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GEORGE: Tomas, may I ask a question?
TOMAS:  We hope you will ask questions.  

GEORGE:  Is there meant to be a continued association for myself and the 
Platoon with the Spokane outfit?

TOMAS: But of course!  How can you, now having become fellows in a mutual 
cause, affectionate co-workers, cosmic citizens together, ignore that bond?

GEORGE: I meant as far as continuing to develop the Akashic Library, the 
Akashic Construct.

TOMAS: Are you to?  As if, "am I privy to any unspoken arrangements that may 
be prescribed in your destiny pattern"?

GEORGE: It's all a little unclear to me at the present.  I was hoping that 
Abraham will be able to inform me more about my future.

TOMAS: Abraham will do that, you may be assured.  Abraham is an original 
teacher, and his perspective is acutely original.  

GEORGE:  There appears to be a massive amount of things that I might do in 
Australia, and that is why I specifically asked the question.  

TOMAS: Yes, George, I . . . one moment, please.

* * * * *
IX.  MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa.

GEORGE: Greetings, Machiventa.

MACHIVENTA: I am eavesdropping as I am inclined to do in these meetings.  I 
am greatly cheered to be here today to be witness to the embarkation of this 
configuration of Aaron, Tomas and Paulo teaching together.  I have enjoyed 
your interaction with the many children in this area and the stimuli that you 
have brought, George, in your work.  I credit you in your efforts.  I credit 
you singularly and apart from the efforts of the midwayers which I also 

I have long relied upon these planetary helpers.  I have come to depend on 
them more this epochal time around than before, but the times were different 
then.  The times are different now.  Circumstances are such that they have 
learned a great deal and are more helpful now.  All things considered, 
evolution being what it is, it is possible to depend upon them now for more 
than was possible when they were much younger.  

They, too, have been benefitting from the opening of the circuits and the 
Teachers.  They are involved hand in glove with the Teaching Mission 
activities, even the greater teaching mission which includes those who work 
outside of an understanding of the Urantia text.  And the tremendous leap 
forward in spiritual consciousness has been made possible because of the 
assistance of the midwayers.  In particular I will say the secondary 
midwayers because they are the ones who are able to make the initial 
connection that allows our interchanges to take place.

I am even now at work with many, many helpers in this "emergency mission", 
this new configuration of life experimental station activities, that involves 
the activation of the midwayers in conjunction with the mortal workers of the 
realm.  These functional liaisons are going to bring about yet another 
forward giant step in spiritual enlightenment for Urantia.  Just as the 
angels not long ago were popular, you will find the midwayers now stepping in 
to accentuate and act upon those confirmations of spirit reality that has 
become a field ripe for the harvest because of the angel craze.

There will be many who will be brought together to do certain specific works 
much like you, George, have been working with what you call the Platoon, to 
effect certain causes in the field of mental health.  There are other fields 
that we are addressing.  Those of you who recall Ham's initial address to the 
Fellowship and other hearers on February 1, 1992, will recall that we will be 
making inroads into the fields of economy, ecology, education and so forth.  
And thus it holds true that the midwayers will be working with those who work 
in the those fields to advance the cause of truth and light on and for 

GEORGE: Can I ask another question to give me some idea?

MACHIVENTA: Proceed with your question.

GEORGE: Should I see it as a major aspect of my future activities?  The 
connection between Spokane and Australia?

MACHIVENTA: You may.  You are not without peers anymore, George.  Your 
isolation has ended.  Not only are you accompanied by your competent Platoon, 
you are embraced by your mortal co-workers, and we rejoice with you in the 
sense of reunion and acceleration of purpose that accompanies such liaisons.

GEORGE: Great.  Thank you for that.  

MACHIVENTA:  Very well.  I will return to my observation post.

* * * * *
X. PAULO: This is Paulo.  I am a part of the new curriculum that involves the 
influx of spirit helpers.  I am going to try to organize the mind of this T/R 
in order that the myriad personalities who attend this group are able to find 
their way through her system without an electrical failure.  The consensus is 
that it would behoove us to have one teacher per session, inasmuch as each of 
us have a field of interest, an expertise if you will, and you cannot learn 
everything at once anyway.

So rather than allow for this panel discussion format that opens the door to 
any and all manner of activity and interest, I will help to discipline the 
situation by that suggestion.  It may be possible for us to determine by our 
observations of your general life styles what would benefit you that 
particular meeting time, but I am grateful to Gerdean for being alert and 
discerning that it is our consensus opinion that 4:00 on Saturdays would make 
an ideal time for your Spokane group to meet.  I am making that determination 
without consultation from you or from the rest of the community at large, but 
based upon my and our observations of what is appropriate.  Having said that, 
being aware of your free will, I am fully cognizant that you may overrule my 
decision but you do so at your own risk.

THOROAH:  I just had a flash before you said that, that 4:00 just seemed like 
a nice comfortable time.  Saturday afternoon.

PAULO: I'm glad you find it to your liking.  We shall see what the rest of 
the community determines. 

* * * * *

XI.  I am going to make a brief statement as to my field of interest.  If you 
have not noted already, I am inclined to want to talk to you off and on about 
a topic that is dear to my heart and that is the ability to stop rebellion 
before it starts.  

The rebellion of Urantia is memorialized and its effects are also 
memorialized in you and in the circumstances of your world that will remain a 
part of your experience for an eternity, and although there are undeniable 
benefits from the experience, there are also undeniable drawbacks.  It is not 
possible for your world to have another major rebellion, but there are a 
million rebellious situations and circumstances, attitudes and behaviors that 
can and do spring up, even in a normal world, much less one that has been 
founded on rebellion.

There are parts of your nature in which rebellion plays an important part, 
and there are some which are strictly detrimental.  How do you know which 
ones are to be fostered and which ones are to be curtailed?  How can you 
recognize in your fellows when a rebellious nature is rebelling on behalf of 
truth, beauty and goodness or is rebelling against evil and darkness?  It is 
an understanding you have that rebellion is apparent and inherently evil, and 
yet rebellion is more often subtle and insidious.  The mortal mind itself 
rebels against itself and in the conflict, all manner of confusion may 

I would like therefore to be able to, over a course of time, bring to your 
awareness an understanding of those impulses within you that render you 
effective or ineffective in terms of your rebellious natures, and its impact 
on your environment.  I would like to schedule myself as your lecturer next 
Saturday, in fact, and discuss with you this quality of being that each of 
you have, that impacts upon your environment.   It is controversial as to 
whether or not you are your brothers' keeper and to what extent.  

In the interim I will defer to Michael who keeps us all in line, in hand, and 
thank him for the opportunity to be a part of this Mission and to be 
privileged to share my self with you, my students, my friends, and to begin 
to prevail among you all.  Thank you.

AARON: Aaron again.  I am the one who will teach you to socialize all this 
stuff and I will also be working closely with the midwayers to enable you to 
make connections with as many groups and individuals as possible so that we 
can gather up a flock here that will stimulate the budding culture of the 
area.  I'm going to go hob-nob with your cousins and see what we can get 
into.  I leave you now with Tomas.

TOMAS: And I, your teacher Tomas, encourage you to maintain all your 
relationships with all your spirit guides and counselors, as they are your 
family and your future.  They will pick up where this reality leaves off and 
they will augment this reality while you live it.  We will not let you forget 
us, since you have testified that you want us to remember you.  

In remembrance of him who is our Creator and our Master Son, we give thanks 
for opportunity to learn and know the mechanisms of the spiritual universe, 
that we may learn how to manipulate his love, power and energy to impact upon 
his world those dreams, destinies, plans, hopes and desires that are a part 
of the Infinite Mind for all of creation: the fruition of perfection.  See 
you next week.

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