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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Jesus' Life - Our best Example, Promotion and Compromise, Healing
Teachers: Tomas, Lantarnek, Jessona, Elyon

July 30, 2000

*	Tomas (Gerdean TR):  We are your teachers, good morning.  We are going 
back again to the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it in as much as
he is
our best example, our prime inspiration, as to how to reflect the character of a
son of God in your daily dealings.  Jesus asked his apostles to reflect the love
of the Father when he asked them to live their lives as if they had lived with
him and knew his love intimately.
	Anyone who has been embraced by the master knows the sublimity of his
touch, the combined power and grace of his personality.  Those of you who are
aware of your divine nature and have begun to appreciate, understand, and take
command of your material, corporeal self and your mind have attained to a degree
the understanding that was put forth when he walked and talked and when he
All of the apostles had qualities they admired about the master, and each one of
you has qualities that you regard as especially valuable in your fellows.  In
most instances your fellows and yourselves have developed a working
of your own qualities such that you manifest your strengths and try to hide or
underplay your less desirable qualities, your assessment of your behavior based
upon how you fit in your world, the life you live in your day and age as Jesus
and the original apostles lived in theirs.
	The opportunity to spend time with the master in contemplation, in
conversation, in prayer, in stillness, is an opportunity to understand his
gracious character and to experience personally his intimate presence.
Study his
manner and how he approaches you and look to develop within yourself those same
interpersonal skills.  If the master is patient with you, you will be patient
with others.  If you perceive that the master is chiding you, you may chide
others until you see that his gentle chiding is for your own good and
growth.  We
hold him up to be our inspiration even still, and in particular in our work with
you.  You who would have benefited greatly from so much and have now his words
and his helpers through his mercy to begin to learn anew those qualities of the
sons of God which give increased value and resounding presence into your lives.
	Bringing God into your life through your own presence and recognizing it in
the presence of others are acknowledgments of having spent time with Jesus, of
recognizing that in your spirit, that God reality, that sonship, that strength
and meekness, that power and compassion, that gentleness and that forcefulness
which in everything leads indirectly and directly into a new recognition of our
relationship with the First Source and Center, the Universal Father.  This
liberates you from the fears of your material existence and the influences of
your fellows, those fellows who have not mastered themselves or those areas of
character which are yet to be reviewed by association with the greatest teacher
we have known, his matchless character indeed.  You may not be Creator Sons but
you are sons of God, and he has promised you that you can do, as a son of man,
all that he did here as a son of man, and he lived his life in such a way as to
make it possible for you to emulate the way he lived his religious life.
	The universes of time and space are the purview of others; I am Tomas, a
teacher, and I focus on your lives as emissaries of truth, beauty, and
I will stand back and allow for my brethren.

*	Lantarnek (Jonathan):  I greet you, this is Lantarnek.  Happy am I always
to be present with my associates of this mission.  It is a great pleasure to
more directly with mortals and to have the benefit of students such as
who have prepared yourselves both intellectually through study and
through faith to be about this mission.
	The melchizedeks are pleased to work with any group of individuals who are
eager to promote truth.  We are careful to align our efforts with the
understanding and orientation of any particular group, all in the effort toward
bringing upliftment, improvement, deeper insight.  The goal naturally is a full
revelation of the Father and an equal revelation of our sovereign Michael,
but we
know this is impossible on an evolutionary planet.  The level of growth on any
sphere rules this out, and it is doubtful that even in Light and Life the
fullness of revelation would be possible, though certainly more "proximized".
	Likewise, I encourage you in your efforts to promote truth and beauty and
goodness that you also work from your current conditions.  It is good that you
are sensitive to compromise from the viewpoint that it is potentially distorting
or diluting, that the expression when repackaged may obscure the purity of the
article to be presented.  In integrating with those of your kind upon this world
you must find a medium of connection.  Michael himself learned the native
languages of the culture he lived in.  He learned the trades.  He learned the
religion and with this understanding revealed the Father.  He certainly lived
quite differently than he did on Salvington prior to his bestowal.  He did not
compromise his Creator Son standing in doing so.  He adapted.  He lived true to
his promise to the Father.  He first gained an experiential recognition of the
nature of mortal children of the Father and discovered the means whereby these
same mortal children can be nourished by the light of truth.
	Compromise may be thought of or, may I say, checked as to its value or its
potential distortion in this way: if I may part the word and think of the word
"promise", where is your intent?  Are you holding true to your faith, to your
promise to reveal truth, to reveal the son, to reveal the Father, when you
compare another's perspective of reality with your own?  If so, you are
translating your enlightenment for another.  If not, then your goals have lost
the primary, central import and that is being a representative and
ambassador for
Michael on this planet.  Know fully that until you stand on the sphere of
Paradise and are absorbed into the divine presence, every expression of your
knowledge and wisdom will be less than this Supreme experience.  Naturally
no one
of us this side of the Isle of Paradise would cease to teach or to share because
it is less than a full revelation of the Father.  Even my own expression
today is
a compromise of the teachings of the melchizedek schools in the constellation
realms.  Nonetheless, I come in full faith to my promise to reveal the Father.
	Intention, devotion, service are three good words by which you may check in
to better orient yourself to how to express yourself and by what manner and what
timing you ought to express the reality of spiritual experience that you have
come to know.  Your instructor Elyon has never grown tired of encouraging you
that, though you are in the early grades of Nebadon schooling, you are learning
well, and from this classroom you are to go forward and share your
for no lesson is ever complete until the expression of that which you have
received has been made.  Then the new course curriculum can be presented.
	I have observed on your world the game "T-ball" where the youngest among
you will do without a pitcher that the batter may better hit the ball and create
some action on the field.  The game is fun and the ability to play the sport
improves.  When maturity follows, then an actual pitcher may be placed on the
mound who can throw a ball and is capable of being accurate enough that a batter
can hit, given the batter's background and training with T-ball. This "T" is
in a
sense a compromise, but it is true to the intent of teaching the athlete how to
play the sport.
	I hope I have been helpful in expanding your desires to be about the
Father's business and to reveal to your fellows truth in such a way that
receptivity can occur and benefit may ensue.  Thank you.

*	Jessona (Gerdean):  This is your "brethren" Jessona.  I understood there
was a question.
	Tom:  In studying the various healing practices of different nationalities
I was looking for the common denominator, since some practices seem
contradictory.  I noticed that in voodoo the trance-like state was similar to
stillness.  The discussion of chakras is often accompanied by meditative
postures.  Some seem distasteful to me, but I don't want that to interfere with
understanding the healing principles behind them.  Could you comment?
*	Jessona:  The Father's universities offer a wide range of classes to His
many students.  Different cultural campuses have different arts and crafts and
sciences.  Students in them learn the skills indigenous to that area, that
culture, even that age, that era.  It is all part of the evolution of self
mastery.  It is understanding the physical mechanism and attempting to bring it
into control to relieve it from pain or discomfort or fits or disease in
order to
ease the pain and suffering.  Often you have resorted to peculiar methods, but
these are only peculiar as you look at them from the outside.  From the inside,
from the tribe or nationality in which it is common, from that university class
that was appropriate the peculiarities make sense.  Even though you outgrow many
of your more ignorant approaches to cure, such as the application of leeches for
purification of the blood, you can understand that before the nature of blood is
understood this would have been a reasonable application.  It is therefore
important for you to observe the area of the teaching and has it been surpassed
by science or better technology?  The ancient arts are still with us as are many
of the old superstitions.  Yet, for instance, the technique of assuming the full
lotus and interacting in and with the chakra system has indeed brought many
people into what could be construed or interpreted as a viable and life altering
religious experience.
	The practice of putting everything in good order in order that God may take
over and prevail is the high art, and many of these cultures have carried this
high art down through the ages, while many have become mere museum pieces,
fascinating to the intelligent man of today.  But none of them are to be feared,
bearing in mind the preceding lesson, and all of them can be appreciated for the
time and place they have served in humanity's growth and evolution.  The
vernacular today might say, "different strokes for different folks", but by the
same token the spirit can be found in anything, and anywhere.  Many of these
peculiarities of belief (peculiar for you) are valid spiritual scaffolding for
millions of others.  The ability to discuss these other belief systems, these
university classes, even if they are only cake decorating and flower arranging,
are ways in which you can relate to others that might lead them into higher arts
of horticulture or cuisine.  Do you see my point?  They are conversation pieces
much like astrology has been a .., I can't find the word.
	Tom:  Scaffolding?
*	Jessona:  No.  It is that, but it has become a common medium of discourse
that enables you to delve into behavior and belief systems.  It has become a
catalyst for higher concepts.  As these belief systems allow for you to use them
as a springboard to greater realities, they have served a valuable purpose.  To
ameliorate suffering is the purpose of them all, whether that suffering be
physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  Voodoo itself is a way to put
the hex
on the other guy so that you have peace of mind, and it is practiced today even
though it has become highly sophisticated and would not be recognized as voodoo
perhaps except by those of us who recognize the "art form".  But you have free
will in so far as to how many of these languages you want to learn and how many
elective classes you are willing to take in the university of life.  This is
greatly dependent upon your preferences and proclivities when and as you are
actually led into an arena and assigned there in order to learn a lesson or
a lesson.  You may find that you have signed up for an elective class in a
healing art that you would never have thought yourself interested in until the
moment arrived that it was presented in such a way that you perceived it to be a
matter of His will for you in order that you can add to your intellectual
perception of a concept that will now enable you to expand the greater
reality of
the reality of God in the lives of your fellows.
	All right?
	Tom:  Those are excellent insights.  My original vexation was that a fellow
student in a workshop seemed to get a lot more from the curriculum, because
I had
to see to believe but she believed and therefore saw.  I couldn't get passed the
ritual.  I'm still loath to immerse myself in a ritual I feel is non-productive.
*	Jessona:  This is understood.  As long as it appears unproductive to you,
you in your integrity will continue to forestall immersing yourself.  If you can
appreciate that fact that you can take a dip into a life experience and not
drown, it won't hurt you.  You may get wet; you may find yourself being baptized
in a new spiritual perception, but you will not be lost.  You belong already to
the Father, and He will lead you home.
	Tom:  I'm using my perception of this ritual as an avoidance of immersing
myself deeper.
*	Jessona:  If you choose to immerse yourself deeper in this way, it's not
required.  It's an elective course.  Consider that in school there are those who
have a penchant for poetry and those who prefer biology lab.  Some are science
minded and some are liberal arts minded.  This may have something to do with
reluctance, for you perceive yourself as a person who would do it this way.  To
admit that you could also be happy in doing it another way is a stretch for your
understanding of who you are.  There is effort involved in expansion.  Is it
something you will be able to use down the line?  How many people learned to
speak and read Latin which has been a dead language for centuries?  But it has
been of invaluable help in many ways because of the nature of learning itself.
	I will encourage you this way, my friend, that the universities of the
Father are open to all, and it is a good idea to keep your mind active and to
exercise not only your brain cells but your capacities.  It could be just a
temporary diversion or it could be something that adds immeasurably to your
fundamental configuration.  There's no value in disdaining it as inferior.  If
you don't want to, it's just something you don't want to; a matter of
perhaps.  You have plenty of options, and all of them are opportunities for
ministry and service as you communicate with one another.  Even as you
communicate, "I don't get it" you have sought their guidance much like Jesus
out the young man who was afraid.  In this way you can minister as you pass by.
	Tom:  Thank you for your counsel.
*	Jessona:  Thank you for your camaraderie.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  Elyon stepping in.
	You know that personality is unity, that it is more than the sum of the
elements that make up personhood such as your body, mind, spiritual elements of
yourself; that ever and always does personality coordinate and maintain this one
being quality midst this array of oneself.  It is natural that personality when
perceiving its environment will seek unification in the external, thus arises
philosophy which seeks to unify the advancing sciences of civilization and the
progressing religions as well and all other categories of knowledge.
	In the realm of healing, we could present this perspective: Picture a
horizontal line where at one extreme could be placed the words terrestrial,
mortal, causal.  The other extreme could have such words as celestial, cosmic,
divine.  As mankind has climbed out of the jungle into its current state of
development it has made many attempts to rectify what has appeared to be out of
order, to restore health and vitality.  Some of these practices were wholly
terrestrial in application and in theory.  Healing will take place anywhere on
this scale, and it has to do with the faith of the one receiving the healing. 
Even Michael when he cured Lazarus of the disease that brought him to his death
did not really cure the disease, for the disease later took Lazarus again.
	Mankind has progressed to the point where many practices of the healing
arts appear superstitious.  You are now on the threshold of great
advancements in
medicine.  You are now even beginning to question the recent practices of
medicine to reassess its validity.  Where not too long past you cut off body
parts in order to bring health, you now more microscopically snip what you want
to remove.  You have been using chemicals to eradicate complications, and these
all will come into question in the years ahead as your investigations into the
composition of the human vehicle advance.  This time on this world is the
beginning of the discovery of the language of the Life Carriers, what you call
the DNA code.  As you advance in this four letter code you will be filled with a
sense of the miraculous that such complexity of life can ensue from such simple
compounds.  The hand of the divine is truly at work in the material realm.  In
the course of your understanding you will once again question what are
valuable and valid practices of today and re-question what has been considered
superstitious and ignorant practices of yesteryear.  But the discovery of the
inner working of this carrier code is only one of the grander pictures which
include understanding of mind circuitry and spirit influence.  Then all
categories of human knowledge will progress not simply or exclusively the
	You, my friend, are doing well to seek with discernment.  I encourage you
to seek and let your discernment aid your search and not hinder your
investigations.  Trust Michael's parable of the house built upon a rock can
withstand where one built upon sand will be undermined and destroyed.  This is
good to apply to many angles in life.
	I have finished.

	Jonathan:  Having just transmitted this, I'm struck by the comments on
Lazarus.  How did that fit in with healing?  What have I missed?
*	Jessona (Gerdean):  I will tackle that; I'm Jessona.
	I listened to you, Elyon, in your dissertation regarding healing and heard
the example of raising Lazarus from the dead as an example of healing, and
it was, for it put into remission, if you will, a condition which would deny a
man his life.  In essence it was a healing at least for a period of time and
which served a valuable purpose, even though the avenue of terrestrial escape
reappeared at a later time.  It appeared to me to be a perfectly acceptable
addition to your discourse having to do with the effects of attempts to
alter the
course of a human condition.  I don't understand why you would have a problem
with what he said, yet I am aware that a transmitter who was available opted to
not transmit Elyon himself but allowed me to voice my opinion, so perhaps there
will be yet another voice in the mix.  If it was merely a matter of concern that
it didn't fit, I found it did.
	Jonathan:  Thank you.  I guess in trying to follow the healing line of
wholly human or wholly divine that I see a completely human healing attempt
have instances of failure from not understanding where a divine healing would be
wholly successful. Many healings take place somewhere in between: spreading
salves, taking antibiotics, or dancing around fires.
*	Jessona:  It is also an indication of how it is that healing is a relative
condition.  If your suffering has been alleviated, you have been ostensibly
healed.  If you are allergic to alcohol and stop consuming alcohol you are not
healed, but you are in remission even so.  Your behavior has been healed and
was the problem.  Lazarus was raised from the dead, and his molecular
constitution was put into abeyance, at least until the point was made.  In many
of your healings you have the placebo effect of feeling that you are healed and
therefore being healed because there was ministration, and you respond to the
ministration.  If you believe that you will be healed, many times you will be
healed.  Whether or not the condition is permanent is an adventure in faith and
reapplication. Perhaps Lazarus could have been raised yet again.  Yet there is a
point where we must go on and deal with what we need to deal with.  If those
lessons in endurance or long suffering or self control are learned in another
way, perhaps they are not necessary to be learned through disease or physical
	Now I have gone and done the same thing, so I too have finished.
	Tom:  The fact that everyone the master healed has died leads me to think
healing is temporary, at least on a physical level.  Are spiritual healings
eternal or are they relative to our present state?
*	Jessona:  The higher you ascend in spiritual reality the less healing you
need.  You are gaining in perfection.  It is absurd to assume there would be
residue disease on Paradise.  These difficulties you are encountering, these
physical problems, are in part a natural propensity of the race to live and
In terms of living and dying there are degrees of health or disease, and there
are more here because your plasma was aborted, upstepping was aborted.  Your
mental distresses and diseases are greater too because of your lack of parental
influence.  So you have probably got yourself a bigger dose than most of matters
which cry out for alleviation of suffering.
	I will remind you also of the teaching that miracles in this context are
discouraged.  Belief in miracles in this context is discouraged, for although
miracles happen they happen so seldom as to allow it to be a challenge for you
and your faith and your growing experience to work within the framework that we
have to work within in the parameters of the arena in which we find ourselves. 
"Physician heal thyself" in many cases is all that is necessary.  As was said,
your science has evolved to the point where you are highly advanced in many of
your medical skills and abilities.
	As you leave here, as you ascend through the mansion worlds, you diminish
your animal nature.  That will eliminate many of your emotional and mental
illnesses, for the effects of physical illness that you carried around with you
in the flesh.  In time however, you will find yourself having risen up from the
vicissitudes of the material existence and able to embrace full, radiant health
in good faith.  In the meantime your faith can go a long way toward ameliorating
the physical and temporary distresses of the material life.
	Are you still troubled, my son?
	Tom:  Which son are you talking to?
	Jonathan:  I'm not.
	Tom:  Thank you very much.

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