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Tue Nov 21 11:00:30 PST 2000

TEACHERS: Paulo and Aaron
TOPIC:  The Soul's Assessments 
T/R: Gerdean

PAULO: We welcome you, far and wide, inter-connecting in the fraternity that 
is ours.  I'm Paulo and Aaron is with me.  I am going to again delve into 
rebellion, the rebellious nature of the species of the realm, influenced 
through the course of Rebellion.  

Let me pull out a reference you are familiar with.  The example of Judas (who 
would perhaps be considered the rebellious nature playing its part in another 
epochal revelation); the fact that Judas was so reluctant to share his 
impressions, feelings, observations, et cetera, with his fellows, his 
inability to confide, inability to develop confiding trust.  It's a theme in 
your society.  You cannot discuss certain things without fear because you 
have been programmed to turn your back on what rings true, on what is in 
accordance with the Spirit of Truth.  

Fear factors in here insidiously as the factor of political correctness, 
social correctness, manners if you will.  It is interpreted that if you are 
ill-mannered, it barbarizes you, so you become intolerant of anything 
uncultured according to your sensibilities.  It is a joke, almost.  It's 
funny because it is pathetic.  Mankind has established values and then will 
disdain that which is not of the accepted mores.  But this is not always 
correct; even so, it is one of the ways in which your world has evolved.  

Gossip is a primitive form of communication.  It, gossip, is a low-level form 
of confiding trust.  It thus has a place in the evolving scheme of humanity 
but it is far beneath the dignity of faith sons.  Lest, however, that you 
make the mistake of believing that I am encouraging you to be politically 
correct or socially correct, you may think again.  I point this out to you as 
a solution, potential resolution, to minor rebelliousness because it can be 
talked about openly.  In many cases this defuses a mental twist or perception 
that otherwise might begin to feed upon itself and become distorted, even 
gathering up advocates and supporters of an erroneous proposition.  

But your practice has been to not discuss many things that need discussing.  
It is time that you began to realize that communication entails a 
responsibility.  "Am I my brother's keeper?  Is my perspective out of 
balance?  Am I sensing something here, or Am I thinking something here, or Am 
I feeling something here that is cause for me to pause to ask Our Father if 
He can give me insight into why I am thinking, feeling, perceiving, in such a 
way, a way which is outside of my preferred manner of thought, being and 
feeling, but which may benefit my Father and my Father's house?"

Have you not grown in wisdom?  Have you not become more than you were?  Has 
your perception not expanded to include our Father's view also?  In trust of 
your relationship with Him, then, in light of certain perceptions, it would 
not only do you well, it is your responsibility to bring this to the floor in 
furtherance of divine understanding.  It is no longer a matter of gossip; it 
is a matter of being about Our Father's business.  

Perhaps as you go about your week you will be inclined to recall our lesson 
of this afternoon and reflect on your integral conversations, your intimate 
exchanges, your esoteric commentaries, and appreciate whether or not you are 
in fact communicating as well as you might in the circumstances.  Aaron will 
add to this thought.

AARON: Aaron here.  Greetings to you, and all of you.  I am glad to be among 
you and a part of you and look forward to our experiences in the field and 
our subsequent understandings of our experiences in the field.  

As the original apostles went out and mingled among the people spreading the 
gospel as the love of the Father and the pacific disposal one might have 
toward one's fellows, I'm delighted to be of service to the Master by being 
with you when you come in from your experiences in the field and I will be 
interested in your experiences, how you responded to certain circumstances 
that were established for your partaking, and what your impressions might be 
of those interactions.  In this way we will socialize our teaching and 
preaching efforts in the community and we will begin to have a greater 
understanding of how we in the living fellowship of enspirited sons of God 
are able to influence the kingdoms of men, bringing Our Father into life and 

Alright, let's see then. We have a challenge, a project Paulo has given us, 
in recognizing customary forms of communication and lifting them up by adding 
an element of existential reality that can leave the atmosphere fragrant with 
new energy and interest in life itself.  How do you do this?  You do this by 
asking questions, like the Master did.  As you pass by.  As you see with eyes 
to see and ears to hear, you observe, you make your notations.  The weather 
is easy.  Everybody knows how to hide in a discussion of the weather.  Also 
sports, recipes, health, all of these are background murmurings to true 
conversation.  We're not looking for judgment here.  We're looking for 

In establishing a social order such as might be established in the 
brotherhood of man – I will say Human Associations 101 – you too can begin 
to establish acceptable values.  Might is right.  If the current vogue is not 
as right as you would like it to be, establish your values and support your 
efforts in the field by believing in your work and in sharing in faith of 
your fellows that they too are a part of what you deem to be most wondrous.  
You don't need to get embroiled in argument.  You don't need to bully anyone 
or coerce anyone.  It is only that you need to be responsible within yourself 
and stand for that value which you hold to be true because of your soul's 
assessment.  Let's think then this week about the soul's assessments. 

I want to have some homework turned in next Saturday so that we can begin to 
open the field of discourse about soul's assessments and learn to communicate 
more meaningfully, more openly,  more satisfactorily.  We're going to give 
God some wide berth here and stop limiting His personality expression because 
of political correctness and social mores.  It's His world; He ought to be 
allowed to live in it.  Have graciousness in your doing this assignment!   
Are there any questions?  About the lesson or the assignment?  

Thoroah: No, just that it sounds like we need to be more creative.
AARON: You need to be open to letting your greater Self be more in charge.
Thoroah:  Not mind games.
AARON:  The soul game, yes.  
PAULO: Paulo here again.  I will ask if there are any questions at large.
Thoroah: I believe I have a few, Paulo.  Could we have a few minutes while I 
get them?  (Recess)

PAULO: Paulo here, yes, again, having observed your intermission efforts to 
bring into being a question for your teachers, for your selves, for your own 
meaningful understanding of what you might come to know if you were curious 
about that which will bring you into greater reality.  There are a million 
questions that lie outside yourselves that may provide a curiosity response 
and that will put something to rest in your mental packaging, but that is not 
to say that you have genuinely asked a question or genuinely garnered growth. 

Many of you indeed spend futile lives doing just such things as hamsters, or 
free cell addicts, engaging yourselves in mindless respite from its incessant 
querulousness and miscellaneous mental caricatures that keep you engaged in 
believing you are thinking.  You are capable of more.  I'm not adverse to 
answering any of these elemental questions, but any psychic could put two and 
two together as well.  I am speaking plainly.  I am not condemning you.  I 
can speak plainly and forthrightly and gently and all the while have only 
love for you and only devotion to your true development, but I don't have to 
be more polite than will be necessary for you to be apprized of my 

Thoroah: Another thing then, it would be nice to have some questions brought 
to your attention that were more meaningful.

PAULO: It would be nice if your lives were approached such that you were able 
to think deeper and more meaningfully, and bring your reflections into 
association with other minds.  A question does not have to be given as one of 
those "who what where why when, ending with a question mark" situations.  A 
question stemming from the soul has to do with how you are grasping reality, 
how you are responding to your environment, how you are dealing with feelings 
that will lead you into a greater appreciation of who you are, in association 
with your own god-consciousness, your indwelling God Fragment, so that the 
greater reality is produced which will bring about yet more investigations 
and expressions having to do with the challenges and opportunities of 
expanded truth, beauty and goodness.  

Yes, some of this is emotional healing.  This is much of what we do or help 
you with.  Healing.  It's what the Correcting Time is all about, letting go 
of the aberrations and limitations of your lives in exchange for the 
potential and prosperity afforded all God's kids.  It is not an invitation 
for you to spend your life discussing your wounds, no, but it is certainly 
understanding that there are many who are wounded who have not healed, who 
have not begun to take the steps toward becoming whole.

Thoroah: Thinking about being able to be aware of someone's soul self related 
through our soul self, it's nice to talk about, but there has to be some new 
level of affinity to develop in order to learn how to use that.  

PAULO: This is where we are.  We are going to get comfortable with sharing 
the soul self so acclimated to having a substance, the quality of reality 
substance overtakes the avoidance of it.  

Thoroah: I know all about avoidance.

PAULO: Oh, yes.  It's a disease Urantia suffers from.  It's a response to 
your prolonged isolation.  You have all become – Well, it's not so much that 
you have become isolated units of energy; it's that AS isolated units of 
energy you have not made the connection sufficiently with divinity that the 
current, the benign virus, the security in that greater reality is such that 
the comfort in isolation is usurped by the gratification of the 
connectedness, the association through the greater spirit reality, the 

Thoroah: This is a step towards telepathy.

PAULO: It is a development of sensitivity, certainly.  As you communicate 
less and less as an animal and more and more as a soul, you begin to depend 
upon and enjoy those soulful qualities that will allow you greater range of 
telepathic sensitivity, in the spirit connectedness of other life. 

I find your vocabulary stultifying, very limited, even with the additional 
words that have been provided, the frustration that was expressed by the 
Revelators is one I can completely support.  I concur.  Let's get more 
telepathic, then, so that we can rise above the limitations of the human 
language by augmenting our association with elements of the higher languages 
of morontia thought and universe reality, all the while being able to dip 
down into the human experience, fearlessly and shamelessly, in order to bring 
into being those words that describe the feeling, thoughts and concepts that 
may be at the root of that aberrant behavior which could result in defection 
from His will.  

The more you can recognize what light and life is, the more readily you will 
be able to identify those areas where it is not, and you will become more 
adept in identifying how it might be improved or corrected if Our Father was 
able to bring to bear influence into the situation in His inimitably loving 
way, even perhaps through you as an ambassador.  

Alright then.  Are we going to engage in a conversation?  I am going to get 
your question, Calvin, about Mother's Day, and I believe you are asking for 
confirmation that there is going to be a celebration in honor of Universal 
Mother Spirit.  The finite mind again delights, baffles, amazes and amuses 
me, and I once more am taught that I am a foreigner in your midst, for when 
your calendar speaks of Mother's Day it speaks of June 14th, June 12th, and 
so you think of Universal Mother Spirit's celebration on a specific date.  

I would ask you to realize that I am able to concur that you will be 
celebrating "a day" honoring Her and our Mother Nebadonia and her legions of 
angels and seraphic assistants in and through the universes of time and space 
that uphold her divine bidding, but what date on your calendar that might be 
is not for me to determine.  The point of acknowledging a day set aside for 
Mother is a day to give focus, appreciation, for Her specific gifts in Her 
position of Mother over you, indeed, over Her universe, and the works She 
accomplishes with Her Sovereign King throughout the universe. 

Father has long been acknowledged and regarded and even feared, and yet 
Mother has been allowed a degree of privacy that precludes a full 
understanding of our Father, the original I AM, Who is at once all things, 
all beings, all paternal and maternal, Parents.  The Mother is affectionately 
referred to in your avant garde culture as the Goddess, the goddesses 
acknow-ledging their shared sovereignty with the Sons of God.  Daughters of 
God cannot be regarded as lesser, for they are the fields of dreams which 
realize the thought of God.  And yet she is far more than even Mother.

Thoroah: So we could celebrate any time now.
PAULO: Are we not already celebrating?  
Thoroah: We hope.  

PAULO: I am even so anticipating a more formal acknowledgment of Her graces 
as you in your realm realize the qualities of God that reflect through the 
aspect of divinity that creates for you the far-flung personalities which 
provide the golden glow of service to the worlds of time and space.  You are 
becoming a part of the universe; you are being realigned with planetary 
helpers and planetary government.  Soon you will begin to sense your 
connection to your Constellation through a new appreciation of the Most 
Highs, and on through the hierarchy to Gabriel, first born son.  Thus we 
begin to know and love our family throughout this local universe of Nebadon. 
Take your place among the stars in the galaxy.  Your lights are seen across 
the worlds of time and space.   Well, we've had another wonderful afternoon 
in your company, and with your continued support we will come back and cater 
to your needs again.  

Thoroah: Thank you.

PAULO: You are well loved and well regarded.  We will watch you when you put 
your practice into your assignment, giving God the upper hand in His domain.  
Good afternoon.

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