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Prayer by Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel. Friends, let us be in prayer.

To those whose creation we are; to superiors and friends here gathered; to
those who will read this prayer: We pray for enlightenment. We pray for
spiritual upliftment. We pray for words to comfort the afflicted. We pray
a prayer of thanks for those blessings for which we all receive. Let us
all now open our hearts and minds to those who have prepared tonight's

Daniel (Bob S): I am Daniel. Greetings, my friends, my students, my
colleagues. The words of your discussion held prior this evening were most
heartening to your teachers here gathered. We rejoiced in hearing the
depth of your thoughts and felt that our teachings and prayers and efforts
with you are coming to fruition. Please, each of you, give yourselves a
pat on the back. Now my friends, settle back for we have a lesson prepared
for you this evening which we feel fits extremely well into the place most
of you now find yourselves. One moment please.

Alkon (Bill/Isaac)): Good evening my friends, I am Alkon, Isaac's teacher
and a member of this staff. We personal teachers have been given moments
of teaching time during this public forum in the past and this practice
will be continued. I wish to speak tonight about anxiety and forethought,
these two being often misunderstood and confused not only in your minds,
but in the minds of many others as well.

Anxiety is a form of fear response, which is more subtle in its emotional
tone and often pervasive in its duration. It is characterized by a
heightened physiological response including blood pressure, heart rate,
sensory cutoff levels, and other measures. It is understood emotionally as
a sense of unease, tension, of foreboding, and general discomfort.
Sometimes the object of anxiety is clear cut and understood, and at other
times it can be generalized and floats freely from one mental image to
another coloring all thought with an unpleasant, mildly fearful arousal
flavor and tone. Physiologically it is part of your animal make up, the
nature of your nervous system. It has been placed there by the Life
Carriers for the purpose of arousing action for anticipated dangerous
situations. Its purpose in evolutionary terms is to make sure the
organism, the human mind-body, is prepared for the eventualities which
could occur in the environment.

As evolution proceeded and human will evolved to the point where Andon and
Fonta exercised true human choice, as contrasted to merely animalistic
choices, the role of anxiety was complicated and has further evolved in its
complication so that much of what is experienced as anxiety today has no
connection with truly life threatening circumstances. The anxiety of
modern times has spilled over into many other areas other than physical
danger anticipatory functioning. It has become to many people a permanent
condition. The anxiety is often at an unconscious level until there is
some triggering stimulus to make it aware to the consciousness of an

When Jesus spoke to his apostles and to the multitudes to let go of anxiety
he was referring to the generalized, free-floating dis-ease, which even in
the comparatively simple environment of his times was nevertheless a slave
master of the mind. Jesus was not simply a mystic advising a humanistic
solution to anxiety. He did not prescribe anti-anxiety medication, nor did
he suggest that this anxiety could be controlled by an aesthetic withdrawal
from life's interactions, as has been practiced in some religions. Rather
he prescribed soul trust in the over-care of a loving Father-God. While he
pointed out that anxiety does not lengthen one's life or result in any
action but merely wears out the physical mechanism through the stress
induced by elevated physiological reaction, his main point was that anxiety
of this nature is totally unnecessary. He stated that the God of all the
earth and the Creator of the heavens was so on top of it that he had not
only named the stars in their courses but numbered the hairs of your heads;
that he knew the falling of the most insignificant bird and therefor was
ful! ly competent to take care of the more important needs of his mortal

Because Urantia has been so cut off from much of the spiritual nourishment
that would have been its due many people today remain in a state of cosmic
orphan-hood. They regard themselves as bereft of any intelligent, loving
over-care, whether or not they call themselves practicing atheists. My
friends, you have discussed what it means to let your light be seen to
illumine the paths of others. I suggest that one of the greatest ways that
this light will show in your lives is by your peaceful trust in the
over-care of a loving and fully capable Deity.

Let us speak a moment about forethought. Thinking about the options of the
future does not have to be done in a spirit of anxiety. To be free of
anxiety does not mean that you throw reason and planning to the winds. No,
rather does it mean that your mind is clear, free from the unbelief that
clouds it, that make it difficult to think, so that you can look at your
choices and options full in the face. At that point you then reach for
that light switch. After you have turned it on, the light, the power of
God, will light the options before you, so that you can see which one is
God's way, as
contrasted with which one might be your way. Our blessed Master Son made
his decisions after his baptism when he had clearly understood there were
always two ways, his way or the Father's way. While he could have chosen
his way, having already achieved his sovereignty, he deferred and therefor
chose the Father's way.

What will impress your acquaintances, in addition to the many aspects of
service, is the way in which you conduct yourselves when you are truly free
of anxiety and have finally decided that God's will is the most wonderful
thing that you could chose to do. Then you cannot help but be a magnet of
love, of peace, and a tower of strength to other people. You will not make
their decisions for them but you will assist them in seeing clearly what
the paths are that lie before them. You may not assist them with words,
but you will show them a better way. There are of course many other
aspects of this, but this one thing I felt would direct itself in a useful
manner for your thinking tonight. Thank you for allowing me to express
these thoughts. And now I will be glad to respond to any questions or
comments that you may have. (Long pause.) Very well, I will now turn this
back to Daniel.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel. You are a very quiet group tonight, but we
know you are all thinking deeply about the words our brother, Alkon, has
brought before you. I have one thing to add to tonight's lesson. Please
in your weekly planning as you consider the days ahead anticipate that
there will be periods of anxiety. It is the nature of mortal existence.
So when it arrives do not be surprised, and welcome it in and analyze it.
Consider its causes, and its place in your thinking. If it is a cause of
much distress, then it must be put into perspective. You all have the
capability of dealing with this situation, and should a situation arise in
which you find yourself at a loss for solution, you know what to do. You
all have resources readily at hand
whose response is just a beckon call away. Let me ask for one final time,
are there questions which anyone here wishes to raise, or comments you feel
pertain to tonight's discussion?

Bobbie: Daniel, I would like to ask a question, please. Are you saying
then that if you are a person that is anxious or has hypertension, that it
should be controlled other than with medication, say for example in
relaxation techniques, that sort of thing?

Daniel (Bob S): Thank you, my dear, for that most intriguing question. My
response is this. You know far more than your question elicits. While I
cannot speak in specific detail, in general I am allowed to say a great
variety of assistance is open to all those who seek assistance. Do no rely
totally on any specific area of assistance, but avail yourself of all those
things, which are in the repertoire of your society, and of availability to
you individually. Does this oblique answer assist you, my child?

Bobbie: Yes, it does. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel (Bob S): We regret not being able to speak in specifics. Those
issues must be dealt with privately with one's own resource base as you are
now most fully appraised of. Are there other questions which we may assist
with tonight? (Pause.) It is now my pleasure to close tonight's meeting
which those of us here feel has been provocative and most helpful. Will
you now stand and join hands as prayer is offered.

Prayer by Alkon (Bill): This is Alkon. I will lead us in prayer.

Father, Son, Spirit, one Deity eternal, everlasting, infinite, the source
of all that is, we thank you for gift of your presence in our lives through
the Divine Monitor, the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Truth. We thank
you, Infinite One, that you come to us in finite status, that you down step
yourself to where we are in our spiritual lives. On behalf of my brothers
and sisters of the morontial realms I thank you for this opportunity to
fellowship with and serve as guides and teachers to these, our brothers and
sisters, on this planet of Michael's final incarnation and bestowal. I am
pleased to be associated with such fine souls as these, my brothers and
sisters, are. Give them peace which allays their anxiety, which clears
their thinking so they can chose to do your will. And all these things I
ask that we may follow faithfully in the footsteps of the Sovereign of the
Universe, even the Son of Man, and the Son of God. Amen.
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