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IV.  QUESTION (submitted by mail, read by Thoroah): In my spiritual healing 
work, I was most certainly assisted by the midwayers and wish to know if they 
are still assisting through this "high tech avenue" I use now.  There is 
concern we don't know enough to be using this equipment and whether or not it 
is even effective.  I'd like the teachers to respond as I believe we do know 
enough, with guidance, to do this work effectively although I appreciate the 
fact that we have much learning ahead.  Another concern is that we might 
inadvertently send out a frequency which supports cancer growth.  I don't 
believe this is the case especially if we stick with the tested frequencies 
people recommend.  However, would the teachers or midwayers be willing to 
give us frequencies to work with and those to avoid?  I understand if they 
cannot do this, but it does not hurt to ask.  Any other guidance, advice, or 
direction the teachers or midwayers wish to give will be greatly appreciated.

PAULO:   Paulo here.  I'll take that.

There is no need for you to have anxiety, daughter, about inadvertently 
supporting cancer, any more than a T/R has an reason to have anxiety about 
inadvertently supporting Caligastia.  It is not part of the program.  This is 
one of the impacts of free will.  You have set your course for a certain 
direction.  Your intention has established your path.  These machines, like 
many other material accouterments representing inroads to a greater reality, 
are only toys and tools.  They are not reality itself but a methodology to 
attain reality.

Like rites and rituals, God may not be impressed with them, but humankind is, 
and humans being impressionable, even vulnerable, it is not uncommon that 
they would adopt toys, tools, constructs, habits, belief systems, ideologies 
and anything else that will be supportive of where they are in their 
development at this point.  This is okay.  This is a part of the appropriate 
scaffolding to get from here to there in your growth, in your evolution.  

There are, however, in and through all of these mechanisms, a thread of 
reality – that which is your motivation, that which is from the Source, that 
which is a part of the advancing reality.  The help you are receiving and 
have been receiving, in terms of healing, is essentially the work of the Life 
Carriers, they who understand how the creation is created, the initial 
pattern, the distortions to the pattern that have been super-imposed upon it. 
 (One moment, George.)  And, as always, the midwayers are a part of the 
liaison between the mortal and the morontial realm.  Thus the midwayers that 
you perceive in attendance are in fact in attendance but they are acting as a 
liaison for the Life Carriers who are the ones who help align the physical 
pattern back into the configuration it was intended to be.

Have I addressed the question to your understanding, Thoroah?  What have I 
left out?

THOROAH:  I think that was the concern, is that the instrumentation process 
might have some negative residual effects and I think you pretty well 
answered that, in my mind. 

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V.  PAULO: It is my pleasure to be able to advise and counsel as our family 
approaches truth, as you attempt to understand your work in the kingdom.  
Were you going to also ask a question, George?

GEORGE: Yes, I have two questions.  My first question is (and this takes me 
back to the mid-70's when there appears to be, what I have described in my 
documentation, as an embrace by the planetary child of the Supreme Being.  Am 
I mistaken there?  Could you tell me please?  Or did I get that not right?

PAULO: You are right; however, this child of the Supreme Being is as yet a 

GEORGE: Therefore the embrace might have been ill-timed since it happened 
smack in the middle of a psychology lecture.

PAULO: It's very possible that you were triggered to recall a reality that 
you brought with you from Divinington.  A flash of reality that was not 
intended to reflect itself into your mortal experience but did, much like a 
deja vu, and since you were keenly focused on a concept and open to insight, 
an illumination of that order may have been planted in your mind and come to 
fruition, as it were.  Even so, it is possible for you to accept the embrace 
as the taking into yourself, into your heart, into your consciousness, the 
concept of the potential of the Supreme in terms of it being a future being, 
an evolving reality, one which would naturally become Parent to future 
realities, even to a new life.  

Do not be completely cut and dried in your assessments, George.  Give 
yourself error allowance, and allow for shades of grey.  It's not "either/or" 
all the time.  It can often be both.  All being relative, after all.  Okay?

GEORGE: Okay.  That's great.  Thank you for that answer.  I have one more 
question if I may ask this.

PAULO: I am warmed up now.

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VI.  GEORGE: Okay.  There have been a number of bi-locations where people 
have spotted me to be elsewhere, other than where I should be perhaps at that 
time, and that mostly would be in my bed fast asleep.  Can you explain 
whether it is in fact my soul self that was being perceived?

PAULO: I need to check to see if I am allowed to dabble in this subject.  Can 
you wait a moment please?

GEORGE: Yes, I can.

TOMAS: This is Tomas.  I'll take that one up.  It is not quite as 
experimental as your former question.  I am going to hold it to the line 
somewhat and infer that while your Self Acting Adjuster may make nocturnal 
visitations, your soul self is not yet opportuned to do so.  

GEORGE: That was interesting, considering people have actually spotted me.

TOMAS: I can venture to explain but I am not keen on explanations.  I find 
that explanations tend to lock one into the grey matter, but Thought 
Adjusters are able to recognize each other, and in that, if a Thought 
Adjuster attached to a specific mortal encounters an Adjuster of yet another 
mortal, it is in keeping, appropriate, that they may reflect their 
association with their intended personality, thus reflecting the mortal being 
in potential to the other.  It would be very much like two women who met at 
the shopping center to discuss their children, and in that way the parents go 
home having "seen" their friend's child, you see.

GEORGE: Yes, I certainly do.  Thank you so much.

TOMAS: You are welcome.

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VII.  THOROAH: I have a question that might seem a little off the wall, but 
there is something going around that's implying that genetically engineered 
corn can be harmful to humans health if eaten.  And I'm really curious about 
that, if that is not maybe another one of those scares that they're throwing 
out there, if genetically engineering something can affect our physiology.  
Is that logical?

AARON: I'm Aaron, and I'll play ball with that one.  Because the word is 
"can".  Anything "can".  There is nothing of substance to the question.

THOROAH: Okay.  So I'd have to be a lot more specific.

AARON: Absolutely.  And you might consider that it being a new field and all 
the votes not being in yet as to its value, there is still much doubt and 
speculation as to its benefits.

THOROAH: A lot of politicking.

AARON: Therefore a probing mind might wonder, a more conservative, cautious 
mind might suspect, and in the long run, it "can" or perhaps "can not".  We 
don't know yet.  It's not totally sanctioned by long-term use.  Even those 
things that are known through long-term use, the votes aren't in yet.  It's 
not unhealthy or unsafe to investigate these things, but it's not a panacea.  
I don't see anything wrong with the corn that God made in the first place.  I 
suppose there can be folk who find fault with that as well; carrying 
calories, perhaps.

THOROAH: Some of this is going on because of the depletion of minerals from 
our soils.

AARON: The solution is not in creating food, it's in returning the soil to 
its rightful state.  If you deplete anything – anything, including your own 
body – it doesn't do to add things to your body while you continue to deplete 
it.  You've only caused a stressful situation.  It's one of those Band-aids 
they put on social situations as if to fix it, and it hasn't fixed it, it has 
only created a new set of difficulties.

This is a cause that some one of you might like to get a hold of and make a 
ruckus about in terms of health, ecological health.  I'm not going to, but it 
is a worthy cause.

THOROAH: Thank you, Aaron.

AARON: Is that it?

* * * * *
VIII.  THOROAH:   I have a subject I'd like to bring back up.  I know Tomas 
has talked about it in the past. It was brought to my attention, and today 
Gerdean's also, and that is the "deep mind."  I'm wondering if it would be 
possible that we might get some good lessons on the deep mind, to reiterate 
some things that we might have missed before.

TOMAS: Tomas here.  I am certain there are a number of lessons on file having 
to do with the deep mind.  I have discussed it at least twice and Elyon has 
delivered a masterful lesson in this field and they are on record.  It is a 
good opportunity for me to put in a plug, as you say, for these archives that 
you speak of.  When others of like mind are coming to be part of you, as is 
inherent in an advancing social order, it will be to your benefit to be able 
to go to your records and call up these lessons that have been given already, 
in order to provide a foundation, a background upon which to build.   I am 
certain that any and all of us would be glad to again speak to the subject, 
any subject, and yet, in terms of economy of time and energy, it is a fact 
that these are already on record.

THOROAH: Thank you.  I appreciate that.  We do have a good idea there for a 
good file system of T/R sessions, if we could get some of those midwayers to 
help type that up.

TOMAS: I have been assured that they have been promised they would not have 
to do any more typing.  Having written the entire Life and Teachings of 
Jesus, it taxed their capacities already.  I jest.

THOROAH:  Thank you, Tomas.  I will find those deep mind lessons that have 
already been given because it's kind of an appropriate thing to revisit at 
this time.

TOMAS: It is indeed, in particular in light of a new understanding of the 
construct of the human brain, and the study that you have been privy to with 
the insights that George brings in discussing Delta, deep mind, an area deep 
within the mind that is your origin.  Your indwelling TA would be interested 
in making contact with you and enabling you to find ways in which you can 
contact it, while maintaining your sanity, your balance, your fragrance.  

The mind on one had is extremely resilient and tough but on the other hand it 
can be regarded as tender, delicate.  Under any circumstances it is a 
mechanism to be respected.  The mind is not something to be played with, nor 
should it be regarded as sacrosanct.  The will -- the decisions you make, the 
principles you abide by, the values you subscribe to, the behaviors you live 
with -- are reflections of your association with that in you which is perfect.

It will reflect to the outside world, sooner or later, your degree of 
connection.  You cannot delude your fellows indefinitely of your fallibility. 
 Thus you might as well from the outset learn to fail gracefully and learn to 
honor your growing experiences and to assume as yours that wisdom which has 
been garnered as a result of your meaningful lives.  

GEORGE: Tomas, may I ask a question?

TOMAS:  We hope you will ask questions.  

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