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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Respect, Faith, Communication
Teachers: Tomas, Daniel, Elyon, Helena, Sharmon, Tut

July 23, 2000

*	Tomas (Gerdean TR):  This is Tomas.  Good morning, friends and students.
	My heart goes out to you all in your striving, in your noble efforts at
spiritizing your daily existence.  This is no small undertaking; the chasm
between the spirit and the flesh has been great.  Your culture has not been
supportive of the integration of the material world with spiritual values and
	The text when referring to our inspiration and example of Jesus when he was
here speaks to that when it says that the master sought for self respect.  When
you in your daily life wonder as to what you ought to be or how you ought to
present yourself in the face of so many conflicting theologies and changes in
your own growing nature, it is always good to be mindful of yourself and have
respect for that which you are and which you are becoming.  It does not serve to
undermine yourself by negating what you have learned.  If you have learned
humility, for instance, it is not necessary for you to advertise how humble you
are, as this will only open you up to those who would be overbearing or would
overrule, override, your sensibilities.  This does not imply that you ought to
opt for the opposite propensity to boast either, but to be respectful of that
which you are and that which you are becoming, indeed of the process itself.  In
this way you are respectful of life and the experiences of life.  You are
respectful with those with whom you share the experience of learning to
appreciate the value of being.  It puts you in a position of having and
maintaining a respect for those who would lead you into meaningful exchanges
can eventuate in a greater degree of wisdom or service or appreciation for and
understanding of a value that can benefit humanity in some way or contribute to
the Supreme in some way.
	Therefore, when it is said that the master sought for a sense of self
respect within himself, it is along these lines that it is written.  It has
nothing to do with bolstering your ego or padding your sensibilities.  It has to
do with that understanding of who you are in this time and space, even though it
is in a constant state of change because of your constant growth and the
growth of the organism of life itself.  Respect the process and your place
in the
process.  In this way you will also develop an appreciation for your life such
that you will be able to bestow that same value on those with whom you mingle. 
You will be able to reflect to them the respect that they warrant as a result of
their also living the human experience.  Whether you agree with what people
do or
how they think is not important, just like you are incapable of correctly
yourself.  But if you can respect the individual right and privilege to be a
partaker in this undertaking at whatever level you may read between the lines,
you are fostering self respect which will see you far in your dealings with life
and yourself and your peers.
	In hopes that my words have been helpful, I address you and step aside for
those others who would share with you today.

*	  Daniel (Jonathan):  Greetings, this is Daniel.  It is good to be in your
presence and good to share with my teacher friend Tomas.  I have a few brief
words to share before I make my more lengthy comment.  I wish to share a briefer
perspective, and that is on thresholds, transitions, passing through the door.
	When proceeding, when transitioning, from one condition, one state of
being; a spiritual location, if you will, into another; progress is the
sought-for feedback you hope to perceive forward movement.  In the analogy of a
door may I emphasize to you that in order to open a door one must oftentimes
back in order to allow it to swing that you may step forward.  Understanding
will help to ease frustration, to recognize that retrograde motion is part
of the
progressive actions you are taking.
	Now, following this I wish to speak on faith.  Faith has two aspects: one
is the faith of uncertainty wherein you hope and rely upon greater guidance,
the divine hand, upon celestial counsel, upon seasoned wisdom from a fellow. 
This faith is the faith of the child who trusts.  It is a faith that believes in
the abilities of another and believes in universal truth to fulfill, to uphold,
to nourish and sustain.  This is a receptive faith; it is a pliable, accepting
willingness, a "teach me" form of faith.
	On the other hand there is the faith of certainty, the faith of
determination, the faith that knows, that knows righteousness, that knows truth
through experience already lived, the faith that marches into Jerusalem in face
of the power of the Pharisees.  That is the faith of one who has practiced, who
has "been around the block", who will not be swayed by popularity or lack
or injury or praise.  It is the faith of a deep knowing, of actual contact with
divine reality to the extent that no other seeming evidence could deter the
faith-er from proceeding.  When the door is shut the inexperienced faith hopes
and dreams for the vision on the other side.  The experienced faith-er knows,
knows to the extent that it will seek high and low for the key wherewith to open
that door, for it is not something to let passively let sit until it swings open
on its own.
	I do not wish to place a greater or lesser value upon either form, for each
is valuable in particular stages of growth.  I will close with only this one
comment, and that is that faith is always present whether it be in one form or
the other.  It has its function, and if you apply your faith you will find your
answers, your rewards, and your ultimate destiny.
	Thank you for hearing me today.
	Group:  Thank you, Daniel.
	Gerdean:  Great to hear you again.
*	Tomas:  I am pleased to be with you, as well.

	Ginny:  I'd like a little clarification on the difference between self
respect and ego.  I know that ego is not necessarily bad.
*	Elyon  (Jonathan):  If I may...
*	Tomas  (Gerdean): Proceed, Elyon.
*	Elyon:  (Jonathan):  I would approach this topic by drawing a distinction
between pride and honor.  Naturally one gives honor to whom they respect.  Few
other than perhaps a parent will be prideful of another, as in the actions of an
offspring.  Pride is often reserved for self and honor for another.  Self
when wholesome is not prideful but is honoring, recognizing that you are the
offspring of the Father as is any other, and the Father takes pride in His
children.  You can give honor to yourself.
	I will now pass my "microphone" to Tomas.
*	Tomas (Gerdean):  Elyon has spoken clearly, and yet I would elucidate in a
way to hope to clarify your understanding through your human definitions of
	The ego is that which has been created by and through consciousness, your
human application, your experience here on the planet.  All that you have
come to
understand about yourself as a mortal being has been implanted in you in your
family or your culture or your experiences with your peers who have told you
that vantage point who you are and what you are doing here and how you should
behave and so forth, even to surviving.  Yet the self is not the ego.  The self,
in the definition I would direct you toward, is the self which is being created
as a result of your relationship between you and your indwelling Adjuster.  That
self is the soul self that is becoming, that which will transcend and traverse
beyond the limitations of the human ego.  I am not saying the ego is bad or
I am saying it is not the self that is addressed in "self respect".
	Is that more clarifying or have I made matters worse?
	Ginny:  That has been helpful, thank you.  I guess words get over-used and
get confusing.
*	Tomas:  It is because of assumptions about language that it is one of the
reasons the revelators made such an issue of the definitions of their terms even
before they began to speak.  So many times your relationships and associations
with people, even those with whom you are engaged in affirmative actions, is
undermined by your definitions.  Even a simple word that you use commonly every
day is one thing to you and is possibly something else to someone else, so
speaking two different meanings in the same word.  Whether this is peculiar to
the English language I will not say, but it is for you to realize that in your
attempts to communicate with one another it is essential that you embark
upon the
project of attaining communion with your peers through feeling the water in
to find it compatible so that you know that when you speak you are sharing the
same language.  It is absurd in many occasions how one word will destroy an
effective communication and leave you at odds with each other because in your
mind the word means and connotes one thing, and it connotes an entirely
meaning to your peer.  You can imagine that it is this kind of ineffectual
communication that has stood in the way of a greater fellowship; it even has
wrought destruction.  When it is said that words are tools, that the pen is
mightier than the sword, this is truth.  Words can be very damaging or very
	Listening is certainly a part of communicating, and when you are not
certain of the definition, it colors your response such that it is inimical to
the spirit.  It would behoove you to inquire as to their definition so as to
the communication flow toward that end which you all seek which is a
communion of
spirit and understanding.  In this I assume you all to be sons of God, and
daughters, in earnest desire to be filial with one another and not adversarial. 
A lot of people enjoy an adversarial approach to language.  They enjoy argument
for the exercise it provides.  That is certainly a form of communication, but it
is not the form that we engage in, nor is it the kind that we encourage in our
lessons.  Yet you must deal with it regularly; it is a common conditioning.
	That is enough from me on that.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  Elyon returning with some comment.
	You have discussed today how often what is disliked about another you can
find you dislike it in yourself.  In regard to respect, this same pattern is
true, that another receives your respect because it is representative of the
values you cherish and wish either to become or hold and adhere to at that
So, with self respect you can inspire yourself by recognizing those values you
wish all of your being could be and that some aspect of you has attained; the
times when you are on the mark, if I can put it that way.
	Those times when you feel off base, out of sorts, are good times to use
self respect to reflect upon those attainments that you have made that will
inspire you to reinvigorate you to put you back on the mark.
	That is all.

*	Helena (Ginny):  Good morning.  This is Helena.
	It is indeed a great task for you Urantians to engage in, dialogue for a
common purpose.  It is probably one of your greatest tasks to learn to
communicate and share and support for the common good.  It would indeed be
helpful for you to engage in conversation with the intent of assistance and
support as well as an opportunity for you to be on your soapboxes.  It is a
difficult balance.  If you do need a soapbox, then it might be time for you
to do
it.  It might be a time for you to find a way to express yourselves in an
appropriate manner.  Everyone should have that chance.  We all need to speak
we experience, and that need should be attended to.  There are many ways to do
this.  Writing.  Lecturing.  Internet.  Singing.  Painting.  As you experience
your humanness focus on ways to experience that humanness in appropriate ways so
that your own personal needs, your own self respect, is acknowledged without the
need to exchange.
	So, I encourage all of you to stand this week on your soap boxes and
express yourselves in a supportive, non-threatening way.  This is in no way     
detrimental to your growth, but on the other hand will enhance your need to
express yourself.
	Thank you.

*	Sharmon (Jonathan):  Greetings, this is Sharmon.  I would like to convey to
you as one near you in makeup and orientation as a secondary midwayer that your
meetings are very beneficial to you in ways you may not reflect upon very
We who can perceive such matters are able to discern that your circulation, your
tension and relaxation, your glandular excretions, your thinking patterns all
favorably improve as you share in these meetings with one another.  You come for
spiritual nourishment yet you leave benefited on many levels that you do not
necessarily recognize each time.  But we see these.  Not to be demeaning, but it
is cute as would a litter of puppies who get excited.  But truly your cares, the
tensions of daily life, ease as you share.  In this very hour your physical
tensions also dissipate as you trust one another and express such love for one
another and open to your teachers and to Michael's presence to help you.  It is
very beneficial and I just wanted to convey this to you as one who can perceive
it.  Thank you.

*	Tut (Gerdean):  I am Tut.  I am a friendly local midwayer also, and I have
already made the acquaintance of many of you.  I have been working with the
people involved with the Church Within venture.  They are my assignment, if you
will, and the effects of their efforts are a part of my area of interest.  I am
tickled to be able to specifically be engaged in something that will help
establish a working agreement between the mortals and their invisible cousins. 
The fact that we are not that far removed from where you are in terms of our
destiny and our capacities is a helpful factor in developing the working
relationships that are in existence and that are imminently possible.  But the
fact is,  we have been working with so many of you in so many capacities and for
such a long time you are just not perhaps aware of how much a part of your lives
we really are.  But now that we have broken open the circuitry we will be
in a lot more actual work with you and will be more and more a part of your
operandi here on Urantia.  We are indeed enjoying it immensely.  It's fun to be
able to take the lessons the teachers have taught the mortals and help them put
them into practice.  The support staff, you could call us.  At any rate it is
indeed a pleasure to be a participant in these unfoldings, this new stretch and
reach into Light and Life, or rest stops along the way.  The spirit realms are
busy thoroughfares as your lives are a reflection of it.
	Just wanted to say hello, how are you, and have a good day.

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