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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics Volition, RE: Teacher Daniel, Healing and Permission
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

November 26, 2000

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings.  You are my friends with whom I am always
thrilled to be in your presence and to enjoy your fellowship.  It is delightful
to be privy to your discernments and your difficulties and to witness your
increased effectiveness at handling the occurrences in your life which
bring growth.  You have become adept at transforming experiences that once would
either buffet you about or bring you to a standstill.  Now you leverage these
occurrences for the good that is waiting in the outcome.  I am Elyon.
	Early in my assignment with this mission group I would introduce myself
with the phrase, "your guide to understanding".  I feel at this point in our
journey that you have developed many ways in which you come to understanding. 
This brings me joy, great joy.  It brings a fulfillment and it brings us as a
collection to new horizons.
	Today I will return to a subject we have discussed, that being volition. 
You have the expression that "my mind is made up."  You are aware of the times
when you cannot decide and credit this quandary to confusion of mind.  Today I
wish to assist you in viewing the mind not as the one who decides but more
as the
one apparatus you have that is a switchboard, in a sense, that directs the
choice.  Your mind simply switches the track when you as personality choose.
	This mind bestowed upon you is a beautiful hub which coordinates
interchange, thereby allowing yourself to interface with your world and to
into the recognition of and, more importantly, into the activation of spirit
living.  Let us for this discussion treat the mind as a switch on a train
Let us first visualize the switch of the mind having a single track from within
your being originating at the station of your personality and beyond your mind
two tracks extend into the distance.  When you send your choice down the track,
the mind is the switch operator which can direct that choice in this example two
ways.  In reality, in life situations there are more options through which this
choice may be directed.  You can choose with good intention and have it switched
and directed into the wrong avenue.  The opposite is obvious:  You can
choose and
have it directed through as intended with the result desired.  The mind in
reality does not judge.  It simply selects.  It selects based upon given data,
existing parameters, those of experience and understanding, of wisdom and of
hope.  When the mind selects based upon the input from your selfhood, it
functions as best as it can given these pre-existing conditions.  I insert here
the comment that the mind is not a separate entity.  When I say it functions
best it can", it is in reality not trying to effect anything, it is simply
functioning as it was designed by Mother Spirit to do.  It is not judging; it is
simply selecting.  The reality is true in the reverse:  Let us turn around our
picture of this switch and imagine a track coming toward you to the mind where
the switch can part into two reaction patterns.  You have an experience.  You
take it as good or bad.  You receive it soulfully or with ego.  Your mind is
delivering it based upon the parameters you have instilled within it.  The
personality is then receiving the routing that the personality has beforehand
	Given that you are domiciled within a physical vehicle of animal origin,
there are built in inflexible reaction patterns or tendencies that go along with
the Life Carrier designs for biological evolution, life maintenance, and
perpetuation.  These givens you must learn to accommodate or cope with, but the
mind is far more flexible.  The mind of divine design can be bestowed upon a
being of high Paradise origin as well as a being from the lowly evolutionary
worlds.  This illustrates the pliability of mind as it is encircuited at various
levels of intelligent life.  When a mind is biased, it simply is holding in a
pattern selected choices that you as personality have set up within it.  The
switches are pre-set and act as a filter for an automatic interpretation of the
experiences that come to you or the actions that you project.  You are at
at any point in time to alter the configuration of your mind selection grid.
	That may have been easy for me to transmit and for you to hear, but in
honest reflection we both know how difficult it is to throw the lever that
changes the switches.  Hence comes all are encouragement from your teachers
toward diligence, devotion, stillness, and the many other topics we bring your
way, for they aid you in making those adjustments.
	When you seek for the mind of Christ you are seeking a selection pattern of
mind that is akin to the actions, reactions, and choices of our creator.  Given
that both of us, all of us, myself and you here, are not advanced beyond our
local universe, we can in no respects expect that our exchange of mind into the
patterns of Michael will be perfect, identical to his creator orientation.  But
as we ascend through this morontia experience we go through many institutions of
spiritual advancement where experts are continually at our sides to help us
the switches and recreate in our own beings the Christ-mindedness.
	When your soul is devout and your personality is resolute the mind will
initiate decisively action that you as a complete being; body, mind, soul, and
volition, can carry out.
	I will answer the question that can be raised, what about habits? for we
all experience the frustration of habitual, routine-like behavior that seems to
lock us away from change, change that appeared freely to be decided but so
difficult to work out.  The difficulty arises from the complexity of
creature-hood.  I have already indicated that the organismal contribution of
being an animal origin creature has some effect that is not greatly changeable. 
But there are numerous factors that would be exhausting to relay that do expand
ever higher into such levels as the orientation system of planets, the creative
plans and designs of a Michael Son for a given local universe, the context of
each of the seven superuniverses, and the reality of the Supreme in time and
space.  But habits are not fixed inflexibly.  They simply are, well, let me
it in this manner:  They are like a glacier or a massive rock; they do move but
it takes effort; it takes time.  The design input into each one of us
incorporated habit because habit is efficient.  Once you set habit in motion, it
is your aid to continual activity and reaction in a manner you hope leads you
forward in personality development and soul growth.  When a habit is misdirected
you, I know, have all experienced the frustration of its continual recurrence in
spite of your desire.  But it is not the habit so much that needs changing, for
habit is really the configuration of the mind switches I have spoken of.  Begin
switching the configuration of your mind and the habit will easily adjust.  The
habit is the composition of the relationship of the mind switches.  Even one
switch would redefine the habit.
	The beauty of the practice of stillness is that it is a time when you may
focus upon the mind configuration and make new selections while sitting more
keenly aware in the presence of the Father.  The illumination of the divine
within sheds new light upon the values you have placed upon the configuration of
the mind.  This is the "behind the eyes, between the ears" that we have spoken
of, when you sit at the switchboard of this beautiful gift of the Mother Spirit
and re-pattern it with the hope of uncovering in yourself and as yourself the
mindedness of Michael.
	I at this time will receive your comments and questions.  I thank you for
hearing me.
	Tom:  You speak of the volitional aspect of switches and you mentioned
habit, how about pre-habit like one of our earlier lessons dealt with the
function of mind to generate thoughts, and it's the function of our Adjusters to
adjust these thoughts.  How does that play into this volitional aspect of
*	Elyon:  I had made mention that the mind does not judge.  Neither does the
divine spirit within.  What occurs in your life the Father Fragment accepts,
adapts, adjusts, and places within the soul the value that results therefrom. 
This is why the Thought Adjuster does not seek to make your life easy, for it is
in the impact of experience that growth takes place.
	I would like you to further explain your understanding of "per-habits"
before I continue.
	Tom:  Well, a habit is something that I do and I can know about.  Thoughts
just occur, like you mentioned in a prior lesson, like a popcorn machine
generating thoughts.  We have the mind generating thoughts and as a switch.  It
seems like there's many functions in the mind.   How do they all lace together? 
Unless that's too vague.
*	Elyon:  It is clear.  I avoided the lengthy discourse of all the factors of
creaturehood that contribute to the configuration of one's being, the nature of
mind as a specific focus today.  Yes, the mind does spring forth continually
thoughts from the well of potential.  But these thoughts rise and dissipate
unless the personality grabs hold of one or a series of them and puts them to
use.  Habit is the prior establishment of use for thought.  Be not concerned
this fountain of thought generated by mind.  Be more observant of your
selectivity and your engagement or enlistment of these thoughts into action.
	My discourse of the mind as a configuration of switches can make the mind
appear to be an obstacle to the personality who wishes to clear unwanted
patterns, for the mind seems to be the filter or screen that is hindering.  But
you have illustrated another aspect of mind which is to your great benefit, and
that is that it always will generate thought.  You may drink from this well of
thought and be nourished.  Were it not for this continual activity, how
would the
personality function in reality?  Mind is mysteriously beautiful in this
When this fountain issues forth a thought that you can use to change your
patterns, you must select it decisively and emplace it deliberately.  The mind
does not care; it simply casts forth the thought for you to act upon and for the
Thought Adjuster to react to your action.  Again, the mind does not judge which
thought is valuable; it generates them.  I know you all have been taken aback by
some thoughts that cross your mind that you would not think are yours to
think or
worthy to be thought.  But there they are, and it is for the personality to
select.  This generation of thought is one more factor like the configuration of
your biological organism which is bestowed upon you for your benefit even though
at times you may feel that the body and the mind are working against your
spiritual aspirations.
	I hope I have been helpful.
	Tom:  This fountain of thought should be able to be switched off so you can
get a clear shot at your Thought Adjuster.  How can you use volition to do that?
*	Elyon:  I desire to use another illustration that may prove helpful. 
Imagine yourself to be sitting in a movie theater. The movie is playing, but now
let us put ourselves on the surface of the screen.  How much of the movie
can you
understand when the projector light is right upon you and you are in the
change of images themselves?  The movie becomes indecipherable.  But if you sit
back in the theater and look upon the screen from a distance the movie becomes
intelligible.  It becomes discernible.  When in stillness you are sitting in the
theater seat, and the activity of the mind becomes discernible, for you are not
too close to the screen to see the activity.
	Let me add another element.  Many a movie is far more entertaining to see
when you attend it with a friend with whom you may talk about the movie.
This is
the Father Fragment in the stillness.  Your date together enriches your
observation of the activity of mind.  You need not shut the projector off and
blacken the screen with no thoughts if you can discern the presence of the
who has attended the theater showing with you, for the importance of the
stillness is the recognition of the presence of God.  Then you may watch the
together and enjoy the values derived therefrom.
	The value of no thought in your mind is for those who have yet to step back
from the screen to disassociate themselves from the activity being projected and
witness it as a distinct function separate from personality.  To stop the
brings a stark realization of one's being, independent of thinking, and
there you
may discover the presence of God.  When the discovery has been made and the
partnership is consciously established, the movie theater would be rather boring
if the projector remained off.  As the thoughts continue to parade before you,
you in partnership begin to enjoy the thrilling adventure of the story of your
life as it unfolds.

	Jael:  I'm curious about the Pocatello transmission of teacher Daniel.  Is
this something new or the same instruction to be ready always?
*	Elyon:  Daniel, my good friend, has initiated a call to awareness to all
who have ears to hear.  Readiness is the import of his statement.  The event
is indicated does not lie within any one individual's power to enact.  It has a
supremacy quality; all factors involved, when aligned appropriately, the day
occur, the event will transpire, the new state will be attained.  This is the
importance of his comments, that each one of us make our adjustments to be in
readiness, not so much for the event, but that we are positioned in our
our orientation, such that as others do likewise and we have all done our parts,
the new day will dawn.  It is a day unlike an earth day where the sun rises
regardless of your mood.  This is a day of Supremacy attainment, local though it
may be, where each one of us is a contributor to the dawning.  We will wait
patiently but not passively.  We will not force its arrival; we will transform
ourselves and be prepared, for our preparation is the contribution to its
	Daniel has spoken clearly.  His comments deserve review and application in
your own lives.  More will be forthcoming from the teaching corps as it is
appropriate to transfer them to your body of knowledge.

	Tom: I have a question for Jessona:  Could you give us some pointers on
healing those who haven't given us consent, perhaps people at a distance?  The
power of prayer is increased if people know they are being prayed for.  Does
apply to healing?  Or do we need their consent for the most effect?
*	Jessona:  I greet you, this is Jessona.  To illustrate your question, you
indicated that prayer has more power when the individual receiving your prayer
knows that they are being prayed about.  This holds true for healing, for
is not unlike prayer in many ways.  It is the request and transference and
assistance of the divine in human affairs.  If permission is being sought for
healing, then your first task is to seek that permission.  But notice that your
revelation states that prayer is most effective when the one who is being prayed
for knows they are being prayed for.  The knowledge is itself an element of
permission.  If they have not forbidden you to pray for them, they have then
allowed you, even if it is indifferently to pray for them.  If one does not
forbid you to heal them, they are, even if it's passively, allowing you to
do so. 
They may not believe so much in its effectiveness, but their acceptance of your
belief begins the cycle for the healing where it may be received.
	If however the person is dead set against such activity, you must stay your
ground; you must not intrude.  Let me bring back to you the illustration of the
young lad in the hills who had no desire to speak or be with anybody, how
persistent Jesus was in engaging him even after his initial brush-off.
discernment was keen to the needs of the soul, and this is a quality you can
on.  When you would rather be in the healing process instead look to the
discernment of the need of that soul.  Seek to uncover its longings.
Address the
personality in need, and you would be surprised in the reward of the granted
permission at a subsequent time.
	Is this clear?
	Tom:  Yes, thank you.  And Elyon, thank you for your insights also.
*	Jessona:  We both give you our welcome.
	The heavens are astir this day upon Urantia for many agencies and
administrations have undergone great change, new opportunities are here.  The
humans upon this world are being presented with the opportunity to become
involved more so in the direction of this planet in concert with the celestial
residents and agencies.  The midwayers have new opportunities; the governing
bodies have new opportunities, and so does the human species.  We have over the
centuries chuckled at the mind set of the human race when it feels that it holds
the key to the destiny of the world, that it, the human race, is the deciding
force as to where this planet goes.  This rock, this orb in space, appears to be
finite.  With the limited vision of the human organism, it appears to be peopled
with only so many beings that you can count.  But Urantia is larger than the
planet Earth.  It is teeming with beings gathering experience and
contributing to
the Supreme.  The direction of Urantia is toward Light and Life, and it is the
hope of many orders of beings that the human race will contribute to this
direction.  It is only because of the isolation that the human race has thought
of itself as the one sitting at the helm and guiding the course of the
world.  It
is through people like yourselves who are willing to be humble and seek
from on high that you can receive input that will aid the many of us who are
to be of assistance to this world.
	Elyon and myself have said a mouthful today, much for you to ponder and
immensely much more for you to put into practice.  We at this time will take our
leave.  Farewell.

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