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AARON:  I've been getting around a bit lately, happy to have a few times in 
order to make my presence felt and offer my insights and say hello.  What's 
going on in your lives that you would like to express or share, develop or 

THOROAH: I have a question.

THOROAH: And ... what we were talking about here earlier fits in with 
something I've been kind of struggling with for the last few weeks – the idea 
of that free will that we have.  You made it very obvious in your 
description, and I recognized how much/ how important that is to everything, 
to understand that each of us is free to do with our life as we will, and the 
reality of that -- for many of us, I think – has been shrouded in the fact 
that we have been offered a choice, a rather black and white kind of choice, 
in exercising our free will.  And it's as though we have this negative aspect 
out there that controls our behavior more so than we exercise our authorship 
of our free will.  Rather than taking a pro-active thing with our free will, 
we act as though there is something else that we're supposed to do.  And it's 
an interesting thing to try to deal with it.

AARON: Hoorah, hoorah.  My picture is one of sheep.  Sheep are willingly led. 
 They are dumb, docile.  Being readily manipulated without the courage to 
rebel, without the will to make another decision, they follow blindly.  Now 
when they manifest blind faith in their active pursuit of enlightenment, it 
is appreciated as a whole different reality than one who merely follows 
without question. 

What happens in many patterns of behavior is that people don't know 
themselves, they don't know what their will is.  They don't know what the 
Father's will is for them for they don't consciously know Who the Father is.  
There is no energy field for them to follow, to uphold them, and so they 
follow the path of least resistance, which, in the main, in your society, is 
an improvement over past patterns, causing one to wonder, "why would one want 
to do it any other way?"   Well, the only answer is in the personal doing of 
the life experience, and what kind of energy are you giving off, if at all.  

THOROAH: Well, that same kind of a hedge on our free will works itself in (I 
can speak for my own experience) works itself into the psyche in a sense that 
the thing of Father's will and our will, and we are told that we should do 
Father's will, and that's - in a sense, again, if we don't understand that - 
it feels like, well, we don't have our will, because if it isn't Father's 
will, any exercise of our will is reckless, is not what it should be.  It's 
almost as though part of our will is deprived from us if we don't do Father's 
will, and it's just the way we look at those two things that, to me, that 
creates that hedge on our free will.  It can create that.

AARON: It's what I was saying when we talked about the sheep.  The difference 
is, when you're conscious of this reality, your will is involved in the 
process.  You take responsibility for your decisions.  Your decisions are 
motivated or at least colored by your inherent desire to serve

THOROAH: And we have a fear that we won't be doing God's will.

AARON: If you are thinking for yourself, yes.  Somehow there is a 
mis-perception that thinking for yourself is not a good idea.  This is a 
remnant of the days of old when the priests did your religious thinking for 
you and the government, which will do your civil thinking for you.  So 
millions of people walk around acquiescing to what the powers-that-be tell 
them is how they ought to behave or believe or perceive.  

To have your own will is not to automatically deny, turn your back on, 
disavow, find no value in what is.  It is in being conscious of what life is 
doing that you are an asset, an intelligent human being who has something to 
offer, instead of one of the sheep who follows blindly.  

The business of establishing the kingdom is a real consecration of your will. 
 That's for you to do or not do according to how you perceive the options 
presented to you.  You can be a sheep, too, if you like, and the Father will 
love you, even so.  But if you have in your personality a fickle finger 
pointing you in a direction unlike others, it is hardly to your benefit to 
disallow yourself the opportunity of such challenges and adventures as are 
uniquely yours.

THOROAH: It's more participatory.

AARON: Precisely.

THOROAH: Yeah.  And that's just a personal choice one makes, or one's 
personality make-up, basically.

AARON: And it is herein that the angels and spirit helpers are empathetic and 
are touched by you or weep because of your willful stubbornness or rejoice 
with you in your triumphs over lethargy or error.  It enhances energy to have 
energy Sources that reinforce and supply eternally.

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