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DECEMBER 4, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, my friends. How well are you learning to become
adaptable. It is understandable that this lesson will take time, but it is
certainly worth it, especially concerning the eternal adventure ahead. I
give you my friend and coworker, EMULAN.

Greetings, my fellows. I understand you each have been busy with your
varying life changes. I know from personal experience that the mortal life
becomes more spiritized as we can learn to adapt.

In my days of inhabiting the mortal body I had experiences that would seem
rather harsh. I had lost my wife and daughter in an accident and the
overwhelming pain brought me to the brink of insanity. I experienced the
standard blaming Father for this crushing experience. I had experienced
consuming despair. I had wished for the nothingness of an eternal slumber.

During these dark hours I could find no consolation. I was treated for
depression and even spent much time hospitalized. In my most darkest moments
I had the realization that the doctors, nor medication could pull me from my
darkness. The pain I experienced was beyond this world and I needed to seek
a source that could accommodate.

As I traveled the path of grief I released all I had longed for. I had
allowed my wife and daughter to move from a despairing part of my mind to a
loving remembrance area. I was at a point where I had to make a choice.
Either I could adapt, accept these circumstances and work from what I knew
best, or not adapt and become consumed with bitterness and the injustice of
mortal living.

Did Father take my family from me? Of course not. Did He plunge me into the
depths of despair? no, but I can say He helped me find a reason to go on,
find value and meaning from this terrible accident. My best hope was to
recover from depression and function in a normal life, and with Father's
help, I most certainly did, but our Father well exceeds our own

>From my experience in the hospital I became interested in psychiatry and
felt somewhat of a calling to pursue this avenue. I did through much effort
graduate with degrees in psychiatry. I did go onto help others who entered
into the darkness of the human mind. Father showed me the values of my own
past experiences in my own service to others. He used what I deemed unusable
and made it valuable, made it meaningful. Father showed me the strength that
He possessed through viewing my own weaknesses. He showed me that in my
adaptability He worked to better many lives.

Did I still miss my family? of course, but I found great satisfaction in
making the best out of my new life calling in honor of them. In time I
realized they were safe and well cared for. As I experienced my own healing
my mind was opened to eternal possibilities. I felt I was with the comfort
that I would see them again. I was strengthened in faith and trust that God
is overseeing every detail, and surely is this mortal life not about
suffering and finding the value therefrom; it is about becoming adaptable
and useable to God.

His work is endless and He tires not. He only awaits those listening
children to help Him in furthering His work. My brothers and sisters, we
have tremendous tasks ahead of us in this Correcting Time. We need to become
useable to Father to further His work, His plan, His Correcting Time. I
thank you and leave you to ABRAHAM.

Our gratitude to our brother and coworker, Emulan, for this evenings lesson.
How better to teach than from personal experience. Wonderful, my friend. I
should be happy to take a few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, you are familiar with our planning for the conference.
Would you suggest a theme from your side of this conference we could work
around or want us to think it up?

ABRAHAM: I have been listening to each of your ideas. I find you are all
very creative and have faith that you will come up with something. Worry
not. This should kept simple is my only suggestion. Another question?

CALVIN: Ineria's daughter, Ashlee, has asked for an assessment, and if you
think it appropriate, Cory's friend, Angie.

ABRAHAM: One moment. Anicia, you have learned much in your short years. I
say to go forth with a gentle but firm attitude. Do not allow others to
stand in your way. Do not believe that you are doomed to repeat the paths of
your elders. You are a separate and distinct child of God with your own
ideas. I would recommend that you beware of mystical avenues. They will
perhaps sour you against spirituality altogether. Know that life does not
pass you by. You are where you should be. It is not always exciting and it
is not always supposed to be. Know that there are experiences you must have
to shape you for future work in our Mission. You are becoming stronger every
day. Have not fear nor worry. You do well. Thank for your courage to accept
this personal assessment.

TR: This is for Cory's girl friend. He is saying a name but I can't
understand what it is.

ABRAHAM: My daughter, you are overwhelmed by such a heavy burden. Let me
begin by saying this is not as serious as you think it to be. Do not be
weighed down by others thoughts. Allow your mind to be clear and free from
past beliefs and opinions and traditions. Be alone, child, with God--just
you and Him. Can you see? He works in the lives of everyone, not just a
chosen few. God loves the sinner as well as the saint. He loves the believer
as much as the non-believer. You are His creation and only need to look
within to find Him. You do not have to go through someone else. You have
your own Father connection. It is your birthright. He loves you as you are.
You need not work for His love. You need only have faith. Take your time, my
child, and have not fear, no matter your decision. God will always be there
for you. To overlook dogma, doctrines and traditions is not overlooking God,
no. Father desires you to experience a full mortal life. He has faith in
you. Follow your inner leadings and know that this is not a matter of
spiritual life and death. Be at ease. That is all. Another question?

SIMON: Yes Abraham, I am interested in your perspective of the I AM as it
might pertain to my understanding of it and growing understanding of it, and
anything else you would like to pass on concerning the notes I have made.

ABRAHAM: As I understand the 'I AM' I believe it to be the now God, the
all-encompassing, all-present God as He is now. I believe via the Thought
Adjuster's His all-present, everywhereness is also ours to have. There are
myriad's of beliefs that men hold dear, but in a simplistic way you could
view the 'I AM' as now existence, not concerned with the past or future. Is
this at all helping?

SIMON: For me it is rather hard to grasp this concept. I read the text in
the Urantia Book and dreamed about it somewhat, and woke up in the middle of
the night and did some writing about it, but then it seemed to just slip
away in a bit. I feel that there is a great delight in understanding this
concept from a spirit basis and living it--feeling the presence of the
Father in us in Adjuster contact that I feel in all of us here tonight, and
throughout the day of work and life. How does this concept--it seems to me
key right now. Can you put that in perspective for me?

ABRAHAM: You said it well. The feeling of the presence, that inner knowing
that there is so much beyond this life and one who oversees the functioning
of it. In my understanding I see the 'I AM' as a fact, not a far off idea,
but a universal knowledge that God is, you are. There is plan and purpose
for all things, but in this concept we do not focus on anything else but His
now presence. As our faith grows we will more comprehend this concept
without the extra endless concepts that surround God. We only look at the
realization of His abiding existence, never with beginning nor end. Perhaps
in time I can give you a more clear explanation. Is that acceptable? (Yes.
Thank you. I hope to grow in understanding of this concept as time goes on.
This is a very great jump-start.) You're welcome. Another question?

NATE: Abraham, with regards to the conference I have chosen to take on
planning for the children and youth activities. I was wondering if you maybe
had any ideas as far as curriculum I could take from the Urantia pages to
simplify for the children right now or if I could get some extra help in
revelation while I am working on that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, the youth will carry on this work and there are many good
ideas in the book. At a convenient time we could arrange a private meeting,
and yes also I would be delighted to work with you personally. (Thank you.)
You're welcome. One more question.

ANTHONY: Maybe you are aware I had another assessment which wasn't quite so
kind in trying to share the book and the lessons with someone. I guess I was
more aggressive and told that I was a snob about it. I guess my question is
do you have anything to add to that and also I am trying to adapt to being
without my lost kitten, but I would rather have help in finding him.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, my son. Your zealousness is energizing to say the least.
You do a great service to many to voice your understanding in a calm manner
no doubt. You are eager to see progress in these enlightening times, as we
all are, as our creative Daughter was. Eve also desired to view the opening
of the worlds peoples minds and hearts towards progress, and certainly
patience is easier spoken of then done. I say that not words that are filled
passion speak to the hearts and minds of your fellows, but more of a calm
inner knowing faith that comes through. Know, my son, that you are God-led
and have every ability to still inner desires and wait upon the will of
Father. To speak out is all well and good when it is welcome, but you know
to force ideas is to cause others to be defensive. You are a man of strong
faith and it shows. Living your life according to your beliefs is the best
testimony you can give. As for the kitten, although I am unsure about the
whereabouts of the animal, I can suggest to you, my son, this life episode
is masking the pain of something deeper, a deeper longing perhaps. With some
journaling you can most definitely get to the bottom of this and have peace
and adaptability towards the life choices you have made. Do not worry. Do
not feel cheated, for Father brings out the values and meanings in all
life's occurrences. Certainly, what you were not able to fulfill in this
life, there will be ample opportunity in the next. Yes. Have not fear nor
worry, my son. Really all is well.

I will take my leave, but not without expressing to you my growing gratitude
and ever deepening love for you each. I thank you for allowing me to be your
brother, friend and teacher. Until next week, shalom

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