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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Obedience, Discipline, Emotional Circuitry, Question on Qi Gong
Teachers: Tomas, Elyon, Jessona, Spirit Helper

June 25, 2000
*	Tomas (Gerdean TR):  Good afternoon, I am Tomas.  I am going to take
advantage of you here today and your attitude and discuss with you a wonderful
quality, a quality that is badly misunderstood in your world and perhaps for
reason.  This quality is one of obedience.
	It is clear to those of us in the spirit realm that each of you would obey
any injunction offered to you by an authority for which you had open admiration
and total trust as you do for our Father and as you do for Michael.  It is also
understood, of course, that you would not be asked to do anything by those
that would be in any way harmful to you.  This is part of why it is that you
would obey so readily, but you understand this as a result of your intimate
relationship with them.  In the love that you share together, you understand
their love for you, their power, their wisdom.  So you would obey willingly any
injunction or command given to you, even given to your Indwelling Adjuster, for
your respect for the spirit is too great.
	Your outer world is a different territory entirely.  Blessed is the child
who has an environment in which it feels and treasures trust, for in this
environment the simple act of breathing is in obedience to the nature of God. 
The beauty of the realm in which you live in its natural and even refined states
would not bring you harm.  Your families, your loved ones, your teachers in the
spirit realm, these are persons that you want to trust and would obey because of
the nature of the relationship, because of the authority involved in the quality
of the relationship.  It is because the relationship is based on an idyllic
that relationship which has been portrayed in the beautiful description of the
love of the Father for His children and the love of the mortal father for his
children.  The son who desires to do his father's will is indeed obedient to the
slightest nuance of the father's desire, because the child chooses to please the
parent whom he loves.  The selflessness of service is in response to an impetus
of obedience, allowing the Father to guide your steps, to focus your mind, to
deliver your voice; to hold your heart in obedience to that which is holy,
righteous, and just.
	The world in which you live is well familiar with disobedience.  It is
indeed more common to disobey than to not.  The concept of obedience in much of
your culture is an indication of weakness, of being a follower, blind
follower, a
state not to be esteemed.  Self determination and individuality are elements of
the human existence that have confused an appreciation of what it means to be
obedient.  It is not to be subservient; it is not to be a doormat.  It is not to
be obedient to those lesser values that would render you weak.  It is intended
that my words to you recognize that obedience is in response to that which calls
forth your very soul and exalts it to the level of actually yearning to do
whatever it is that is required in order to gain acceptance and pleasure
from the
idyllic love relationship in existence between divinity and divinity.
	I love the hierarchy of the universe.  I love the fact that each of us has
our realms in which we function to have a sense of duty and responsibility.  We
are obedient to our trust, and we stay within the confines of our authority and
offer to the next authority that which belongs to them willingly, giving up our
sense of having no limitation, in full appreciation of the delineation of the
many, many roles and responsibilities in order to maintain the universes of time
and space.  The order of the universes gives me a great deal of
satisfaction, and
this is possible because of obedience, not only obedience, of course, but
obedience is a quality of the children of time and space that contributes
mightily to the order of the universe, as you are intimately familiar because of
your experience here on Urantia.
	How wonderful it is to obey His voice, to come to His side, to sit and bask
in the pleasure of His company, to find your direction and have the
confidence to
walk therein, to have your holy character and have the will to live up to that
which you can be when you obey your divine nature, your Indwelling Adjuster, and
those authorities in the universe who contribute to your very greatness even in
your humble obedience.
	As always it is a joy to be a part of your gathering.  I embrace you and
offer the platform to those many others who are here and rejoice in your
Good afternoon.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  Thank you, Tomas, for the opener.  This is Elyon.  I
truly appreciate the masterful quality of Tomas' understanding and his
presentation.  I wish to continue in this thought today, first by acknowledging
your discipline in meeting as you do each week and allowing us to present to you
food for your soul that you may apply and that you may grow.
	Each of you has in your course of life undertaken a discipline of one sort
or another, and it is because you recognize that you lacked a skill or talent
that another individual has attained and is capable of conveying to you.  So you
undertook the discipleship, the training, from the one who has some degree of
mastery.  You did so with delight, for you realize what you would acquire that
are present in the instructor.  You thereby obeyed the instructions; you
undertook the training; you went through the exercises and the drills with the
joyful expectancy that you will acquire what is being presented to you.
	As Tomas has said, there is the tendency to not like the word "obedience",
for -- in particular in the culture you are in -- freedom, liberty, and self
determination are valued highly.  Observing the course of history on your world,
this value is good, for much oppression has occurred and even continues on this
world.  But true liberty comes from mastery, and all mastery is received from a
higher master.  This requires your dedicated discipline to acquire that same
	To obey, to undertake training, is not to give up your ability to determine
your own destiny, for you choose your allegiance and you choose your training. 
It is your course, and the end result is your liberty.
	Jesus asked his followers to follow him.  The Father asks us all to be
perfect as He is perfect.  In this way the road is narrow, but that narrow road
is only narrow for you; it is another narrow road for another, and in the
totality of personality expression the avenue is broad.  It is made up of the
fine filaments of every personality seeking the Father and finding Him.
	In observing the history of each of you in your spiritual journey, I
perceive that when you each chose initially to do the will of the Father at the
level by which you could conceive that to be, you experienced joy, you
experienced a new-found zest for life.  It is not the drudgery of following a
commander.  It is the beauty of following the Father.
	Ascension is not unlike the assembly of a complicated model.  It differs in
that it is living and adaptive, will emerge and grow as you undertake your
project.  However, there is a proper order in which a model is assembled to
obtain a result.  This is where discipline and obedience to rule and law and
nature come into play.  In the end you have what you sought and you have
gained a
great prize.
	Jessona is present and is anxiously awaiting, as she is aware of the
request for her to be here to answer questions.  I will now step back.

	Tom:  Thank you, Jessona for being here.
	I attended a qi gong Chinese energy healing. I wanted confirmation whether
you were instrumental in arranging this class and, more importantly, whether the
terminology and imagery of the teacher are like Malvantra's portrayal of two
differing standards measuring the same distance.  The Chinese system speaks of
physical, spiritual, and energy, linking information with spirit.  Perhaps
is our Adjuster.
*	Jessona:  Greetings to you.  I was not so much an instrument in the
arrangement of these classes as I was instrumental in encouraging your
willingness to attend.
	This threefold presentation of yours regarding the physical, the energy,
and informational levels has bearing in cosmic relationship.  Your oriental
philosophies do not look favorably upon the personalization of energies, and
energy is a more favorable term to use.  Greater value is placed upon
awareness and consciousness, enlightenment and knowing.  This is the focus of
this discipline, to take the energy, what we would call the presence of the
Father, and to direct it through the circuits that He has ordained to bring
healing upon the physical vehicle, or to bring vitality and increased life
function.  So, I would confirm to you that truth is woven into this system that
you are observing and beginning to adopt.
	You have rightly discerned the terminology will differ from how you have
come to describe the realities.  I encourage you to be inquisitive,
investigative, to make the connections, to be as a detective, to gather the
evidence and weigh it with what you know to be true.  I remind you that
Jesus was
aware when the woman touched his garment that energy had gone forth.
	Do you have more to say?
	Tom:  No, thank you for your comments.
*	[a spirit helper] (Gerdean):  I am a spirit helper.  I would like to have a
moment to discuss the value of the emotional circuitry.  There was, in your
sharing, an opportunity to bring forth this message.  I will try to plant the
	There was in your sharing an element of concern as to how you bond with
your fellow human beings, in particular those who have not your same
interests or
passions.  Those with whom you have little in common are, even so, the ones who
would be taught.  How indeed do we pursue the Father's will in such an
Much of the master's ministry was done this way as he passed by and without
getting to know these people in depth or long term.  He was, even so, able to
perceive their yearnings and their open spaces in which to plant his seed.  I
would suggest that in your world a place to fertilize the soil would be in the
realms of the emotions, for all humans have emotions, whether or not
spiritual tendencies or inclinations.  Certainly in the face of differing
the human being still has feelings.  It can be portrayed through certain
and emotions those reality levels that constitute the viable religious
experience, or certainly the gateway thereto.  Camaraderie is not a spiritual
experience to everyone, but it could be construed as that by some, for it
involves harmony and compatibility and end of strife, a simple sharing.  While
overmuch social trivia is wearing and non-productive, the casual exchange, if
engaged in from the heart in a fashion of brotherly love, is as quality an
experience as is necessary in order to bridge the gap between the realms of
	When you feed his sheep you do not have to feed them alphabet soup.  The
fragrance of friendship is food indeed, a smile, an agreement, a well-placed
pause.  A heartfelt emphasis is a way of confirming a certain reality that gives
credence to the individual, that acknowledges their personality, that gives them
strength of understanding that their perception is valid.  The Alpheus twins
certainly not gifted as was Peter or Andrew or Nathaniel in the teaching and
preaching department, but still their joy in being a part of the fellowship was
such that they carried that treasured memory with them throughout their lives. 
Just having been a part of what was going on was sufficient, and many people
want to feel as if they are a part of what is going on; they just want to be
acknowledged as a part of life, even without the theologies and philosophies
embellish that gift, that blessing of being in existence.
	In the event that this was helpful, it has been my pleasure.  Thank you.

	Savid:  I would return to obedience.  I am reminded of the source of this
word "obedience", obedire, to hear.  How is it that I could hear the
prompting of
Father, or perhaps your own requests to offer a platform for His and your
You know that that speech flows through us all as  the Father's does; the liquid
of His love fills the pool in which we play.  Perhaps there are moments when we
are asked to leap into it, and we so delight.  As we become more adventurous we
dive into it from a greater height and probe deeper depths.  Have I not
heard you
ask me to climb to a higher platform from which to dive?  Though you lovingly
encourage my deepest pleasure, there are moments of reservation.  Though we may
hold back, do we not stand in obedience still, hearing you imploring us to
forth, confident that our entry into that pool of Father's affection would
enliven all who are watching?  Where in this moment of pause and perhaps
apprehension is there still not obedience?
*	Elyon:  My dear friend, this is Elyon, and I would speak to you by saying
that if every one of my associates were to express as you have just now done I
would be through with my work here, as I would have accomplished the task of
introducing each to the divine source within and the expressiblility that you
have just revealed.  You spoke of the liquid love of the Father and the pool
each may dive into.  We teachers are coming to this world to effect the
correction time, and this time of correction is because the world is parched; it
is dry.  It lacks that love.  So, in effect we are pouring this liquid love upon
the dry ones.  You, my friend, are wet already.  You are expressing the love of
the Father resplendently, and I assure you that you do hear and that you do
express.  It is the pleasure of each teacher to make our contact, and you
this desire, and we are willing.  But I must first emphasize that it is your
expression as a child of the Father that is our goal as teacher/transmitters.
	I come to you all each week hoping to reveal the Father.  I speak from my
heart.  Yes, though I do convey the curriculum of the Melchizedeks, I speak for
myself, and I speak for your welfare.  This I encourage each one of you to
do, as
	Tomas, would you like to comment?

*	Tomas (Gerdean):  Of course.  My comment will be brief.
	You asked how is it that we know the voice to obey.  How do we recognize
its authority?  I am going to smile and suggest that those of you who talk to
yourselves know the sound of your own voice, and those of you who answer
yourselves understand the authority of the conversation, for you know each other
well.  The Father knows Himself well.  He knows Himself well enough to speak to
Himself in you.  That in you which is of Him and which is Him is in obedience to
Himself and thus responds obediently.  It is in understanding I AM that you
respond to authority.  Indeed, there are many lesser authorities, and you can
respond also to them if you are willing to let down your ideals and become a
chaser of lesser things.  Some of you do that temporarily until you find that it
cannot hold your eternal interest, for you have solved your temporary trial and
then return to the greater reality and seek to follow the leading of that which
will lead you to where you will be truly satisfied.  In knowing yourself you
whereof you speak, and you know what you hear, even beyond the Spirit of Truth. 
It is a direct reflection of the Father Himself.  Even if you err, it is all an
adventure.  Thus you learn to listen even more carefully to the sound of the
master's voice or to the call of the Eternal Parent as He says, "Come in for
supper now.  Come in out of the rain."
	Yes, too often it is that you will be encouraged to climb higher, to dive
deeper, to extend yourself farther.  These too you do willingly, obediently,
without fear because of your relationship that you have developed with the
	Earlier I spoke of your relationship between divinity and divinity, for you
are also a portion of divinity.  Again I say it is in response to hearing your
own voice when you say to yourself, "Yes, sir."  You are following a high
command, and you cannot fail, even though it may be true that you will learn
	I am finished.  Are there other questions?
	Savid:  I would give thanks to those gathered here, seen and unseen, who
have dived into this experience.

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