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Bill Kelly billk at ida.net
Fri Oct 13 06:07:38 PDT 2000

October 6, 2000

Daniel (Bill): Greetings friends, this is Daniel.  How joyful we all are to
be with you again in this comfortable setting amidst your cheerful,
bantering interactions, your lighthearted playful friendships.  For indeed
there is a dearth of humor on this planet because of the unpleasantness of
much of the legacy of Lucifer's rebellion and planetary default.  So we
encourage you to take yourselves less seriously and allow your true natures
to be shared with each other.  There is really nothing to be frightened of
in terms of ultimate values, ultimate consequences, nothing, no not even
the destruction of your world will impinge upon your eternal future.  So if
you are willing to be foolish and take risks and follow the intelligent
guidance that pulls your heartstrings in the direction of progress so you
will be true companions with us on our journey together.

This brings me to our topic this evening and that is opening the door to
enhanced expectations.  We have spoken often about the role of expectation
to behavior in terms of the person's internal motivational system.  And
tonight I wish to expand this discussion to the function of a group, or
indeed when you meet together, you are unique depending upon so many
factors including the number of people present, who they are, what they
expect, how their week has been, how their health is, and just many more
thing that defy compilation.  But one of the things which effects groups
even as it does individuals is the role of expectations.  

Tonight I observed, in addition, to your lightheartedness a tone of anxiety
for you are faced with an unknown experience shortly in an area that is
very sensitive to you, i.e., the role of the unseen world that you bravely
accept after due process, but still fear that many others in your society
will reject out-of-hand.  The fact of the matter, however, is that there
are many more people that believe in the spiritual realm than you may
imagine in your wildest dreams.  This is the Correcting Time, friends, and
this is the time for transformation.  These are not idle words that we keep
telling you.  Your planet is, in fact, in the beginning stages of the most
dramatic spiritual rejuvenation that it has even witnessed.  While the 6th
century BC was a time of great spiritual awakening, this time is forecast
to be far greater! The unrest and cataclysms of the news, of the weather,
of societies, of the breakdown of traditional ideas, all of these things
are a part of this transformation process.  

As I have told you many times and you have taken it to heart, all of this
starts with you as individuals. You have taken these admonitions into your
lives and the results have indeed been magnificent.  Ups and downs of life
are a factor also in your perspectives and expectations.  That's why we
encourage balance so that you can stabilize your mood swings and the waves
which sweep through your lives, that you can learn to ride the surf board
of faith and stand on it.  Many years ago I discussed this with you and at
that point you were learning to hang onto the surfboard in the waves.
These days, my friends, for the most part, you stay on the surfboard and
you navigate successfully across the thundering events which come into your

All of this is leading to my main point which is I desire for you not to
quail and quake before the pounding of the surf, before the great wave that
rises 30 feet into the air approaching the beach, but rather that you get
on your surf boards and get out there and ride that wave!  Do not be afraid
of the unknown which is coming for, indeed, does Father govern the
universe.  Indeed does His over-care touch your lives intimately at every
moment from all sides. So do not fear the waves, but rather thrill to the
exhilaration of the conquest of another challenge, another task which will
lift you from one level of spiritual growth to the next.  

It is true that you do not know what to expect.  That's why I asked you as
a group not to diminish the parameters of your expectations.  Rather,
expand them in the firm trust that you are cared for and loved, and that
all things do work together for good in God's universe for those whom He
loves and to those who are willing to accept and live by that love.  I
believe I have conveyed my ideas sufficiently to complete this, shall we
say, pep talk to you all.  And I now welcome questions and comments and
concerns from you all.
The floor is open.

Ken: Yes Daniel, the thought came to me as I was reading about the life of
Christ and the Apostles teaching mission as they are stepping out before
the crucifixion there...I am sensing a little sense of urgency here prior
to his death, and they are taking the same type of step that you are asking
us to take tonight as they go out two by two in their teaching mission.
They have to take that expanded step to present their faith to the people,
and I think that it's the same thing here.  Don't be afraid.  Just take the
step and go.

Daniel (Bill): That is very perceptive, my friend, for indeed this is the
essence of what I am trying to say this evening.  In a sense every day is
the opportunity to take steps, and yet there are also circumstances, which
require decision-making, for it is the decisions that you make that (are)
the fulcrum of your spiritual growth.  While there is similarity in the
themes of what I have said and what you have just stated, nevertheless
every opportunity in the universe is unique, every moment different in some
way from every other moment.  Every individual of course is unduplicated
throughout the universe.  So, yes, there are similarities, and ,yes, the
same risk of faith is required in these circumstances; but as to the actual
unfolding, that is what brings about the anxiety and that is what requires
the commitment of faith.  When we are willing to follow God's guidance and
leading and throw to the winds our doubts and fears, then we find that we
are safe within his loving care, and the outcomes may be quite a bit
different than even our wildest dreams imagine.  I can tell you this for
sure, having lived a mortal life on a planet much advanced of this one, the
wonders of the Paradise ascension careers that await us are unbelievable!
Therefor I will tell you that with God all things are possible, and all
things work together for good.  Thank you for your commentary, my friend.

Ken: Thank you, Daniel.  I am looking for the motor on the back of my
surfboard, as if it's not going fast enough now.  (Laughter.)


Daniel (Bill): Are there other questions to myself, to me, or to the rest
of the staff who although they have not spoken are present?  We have
Andronason, Minearsia, your personal teachers who would welcome any
comments from last week's meeting that may have occurred to you.  We have
Aaron with us and we have Tomas, Ham, yes, and our midwayer friends.

Daniel (Bill): Very well, if you have not comments, I am aware of one who
wishes to briefly converse with you, and requests that Bob, if he is up to
it, do the honors.

Aaron (Bob): My friends, doubt not the words you hear from your elder
brothers and sisters, for we never speak guardedly.  We former mortals tend
to speak with a feeling of authority for we have been where you are.  We
trust you have picked up on this sense of authority, perhaps experience,
which permeates our communications.  

Those of you who tend to be more reticent during these times of group
interaction need not worry for all of you are much loved and cared for.
One's participation is not necessarily a clear indication of one's
spiritual health.  So I hope these words will find comfort among those of
you who sometimes feel left out.  My brothers and sisters, do not
misinterpret what is transpiring, for much of your growth takes place
subconsciously, actually superconsciously, which is a term not fully
understood by you, but the concept is similar.  Oh yes, this is Aaron.
Greetings to you all.  Are there questions or comments about my words to
those here gathered?

No questions.

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel.  Aaron, my friend, I thank you for rounding
out  my enthusiasm with your proper caution, for indeed the zeal of the
drive to expand and urge toward growth always needs to be modified by the
fact that everyone has the obligation and the right to choose when they are
comfortable to make changes or to take new directions.  No one who is
headed Paradise-ward should be faulted for different rates of growth, nor
should enthusiastic leaping forward be valued more highly than cautious but
serious decision making.  So, therefor, I thank you for balancing the tenor
of my commentary with your words.

Aaron (Bob): This is Aaron.  I would add this comment to my friends here
gathered.  Doubt not the small voice you hear whispering quietly in the
backs of your minds for you have friends in high places who are constantly
addressing you in one manner or another. While it is possible to
communicate directly with your teachers their work goes ever forward and
they communicate with you in whichever form you provide.  I trust my words
this evening will find acceptance and provide encouragement for those who
tend to be reticent when in the group.  If my words have elicited questions
or comments I would endeavor to deal with them are this time.  (No response)

Loretta (Bill): This is Loretta.  Hello again my friends.  I am gratified
that the topic of doubt and fear was helpful to so many.  It is
particularly pertinent to a rebellion planet where you are indeed
Agondonters.  So I will continue to work on my charge and the rest of you
in a manner in which Aaron has just described, superconsciously,
subliminally, for each of us individual teachers are also now in a network
so that we can be called into assist our peers when they work with their
charges.  Your unity as a group has made this possible; so we are all
available to all of you.  Does this situation require further elaboration?

Ken: We are just one big happy family.  (Laughter.)

Loretta (Bill): That is true.

Virginia: Loretta, may I ask a question?  (Loretta accepts.)  Loretta, you
did bring up a thought that I had earlier when Daniel was speaking, and, of
course the reference to fear and doubt is that which we may be experiencing
the end of this month.  You just mentioned that we are Agondonters, and
frankly the candles can come on every night for me, and I if can see
lighted silhouettes and blue midwayers the rest of my life, I don't care if
I am an Agondonter or not!  (Laughter.)  It might help my faith if I could
occasionally, or much more often than occasionally (who am I kidding?) see
these celestial phenomenon that other people seem to experience, and does
that take away the Agondonter status?  Not that I really care, I am just

Loretta (Bill): My dear, your Agondonter status is sufficiently justified.
It will not be taken away because your have already gained experience in
struggling with doubt and fear, and allowing faith to triumph.  All
Agondonters eventually see what they have only perceived by faith anyway.
It is just a matter of time.  So, no, you will not lose your Agondonter

You may not think it valuable at this point, but I tell you it is a high
honor to be assigned tasks that require loyalty and uncompromising
devotion.  These situations, these kinds of missions, are not confined to
the mortal life but continue on in the evolutionary universe.  There are
two side of this business of faith enhancers such as candles, touches on
the cheek, visions of teacher auras, visual perception of midwayers, etc.,
and that is, faith is almost displaced by knowledge, for what one knows
does not require faith.  Faith is the evidence of things not seen, rather
than the conclusions of sight.  The universe is vast enough and God's
nature is vast enough that faith is not something that disappears upon
entering the portals of death and moving on into the morontial life.  There
is still the need for faith as the basic trust in the love and care of God,
which is your experience.  What strengthens your faith, my dear, is not
candles or other manifestations.  What strengthens your faith is spiritual
contact with your indwelling God-fragment, God Himself in you.  This
contact which you make, whenever you make it, is what rejuvenates your
faith.   I believe that this is sufficient to address your statements.  I
will return this to Daniel, and thank you all one more time for letting me
be heard.  Think about this teacher collaboration that I have described.
You also may request your friends' personal teachers to assist you if you
so desire.  One moment.

Virginia: Thank you Loretta.  That was a beautiful answer.

Machiventa (Bill): Greetings, my friends.  Once more it is I, Machiventa,
here with you again for the same reasons that I elucidated the last time.
You are perhaps understanding now how unified and connected is this
mission.  We are a part of the transformation of Satania, for all the rebel
planets are under the guidance of Michael and the time of correction goes
beyond this planet.  Your siblinghood extends far beyond the confines of
this globe.  You are children of a universal family of free will
intelligence.  All of us are brothers and sisters in the one vast cosmic
family. So when you tend to think in very small perspectives and you allow
your expectations to be very concise and limited, may the yeast and leaven
of the truth bubble up within the dough of your hearts and turn this bread
that is baking, your very soul itself, into a most tantalizing and
delicious loaf, whose fragrance will reach out and bring others to you to
ask you whence comes this wonderful bread and the light that lightens your
life and shows forth the presence of God.  I now therefor bring this
meeting to a close with these words.  My love to all of you.  Good evening.

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