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October 21, 2000
4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon
T/R: Gerdean
Teachers and Topics:
    I.  Aaron: Greetings from Spokane
    II.  Tomas:   Introduces Paulo
    III.  Paulo: a second-phase teacher
    IV.  Paulo: (Q&A) Healing device 
    V. Paulo: (Q&A) Child of the Supreme 
    VI.  Tomas: (Q&A) Bi-location
    VII.  Aaron: (Q&A) Genetically engineered corn
    VIII.  Tomas: (Q&A) Deep Mind  
    IX.  Machiventa speaks of Midwayers
    X.  Paulo establishes meeting time and format
    XI.  What we can expect from the three teachers

* * * * *
I.  AARON:  Welcome one and all to the Spokane Teacher Base.  I am Aaron.  I 
am a citizen of your fair city as well as other locations.  I'm glad to be 
back in these environs and look forward to getting to know you newcomers and 
reuniting with my old friends, both visible and invisible.  We are very 
excited here in our ranks to be installed in another regularly scheduled 
format of teacher lessons and interaction with our community.  

I look forward to many chances of engaging you in challenging exercises in 
your arenas as to the work of the realm and your ability to make effective 
contact with those who are presented to you, for there are no accidents in 
the cosmos.  If you are presented with a situation and you are aware of the 
configuration at hand, it is your challenge to engage yourself as one who has 
brought good news.

I am not alone today in my well-wishes.  Others are here also to greet you.  
One moment, please.

* * * * *
II.  TOMAS: I am Tomas.  You all know me.  How are you?  I embrace you, greet 
you affectionately and look forward to another go-round in our course of 
study in the Melchizedek University.  This is not an advanced class; it is 
simply a class, as are all the others, and you will get out of it all that 
you hope to and all that you put into it.  

I am happy to be back into a configuration of students that will be brought 
here as a result of the very newness of this group.  There is something 
invigorating about opening up a new frontier, establishing another outpost.  
I know you are also adventurers and explorers in your own right, and so we 
have this that we share, this intense yearning to forge ahead into areas of 
investigation that provide creative challenges, that augment and reinforce 
the value lessons you have already learned, giving credence to your mortal 
experience and your faith path.

Let me introduce to you the third party to this beneficent triumvirate of 
teachers: Paulo.  You have met him in the Elyon group.  I am enthused to 
introduce him and become co-workers with this new personality to our midst.

* * * * *
III.  PAULO: Good afternoon.  This is Paulo.  Indeed I am glad to be here and 
glad that you have met with us so willingly.  It is our hope that you will 
act as a liaison between our realm and yours so that I and we may have an 
opportunity to meet and interact with as many mortals of the realm as is 
feasible.  If they like us, fine; if they don't, fine also.  But we are – 
that is to say I am interested in interacting with as many variations on the 
theme of humanity as possible.  

There has been some curiosity as to my indication that I am a "phase two 
teacher" and what does that mean.  It means that I am a teacher that has been 
lagging behind those who have already been here.  I am not in the first wave 
who have been with you now for nearly a decade.  I am one of those who waited 
in the wings and watched while you and the forefront of the Teacher Corp 
established certain priorities and principles.  

Let me compare the second wave teachers, if you will, to the Foundation.  For 
twenty-five years and more they held a firm grip on the text book of the 
fifth epochal revelation, and training its readers by and through their 
influence and the influence of the book itself, to uphold certain standards, 
establish certain restrictions and garner certain respect levels that was 
indeed necessary for its fundamental foundations.  But as is natural, a 
diluting takes place as this pure truth is assimilated into the greater 

I believe there was an analogy once given, having to do with a cup of water 
and a drop of food coloring.  A drop of food coloring by itself, say yellow, 
is about as bright a color as can be, almost reflecting red in its ripeness, 
its richness.  Pure yellow, unadulterated yellow, is akin to a healthy egg 
yolk, but when you take one drop of that yellow and drop it in the cup, it's 
diffused; it's no longer strong, as an egg yolk, but it is still vitally 
yellow, although tempered from its initial poignancy.

This is what is happening with the revelation.  It is being diluted as it 
mingles into a larger and larger container, and the container of humanity is 
a large vat of water.  As it, the revelation, filters out into humanity, it 
mingles then with the colors that it meets in their pristine shades of 
personal revelation and other aspects of a greater reality.  The blending is 
a healthy and normal part of your spiritual evolution at this point in 
Urantia's development.  

The exclusivity of the early years of the Urantia Papers' popularity is being 
blended, harmonized, even adapted in order to feed the capacities of those 
who are its innate recipients.  Even diluted, truth, beauty and goodness is 
far superior to ignorance, fear and darkness. The benign virus of love is far 
more powerful than selfishness and ignorance.

I am going to modify my teachings to accommodate those who have a capacity to 
appreciate divinity and decide for themselves what path they will follow.  I 
am an experimental teacher in this phase two status, as compared to those who 
initially arrived, held fast to the revelatory teachings and continue to 
uphold those fundamental truths.  

GROUP: Welcome.

PAULO: I appreciate your willingness to take me on board, even with my 

THOROAH:  Our good friend George here has introduced us to a lot of new 
things.  It's a nice time in Spokane, Washington.

PAULO:  In many regards, yes.  Even more to the point, it is an interesting 
time in the lives of those who live here, you being one of them, and there 
being many others who have the opportunity to take advantage of the vibrancy, 
the aliveness, the untrammeled path afore you.  It's a fresh slate here in 
many ways and it is indeed fortuitous that the initial meeting of this 
increment of the Spokane Teacher Base is able to assimilate not only myself 
but the entire regiment of secondary midwayers that have traipsed into the 
area through the auspices of your associate, referred to as George Barnard.  

George, you will likely be graced with that handle throughout your mortal 
life.  The effects of a spiritual name, your spiritual identification, in 
your case is truly secondary, inasmuch as in your life you have already opted 
to be a being who follows the pied piper of the greater reality.  There is no 
competition for you from the material realms, inasmuch as your peers in the 
half way realm are your frame of reference.

I see, in fact, that many of the midwayers who are making contact with 
mortals are being companionable to the extent that they are adopting names 
like George in order to help you feel at home with them.  What's in a name?  
What's in a construct?  What's in a perception?  It is our desire, in the 
long run, to do His will that will determine how far and how fast, whether or 
not, and how effectively, we impact on our environment, even our own 
existence.  Will.  Free will is such a powerful gift, such a two-edged sword. 

Let me not talk all day.  You have met me.  We have established our base of 
operations.  I am certain that there are questions or others who would also 
have desire to make their way into your awareness.  

* * * * *

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