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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Motivation, Inspiration, Willingness, Perfection
Teachers: Elyon, Tomas, Veronica

September 17, 2000

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  I greet you today, I am Elyon.  Today I would like to
focus for a short while upon motivation and inspiration to contribute my
toward your discussion regarding interacting with others and understanding
behaviors that often do not mesh with your own, do not function in consonance
with your own direction.
	Motivation is wholly a personal force.  No one can force another to be
motivated.  One can encourage another.  One can inspire another.  One can offer
incentives that will foster the impulse that is motivation.  But it is in
the end
truly an act of free will.  Being such, the possession of the personality and
given that personality is wholly unique, motivation will be diverse.  A group of
people who choose to function together may at the outset appear to be uniformly
motivated.  However, as time passes and events occur, it is revealed the
diversity of each individual's motivation to be involved.  The secondary
influences that attach to the shared purpose will reveal themselves.
	When we address the spiritual cause to ascend to the Father, to leave the
world upon which you dwell today a little better than when you were born
into it,
to let your discoveries of spiritual realities ooze into the lives of others, we
can address inspiration as being from a single source: the Indwelling Spirit. 
This inspiration is the true bonding between personalities.  Understanding that
this spark of the Father ignites each soul and that it is the same within you as
is within another, you can affiliate with an associate in spite of the
personality's choice of free will to motivate in a direction that does not
parallel your own.
	Last lesson we discussed creativity.  We placed it in the context of the
growth of the Supreme.  As the Supreme grows each one of you and myself are
creating what we may call secondary supremacy realities, those that originate
from yourself.  These are the motivation actions; the Supreme is the
inspirational fundamental to all this diversity.
	One can be of assistance to another in effort to kindle the drive of
motivation.  You each do well at supporting one another in your purposes.  But I
once again direct you to the inner inspiration of the Father's Presence for the
most direct input into fostering your motivation to be about the will of the
Father and to bring this world closer to Light and Life.
	I will allow room for my associates to likewise make their contact with

*	Tomas (Gerdean):  I am Tomas.  I will visit with you for a while today in
support of your tenderheartedness and Elyon's address about motivations and
in willingness.
	You cannot be motivated to be effective without willingness, and
willingness is of course a product of your will.  The power and authority of the
human will cannot be under-emphasised.  It is the will, human will, that affords
God's will to be done or not be done and to all the gradations of clarity of
His will may be for you, for each individual.  One of you may be willing to go
into the jungles while another of you is not.  One of you may be better adapted
to laboratories while another of you is not.  Each of you has your own
pattern of
personality which you must abide by in order to be yourself, to best reflect
those values which would be given to your behaviors in your personality
expression.  Human associations is a course that we will be involved with for a
long time.  Human Associations 101 is learning how to be the brotherhood of
The ideals are inherent in your sonship.   Your spiritual affinity and
kinship is
that which draws you to each other and upholds you each in your faith-path
and in
your fellowship.  Yet the manner in which your perceived purpose is put into
practice is the kaleidoscope of personality variation that gives rise to
friction, frustration, and those agitations which will eventually give rise to
greater understanding and ultimate growth towards that infinite ideal in
which we
place our faith and from whence comes our motivation.
	The goodness of God is like a gingersnap cookie.  It at first glance is
hard and at first bite is sharp, but when it is drenched in the milk of human
kindness in your genuine fellowship, it is soft, palatable, digestible, and
infinitely pleasing.  In your human associations, understand that you are
gingersnap cookies and, while hard on the surface, you are all tasty when
appropriately dunked in the human experience.
	That is all.

*	Veronica:  Ferocious facsimiles of finaliters, I am Veronica and glad to be
called to join with you in your associations today.  It is a lively circuit
in your area, and many eyes are upon you. It is like watching television to
observe your lives.  While many days are reruns, there are also live
presentations that bring tears to our eyes and would be the equivalent of
goosebumps, excitement.  There is one thing that is true and certain in our
relationships with you; you are not dull in your approach to life.  You are
to be
commended.  You are to be appreciated for what you do and what you attempt to do
in your understanding of your life with the master and his other children, your
brothers and sisters.  This is not an easy assignment.  It was in some ways
easier when you were still in isolation, and you had only yourself and your God
Fragment to deal with.  The introduction of each other to you has opened a
panorama of opportunity, and you have rejoiced in the reopening of the primary
	In your efforts to open other and tertiary avenues of God consciousness
between you and among you it is working in the field.  Even though you are kin
you are still working with each other and learning how to be spiritual
reflections of those value lessons that were exemplified in the life of the
Creator Son Michael of Nebadon who has taught us how to be the perfect human
being, the graciousness and kindness and love that he was able to bestow on
he met, the ways in which he was able to minister in support of the spirit
of the
people as well as the skill in which he was able to lay to rest the aggressions
and hostilities of  the fear-ridden kids of his day and age is our
inspiration in
	It is an honorable profession you have set out to master.  Perfection is a
slow climb, and you like children are impatient in your short-sighted
perspective, expecting yourself and others to have already attained that ideal
that you grasp when you are in a moment of worship and communion with God,
as you
understand God.  So I come to encourage you and to support your efforts and your
gentle hearts in your freewill decision to be willing to go where you are
lead to
learn the lessons you may learn in order to teach what you may teach in support
of your motivation to be perfect in your realm as he is in his.
	Thank you.
(long pause)
	Speak to me, gingersnap.  What is your question?

	Jonathan:  I've come up with some triangle formulas from the teachers
lessons.  One pattern is that the corners of the triangle represent the one, the
many, and the whole.  Another is intaking, processing, and expressing.  Today I
hear willingness, inspiration, and motivation.  I perceive willingness to be the
one singular; inspiration of the Father being the whole; and motivation being
manifold.  I see inspiration to be intaking, willingness to be processing,  and
motivation to be expressive.  I'm asking for confirmation, embellishment, or
*	Veronica:  There is a child's game that is played by young people in
developing manual dexterity.  It involves an arrangement of string between the
fingers such that all manner of adventures may come and go, rise and fall, ebb
and fall, bringing science into their very hands.  This tendency towards seeking
and delighting in order is a child's game that has dexterity, exercise, also for
the mental and spiritual reaches of the student.  The ability to put value into
patterns in order to demonstrate or perform a truth is a teaching technique that
is a part of the intelligence of the species.  These kinds of illustrations are
tools and toys which the eager mind can take with it into its arena to work, to
the marketplace, to domestic duties, and mull around in the mind in order to
it a mental mantra upon which to focus while it reflects upon the values
established as the focal points in the configuration presented.
	Three is a delightful configuration, for it is so fraught with balance. 
The initial trinity concept is perhaps the motherboard of all these trinity
concepts that provide balance in an understanding of value.  It is more
consolidated and therefore encapsulated than a linear approach which has a
beginning and an ending.  A trinity structure has balancing points from
which you
can go from here to there and back again in appreciation of relationship and
association, as the patterns of the string are evidential in the child's game
with its fingers.  So, you are grasping, your minds are grasping, concepts and
being given a framework in which to manipulate, study, and understand morontia
reality in a material framework.
	I hope my response has not taken all the fun out of your game.
	Jonathan:  Oh no.  You have made me thoroughly soggy in that cup of milk.
*	Veronica:  Keep a grip on yourself lest you fall to the bottom of the cup.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  This is Elyon returning.  I have a small assignment for
you this week.
	You each have expressed events in your lives which you struggle with,
transitional episodes.  I would like you, as a clan, a family, to take special
effort and pray for one another, each one individually for each other.  The
Father is with you each, and this concerted and deliberate effort by you all
help to underline the brotherhood qualities of the Father's family.  I would be
greatly pleased if you undertook this focus.  

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