completely on what his thought is.  But when you are released
from the restraints of searching in your deep mind, you are able to simply
do and
be as a reflection of a greater reality, that being divinity, than something you
had to think your way through.	Clear as mud.
	Jonathan:  Thank you for the illustration.  I recall the episode.
	Jada:  Then is the deep mind the physical function, the brain, the
calculating part and the divine mind the Mother Spirit?
*	Jessona:  No, the deep mind is en route to divine mind.  Deep mind is not
thinking hard.  Deep mind is a mortal challenge.  The deep mind when you have
translated will be the common mind.
	Jada:  Like the morontia mind?
*	Jessona:  Yes.  As you familiarize yourself even now with morontia
concepts, as that reality gains in your conscious awareness, you find answers
bubbling up without having to think real hard because the reality you seek is a
different sort than that which you used to have to think in order to attain.
	I don't mean to imply that as you ascend you don't have to think; it's just
that your process of thinking here in the material world is specific to your
lifestyle.  You won't have to think there like you do here.  Thus you won't need
the frame of reference for thinking that you have now.  It is also why now we
urge you to explore your deep mind, for it is through the deep mind that the
light of truth will emerge through a greater grasp of the morontia mind.
	Jonathan: Looking at the difference between human and morontia mental
activities, our minds can do more than logical reasoning.  We have intuitive
impressions, feeling, feedback through the nervous system and our senses.  Those
appear to enlarge the mind, using more than one part.  Does this lead us to deep
mind?  Or are those two different things?
*	Jessona:  Two different things.  Also the ministry of the Divine Minister
is in and through the mind.  Those perceptions, those intuitive spurts, these
adjutant mind spirits that contribute to your appreciation of your human
existence are part of mind which are in the long run a part of your thought
processes.  But they too are unrelated to deep mind.
	Deep mind is essentially deep sea diving for the light of the Indwelling
Adjuster.  You don't have to intellectualize your way into the Father's
You don't have to eliminate what He is not in order to find what He is. 
Therefore when someone is in the reserve corps of destiny being trained in their
deep mind, they are being stimulated in their relationship with infinity in some
way as to give them an impression, an understanding, a highlight of a reality
that is going to resound or respond within them when that moment arrives when
their emergency service is called for.  So then, to be in the reserve corps of
destiny you don't have to be a thinker .... may be.  It will emit from you as a
spark, a natural result of your inherent connection.  Indeed it is not necessary
that you even know what is going on.
	Angus:  More Eastern than Western type of thinking.
*	Jessona:  That is certainly a thought, a configuration of thought, that
gives testimony to the different methodologies.  Yes, more Eastern than Western.
	Jonathan:  There's a two way function; if we want to experience deep mind
we would have to let go of some of the superficial mind, not think and describe
ad infinitum what God is, just let that go and sink into deep mind.  Behold, you
are face to face with God.
	Then there's a percolating up from the deep mind, and spirit influence is
divine revelation.  We can direct out through conception, emotion, and translate
that into the world, wicking it up from below.
*	Jessona:  There you are, and as you are in alignment with this upsurge of
thought your realities commingle such that ultimately the mind of God is yours. 
You can begin the practice even now if you are willing to set aside your
dependency on your own thinking mechanism to trust instead the "mind of Christ"
which will help you in your faith and in your joy.
	Tom:  Was that Jessona or Elyon?
*	Jessona:  Jessona.  I have become guilty by association.  I have however
transcended my tidepool for I have no shame in my guilt.
	Have we all gone into thinking now about how we get closer to God such that
we have frozen our faith once again?  This is the difficulty with dwelling
in the
mental arena at length and why I have instructed you to practice humor in your
comings and goings for the rest of the week, which is not to say that
thinking is
not important or that mental reflection is not important, that mental peace and
poise are not important.  It's about the rigidity of the mind and the control
factor that we seek to shake you loose.  As Onagar has said, deliver us from the
curse of the ice.  It would appear as though we have been freed, released,
	Again, I withdraw.  Go play.

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