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December 1, 2000

Andronason (Bill): I am Andronason. Greetings my friends. To all of you
who are gathered in spirit be aware that you are on equality footing. You
are all equally lovely children of God. Indeed not only are you children
of God, but all of the unseen host which fills this room also are your
brothers and sisters in spite of differences in origin and title. Your
words together this evening were charming to me and indicated the depth of
seriousness which you bring to your spiritual endeavors. We who have
planned and orchestrated the scenarios at this time in Urantian history
cannot but enjoy and find great fulfillment in this progressive and ongoing
work which you call the Teaching Mission. At the same time we are aware of
equally important and blessed events which are occurring and have been
occurring in other cultures, races and belief systems all consummate with
and under the direction of Michael's plan of spiritual enlightenment and
personal salvation. I am not going to give you a lesson this evening, but
rather I was given the opportunity to open our session. Daniel now desires
to give you feedback on your excellent efforts to fulfill the assignment.
One moment.

Daniel (Bill): Hello, my friends. This is your teacher Daniel. I am one
happy camper this evening for you have done well, my dear students. You
have cheered me and brought joy to my role as your guide and friend. I
feel that you are all accurate in your self-appraisal. I feel that you
have given this assignment great and zealous effort. I find also that your
perspectives on yourselves are remarkably similar which in my opinion
speaks well of your spiritual growth and insight. You all chose the values
which we would term higher values in order to lay out a plan of spiritual
development. None of you sought self-aggrandizement. None of you sought
prideful goals. None of you decided that our Magisterial Son would need
great wealth that you would be glad to earn. No, you all exemplified to
the highest degree spiritual overcontrol of your mental life and physical
being. I will not say that I am surprised at how well you did, for I
actually am not. But I will say that you have given me great contentment
for I feel that this is one of the ways that I receive feedback in terms of
how effective I have been as a teacher. I am also not claiming sole
responsibility for your progress, of course. Others have been equally
important in your spiritual growth, but most important of all is the fact
that it is your choices that have led to these goals that you have
presented this evening.

I see the goals coming under several categories. This first category
appears to be a desire to be rid of negative emotions and behaviors, spirit
poisons as it were, or at least to be in a state of continuing improvement.
A second area that I perceive is that area of worship and prayer,
otherwise known as stillness. A third area that I perceive is the area of
increased service to your fellows. And a fourth area I see as enhanced
understanding and application of balance in your personality between the
physical, the emotional, the cognitive and the behavioral, including
concerns for exercise, rest, recreation and a balance in all things. This
perhaps does not cover all of your concerns, but it does cover a majority.
So you see, my friends, a list such as I have just given is a summary of
the teaching which we have been undergoing these nine years. This is why I
am feeling so satisfied. I would at this time pause and ask if there are
any questions or concerns that this exercise has generated, my comments now
have underlined, and if so please take this opportunity to address these?
The floor is yours.

(Long pause.)

Daniel (Bill): Very well. There seems to be no questions or comments at
this time. We will proceed with our evening's agenda. It is interesting
that Aaron's name was mentioned earlier this evening, for indeed Aaron is
our next personality to address you all. Let us see what our brother Aaron
desires to convey.

Aaron (Bill): Hello my dears. I am Aaron; pleased to be in your presence
this evening. I have missed a more active role with your group in the last
few months, but I have not been canned. (Laughter.) The subject that I
wish to talk with you about has to do with one of the goals which was
mentioned this evening, and that was to take yourself less seriously. You
see when you are given such a serious assignment as listing what you would
do to prepare for the coming of the next Son of God coming to this planet
one can get very serious indeed, and so you did, and did wonderfully well.
But it is always necessary to balance seriousness with proper humility.
Indeed none of us will culminate the evolution of the seven superuniverses.

None of will culminate the evolution of any local universe.
None of us will culminate the evolution of any constellation, system or
planet. Indeed none of us alone can even culminate our own evolution. The
culmination of all things finite is in the hands of the great Supreme, the
finite God, who experiencing both divinity and creaturehood, alone is
qualified to culminate finite reality. At the same time even though none
of us can culminate our own reality unaided; on the other hand it cannot be
culminated without our assistance. This great paradox remains forever
true. One of your religious leaders once said "pray like it all depends on
God, and act like it all depends on you," and indeed this is true. So when
I say we need to be more humble recognizing our limitations, that we alone,
without the help of anyone else, cannot even culminate our own existence
this is not meant to say that the opposite is the truth, that we have no
responsibility and therefor no effort to play in this project. It is like
the two sides of a coin. One or the other side does not embrace the
totality of this coin. They cannot be complete without the intimate
association of the other, and at the same time the coin cannot be split for
once that happens it is no longer a true piece of coinage. A rough
illustration perhaps, but still an attempt to help you understand the
truth. What you cannot do by yourself, what I cannot do by myself, with
the cooperation that you give to your indwelling Spirit, the greatest tasks
can then be accomplished.

Consider this. You mortals who are still in the flesh have before you the
greatest opportunity for evolutionary development and growth possible in
the finite universes for you begin at the very bottom and you progress all
the way to Paradise finality status. You embrace and touch the entire
gamut of evolutionary growth. What a magnificent career is open to us!
This is the greatest accomplishment that any individual can ever complete,
and yet the other side of the coin, you by yourselves, I by myself, cannot
accomplish anything. It is in our partnership with our spiritual Core that
we become Paradise Finaliters. For it is the union, the fusion, the
complete blending of our minds with the mind indwelling us of God which
brings about this new creature, this Finaliter. And as this movement from
the lowest to the highest occurs throughout the superuniverses, this moving
from the outside to the inside, so does the growth of the Supreme continue
until all has reached its fullest potential and the Supreme is complete.
Now it may appear that I have just made a case for taking yourself
seriously. (Laughter.) However, when you read my words you may see that I
have emphasized that you by yourselves can accomplish nothing. Let me use
this crude illustration.

You are like a light fixture, which is on a power source. You are also
capable of reaching to the wall switch and turning on the power. This
light fixture which represents your material body and mind is not your
doing. It is the gift of your Creator. Your personality, which includes
the light and the power to turn on the switch, is also a gift. You did not
create it either. The power that comes through the circuit to light the
light bulb, you, comes also from outside of yourself, from your Creator.
What you have is the ability to turn the switch. That is what is truly
yours, the freewill ability to turn on the switch. Proper humility then
understands that you did not create yourselves, that you did not create
your personality nor its freewill, and that you are not the source of power
that you can freely connect with by your choice. But because of the
benevolence of your Creator you are also precious beyond understanding as
his children, as his creatures, as his reflection back to him as his very
nature, the nature of love.

So let us not take ourselves seriously as though we created ourselves, as
though we are the source of our power, as though we are cause of our
personality. At the same time let us be responsible to turn on the switch
so that the light of life may light us up to shine before our brothers and
sisters so that our light can help them see this path to Paradise.
Thank you, my friends, for letting me discourse in your presence. And now
I would like any feedback that you wish at this time.

Virginia: Aaron, that was very interesting to have you contrast not taking
ourselves too seriously with humility, because I can't believe that I can
save the world. (Laughter.) But at the same time it is a huge
responsibility to turn on the light to show the path to our brothers and
sisters. I think that if we could turn the switch on that would turn on
other people, we would, but it is a very difficult thing to be in control
so that the switch is on.

Aaron (Bill): My dear, the difficult thing that so many of you attempt to
do is to take too much credit for that which does not belong to you and not
give sufficient credit to what is within your power of choice. In fact its
almost a strategy of the ego that it wants to be in charge of everything so
that it will not really have to be responsible for what it is created for.
Do you follow what I am saying here?

Virginia: No. (Laughter.) I am not.

Aaron (Bill): It is common that people will become greatly occupied trying
to fix other people, and not work on taking responsibility for themselves.
At the same time it is a strategy to avoid responsibility, and it is used
by many people. To believe that you can fix other people or save the world
or anything of this sort, is in my framework here, trying to do what you
cannot do. It is taking yourself far too seriously.

Virginia: Aaron, can you contrast that with showing our light so that
people would want to go to Paradise.

Aaron (Bill): In a moment, let me conclude my thought here. Whereas at the
same time that people are wanting to save the world, they are running from
their one true task, which is to accept responsibility for the decisions
that they have made and can keep on making, so as to truly reform
themselves by contact with that divine Pilot within. Once a person has
contacted the divine Pilot, and allowed that Father Fragment to lead them
they then understand that they are responsible for themselves. This light
that I used as an analogy is your experience that you can share with others
as to the path that has been shown to you. This light is not to blind
another so that they are forced to stagger in your direction, blinded, and
following in that same manner, but it is to assist them when and if they
desire your assistance. Never can one person decide for another, no matter
how misunderstood this might be. Yes, you can influence another person,
but it is contrary to the will of God to influence people in a
manipulative, coercive, controlling way. Jesus delighted in helping
others, but he always did things they wanted done. Has this assisted you,
my dear?

Virginia: Yes and no, Aaron. I can certainly see the point you're making.
Humility is certainly following the inner guide. I'll just have to think
about this, Aaron. Thank you.

Aaron (Bill): By humility I mean the proper understanding of reality, in
regards to yourself and God, as to your role in God's world. God is the
creator. God is the source of power. God is the giver of the gift of
personality. In that gift he has given us the right to choose to follow
his leading, to decide to do his will. That is the connection point with
power. Once that decision has been made at a profound level, the betrothal
of their soul to their Thought Adjuster, once that betrothal is complete
and that pledge for perfect union is accomplished, in the eyes of the
universe, in the eyes of the Supreme Rulers, those two are already Paradise
Finaliters in full potential.

This is a complex subject. So in not taking yourself too seriously what I
am asking you to do is take seriously what is yours to do and let go of all
those other concerns which are not real, which are burdening you with false
anxiety and taking the emphasis off what it is that you can really do. Is
there anything more I can say to assist you in this confusion you appear to
continue to have, my dear?

Virginia: No, Aaron. It is really very plain, and a matter for me to think

Aaron (Bill): Very well. Are there other questions of comments?


Aaron (Bill): Hearing none, I am aware of our time limitations, and though
I tend to get long winded, and enjoy the opportunity of unburdening myself
of many weeks of involvement, but not a chance to speak, I will,
nevertheless, bring this meeting to a close. I do desire, and this is not
just my wish, but that of the entire teaching staff, we do desire that you
think on these things this week, and perhaps you will want to respond next
time we meet. On the other hand, perhaps you feel fully enlightened and
don't want to discuss this any more.

My dear friends, on behalf of the teachers here present, I, Aaron, send
you our love and our sincerest wishes for your continued spiritual growth.
Good evening.
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